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I’m 39, divorced, and a single father of a very cute 16 year-old daughter who is a sophomore at the local High School. It’s been everything I can do to keep the young turks at bay; not only is my daughter blessed with her mother’s good looks and shapely body, she is unaware of her effects on the males. She is outgoing and friendly, but the guys take one long look at her 34C cups and tight little ass and they want more than just friendship. I’ve yanked more than one pubescent male sporting a thick chubby from the couch in our living room.

Fortunately, her looks haven’t impacted her school work. On the contrary, her teachers are very proud of her. I’m not always sure her male teachers are as proud as they are horny, but it hasn’t been an issue, yet. However, an interesting situation has arisen this semester. My daughter, Christine, has a keen interest in science. She’s even looking at colleges with heavy medical programs. Her biology teacher this year is a young woman named Susan Williams. Ms. Williams has degrees from a number of prestigious schools and seems right at home in the classroom. Christine loves her class and works especially hard to maintain an “A” average there. Ms. Williams left me a message one afternoon a couple of weeks ago to let me know of a special project assigned to Christine. It seems the class is doing a chapter on human reproduction and Ms. Williams wants my daughter to research the female system. Now, Christine knows all about the birds and bees; we’ve had that talk a number of times. But, given Christine’s relative lack of intimate knowledge about the process of reproduction as it relates to the female system, Ms. Williams wanted my permission to talk to Christine about the subject. I saw no harm in this; with her mother on the opposite coast and not willing to get involved with her upbringing, I saw this as a positive thing for Christine.

The first day of tutoring went well; Christine admitted they’d talked about things she had no knowledge of, and so it was enlightening for her. When I pressed her on the subject, she said they talked about hormones and the process of sensuality, in medical terms. Wonderful, I thought. The second session, and the third went as well, and Christine was bubbling with excitement about the project. All was well in her world.

During the second week I needed to pick Christine up from her after-school tutoring for a dentist’s appointment. I searched the halls of the school until I found the Science Office and quietly went in. Much to my astonishment, I found Ms. Williams seated on the counter wearing only a very sheer lace tank top, and my daughter kneeling between her thighs, her face pressed up to her pussy. Neither of them heard me, and I was able to duck behind a bookshelf out of sight. I watched Christine lick Ms. Williams’ clit, her slit, and then poke her tongue into her cunt. Ms. Williams obviously enjoyed it, because she urged her to go on. Christine kept tongue-fucking her over and over again, licking and poking with more urgency. That’s when I noticed movement between Christine’s legs. She was stroking her own pussy while eating Ms. Williams. I heard Ms. Williams moan softly that she was going to cum, and Christine pulled away. Ms. Williams produced a huge dildo from behind her, gave it to Christine, and told her to fuck her hard with it. Christine pumped that toy in and out of Ms. Williams until she arched her back, contorted her stomach, and came all over Christine’s hand. Then Christine stood up and Ms. Williams took her in her arms and kissed her, deeply.

I’m not sure whether I was more angry or amazed – or turned on – by the entire thing. I had a huge hard-on as I crept back out the door. I waited a moment, mostly for my cock to go down a bit, and then re-entered the office, loudly. I found Ms. Williams (looking a bit flushed) seated next to Christine, going over some notes. The oddest thing about collecting Christine from the office that afternoon wasn’t the sexual play going on when I first entered; it was the look of pure lust I got from Ms. Williams as I introduced myself. She shook my hand and held on to it while we talked. She was still breathing kind of hard, and I couldn’t help but take note of how hard her nipples were, pressed against the fabric of the light blouse she wore. In fact, I had to notice how attractive she was in general. Her tits must have been a good 36C or so, and she had very slim hips and an attractive face. She noticed me noticing her, too; she even smiled as my gaze traveled back up to her eyes. Somehow, having a woman take note of you taking note of her is a bit awkward. Ms. Williams made the most of the situation by letting me know she knew.

Christine didn’t say a word about her “tutoring” session; she had a very complacent look on her face the entire way home. The next morning, while working at home, I received a call from Ms. Williams. “Please call me Susan,” she started out, “and let me be upfront about why I’m calling.” She paused for a moment and then plunged right in (so to speak). “I’m not going to insult your intelligence by having you think I didn’t know you were there,” she said. “I knew the moment you entered the office, and I knew that when you didn’t say anything you were watching us. Your daughter is learning something important here, and I’m not going to apologize for teaching her.”

“You realize,” I said, “how nilüfer escort this could be handled if I was either a vindictive or prudish man.”

“But you aren’t,” she replied.

“No, I’m not. But, I am also not an absent father. I take my daughter’s education – her whole education – very, very seriously. And if I think, for even a scintilla, that her future or her personal rights or her morals are being compromised, I will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Very heavy bricks.”

Susan paused to let that sink appropriately in. “I respect your rights,” she said, “and I applaud your protectiveness. I will tell you right now that your daughter is in no way being used or jeopardized or manipulated.”

“Okay,” I replied, “I agree. So, where does that leave us?”

“I’d like to see you,” she said, her voice dropping a couple of notches. “I’d like to see you privately or, if you would prefer, with your daughter. I think it might be healthy for her to realize that what she and I are doing is, if nothing else, not frowned upon by her father. And, perhaps, see what else two people do in the name of human sexuality.”

It had to be the most academic pick-up line I’d ever heard. “You want to get laid in the name of education?” I asked.

“In a manner of speaking,” she laughed, “yes. I simply feel it would be best if your daughter had all the facts from her father, rather than learning them on the street as so many other young women today do.”

“I see,” I said, although I was still a bit taken aback by her forwardness. “Don’t you feel it’s a bit awkward for a daughter to watch her own father have sex with a total stranger? Wouldn’t that be construed as sending an inappropriate message?”

“Face it,” Susan replied, “she’s going to have sex. Would you prefer she learn sex from some young man who cares nothing for her? Wouldn’t you prefer her to see the sexual act as something wonderful and fulfilling?”

We talked a bit more and then agreed upon a meeting at Susan’s apartment. I would bring Christine over under the premise of another tutoring session and then become “part” of the session. I told Christine that evening and she seemed to be fine with a session at Susan’s apartment.

The next afternoon I picked Christine up from school and we drove to Susan’s. Along the way Christine told me Susan had asked if I would step inside with her when we got there. I played dumb and consented. Christine knocked on Susan’s door and we heard Susan yell, “It’s open. Come on in.”

When we entered we smelled incense in the air. We went into the living room and sat down on the plush couch. Susan came down the stairs from the second floor. “Hi there, Christine,” she said with a smile, “and you must be Frank. I’m Susan Williams.” I had to keep my eyes focused on her face; she wore a short, simple, sheer white dressing gown with nothing underneath. Every nuance of her voluptuous body lay exposed under the gown, from her luscious tits to her carefully trimmed patch of hair at her delta to her long, shapely legs. Had I stood up, I would have poked right through my pants. She came over to where Christine sat, bent over, took her face in her hands and kissed her. Then she kissed her again with more intensity, their tongues intertwining and eyes closing. “I think it’s time we opened our sessions up to another point of view,” she told Christine, “which is why I asked you to bring your father here.”

Christine gave me a quizzical look. “I think she means she wants to explore the male-female relationship,” I told her, “and she wants to include your input.”

Christine looked at me, then at Susan. “What about our studies?” she asked Susan. I actually thought she was jealous.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Susan replied, smiling, “we’ll start with that.” She straightened up and slowly removed her gown. Her nipples stood out a good half inch, despite the warmth in the room. “I want you to arouse yourself the way I showed you, and I’ll be right here doing the same thing.” Christine looked to me, and I nodded my head in approval. With a large smile, she began to shed her own clothes. I hadn’t seen my own daughter fully naked in a number of years. Her body was the spitting image of her mother’s: her breasts were full and firm, her nipples large, with larger, dark brown areolas, her stomach flat and firm, and her pussy was trimmed down to a small strip at the bottom of her delta. She sat back on the couch, spread her long, lean legs apart, and slowly began to slide her finger up and down between her lovely pussy lips. She leaned her head back, shivered a couple of times, and then began to play in earnest.

Susan stood over her, her own legs spread apart, stroking her own pussy. Occasionally she would bite her bottom lip or moan softly as her finger played over her clit, but for the most part she concentrated on what Christine was doing, giving instructions along the way. “That’s right, Christine,” she whispered, “around the outside of your clit and then over the top of it. All the way down to your vaginal opening – just a tiny way inside – and back up. Just like that, yes. Slowly, firmly, evenly. Feel the wetness. Feel the tug inside you. Feel the desire build up. Yes, just like that.” I looked over and noticed how wet Christine’s pussy had gotten; her finger was literally dripping with her juices bursa sınırsız escort bayan and her clit stood out from under its hood. She took her other hand and spread her lips apart. “Yes, Christine,” Susan murmured, “go with the feeling. Feel the urge build up inside you. Feel your wetness and feel how hard and attentive your clit has become.” Christine began to stroke faster. She whimpered a bit, moaned softly, and rolled her clit around harder. Her other hand left her crotch and went to her nipple, rolling it around between her fingers and pulling at it, slightly. “That’s it, Christine,” Susan cooed, “let it go when you need to. Cum when you feel it. It’s fine to climax early; there will be plenty more where that one came from.” For her own part, Susan was getting a bit breathy; her hand moved faster and faster between her thighs and she plunged two fingers into her cunt more and more often.

I could hardly sit still. My cock was pressing against my pants so hard it was uncomfortable. Susan noticed my discomfort. “Show it to me,” she said, “show me your cock.” Without a single hesitation I undid my pants, pulled them down, and took hold of my tool. Christine looked over at my raging hard-on and gasped. “It’s huge, isn’t it,” Susan said. Christine nodded. “Imagine that sliding in and out of you, touching every intimate area inside you, filling you and rubbing you. Imagine it in your mind, Christine, and then let go.” I sat there, stroking my cock, while Christine stroked herself into a huge orgasm. She arched her back, plunged her fingers into her cunt, and held them there as she came. Susan stifled her own orgasm to watch Christine. As Christine settled back into the couch Susan knelt down between her legs. “Now to the next level,” she said, placing her face up against Christine’s pussy. She began to slowly lick Christine’s entire box with long, deliberate strokes of her tongue. Christine’s eyes closed and her hands clasped her breasts. “Try this instead,” Susan said, taking Christine’s hand and placing it around my thick shaft. She guided Christine’s hand up and down, slowly pumping my cock in a steady rhythm. As Christine caught the motion, Susan returned to her pussy. I watched as Susan deftly swirled and sucked Christine’s engorged clit, taking it into her mouth to suck on it, then letting it pop back out to be licked and swirled some more. As she bore down, increasing her speed, Christine’s hand pumped harder and faster. She wasn’t used to giving a hand job, but her natural inclinations started to kick in and it was all I could do to hold back.

Susan began to finger-fuck Christine’s dripping wet pussy. “Yes, Christine,” she said, “let it go. Cum for me, baby. Cum all over me, Christine.” At one point Christine took two fingers and began to suck on them. “Give her your cock,” Susan told me. “Get up there and give her what she wants.” I stood up on the couch next to Christine and eased my cock to her lips. “Go ahead, Christine,” Susan told her, “suck it just like the dildo you sucked before. In and out, just like I showed you.” Christine parted her lips, took my shaft in her hand, and began to suck my cock. It was heavenly. She took half my tool down her throat and slowly dragged her bottom teeth and tongue along the back ridge as it came back out. Then she swirled her tongue around the rim and sucked the swollen head. “Yes, baby, that’s it,” Susan said, “that’s the way. Suck that cock in and out and all around.” Her hand cradled my balls and massaged them as her mouth worked up and down my tool. As Susan increased the rhythm between her legs, Christine sucked me harder and harder until she suddenly broke off, moaned loudly, and climaxed again.

By now my balls were aching to let go of the load built up inside them. My cock throbbed and waved like a divining wand in front of Christine’s face. Susan rocked back on her knees, her face wet with Christine’s juices, and smiled. “I’m impressed with your stamina,” she said. “Not many guys can withstand that kind of mouth music without a climax.”

“I’m trying my best to hold back,” I told her, “until I plant my cock inside your cunt. Then I’m going to explode so hard you’ll taste it in your mouth.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t unload in your daughter’s mouth,” she replied.

“Believe me,” I said with a shy grin, “I wanted to. I could feel it sliding over the edge.”

Christine hadn’t said a word up to this point, but suddenly she took my cock in her hand and began to pump it. “Then go ahead and cum in my mouth,” she said, quietly. “I want you to.”

I looked down at her. Her legs were still spread wide and her pussy gleamed with fresh cum. Her pussy lips were swollen and red, and her clit still stood out like a little soldier at attention. “You really want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Very much,” she replied. “I want to taste your cum and feel it in my mouth.” She took the head of my cock between her lips and started lightly licking around the rim. “Cum for me, Daddy. Shoot your hot cum down my throat.”

I placed my hand behind her head and pressed her forward. My cock slid into her mouth and she eagerly sucked it. Her hand tightened around my shaft and she pumped up and down as she sucked me. I began to forcefully fuck her face. I began to ram my cock into her open mouth, and she sucked harder each time I went in. I heard her gasp, felt her stiffen, and looked down at Susan. She had taken the dildo she’d been playing with in the office and was reaming my daughter’s cunt with it. Over and over again she slammed the toy into Christine’s cunt. Christine went wild. She took my cock down her throat and started pumping my shaft hard. I felt her mouth close around the head while her hand thrust up and down on my tool and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

With my hands on either side of her head I impaled her mouth, stiffened from head to toe, and shot a huge load right down her throat. I doubt she even tasted a single drop of that first load. I felt her gag, but then she slid back a bit until just the head of my cock was in her mouth, and she pumped out another wad. Then she tightened around my cock, moaned, and had a third climax herself. A tiny bit of my cum dribbled down from the corner of her mouth, but she must have felt it and her tongue snaked out to lick it up.

I sat back on the couch and tried to catch my breath. I hadn’t cum like that since Christine’s mother and I were still an item. In those days I would get sucked off nearly every day, sometimes twice. Her mother had an insatiable appetite for cum. There were times she’d pull me out of her cunt and take me in her mouth just to have me cum there instead of inside her. It’s a wonder we ever had Christine, I suppose. In some ways Christine came by her skills naturally. I looked at Susan, who was busy cleaning up Christine’s pussy with her tongue, and realized where this woman had taken us. Her eyes were closed while her tongue slowly crept up and down Christine’s swollen red slit, and her hands were busily stroking her own pussy. Watching her like that, I found my cock stirring again. Christine must have noticed, too, because she placed her hand on my shaft and started slowly stroking me. In moments I was hard – again.

I left the couch and moved around behind Susan. I spread her legs a bit further and eased my cock into her slippery wet cunt. I felt her tighten around me, heard her murmur, and I began to fuck her slowly, deliberately. Susan’s mouth never left Christine’s pussy; she kept licking and kissing and sucking her until Christine began to breathe harder and thrust her hips against Susan’s face. The more Susan ate Christine’s young twat the harder I fucked her. And the harder I reamed her tight hole the faster and harder she bore down on Christine. Within minutes, Christine was moaning and yelling and pumping her hips into Susan’s face, and then she climaxed for a fourth time. The minute she came, Susan thrust her hips back against me and moaned loudly. I could feel her juices spilling around my cock. My balls got drenched, my cock dripped with her cum, and still she thrust and ground her hips against me. I felt more cum wash over my cock and balls. She laid her face down on Christine’s stomach and shook, convulsively.

“Let me lick it off,” Christine said, so quietly I nearly didn’t hear her.

I sat down on the couch and she bent over me. She took my still-rigid cock into her mouth and began to suck it earnestly. She went up and down my shaft and then over my balls, licking every bit of Susan’s cum up. Then she went back down on my cock, determined to have me cum in her mouth again.

Susan eased Christine’s face from my tool and smiled at her. “Wouldn’t you like to see your father fuck me up close and personal? Like, in your face kind of personal?”

Christine’s eyes grew a bit wider and she smiled. “I’d love that.”

Susan laid Christine down on the couch and then laid down on top of her in a 69 position. I went around in back of Susan, straddled Christine’s head, and slid my cock into her cunt. I heard Christine murmur an assent as I began to slide in and out of Susan. I had just gotten her good and wet when Susan looked back at me and said, “Fuck me in my ass, now.” I withdrew my cock from her pussy, spread her tight little cheeks apart, and slipped it home. Her ass was even tighter than her cunt, but I was able to slide in without much resistance. “Oh my God,” Susan said, “that’s so good. Shit, that is so tight and good.” I began to slowly rock in and out of her back door. “Yes, baby, fuck that ass. Ream my ass good.” I pressed in harder and began to bang her ass. “Eat my pussy now, Christine,” Susan yelled, “eat me while he’s fucking my ass.”

I felt Christine’s face press up against Susan’s cunt and her forehead brushed my balls. The feeling was divine. Susan must have started going down on Christine again, because every moment or so I would hear Christine moan, more loudly each time. Susan began to thrust back against me every time I penetrated her, and she, too, began to moan loudly. The combination of Christine’s moaning and Susan’s thrusting brought me quickly to a head, and I began to breathe heavily. “Give it to me,” Susan shouted, “cum in my ass. I want to feel you shoot up my ass.” I had no problem complying with her wishes. After a few more strokes I began to feel my load rise up quickly.

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

Christine’s forehead jerked against my balls causing me to shoot a huge wad right up Susan’s ass. I rammed my cock as deeply as it would go up Susan’s back door and felt my balls constrict as my tool jerked out its load. Christine was clamped against Susan’s pussy as she, too, had another orgasm. And Susan’s entire body went into spasm and shook as she climaxed. I couldn’t figure out who got the best of it, but we all collapsed together on the couch afterward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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