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I must write this all down, or go completely mad. After all, having a sister like Christine who is not only the most popular girl in her high school, but is also the premier cunt of the century would drive any young man insane, especially if that sister was his own personal whore.

I guess I never really took much notice of just how beautiful my sister was until I accidentally barged in on her taking a bath. I’d had to pee so bad that when I entered the house upon returning home from college, and announcing my return to what appeared to be an empty house, ran upstairs to the bathroom. With the door half open I didn’t even think, just rushed right in, unzipped, and pulling out my penis began to pee.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I groaned as my bladder drained into the porcelain bowl.

And that’s when the latex shower curtain flew wide open revealing Christine wide eyed, scared shitless, and kneeling in all of her glory in a tub full of suds just before she screamed bloody murder causing me to turn towards her.


With my bladder still under pressure, and now turned towards my sister, I was actually pissing on her just below her chin. My yellow colored urine cascading down over the firmest bounty of breasts, and supple athletic curves known to mankind. Who’d of ever thought that Stick, my nickname for Christine since childhood, would ever have turned into the total girl next-door type Babe package? Christine continued to scream, and I continued to piss on her, but like a steam, or air whistle that loses pressure, so did her scream slowly die, and become inaudible as I pissed on her. Until at last, she just knelt there as the last dribble of pee dripped from my pecker landing on the tile floor.


“Yeah, it’s me,” I replied to her nickname of me, “sorry, but I had to really take a leak bad.”

“You asshole! You pissed all over me!” But instead of covering up immediately, as modesty should have dictated to her, she simply reached over to drain the tub, then turned the shower attachment on before closing the drape. But not before giving me a great view of her tight ass, flaring hips, and the fact that she had a very trim honey blond pubic thatch below a heart shaped little tattoo, and that gold ring in her belly button.

Neither of us said a thing to mom, and dad when they came home an hour later, but my mind refused to think of Christine as the Stick anymore. In my mind she had now become the end all, be all of every one of my sexual fantasies. The fact that Christine was my own sister, by blood, in no way phased out my sibling lust for her. Instead seeing her in all of her womanhood had turned her into the ultimate object for that lust. A lust I was certain never to be able to fulfill as Christine’s older brother.

Dinner as always was an event whenever I returned home from college. All of my favorites, a beef, and pork roast both, mashed potatoes, gravy, onions stuffed with cream cheese, and broccoli, and cauliflower in a cheese sauce served with mom’s best china, and silverware. And after the feast, the usual catch up conversations that brought me up to date on the family’s life while I had been gone, and what I had done at school. The most important fact being that Christine was at present without a steady boyfriend after a casual flirting around with several boys on her high school’s football team, all of whom were black. The distaste in my father’s face showed his feelings on that subject so I steered clear of any further discussions in that area.

Christine didn’t help but feed my lust as bedtime neared. She pranced around the house in panties, and bra while dad and I watched Monday Night Football. I couldn’t believe she bent over right in front of dad, and me to pick up some silly fashion magazine. And I almost went into shock when dad playfully slapped that perfect butt telling his daughter:

“Move your ass dear, I know you mother, and father weren’t made of glass. We want to see the damn game!”

“Ouch!” Christine cried out as if in real pain. Managing to look hot, and cutesy both at the same time with a playful wink.

I think it was that wink most of all that made my dick get so hard that I had to cross my legs to hide it then. I mean I couldn’t be absolutely sure mind you, but I would have sworn in a court of law that she’d aimed that wink right at me. So don’t bother to ask me what the score ended up being in that game, as my eyes stayed glued on my sister whenever she came into sight from that point on. Ask my dad, he seemed unaffected continuing to drink his beer, and watching the game regardless of his own offspring’s antics.

Up, and down the stairs those elegant legs went, in and out of the living room they carried those skimpy pink panties, and overstuffed matching bra. What the hell she had to do that kept her running around the house half naked was beyond me. But I couldn’t help myself, and enjoyed the shameless display with nothing less than the most intense boner on the face of the planet.

I actually couldn’t wait for the whole family to go Kağıthane Escort to bed so that I could privately jerk off to my own stereophonic wet dream visions of my sister, but somehow, I did. As it wasn’t unusual for me to stay up late with the TV when I came home, everybody went through their normal routine eventually leaving me alone with the droning television set. Then with the rest of the house quiet, I at last was able to free my cock into the open air, and give it a good shake. And believe me, having seen what was under Christine’s pink underwear earlier in the day made every stroke up and down a magical mystery tour of that perfect 10 body of hers. I barely grabbed a tissue in time to catch my first load as it exploded out from my blue balls like a squeezed boil.

Falling back into my chair to catch my breath the hair on the back of my neck rose up. A quick look around showed me alone, but that prickly feeling of being watched just wouldn’t go away. Of course my first fear was that it was one of my parents, who, probably didn’t want to cause an embarrassing scene. But with my dick still stiff, I wanted it to be Christine snooping in on me. And with that thought came the inevitable as well as shocking idea of actually having sex with my own sister Christine. But I knew to think of such a thing taking place in real life was insane, and illegal at best. Yet once thought, the idea soon festered.

I tossed and turned in bed the rest of the night, and woke up sweaty, and leaking from my dick, which by the way was so much more tense than any ordinary every day morning erection. Hearing Christine rummaging around in her room next to mine didn’t help either as I kept imagining her dressing, and undressing, and walking around in first the sexiest, and then the smuttiest Victoria’s Secret under things ever imagined.

I knew then what the hero in Devil’s Advocate had gone through as from that moment onward I no longer looked at my sister as a brother should, but as a potential bidder for her affections would. I even took to secretly spying on her around the house whenever possible. And with the bathroom on one side of my room, and her bedroom on the other I set to the task as soon as I was alone in the house. Drilling the spy holes turned out to be the easiest part of the project, making them invisible to others was a whole different skill entirely. In the end I vied to use the electrical outlets as my peep holes into both rooms as they were strategically placed to give me a great unhindered view into each room, and their occupants, meaning Christine.

This time when Christine came home, and took a shower I didn’t barge in on her. Instead I hurried to the peep hole for the bathroom in my bedroom. What I saw had me stroking my prick in less than 30 seconds. Christine hadn’t just had her navel pierced with a gold ring, there was also a little gold ring pierced into her clit as well. And what a cute little pussy surrounded that clit too. Moist, thin lipped, and shaved below that gold ring was the entrance to heaven itself as far as my dementia was concerned, and that tight bubble butt without an ounce of baby fat was a holy temple to worship at. Watching as best I could up until she went into the tub, I came all over myself twice jacking off as I thought of myself suckling at her pert pink nipples. Yes, the breast fairy had been good to Christine, not overly generous to the point of sagging, but firm, like perpendicular fleshy mountains, or at least respectable hills.

I ended up going for a swim in the pool in the back yard to try to cool off, and get my mind off of Christine’s goddess like body. Several laps later I got out, and collapsed in a padded lounge chair allowing the sun to dry me off. I must have fallen asleep as the sun was setting when a splash woke me upright in the lounge chair. A quick look in the lighted pool, and it was evident that my sister’s trailing wave of blond hair was swimming the length of the pool underwater. My mother keeps her hair shoulder length. I was about to go inside to grab one of my dad’s beers when another look made me think that Christine was skinny dipping. And I sat there gawking as my sister emerged dripping from the pool, and strolled over to where I was in the smallest white thong bikini I’d ever seen. Hips rocking, torso undulating, her nipples barely covered showing through the wet material just like her pussy was.

“You know it’s not nice to look at your own sister that way,” and it came out of her mouth like giggling musical bells. Then she lifted a towel up from the chair next to me, and began drying her hair. Her eyes taking me in like a roving camera stopped, and settled on my tented bathing suit. “Whoa! Did I do that?”

Like a moron I looked down at myself, and sure enough she giggled out again.

“Mom called to say she and dad have a dinner date with a client of theirs, and won’t be home until after midnight.”

“Um, okay,” I replied, just barely managing to look up and into those steady blue eyes of hers.

“That means we’ll be on our own until then,” she continued.

“On Kağıthane Escort Bayan our own, right. I’ll go fix supper then,” I replied lamely, putting my hands over the bulge, and getting up to walk awkwardly towards the house.

“Good, I’ll start on desert then,” and her words haunted my journey to the kitchen.

“I hope you like cheeseburgers,” I threw over my shoulder just before entering the house.

“With lots of special sauce!” Christine hollered back, getting in the last word as usual.

Mom always has the fixings for burgers, and dogs ready in the fridge, so I put the meat on the grill, and made up two plates adding potatoes chips as well. Adding cheese while the burgers were on the grill, I put them on buns and placed everything on the dinning room table, including the condiments.

“Dinner’s ready!” I cried out.

“Be right down!” Came back from upstairs.

How Christine had gotten to her bedroom past me without my seeing her was beyond me. I almost breathed a sigh of relief as she joined me through the kitchen for dinner dressed in a pleated gray skirt, and sleeveless white blouse, but a second look made me gasp reflexively. The white blouse was as see through as her bikini had become in the pool, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. The pleated skirt stopping short of her thigh high nylon stockings giving me a glimpse of the garter belt snaps holding them up. And the black leather high heels she had on accentuated her legs all the way up to her eyeballs. My head swiveling as she placed a beer first in front of me, then turned, and undulated over to where I had placed her dinner to sit opposite of me at the dinner table with a glass of milk.

“Looks yummy,” she said, and following my lead, dove into her food with both hands.

“I’ll say,” I mumbled into my cheeseburger.

I ate like an automaton; the room filled with her intoxicating perfume left me hungry for her, and not the food I’d put together. And staring at her boobs bouncing beneath that see-thru fabric with her erect nipples poking out had my dick once again growing in my swim trunks.

“You’re doing it again,” Christine said, looking up from her food.

“Doing what?”

“Staring at me as if I were next on the menu,” she giggled, “I am still your sister, Duke.”

“Yeah, no shit,” I replied, “Too bad too.”

“What do you mean?”

“You walk around the house half naked, or dressed like a whore getting ready to meet her pimp, and you have to ask?”

“Then would that make you my pimp?”

The silence that saturated the dinning room after that comment could have greased a mouse for sodomy by an elephant. Could it be that my own sister lusted for me as much, if not more than I lusted for her? I dared not speak, and looking down bit hard into my cheeseburger to squelch my retort. Any advance on my part would be considered rape, shame, and imprisonment. That giggling bells sound of her voice would have none of it.

“I’m not a virgin, Duke,” Christine announced, “I lost that at 13, and I’ve had sex with no less than 10 different guys already, including dad. But it’s you that I want to be a whore for, Duke. It’s you that I’ve always wanted.”

And suddenly there she was, standing next to me, moving my chair, then sitting in my lap with that tight heart shaped bubble butt of hers. Her nipples poking me in the chest through our clothes as she sat.

“Time for desert,” Christine said.

Christine’s painted lips locked to mine as her arms went around my neck to hug me close, her perfume enveloping me in the same manner. Her tongue slipped between our lips, then into my mouth, entwining with mine the same way her fingers were with the hair on my head. For the first time in my life I sat almost frozen as a girl, my own sister, made all of the first moves on me. Slowly, as if waking from a very long deep hibernating sleep, my body in turn reacted to my sister’s seduction.

My tongue began to duel with hers, and my hands began to wander, and explore. Flesh; young, vibrant, smooth, incestuous to the touch trembled under my fingertips. Her skin felt goose pimply hot, and squirmed in my lap as I fondled first her ass under that short skirt, to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then moving up along her hips to pull up her see thru blouse to cup her incredible breasts where a new ring had been pierced into her left nipple. Something she’d had to have done this very day.

“You’ve had your nipple pierced,” I said, breaking the kiss, and bending down to take that nipple into my mouth. Noticing that this ring too was made of gold, but different in that it had a diamond much like an engagement ring would have.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss!” Christine hissed, holding me tight to her chest then, and I gently nibbled at her teat reveling in the raunchiness of the moment.

My mind was awhirl of torment, and taunting, and still I wallowed in the flesh of my blood sister. I reached around her then, and holding onto her stood up, and moved my food out of the way as I laid her down Escort Kağıthane on her back on the dinning room table. Legs spread, with her butt at the edge of the table, her blouse rolled up around her armpits I hoisted the pleated skirt up out of the way. The scent of hot sisterly pussy tickled my nose then as I stared down at desert. Sitting back down in my chair I put my arms under her legs as I bent my head down between Christine’s soft silky white thighs framed in a black satin garter belt, garter straps, and those smoky nylon thigh high stockings she had on. Her hands reached out then, and grabbing fists full of my hair pulled my head into her viperous hot groin.

“Eat me, you son of a bitch!” Christine cried out.

My tongue slid out to glide along the full length of her crack from taint to clit.

“Oooooooooooooommmmmmmhmmmmmm,” she moaned, her hips rotating as she squirmed her bottom to get more of my tongue.

A stale salty urine flavor assaulting my taste buds as my tongue entered my sister’s slippery liquid fire for the very first time. The heady aroma of her womanhood like a cloud enveloped my head as my hands squeezed her butt lovingly.

“Oh baaaaaaaaaaby! Yesssssssssss! Yes! YES!”

With each passing second I lapped at the elixir that was my sister’s rippling cunt. Exploring every millimeter of her moist heavenly slit as deep inside of her as my tongue would reach. By then her body was in such turmoil that her undulating took on a bumpy, flopping action, and she let go of my head with her hands to grab hold, and fondle her own remarkable titties. Squeezing, releasing, pinching each nipple, pulling at the gold ring pierced in her left grapefruit. Christine’s face a mask of tortured pleasure as I brought her to first one, then another, and another orgasms with my tongue. Her legs scissoring around my shoulders to pull me in tight to her over heated pussy. My cock so damn hard in my trunks that it was ready to rip its way out of them.

“Pl… please… Duke…” Christine gasped for breath, her chest heaving, “I… I need your… your cock!”

“Beg for it, Bitch!” I snapped back, barely able to contain myself from doing exactly what my sister wanted in the first place. But if she wanted to be my whore, she was going to have to do things my way. And the surge of power that thrilled through me then was like nothing short of a star going Nova. “Beg your master to fuck you WHORE! Beg for your brother’s cock, sis!” And I took a lip lock on her clitty.

“Ooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Please! Please Master! Fuck me! Yessssssssssssssss! I’m your whore! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

I stood up then, untangling myself from her legs, and hoisting them up to form a big V as I lowered my swim trunks enough to release my prick from their strangle hold. Anticipation held time captive then, as I lined the head of my prick up with my sister’s saliva slick pussy for the very first time, and held it there against those parted tender lower lips. Wanting to make the moment of entry last a lifetime, but unwilling to wait a moment more, I pushed my hips forward.

Inch by silky tight torturous inch my cock penetrated into one of the only two pussies in the whole wide world that it had no business penetrating. My sister’s smoky black nylon clad legs wrapping around my waist trying to pull my cock into her sopping wet hole faster, but with only little success. It felt like I had dipped my wick into a feathery convulsing volcanic vise grip with thousands of tiny manipulating tendrils licking at my cock trying to suck it ever inward.

“Ooooooooooooooooohhhh Fuck!” Christine groaned, her nipples tightening to new peaks as a blush consumed her flesh above her pierced navel, and her face scrunched up in ecstasy as she came, her body again convulsing just from my cock entering her pussy.

I felt her twat melting around my fuck muscle as her body went into overdrive lubricating that incestuous fuck tunnel for me. We both trembled as the head of my cock nudged right up against Christine’s cervix finding the end of her sleeve, and the entrance to my sister’s womb.

“Oh shit! You’re cock is sooooooooo big, brother! Fuck! It feels like whale cock splitting me in two.”

Whether she was talking figuratively, or not I was ready to start the age-old ritual of fornication. Taking hold of her hips, as she once again grabbed her own tits, I eased out, and sawed back in starting a smooth teasing rhythmic in, and out fucking motion with my hips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, Duke! I love having your cock fucking me big brother! Don’t stop, please… don’t…ever…stop…fucking…meeeee!”

“Yeah baby,” I said, “you’re my whore now, slut!”

“Yes Duke, I’m your whore, your sister, and your slut forever! Fuck me baby, and I’ll be your sex slave forever too!”

It was the last thing she said as she suddenly sat bolt right up, wrapped her arms tightly around my neck like her legs were around my hips, and glued her lips to mine. In two shakes of that ass we were fucking standing up, with her bouncing up and down on my cock with her slippery silky tight cunt. My hand clinging to her butt helping her to bounce as she impaled herself over and over again using my prick for her own decadent pleasure, and making that squishy fucking noise. I could have been a lifeless dildo on a telephone pole for all she cared at that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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