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Christie carefully leafed through the mail. She felt her pussy dampen as soon as she saw the envelope. She immediately recognized the plain white envelope with nothing but her name typed in the center. It was the sixth such letter. It seemed she had herself a secret admirer. The first had been somewhat romantic, but the next four had progressively gotten hotter and hotter.

She walked into her apartment and tossed the rest of the mail on the counter.

Nervously she opened the letter, her mind wondering, just how hot this letter will be. The last one had her practically cumming in her panties, without even a touch. How was the writer to outdo that one. Where could he possibly take her.

Christie pulled the letter from the envelope and slowly unfolded it. A twinge of disappointment hit her as it was obvious right away that this letter was shorter than all the previous ones.

It read:

Christie My Love,

I can no longer contain my desires for you to just a few words on some paper, but as you are aware, I am a little too bashful to reveal myself. I think however, I may have a compromise.

A mutual friend of ours is having a costume party, and I know that you have already received an invitation.

I do not know if you were planning to attend, but I long to spend some real quality time with you. I’ve given you many hints over the last few letters of just a sampling of the things I would like to do to and with you.

The party starts at six, but I won’t be arriving till seven. It is my fondest desire to see you there when I arrive.

I will be dressed as James Dean.

Please don’t break my heart. I’ll see you on Friday.

All My Love,


Someone. The same way he always signs off. But who can he be. Christie was getting excited just thinking about it. But should she go. She wasn’t going to go, but now maybe she should. Her head was telling her not to, it may not be safe. But her pussy was telling her it had been too long without some attention.

It only took a few minutes for her to decide that Mark’s Party was the perfect chance to meet this guy. It was a public place, what could go wrong.

Now she had to figure out a costume. What could she wear that wouldn’t make her seem too easy, but would still turn him on. Then she thought about the letters. He already knew her, and from the way he wrote, he was already turned on.

Christie guessed anything would do. The problem was she couldn’t wear anything, she had to have something.

The rest of the day she tried to concentrate on other things but her mind kept drifting to Friday’s party. Today was only Tuesday, She didn’t know how she was going to make it 3 days. This was gonna be torture.

That night she dreamt of James Dean. Sitting beside James Dean as he drives a convertible down some dark highway. James Dean holding her tight as they dance to a slow song. James Dean bending her over and lifting her poodle skirt.

Suddenly Christie woke up. That was it. A poodle skirt. Christy had to put together the perfect 50’s sock hop outfit. Her costume idea was solved. But that was for tomorrow, for now how could she get back into that dream. “Please let me get back to James” she thought as she drifted back off to sleep.

The next 2 days were hell. All Christie could think about was James Dean. The only thing that kept her from losing her mind was gathering all the stuff for her costume. A pink poodle skirt izmir escort bayan from the costume store. A white button up blouse. A pink scarf, bobbie socks and Mary Jane shoes. She even bought a big plain white bra and white brief panties like she pictured them wearing in the fifties.

Friday, Christie left work early. She had to have her hair done in a 50’s do, and her nails and make up needed to be perfect. She got into her costume early, loving the way it felt. She could hardly control herself knowing tonight she was going to meet her secret admirer. That man behind those hot hot letters.

Christy left early for the party. Even though it didn’t start till six, she arrived at five thirty. She was glad to see that some of Mark’s other guests had also arrived early, so she didn’t feel too bad about being early.

The party was nice and there were some really cute costumes. Mark was dressed as a butler, and the woman he introduced as his girlfriend was dressed as a French maid. There was a couple vampires, two or three togas, and some fat guy dressed like a giant baby, but Christie was waiting for James Dean.

Mark’s wall clock seemed to have come to a stop. Partially because Christie didn’t know anyone except Mark at the party, and he was busy playing host, but mostly because of anticipation and the growing fire between her legs.

After what seemed like forever, it was five minutes til seven. Christie stood leaning against the wall on the far side of the room, but always where she could see the front door.

Suddenly the phone beside Christie rang and she jumped almost spilling the drink in her hand.

“Damn Phone” Christie cursed looking down at the phone as it rang again.

Mark stepped over and excused himself as he answered the phone. For a moment Christie lost her view of the door. When Mark moved there, standing in the doorway, was James Dean himself. Tight jeans, white tee shirt, leather jacket, and the face was the spitting image of James Dean.

He spied Christie across the room smiled and started toward her. As he crossed the room Christie tried to figure out who he was. He looked just like James Dean and she didn’t know anyone who looked like that.

“Hello” He said as he reached out and took her hand. “I’m glad you decided to come”

“I had to find out who my secret admirer was” Christie replied looking closely at his face and still drawing a complete blank.

“Looks like you still haven’t figured it out” He said, “Why don’t you just call me James.”

Just then a slow song came on and James took Christie’s hand and without even asking led her to the dance floor.

He turned to face her and as he wrapped his arms around her waist she wrapped hers around his neck.

Christie gazed into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen as their bodies began to sway to the music.

They kissed deeply their tongues dancing over each other as if they had known each others for years.

Christie felt his hand begin to wander lower but instead of making a move to stop him she ground her body against his and kissed him again deeply.

She thought she could feel the bulge growing in his pants as he fondled her ass and she moaned into his kiss.

As they breathlessly broke their kiss, the slow song they were dancing to ended and the stereo began to boom out “The Electric Slide”.

James led her by the hand off the dance floor and straight into the hallway. They went escort izmir down a couple rooms and then ducked into one , closing and locking the door behind them.

James kissed her deeply again and pinned her against the wall. Instantly his hands were everywhere but Christie didn’t mind. Her hands were pushing his leather jacket off his shoulders.

Christie pulled off his T-shirt and then he bent down and running both hands up under her skirt and pulled her panties down.

As she stepped out of her panties, James dropped to his knees and raising her skirt planted a kiss on her perfectly shaved pussy.

Her scent was strong in his nose as he flicked out his tongue to taste her. Christie spread her legs to allow him easier access. “Stop him you filthy slut. What kind of girl does this on a first date” She thought. “First date, Hell you don’t even know his real name”

All those thoughts went out the window as James flicked his tongue on her swollen clit. She dug her fingers into her hair and pulled his head in tighter. She moaned “Yes James yes”

James stuck his tongue into her soaking wet pussy and then quickly went back to her clit, sucking it in and running the tip of his tongue over it.

Christie took one hand out of his hair and used it to unbutton her silk blouse. As James continued his expert work with his mouth Christie reached inside the cup of her bra and squeezed her hard nipple. Her nipples had always been sensitive and now it was adding extra fuel to the fire.

Just then her knees went weak and she clamped her thighs around his head to stabilize herself as the orgasm blasted through her body.

Wave after wave crashed through her. She thought she’d never stop cumming as James continued to lick and kiss her love button.

As her orgasm finally began to subside she lifted James to his feet and kissed him deeply once again. This time she savored her own taste on his lips and tongue.

Without a word she led him to the bed and had him sit on the edge. Then she knelt between his legs. Reaching out she started working the buckle on his belt. Looking up into his lust crazed glare she stroked the huge bulge in the front of his pants, then undid the snap and slowly worked the zipper.

James’ huge cock flopped free and Christie gasped as she reached out and began to stroke it. This thing was enormous. Christies juices were running down her inner thighs as she wondered at the size of this thing. It wasn’t the length that surprised her, though a good nine inches, but the thickness. This thing was as thick as her wrist, maybe thicker. Was she even going to be able to fit it in.

“Only one way to find out” she thought as she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. It was a mouthful but she got it in. She pulled back and looking up into his eyes ran her tongue all over the thick crown, making him moan with lust.

She lowered her end back down taking as much of him in as she could. Slowly she pulled back, then worked her way back down. After a minute as she began to work a nice rhythm, she reached up and took her shirt the rest of the way off.

As she kept sucking his huge cock, she wrapped both hands around the base and started jacking him while her mouth kept working away.

After a few minutes of this, she felt his balls begin to tighten and pulled her face away from him. She said “Oh no you don’t. Not yet any way.” With that she stood up and leaning over the bed flipped her skirt izmir escort up over her back.

James got up and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. He moved around behind her and started to rub the huge bulbous end of his cock up and down her slick slit. A shudder ran through her body and her knees went weak as he teased her some more.

“Please James, Please put it in” Christie begged. She surprised herself how she needed this man she did not know to plug her.

James pushed forward and pushed the head into her well lubricated pussy. They both moaned in the pleasure of the moment as he entered her.

After just a moment he started to work more of his thick shaft into her. Inch by Inch he watched his cock disappear until his curly hair pressed against her ass. Christie marveled at how full she felt.

As soon as he was balls deep, he began to slowly pull out. When only the head was left in her tight pussy he slowly inched back in. Slowly he worked in and out. When his cock hit bottom for the third time her second orgasm of the night ripped through her body. This one was much more intense than the first and James had to work hard to keep from cumming himself as her muscles milked his cock.

He went slowly as she enjoyed her orgasm but as soon as her breathing began to return to normal James began to pick up the pace. Harder and harder he fucked her as she began to moan aloud.

Faster and faster he stroked until he felt Christie’s third orgasm building in her. James reached his hand under and flicked a finger across Christie’s clit. She buried her head in a pillow and screamed as a third and still more powerful orgasm hit her. She slammed her ass back to meet his every thrust as she came and came. James kept stroking his cock in deep and playing with her clit as he fought hard not to fill her sweet pussy.

As her orgasm subsided she lifted her head off the pillow and looked back over her shoulder at him. James stopped stroking her clit and grabbed the waist band of her skirt with both hands.

With each powerful thrust he slammed her back against him. For a moment he thought about trying out her tight backdoor, but decided that might be pushing his luck. In stead he pounded away in her pussy getting closer an closer to blowing his load.

After a few minutes like this he felt his balls tighten and knew he was only seconds away. He slowed his movements to almost a stop, putting off the ecstasy just as long as possible.

“Give it to me.” Christie demanded. “Fill me with your hot cum”

Christie’s sexy talk pushed James over the edge. As he gave one last deep stroke he slid a finger up Christie’s ass and started filling her with his hot seed.

Christie came with him bucking and thrusting back against him as spurt after spurt filled her pussy and began to run out and down her leg.

Christie’s fourth orgasm was so powerful she blacked out for a minute or two.

When Christie came to she realized she was alone in the room. Had this all been a dream? No the soreness between her legs assured her it had been real.

Disappointed she got up and started to get dressed. She found her panties laying on the dresser and with them was a partial latex mask of James Dean. It was a costume, She thought, but who was he?

Then she noticed the envelope. Plain white with just her name in the center like the others. Slowly she opened it and read the enclosed letter:

My darling,

Our time together was incredible. I know only a coward would leave without telling you my real name, but I hope you will continue to read my letters, until I find some way to be with you again

This time it was simply signed … James

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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