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The Fireman and The Librarian

Chapter 6

Fully Developed – Putting the Wet Stuff on The Red Stuff

Bill would call Jasper, and it would go to voicemail, so he’d call Chris and again voicemail. “Damn them.”

“Who?” Mary asked.

“Jas and Chris, they start fucking, and now I can’t get either one of them on their fucking phones.” Bill laughs. “Shit, you’d think two weeks later they would’ve cooled their jets a little.”

“Well, give them time, Bill. I hope you aren’t giving Chris shit at work.”

“Of course, I am.” Bill laughed. “He’s attached even more to that fucking phone of his. When Jas, is out of work, you can guarantee they’re chatting or texting one another.”

Mary started laughing, “Are you sure they’re just texting?”

“Oh, God. I don’t want to know. Anyway, I’m going to go over to Jas’s place.”

“You sure you want to do that?”

“They can stop fucking long enough for me to talk to Jas, shit. They haven’t even been here on Tuesday or a weekend. You want to come with?”

Mary laughed, “Hell, no.”

Bill drove to Jasper’s and knocked, not getting a response he keyed himself in and heard the shower running. He was glad he didn’t catch them in the act; he took a seat in the living room to wait. Before the shower finished, Bill’s phone began to ring; he chuckled and answered. “Hey, Jas, how are you doing?”

“I’m good. I see you called.” Bill could hear him coming down the stairs, but before Bill could warn him that he was in the living room, he turned the corner and screamed, and Bill laughed. “You could’ve told me you were here. How long have you been here?”

Still laughing, “Not long, thank God, but you and Chris need to get out of bed sometime.”

“We do.” Jasper blushed.

“What, for food?” Bill chuckled, then his phone rang again, and it was Chris. “Probie just come downstairs.” He answered and hung up.

“What the fuck, you can’t just wait for us to call you?” Chris came down.

“You two can’t seem to make it out of the bedroom long enough to call.”

“I just did.” Both Chris and Jasper said in unison.

“Yeah, Chris has been home five days, tomorrow he’ll be back on duty. Jas, you’ve tired him out.” Bill looked over at Chris, then shook his head. “God, you two are awful, do you realize it’s been over two weeks? I know Chris has been at work some of the time, but shit guy’s cool it a little.”

Jasper looked at Bill, “You miss me.”

“Well, of course, I do, you’re my brother. Jas, you’ve completely disappeared these past two-plus weeks. I’ve seen you at the station, only because you can’t fuck Chris there.” Both Jasper and Chris smiled. “Ah shit, I don’t want to know, how or where. Just calm it down.” Bill got up and walked out.


Walking into the station the next morning, Jesse and Bill were waiting for Chris. “Hey Chris, you got a minute?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah.” Chris dropped his duffle with his uniforms and bedding on the floor inside the kitchen, and they walked out into the engine bay.

“Chris, what’s my rank?” Jesse asked.


“And what’s Bill’s rank?”


“I’m going to say this as nice as I can because I like working with you. I’m assuming you’re the top in your relationship with Jasper. I could be wrong. You could go both ways. But you screw up at this house anymore, and this hose will be shoved so far up your ass, you’ll be walking funny for weeks. Got it?”

“Yeah, I got it.” Chris looked at Bill.

“Don’t look at Bill, he didn’t have to tell me anything, I knew. I told him this morning when he got here, that I was going to talk to you. If you need confirmation, it wasn’t Bill that told me. I asked him if he knew where you fucked, he didn’t. It was the supply room.”

Chris closed his eyes, nodded his head, and Jesse left the engine bay. “I’ve got nothing, see you in the bunkroom.” Then Bill left.

Chris took a deep breath and went to retrieve his duffle and headed for the bunkroom, but he was happy to hear the tones and the voice come over the PA system stating they had a call, they all suited up and pulled out. But it was short-lived, false alarm, they rounded the block and back to the station.

When they pulled back in, Chris went and retrieved his duffle from the kitchen and continued to the bunkroom. With the call, it cleared it out, so he was almost the only one there. He made his bed and grabbed up a book, and headed down to the lounge. Before he got far, Bill stopped him.

“Chris, I’m not going to get on your case, Jesse did enough. I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I told you yesterday; I didn’t want to know where gaziantep escort or how.” Bill looked at Chris. “Chris, go take a nap. I’m sure you didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“You’re correct on that one, and yes, you’re also correct; we need to cool our jets. But it’s not all me, yeah, I’m always up and willing, but shit your brother is a little on the wild side.”

“He’s a Stone.” Bill smiled and laughed. “But you need to tell him no sometimes. Before you keel over.”

They had a light day for fire and rescue calls. Chris had slept between calls and was in the fitness room when Jasper stopped by after work. Bill was in the lounge when Jasper came in to wait for someone to find him. Mike found Chris running on the treadmill; he had already lifted weights. He knows he needs to start hitting the gym more when he’s off with Jasper. It took Mike a minute to get Chris’s attention he had in earbuds.

When Mike stood in front of Chris, Chris took an earbud out. “You’ve got a visitor.”


Chris finished the five minutes left of running and then took his towel and went down to the kitchen, not seeing anyone there he went into the lounge. “Hey, Babe.” Chris walked over to Jasper and leaned down and kissed him, knowing not to sit down being all sweaty.

“What were you doing?” Bill looked at Jasper.

“Working out. I was going to tell you that I’ll be back after I showered.”

“Okay,” Jasper responded, and Chris went to take a shower.

“Jas, what was that?”


“I saw jealousy, like Chris, can do anything here with anyone.” Bill looked at Jasper. “Gee, start fucking him, and you become a little possessive.”

“I’m not, I was just wondering why he was so sweaty that’s all.”

“Okay, if you say so,” Bill responded, there were a few others in the room, they’d seen it too but weren’t going to put their two cents in.

“Bill, I’m not jealous. I was just wondering.”

“Okay, Jas, hey, come with me before Chris comes back.” Bill took Jasper out into the Engine Bay to talk to him. “Jas, lighten up on Chris, you’re going to tire him out, and he won’t be good for the job.”

“It’s not all me.”

“I know it’s not, but how much of it’s you?”

“Okay, a lot more than it’s him, but he doesn’t turn me down.” Jasper smiled.

“You’re a horny guy, shit, and Jas; he got in trouble for your little session here in the supply closet.”

“Oh shit, the Chief, is he going to be written up?”

“No, not by the Chief, thank God, Jesse is the one that caught you. But Chris is on a warning.”

“Oh God, I’ll cool it down,” Jasper responded. “Let’s get back before Chris does.”

Jasper and Chris talked for a bit in the kitchen, they tried to get a few minutes alone, but they couldn’t find a spot, and Chris wasn’t going to go into a closed room with Jasper at this moment in time. He didn’t need Jesse thinking they were doing something they weren’t. Chris finally walked Jasper out.

“I’m sorry for getting you in trouble,” Jasper said as Chris kissed and hugged him goodnight.

“How did you know, oh, never mind. It’s okay. I knew we shouldn’t have done it, but it’s too late.”

“Well, I love you, Babe.”

“I love you too, and I wish I could walk you to the train.”

“I’ll be okay, and I’ll text you when I get home.” Jasper turned and walked away as Chris watched.


As the months went on, things finally calmed down between Chris and Jasper. Bill took some time off because he wanted to be home for Mary. The baby was due any day, and he didn’t want to be at work while she went into labor.

Bill took a month off, and Mary ended up going into labor just before what would’ve been his third set of work shifts. Chris was able to come up to the hospital to see William Michael Stone Jr., just after he was born. But he had to leave and head straight to the station to report to work.

Bill being off work with Mary and the baby, Chris had time to think about his relationship with Jasper. He was lying in his bunk late on his first night and wanted to take the next step for Jasper. He loved Jasper why didn’t he sign his benefits over to him, if God forbid the worse happens. He decided when the Chief arrived in the morning. He’d ask him what he needed to do. There was something else the Chief asked him to do when he first hired on, and he thought it was time to do that as well.

Chris got up and walked down to the kitchen and sat at one of the tables and began to write a letter. Alex walked in. “Hey, Probie, what are you doing?”


“Looks like you’re writing a letter, so it doesn’t look like nothing to me,” Alex responded.

“Just something the Chief asked me to do a while ago.”

“Oh, I’ll leave you be.” Alex knew what the letter was and went to leave the kitchen to give Chris some privacy.



“Will you do me a favor?”

“Depends, Probie.”

“Don’t mention this to Bill.”

“It’s a private matter. The letter is between you and whomever it’s addressed to.”


“I’ll still be an ass in other ways, but no worries about this.”

“Yeah yeah.” Chris laughed.

Chris finished the letter, and he found an envelope at the front desk. He wrote Jasper’s name on it. Then he went back to the bunk room to sleep. A few calls came in overnight, but when they had a low that morning, Chris collected the letter and went to talk to the Chief.

He knocked on the frame of the door, “Chief, you got a few.”

“Yeah, come in.”

“Do you mind if I close the door?” Chief shook his head, then Chris took a seat. “I was wondering if it was possible, could I change my beneficiary.”

“Well, that’s easy.” The Chief turned in his chair and pulled out a file drawer and fingered through some files. “Here we are.” The Chief pulls out a form. “Fill this out, and I’ll submit it for you.”

Chris took it and started filling it out right in front of the Chief, he wasn’t expecting Chris to do it right then, but Chris wanted to get it done. When he was finished, which only took him a few minutes, he handed it back.

The Chief looks at the change, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, I had it going to my family. They don’t need the money. I’m not going to die, but I don’t want to leave Jasper high and dry either if I did.” Chris laughed. “God, if I did, he’d be pissed anyway.” The Chief looked at him. “I mean because I left him money. I do love him, and it’s the only way I can think to show him.”

“Okay, I understand.” The Chief responded.

“Oh, and here.” Chris handed over the letter. “I don’t want Bill to know about this.”

“These letters are between you and who they’re addressed. They’re no one else’s business.” The Chief picked it off his desk. “But one thing Chris.”


“When did you want it given?”

“It’s on the back.”

The Chief turned it over and saw six-months and nodded his head. He pulled out the file drawer which contained the files of his men, and found Chris’s folder and placed it inside. Chris nodded and left the office.

The last day on duty was full of fun, rescues, and a few fires. But Alex was true to his word on being an ass. He had Chris hopping; he had Chris restocking almost everything on the truck and then doing a partial inventory of the supply closet. If Alex knew the Chief wouldn’t get on his case, he would’ve had Chris scrubbing parts of the trucks with a toothbrush.

Chris was happy to get off shift Saturday morning. He knew he didn’t have to worry about clean clothes. Jasper texted and told Chris; he had already stopped and picked up a bag from his apartment and washed them. Jasper also texted, stating he’d see him later, that he was going to Bill and Mary’s to see the baby.

Chris took the train up to Jasper’s, keying himself in. It was nice and quiet. He went upstairs to a note on the bedroom door. ‘Chris, please take a shower before you get in bed, I just put clean sheets on it. I love you.’ Chris smiled as he stripped on his way to the shower.


“I can’t believe you didn’t bring Chris with you, Jas,” Bill stated as Jasper walked into the living room.

“Well, I didn’t want to wait for him to get home this morning. I wanted to see my Nephew.” Jasper was leaning over Mary looking at Billy. “Plus, if he told me he was too tired to come and I’d waited, I would’ve been upset.”

Bill laughed, “Okay, Jas, I love you. Bring him out tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since Billy was born.”

“Gee, you seem to miss him more than me. It’s only been four days.” Jasper didn’t care; he wanted to hold his Nephew. “Mary, may I?”

“Yeah.” Mary smiled and handed him the baby.


Chris woke when Jasper sat down on the bed. “Hey, Babe.”

Jasper had a smile on his face. “Hi Honey, how was your few days at work?”

“They were good. I see I’m second now that Billy is here.” Chris laughed.

“You sound like Bill.” Jasper laughed. “I’m not that bad.”

“Jasper, you barely texted or called, but it’s okay, I know you’re happy to be an Uncle. I love seeing you smile.” Jasper leaned over and kissed Chris. “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you too. Would you like some dinner?”

“How late is it?”

“Only six Babe, I brought you some food home from Bill and Mary’s.”

Chris pulled Jasper down into the bed, “You don’t want to do anything else?”

“Mmmmm, Mr. Johnston.”

Chris pulled Jasper into bed with him, and they started kissing. It didn’t take long for Jasper to start pulling off his clothes with Chris’s help. Once Jasper was naked, Chris rolled over onto him, pinning him to the mattress and kissed him. “I love you Babe.

Their cocks were rubbing together. Chris was already leaking pre-cum. They still have sex at least once a day, when Chris is home, or at Jasper’s house, that is. Chris will go home to his apartment occasionally. “I love you too.” Jasper smiled.

Chris leaned over to the drawer for the lube, he flipped the top and poured some out into his palm and lubed his cock. Jasper spread his legs, and Chris lubed his hole. Chris adds more lube to his cock as he’s entering, and when he’s completely buried, he still waits until Jasper is ready for him. He always loves the feel of being inside of Jasper.

Chris was kissing Jasper as he waited. When Jasper was ready and was humping as much as he could back on Chris, but he still wasn’t moving. He continued to kiss Jasper, which made Jasper laugh. “Mmmmmm, Babe.” That got Chris to moving, and he started fucking Jasper. He came entirely out of Jasper and grabbed his legs and turning him over.

Chris kisses Jasper back before reentering him. Jasper thought Chris was going to be fast, but Chris lays completely on Jasper and humps him, slowly kissing the back of his neck. “I love you.” Chris can’t hold out much longer, and Jasper knows it because he gets more rigid in his strokes when trying to hold back.

“Come, Baby,” Jasper said, which was all it took, and Chris was coming. Chris is never selfish, though; if he knows Jasper didn’t cum, he’ll make sure he gets him off.

After Chris came down from his high and pulled out, he flipped Jasper over and found a semi-hard cock, lots of pre-cum, but he knows Jasper didn’t come. He kissed Jasper, and then he started kissing his way down Jasper’s body. Which by the time he had made it to Jasper’s cock, it was at full attention?

Smiling, he takes Jasper’s entire cock in. “God, Baby, I love you.” Jasper almost screamed. After swallowing his cock, he gave Jasper’s balls a well-desired tongue bath. “Mmmmm, Baby.” Then he focused back on his cock until he came. Chris loved pleasing Jasper. He loves that they can make each other hard at the drop of a hat. But Chris knows they’re still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and that it’ll change eventually.

Later that night, Chris was barely awake, but he was lying in bed reading, “Honey, why don’t you mark your page and go to sleep?”

“Yeah, I need to, it’s late.” Chris lays the book on the floor, pages down to save his page he didn’t have anything near him to mark it with and didn’t feel like getting up or even trying to remember the page. He turned to his side, facing Jasper, and Jasper cuddled into him after turning off the bedside light.

The next morning Jasper woke before Chris and went to the bathroom and when he came back into the room, he saw the book and almost went off on Chris. Taking a deep breath, he sat down on the bed and put his hand on Chris’s chest, which woke him. “Hey, Babe.”

“Chris, where’s your bookmark?”


“Where’s your bookmark that I made you six months ago?”

“Oh.” Chris cringes because he didn’t think he’d have to confess about losing the bookmark so soon. “I lost it. During my last shift, I don’t know where it disappeared to.”

“So, instead of asking for a bookmark last night or something to mark your page, you go back to doing your normal of breaking the spine of the book?” Chris could see Jasper was a little upset. “I’ve enough bookmarks on my side of the bed. You could’ve asked me for one last night.”

“I’m sorry, Babe. I didn’t think.” Chris was trying to defuse the situation, he didn’t want to hear it, and he was still a little tired.

Jasper exhaled. He knew he shouldn’t get this upset about something so little. “Okay, I’m sorry for waking you, but remember you do have to be up soon, we’re going to Bill and Mary’s to see Billy.”

“You mean the doting father.” Chris smiled. “I can’t wait to see him back on the next shift. I’m tired of Alex’s ass filling in for him.”

“That bad?” Jasper asked as he was looking for a bookmark to put in Chris’s book.

“It’s not the most pleasant of environments, but I can handle it, anyway, what time did you want to head to Bill’s?”

“When you get ready.”

“So, the happy Uncle wants to see his Nephew.” Jasper nods his head, hands Chris his book, and walks out of the room to take a shower.

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