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I arrived home at my normal time of 6:00 PM and I found the garage door open with my wife’s car parked inside in its normal spot. I pulled my car into the garage alongside hers and parked it. I grabbed my brief case and walked into the house where my wife, Cheryl, was eagerly waiting for me. She knew that my normal routine was to go into our master bedroom and change out of my business suit and into some more comfortable casual clothes.

As I stepped into the house Cheryl greeted me with a passionate kiss. After allowing me to put my brief case down in its normal spot she took my hand and led me into our master bedroom. In our bedroom she hugged me and kissed me again pressing her soft, warm body and her full, soft breasts firmly and tightly against me. I thought to myself, “Man, my sweet Cheryl is either really horny this evening or she has something very special in mind that she really wants or she wants me to get for her, for the kids or for the house.” I knew what she had in mind generally but not specifically.

I told her, “Honey, can I want to get out of this business suit, please.” as I took off my jacket and trousers and hung them neatly in the closet as usual. I then took off my shirt and tie and put them on the dresser. When I got down to my briefs Cheryl was there with a glass of rum and coke in each hand and handed one to me. Then she took me in her free arm held me close and kissed me very fervently again as she pressed her voluptuous breasts firmly against my chest again as she did when I walked through the door from the garage.

She had placed the two glasses of rum and coke on the night stand earlier that I did not notice when I entered the bedroom since my attention was not on the night stand. We each took a long sip of our drinks and I said, “Wow, Honey, you sure have mixed these drinks pretty strong this evening.” She smiled broadly and coyly and said, “I knew that you would like it since that is your favorite adult drink, Honey. I put a double shot of rum in each of our glasses. I thought about putting three shots in your glass but chose not to because I thought that three shots would be too much.”

I asked my beautiful wife, “Sweetheart, what have I done to deserve all of this display of your romantic affection for me this evening?” Cheryl replied, “I have just dropped all three of the kids off at school, Jimmy, to soccer practice and the girls at band practice. I don’t have to go back to pick them up until 9:00 PM. I thought that we could enjoy the first time we have had to ourselves in months with the kids out of the house for the evening. I intend for us to make the most of our time at home alone this evening, intimately and I think that you are going to enjoy it, too. How does that sound to you?” I said, “You already have my dick half hard and it won’t take much for you to take it the rest of the way. If you continue what you have been doing you will have me at full attention in about one minute.”

Jim was a 42 year old successful businessman, slightly gray at the temples which made him look distinguished against his dark, short cropped hair. He was 6 ft. tall at 175 pound and was still in good shape as he worked out at the gym a couple of times a week. He made enough money for them to live an affluent life style with their three children, a very nice and spacious home, two new cars and nice clothes. He took very good care of his wife, their three children and their home. He was a handsome man who many women found very desirable especially his loving and beloved wife, Cheryl.

Cheryl was a 39 year old stay at home mom who lovingly looked after her husband, her family, herself and her home with great care. Cheryl was a take charge woman and she took charge of her home life as most good house wives do and ran her home with great efficiency and love for her husband and children. She was 5 ft.-6 in. tall, weighed about 140 pounds with a slight tummy pouch which was a remnant of her two pregnancies. She had not been able to get rid of that mommy pouch after all of these years since her last pregnancy with her twin baby girls. Cheryl had worked out since her twin girls were born but, she was not able to get rid of her mommy pouch.

However, Jim thought that her slight tummy pouch was cute as he thought it made her look very sexy. He used to tell her it makes her look like the sweet loving mother that she was. Jim liked to caress and pat it and kiss it when they were making love and tell her it was her mommy pouch or her love prominence which it was or at least a remnant of their previous love making. He especially liked holding and patting her tummy pouch in bed at night while they were spooning with her soft butt cuddled up against his lower abdomen and his crotch.

Cheryl was a very desirable woman with her shoulder length light brown hair and was in great shape for being nearly 40 years old and after having had two pregnancies and three babies. She had a pair of perky 38C breasts which şirinevler escort did not show any hint of sagging. Cheryl also had a 26 inch waist with 38 inch hips and when dressed up she was still drop dead gorgeous. And she loved to show off her beauty whenever she could especially when she and Jim were out with each other.

When Jim took her out to a restaurant for dinner or to the theater she still turned the heads of every male in the establishment and when she walked through the mall she occasionally heard several wolf whistles directed at her. She would not admit it to anyone but, she loved the attention that she got regarding her enduring beauty. Some guys thought that she was a MILF but, Jim knew she was a MILF, too, and Cheryl was very glad that he did and he treated her so.

Cheryl had planned on that evening all day after her kids told her about their school practice requirements all of which fell on the same evening. Before Jim got home she had showered and put on her makeup with her best perfume that she knew that Jim loved. Then she put on her brand new pair of black lace bikini panties with her matching black lace bra. She admired her look in her pretty panties and bra in her bedroom mirror turning from side to side to see her full view. She thought to herself, “He will cream his shorts when he sees me in this lingerie and if not I want him to shoot his hot love cream deep inside me.”

Topping that off she put on her brand new pink satin blouse that she knew Jim would love as he loves seeing her in pink blouses especially pink satin. He always told her that the pink matched the color inside her beautiful, sweet love tunnel and she loved him for telling her that in the privacy of their bedroom. She then put on her skirt and high heels and she looked like a million bucks. She was eager to greet her husband when he got home to immediately start their love making that evening.

As we stood there together in our bedroom I wrapped my arms around her, held her tightly and kissed her as she almost melted in my arms. I told her, “The fragrance of your perfume is delicious and very alluring and you look good enough to eat.” As I said that she cooed softly to me and, then she could feel my erection trying to poke through my briefs into her soft tummy and into her mommy pouch. Cheryl replied, “Promises, promises, I’ll hold you to that remark later this evening, Sweetie. And I can’t wait for you to do that for me and feel your lips and tongue licking and sucking on my clitoris.”

She reached down and took my erection firmly in her hand and told me, “I want you to slide your big, hard manhood tool deep into my eagerly awaiting, warm, wet pussy.” My erection immediately got that much harder with precum that was beginning to drip from the end of my love tool. As she held my erection I reached behind her cupping her soft butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her firmly and closely to me. She smiled and cooed sweetly at me as she again felt my manhood pressing into her soft tummy.

I started to tug at her pink satin blouse and she said to me, “Please, Jim, be careful with my blouse so that you don’t tear it, Honey. It is a brand new blouse and I want to be able to wear it again for you later.” She carefully took it off, folded it and laid it on the dresser followed immediately by her skirt. I took a longing look at the beautiful woman standing there in front of me just in her beautiful black lace panties and bra and I damn near shot my wad in my briefs. Then I told her, “I can’t wait to get you out of those panties and bra and get you into our bed, Sweetheart.”

I told her how good she looked in her beautiful matching black lace panties and bra. We then each took another long drag from our glasses of rum and coke and felt the warm feeling of the alcohol and the glow that it created in each of us. We wrapped our arms around each other and held each other feeling each other’s body warmth which greatly increased each of our carnal desires. I reached down between her thighs and softly fondled her soft hidden treasure while she just quivered slightly and she said, “I’ll give you 48 hours to quit that, Baby!”

I reached around behind her back with both hands and unclasped her pretty bra and she quickly put it on the dresser, too with her other clothes. I pulled her to me to feel her soft, warm breasts with their hard, pink nipples pressed tightly against my chest. I told her how much I loved her large, soft, warm natural breasts. I also told her how much I loved having her warm breasts pressed firmly against my chest. The warmth of her soft breasts pressed against my chest damn near made me shoot my load again. I told her, “Baby, you have me so excited I don’t know if I can hold off shooting my load on you before I can get my hard dick inside you.”

I kissed each of her breasts and twirled my tongue around each of her hard, pink nipples. I then sucked briefly on each of her stiff, şişli escort pink nipples as she told me, “I can’t tell you how much I love you doing that for me, Baby.” Then I reached down between her thighs and felt between them and found her pussy to be nearly dripping wet. Finding the wetness between her thighs indicated to me that she was as ready for me to be inside her as I was to be inside her.

Feeling the wet spot in her panties told him how much she wanted me and that made my dick that much harder. She looked into his eyes and said to me “Now you can see just how much I have been thinking about you and I have been very hungry to have you inside of me all of today.” With that I laid her down on the bed on her back as I got on top of her kissing her lovingly while she was holding me tightly. I moved down to her breasts and kissed each of them again followed by sucking firmly on her hard, pink nipples again. My sucking on her hard nipples made her coo, squirm and wiggle with the pleasure that he I giving her.

I continued by kissing her tummy, kissing her belly button and I briefly slipped my tongue into it. From there I kissed her soft mommy pouch in several places and then her pubic love mound through her bikini panties. Then I kissed the wet spot from her vagina in her panties. With her help I began to slowly remove her panties and then began to kiss her neatly trimmed bush.

It was then that I started to kiss her in several places in the crease between each of her thighs and her pussy. Cheryl gasped and moaned loudly when I kissed her there and she told me, “Oh, Baby, you know just how much I love you kissing me there. It makes shivers run up and down my spine and settle in my pussy. I told her, “I want to give you a whole lot more shivers up and down her spine and into your pussy.” Cheryl just smiled and cooed to me and softly said, “I am waiting for the shivers that you can give me and whatever else you have to give me, Honey.” She sure knows how to urge me on and how to keep my dick hard and ready to slide into her.

Raising her legs and keeping them slightly separated I proceeded to kiss each side of her outer labia and the length of the crease between her outer labia. Then gently raising and separating her legs further I kissed and licked her from the bottom of her pussy crease up to her clitoral hood. I spread her legs wide apart to open her pussy so that I could lick and kiss the petals of her pussy and then plunge my tongue as deeply as I could into her vagina. I licked around the inside of her vagina as she moaned loudly and wiggled and squirmed her hips below me.

As I returned to her clitoris I kissed and licked it and then strongly and vigorously sucked on her clitoris. By this time Cheryl was moaning loudly, squirming under my face and lifting her hips to meet my tongue and my mouth. I continued to suck on her clitoris until she screamed that she was going to cum. She began to tremble and shake and I knew that she had reached her climax.

Moving up over the top of her I kissed her forehead, cheeks and lips sweetly and told her, “That shows you how much I love kissing your sweet, moist vagina that had delivered our three beautiful babies.” Cheryl breathlessly whispered to me, “I can’t tell you how much I loved that and how much I love you every time you do that for me. I must have your long, hard dick sliding deep inside my pussy and I want you to do that and penetrate me now.”

She also told me, “I really wish that I could deliver us one or two more babies but for the fact that you have had had that vasectomy after our beautiful twin baby girls were born.” I told her, “I know, Honey but there is not much we can do about that now. The only thing that we can do now is have fun going through the motions of giving you another of my babies. Now I am going to slide my hard dick into you very soon but, I am not done preparing her for completing our conjugal union.

I quickly raised her legs high into the air opening them widely with the cleft between her pussy and her butt cheeks wide open exposing her beautiful pussy and her cute, tight little sphincter. I lowered my head and licked the inside of one of her cheeks from her crack to her perineum. Then I licked the opposite side in the same way. From there I licked the whole length of the valley of her cleft in the same manner paying particular attention to her sphincter ending at her perineum. From there I licked her sphincter several times, circled her sphincter with the tip of my tongue several times and then finally I plunged the tip of my tongue deep into her sphincter.

I heard her cry out with a gasp and delight with shock at me having done that for her for the first time. She squealed and said breathlessly, “That made my heart jump into my throat as that was the first time you had ever done that for me. I thought that my heart was going to jump out of my throat and right into my mouth.” I told her, I suadiye escort have another surprise for you that should make your heart beat just as fast and jump into your throat again.” “What do you have planned for us, Baby?” she asked me. And I told her, “It is going to be a big surprise for later and I know that you are going to love it.”

I then slid his hands under her gorgeous, shapely legs at her knees, kissed the inside of each of her upper thighs up to her pussy and let her legs rest in the crook of his elbows. I put my hands on the top of her thighs and then I lifted her legs high into the air with her hips off of the sheet and widely separated her legs opening her vagina for the entry of my hard dick deep inside of her. Doing that let me achieve maximum penetration and give her maximum pleasure. I whispered to Cheryl, “Honey separate your pussy lips with her fingers and then place the head of my dick at the opening to your vagina.” She did as I asked her to do and I could feel my dick starting to enter her pussy.

I carefully and slowly slipped my dick deep inside her warm, wet love flower and started off stroking her slowly and deeply. She began to moan and then she whispered to me, “Please start stroking me hard and fast, Honey.” I immediately did as she asked and her moaning became louder. My stroking into her was so fast and deep that the sounds of our skin slapping together loudly filled the bedroom nearly as loud as the sound of her moaning.

Cheryl was moaning and crying out loudly saying, “I love you, Sweetie for all that you are doing to and for me. Don’t stop, don’t stop. I am about to have a huge orgasm.” I continued to stroke her faster with renewed vigor and within a few minutes she screamed, “I am really cumming, Honey.” as she was trembling and shaking. Within several strokes I reached my climax, as well, and I filled her sweet pussy with many spurts of my hot, sticky love cream.

When her orgasm swept over her she trembled, shook and her body had several uncontrolled tremors. With her orgasm I could see that her breathing was really labored, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her eyelids fluttered closed and then she went completely limp beneath me and collapsed on the bed below me. With all of the sexual stimulation she had just received she momentarily fainted from the intense pleasure that she received from my bringing her to her huge orgasm.

She laid motionless beneath me for a while gasping for her breath and I then laid down beside her putting my arm beneath her neck and shoulders. I rolled her up on her side with her large, soft, warm breasts pressed into my chest so that I could look into her eyes when she reawakened. She had never fainted before and I wanted to hold her closely to give her a feeling of love, safety and protection when she reawakened.

Cradling her neck and pretty head in my arm, I kissed her forehead and cheek until she reawakened. We looked into each other’s eyes and she dreamily whispered to me, “When I felt your hot cum flood into my pussy and bath my cervix I knew that was your love spurting into me before I completely collapsed on the bed underneath you.” She was moaning and told me, “I loved having you spurt your hot love cream deep inside me Sweetheart.” I told her how much I loved giving her my hot love cream and then I kissed her passionately. Cheryl snuggled up close to me with her big breasts against my chest and said, “Now all I want to do is relax, rest and to go to sleep in your arms after that huge orgasm you just gave me, Baby.”

I quickly looked at the clock on the night stand and told her, “Honey, I would love to have you sleep in my arms like this but it is already after 8:00 PM and we have to go pick up the kids in less than an hour. You should not get too comfortable and we can resume our love making at bedtime later tonight after the kids are in bed asleep.” She asked me, “Would you go pick the kids up at school, Honey?” I said, “Yes, Baby, I will if you will ride along with me.” to which she readily agreed even though I think that she was just about totally spent.

We hugged and kissed one another for a long while and then we got up and got dressed to leave the house to go get our kids. When we reached the school our three kids were waiting out front for us. They all three jumped into the car and told us about their evening. We brought our kids home and about an hour later after we gave the kids a snack and talked to them about their day. Then it was the kid’s bed time. Around an hour after that when we thought that the kids were asleep Cheryl and I returned to our bedroom to resume our love making.

We got into bed and she immediately cuddled up close to me and told me, I want you inside me again, Baby. My vagina is aching to have you deep inside me and I want to feel your hot, thick cum inside me before we go to sleep tonight. I reached down between her legs and placed my strong hand on her warm, furry womanhood. I said, “Other than having my hands on either side of your beautiful, sweet face there was nothing I would rather hold than your moist, furry bush and your sweet pussy.” She reached down and took my half hard dick into her hand and began to slowly stroke me to another firm erection again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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