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Smooth and shiny, burgundy globes, the feel against your lips and the unmistakable scent making you salivate before you pop them in. The slender woody stalks in your fingers. Your tongue searching your mouth for stones.

There’s something about cherries, something vaguely sexual.

A memory of teenage girls trying to tie stalks with their tongues as a party trick to impress guys.

What makes us always picture them in two’s? Do they naturally grow that way? Or has some marketing guru implanted the image in our collective minds?

Why do three pairs of cherries make a jackpot?

They’ve always reminded me of tiny little bottoms, smoothly curving, dimpled and succulent.

These thoughts, and others pass through your mind as you see the picture on the card in your hand. It perfectly matches the image on the door in front of you. Two pairs of cherries?

You stand at a decision point, matching the pictures and wondering whether you dare proceed. Outside of the door you can remain yourself, wondering in ignorance what might have been.

It is a safe thought, but you always were one to push yourself.

Inside the door lays forbidden promise. An opportunity not to be missed. Temptation builds. There is nothing to stop you but yourself. Why? Why not?

“Fuck it” you murmur, push the door handle down and take the first stride into a new part of your life.

Your journey started weeks ago at a communal swimming pool, centrally located, belonging to a resort style complex, including apartment blocks. Your ex-boyfriend was becoming crushingly dependent and it was time to move out of his place. The viewing went well, right space, right location, but then, wrong price.

A mis-print in the ad she’d said,

“I’ll show you why it’s worth the extra,” she’d said.

And then came the tour of the gym, sauna and pool.

Beautiful, well kept, but seriously expensive. Well beyond your means.

The agent, Andi, was young, perhaps 25, slim and blonde. She had a happy go lucky air to her, with an assumption that ‘of course you could afford it’, never doubting for a moment that it was your kind of place.

It was, but the price …

“I’ll take it,” you blurted out. That impetuous streak would have consequences you could never have imagined.

Move-in day came and went, your life felt brighter for the change. The time was right and with this new place, you’d soon be the envy of all of your friends.

It was a Sunday, you’d woken early in bright sunlight and thought it time to make the most of that pool.

You put on your fancy cossie – there was no telling who you might bump into and you didn’t want to be caught off-guard in your old swimwear.

You watched the other bathers as you put in some lengths, everything pale blue through your goggles.

There was a good looking older guy, tanned, hair slightly receding, but underwater – a pot-belly. Nope.

Another, younger, muscular, but when he got out you saw just how short he was. Nope.

People watching, your second favourite pastime.

Just as you were finishing up, in walked a younger blonde, wait, was that Andi? What was she doing here? You thought she was just the estate agent, did she live there too?

Her skimpy costume gave you a great view of her figure. Wide hips, toned tummy, bright smile.


She was looking at you.

You acted casual as she came over, looking you up and down. Thank heavens for the smart swimwear choice.

“Hey, great to see you” she said.

“Hi there.”

“So you’re all moved in then, I told you it’s a great place, huh?”

“Yup, I love it. Best decision I ever made” you replied. “My friends are constantly coming over to check it out.”

“Get used to it, the social life is pretty hectic here. Hey, do ya wanna come over for coffee later this morning?”

And that had been it. Of course you were going to go over, you couldn’t have lived without knowing if her place was bigger than yours. Or better decorated.

You were a little taken aback because the door was answered by a man. Not just a man, in fact a tall, muscular chiselled chunk of manhood, mecidiyeköy escort the kind that makes you weak at the knees.

A warm broad smile and then “Hi, come in, Andi told me you’d be coming by”.

“Is she here?” You asked, nervously.

“Yeah, she’s just finishing up after the shower.”

You went in, half distracted by the demi-god before you, but still somehow trying to pay attention to the layout and detailing.

“I’m Matt, why don’t you get comfy.” It wasn’t a question, more a command. His height and demeanour told you he was probably used to getting his way.

He made small talk and you wriggled uncomfortably in your chair whilst you tried to find the words to answer him. Trying not to blush. You were a little in awe of him, sitting so close to a man so confident and good looking, paying close attention to you. In truth, you were starting to get a little damp between the legs.

Just then Andi walked in, her smile matching his. You both made small talk, whilst Matt brought drinks back and forth.

The size of the place, the beautiful interior furnishings, the local nail bar, odd residents. Time passed and the drinks flowed.

By now you were feeling a little tipsy, perhaps you had been staring at Matt a little too long. Andi decided to address it.

“I can’t help noticing the way you are looking at my husband” she said. “You seem to flinch each time he hands you a drink, has he been bothering you?”

In truth the flinch was to hide the fact that he had touched your hand a little too long each time he passed your drink. You hadn’t wanted her to notice your feelings for him, they were married after all.

“I know he looks predatory, are you … afraid of him?” She asked.

Before you could answer, she said “There’s nothing to be afraid of, here let me show you.” and called him over.

He came quickly, standing next to her.

“Down” she said firmly.

Instantly he dropped to his knees beside her.

Huh? What was this you wondered, taken by surprise.

His head was the same height as her ass.

She moved in front of him, lifting her cheeks slightly and leaning back, he put his face up to accept her and she used his face as a seat.

Where he had been the alpha all morning, it was clear she was the boss in this relationship and she intended to show off to you just how much she was in control of him.

“See he’s completely harmless.” She said, smiling and dismounting so that he could breathe again.

You were shocked, you’d never seen a display like this. A thousand questions raced through your mind, not one of them was how to get out of here, too curious by far.

“Do you … does he …” you started the sentence several times. Eventually she saved you, “He needs to know his place, can’t have him getting all cocky, can we now?”

She continued “I just wanted you to know that he’s not a threat to us, I control him completely.”

It felt like she was showing off, but he certainly seemed compliant, accepting the whole thing. She seated herself beside you on the sofa and he sat at her feet like some kind of loyal animal, a lap-dog perhaps.

Your emotions were all over the place, sure you had a thing for powerful men, but seeing him so emasculated was shocking. How quickly it had turned. Mild lust had turned to shock, had turned to wonder, intrigue and excitement. You were definitely interested in finding out more about this curious couple.

“Now get us some proper drinks” she told him. He brought back pink gin and seated himself at her feet again.

Andi was obviously desperate to show off to you. You had cooed over her apartment, her choice of interior. It was as if she saw Matt as a trophy, to be paraded before you.

She wanted your respect, your admiration. She wanted to prove her worth to you by showing the power she had.

She stood and slowly emptied her long drink over him, pouring it out of the glass directly over his head, slowly, deliberately.

“Bring me another, this tastes foul. And change out of those wet clothes whilst you’re out there.”

Your mind could only wonder. merter escort Why was she doing this? What would she prove? What was in it for him?

Matt returned, with a fresh drink, wearing just a smile and a pair of boxers. As he walked over you could see the definition in his chest, the hint of a six pack and muscular thighs. You could see his bulging crotch and he did nothing to hide it.

“Good boy” she said as he gave her the drink. She slipped her hand up the leg of his boxers and stroked his bulging cock, wrapping her fingers around it and tugging gently back and forth. “Enjoy your treat, you’ll have to work hard if you want more of that this afternoon.”

She removed her hand, turned to look at you and smiled.

You tried a question, “How long have you two …”

“Kiss her ankles” she interrupted.

She had read your position, in spite of the shocking situation, you had made no move to leave, she assumed you were staying and decided to give you a treat.

Matt worked your bare legs, kissing and stroking your feet. He had taken your strappy shoes off and discarded them, held one foot at a time, tenderly in his hands whilst he kissed around your ankles. It tickled slightly, but was arousing too.

“Is he doing it how you like it?” Andi asked. She saw the nervous look on your face.

“Why don’t you tell him what you like.”

“Um, slower please” you replied. Matt slowed down. Kissing your ankles more tenderly now.

“Be direct,” she said, “let him know who is in control, there’s no please or thank you for a fuck-toy like him. You wouldn’t talk to your vibrator like that would you? He’s just a worthless sex toy.”

He started work on your other foot. Lifting it slowly and kissing sensuously. You felt your arousal, crotch dampening, nipples hardening.

“Higher” you said and he kissed his way up your calf to your knee. Your short skirt was easily brushed aside. This was definitely making you wet. Surely she will stop me now you thought. Nothing.

“Higher” you repeated and he lifted your leg in the air, kissing and caressing the underneath of your thigh, working his way higher. Your eyes closed and you inhaled a deep breath. Your hands began to shake a little.

As he lifted your leg higher, you toppled back, Andi caught you and brought your head to rest on her lap. She looked into your eyes, smiling and gently stroked your face affectionately. She slid to the side and placed your head on the sofa, then disappeared from sight.

By now Matt was most of the way up to your crotch and showed no sign of stopping.

Andi wanted to take back control. She had let you see how easy he was to handle, but felt the need to be in control once more.

“Take off her knickers”, he did. Your pussy lips were swollen, a light scent of sex and a glint of moisture. Matt licked his lips.

“Eat her till she says stop.”

He lifted both of your knees until they were either side of his head and went down on you. His hands cupping your ass and lifting you slightly up to his mouth. His tongue lapping gently at your pussy lips, parting them and exploring all of you. He gently sucked at your clit – it tingled as your body responded to him. Then his tongue was busy, expertly exploring you. He pushed down and parted your lips fully, placing his tongue at your inner entrance. Applying pressure in slow waves, lapping then pushing, lapping then pushing again. Slowly but surely opening you up until his tongue slipped all the way inside of you, his lips kissing at your pussy entrance whilst his tongue darted inside of you. Then one deep tongue thrust and he began exploring inside of you, his hands grasping your buttocks firmly, his lips brushing your pussy lips and your clit. Your juices flowing and covering his face as he wriggled and writhed to be deeper inside of you.

You opened your eyes to take it all in. Lying on your back, knees astride Matt’s writhing head, your short skirt raised above your waist and crumpled blouse ready to let your tits burst out.

Matt kneeling before you, you could see his broad muscular shoulders taut as he lifted your ass. Andi was back pendik escort in sight, sat straddling his lower back. Leaning forward so she could see him work.

Daylight lit the room and you felt the warmth of it on your face. An alcohol induced glow inside of you, what inhibitions you had were long gone. Gin had always had that effect on you.

Licking, lapping, plunging.

You hear Andi growl at him “Work her tits.” He dutifully rested your ass back on the sofa and reached up to your blouse. Andi got there first and was helpfully unbuttoning you. In moments it was off and your bra with it. You heard Andi whistle in appreciation of your magnificent tits. Without looking up, his hands were all over you. Pawing at you grasping, teasing, firm and yet gentle too.

Andi moved down to watch him lick at you once more. You heard her remove what little she had on and then her hand was between her own legs, you heard the rhythmic sounds of masturbation in harmony with the slurping at your pussy.

Emotions welled inside of you, the alpha was yours to play with as you wished. A tingling feeling began to build from inside of you. Warming your body and making you tremble. Your pussy turned a dark red as blood began to rush around your body. More red patches on your chest as you began to breathe harder. You were getting close, but you wanted to feel the whole man, not just his face.

“Fuck me” you yelled at him. He stopped eating and looked up at Andi for permission. She nodded and helped him out of his boxers.

Back on his knees, she was behind him, watching over his shoulder as he lined up his engorged cock with your reddened pussy. It stood proud and straight. He spread your lips with his fingers and then paused as she put her hands on his hips. Then with one slow, wet thrust he was all the way inside of you.

She pushed him back and forth, watching his cock disappear inside of you. His hands were behind his back, where she had put them. He pleased her pussy with his fingertips whilst she thrust him into you.

The waves building stronger deep inside of you, each thrust almost brought him out but always managed to stop short as she guided him expertly and thrust back inside of you, allowing you to feel the full length of her man.

Your free hands naturally fell to your tits and you played with your nipples, pulling, twisting and teasing whilst the pair of them pleased you.

The waves were building faster and harder inside of you. Your back began to arch. Andi noticed every detail and quickened her husband’s thrusts accordingly. Heat building through your body, your hands trembling pulling at your tits hard now. Your back arched and Matt thrusting as fast as she could make him. Building, building, right to the edge and then “Uuuuurrrrggghhh” you shouted as you came hard, shaking every limb.

Andi held him stationary as you calmed down, then gently pulled him from you. His cock was massive and rock hard, ready and willing for more, but that was to be her pleasure later.

Andi was horny as hell and his hands were all over her. They looked into each others eyes and it was clear what would happen the moment you left.

Some small talk, awkward re-dressing, another quick drink and then you were off, letting them get straight back to fucking.

She had seemed proud of her man’s performance, had helped him through it and had enjoyed watching him please you whilst she masturbated. That afternoon, she had ridden him hard, making him hers again.

You couldn’t remember when, but a few days later you had rummaged in the bottom of your handbag and found a card.

The picture on the front – cherries.

A note on the back – “I want more, Matt X” and a time, date and place.

These thoughts, and others pass through your mind as you see the picture on the card in your hand. It perfectly matches the image on the door in front of you. Two pairs of cherries?

You stand at a decision point, matching the pictures and wondering whether you dare proceed. Outside of the door you can remain yourself, wondering in ignorance what might have been.

It is a safe thought, but you always were one to push yourself.

Inside the door lays forbidden promise. An opportunity not to be missed. Temptation builds. There is nothing to stop you but yourself. Why? Why not?

“Fuck it” you murmur, push the door handle down and take the first stride into a new part of your life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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