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I loved walking the trails when Mark and I would go camping. There was just something so invigorating about the cool spring mornings when the dew drops glistened all around me in the warm morning sunlight. The day I’m remembering started off like any other. The two of us had gotten up and fixed our breakfast over the campfire, taken a quick swim in the lake, and started off on our daily walk. We both enjoyed exploring a few feet into the small caves along the park trails. Little had I known that one of those caves would become the setting for one of my most cherished memories.

It was shortly after noon when I noticed the tiny rain drops on my arms. Mark noticed too and asked if we should head back to camp. We both agreed to keep on walking. I had already planned on making this walk one to remember and wasn’t going to let a few rain drops ruin my idea. A few minutes later, the rain turned from a few sprinkles to a heavy downpour. Mark and I ran about a quarter mile before we came across a cave opening big enough for the two of us. We climbed inside and found that the inside of the cave was almost the size of a large living room. almanbahis We sat next to each other and watched the rain pour down outside.

“This is better than I expected,” I thought to myself as I looked around. “Not only are we alone, this is kind of romantic.” I wrapped my arms around Mark and kissed him hard. He seemed surprised at first, but the harder I kissed, the harder he kissed back. Soon we were rubbing each others bodies and I felt him growing hard in his pants. “I see you found another way to pitch a tent in the woods.” He only grinned and pulled my tank top off over my head, tenderly he started sucking and pinching my nipples. I could definitely tell he had the same idea I did, but I wanted to pleasure him first. Making him lay down, I unzipped his shorts and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles.

I had never seen his dick so hard! He must have been just as excited as I was to be fooling around like that. I took him into my mouth and swirled and flicked the tip of my tongue around the head and down the shaft. From the way he was moaning I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying it. After only a few minutes, almanbahis giriş he spasmed and shot his load down my throat. He sat up and told me it was my turn to lay back. Undressing me the rest of the way, he started rubbing the inside of my thighs and fondling my breasts. By that time I was so worked up I just wanted fuck him like crazy, but he insisted on repaying my efforts. He spread my legs and started fingering me with one hand, fondling me with the other. Then he was sucking and flicking my clit with his tongue. Pretty soon, I felt like I was going to explode, and finally I did, screaming with an orgasm like I had never felt before.

The two of us laid in the soft dirt for several minutes before we realized how dirty and sweaty we had become. We stood up, crawled outside, and danced in the cool rain, letting it wash off our bodies. I looked over at Mark and just the sight of his wet, naked body got me hot again. I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, telling him, “We’re not done yet, mister.” From the look in his eyes, he had been thinking the same things. We stood there, wrapped in each other, passionately almanbahis yeni giriş kissing, and before long, we were back on the ground again. He laid on his back and pulled me to him. I positioned myself over him and sank down on to his rock hard cock, gasping from the feeling that surged through me.

Mark pulled my breasts down to his mouth, squeezing them and biting my nipples. I moaned loudly in pleasure. Never before had we made love like that. Again after only minutes, I reached an enormous orgasm, falling limp against his chest, quivering with each breathe. Mark laid me on my side and leaned over me, putting my ankles up onto his shoulders. Feeling his still hard manhood push into my wet hole almost sent me into another orgasm right there, but I tried to hold off as he kept ramming me harder and faster than ever before, until we both screamed out together is multiple, mind shattering orgasms. We laid there for what must have been an hour, holding each other, both still thinking about the incredible experience we had shared.

Once we were able to climb out of the cave, it was still raining, so we carried our clothes halfway back to the campsite, letting the rain wash us for the second time. By the time we had reached our site, we were so hot for each other that we climbed into the tent and were at it again. But that’s a story for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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