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Clair was standing in the bathroom doorway wearing only a pair of black satin panties admiring his male physique as he stepped out of the shower. She smiled at the vision of his perfectly sculptured and rounded ass cheeks. Just an hour ago she was grabbing hold of that butt and was pulling him deep inside her as he pumped his seed into her womb. He was a damn good fuck; too bad he was her best friends’ husband but then again all is fair in love and war and her need to escape the boredom of married life in suburbia.

Her husband as usual was off on some business trip trying to be a good provider just so she could have a roof over her head, blah blah blah. She almost wished he would get some pussy on the side so he would learn some new tricks in the bedroom; either that or feel enough guilt to step up his game and perform his husbandly duties with a little more enthusiasm.

Her afternoon lover hurriedly dressed and gave her a nice long kiss before heading off to the dentist appointment he used as an excuse to leave work early. The illicit tryst was fun, but she could have used a second round of sex.

She poured herself a glass of wine and roamed around the house enjoying the smell of sex on her body and the feel of her lover’s cum still oozing out of her pussy and running down her leg. The thrill of being bad excited her, it always gives her boring uneventful life a little extra meaning that it so desperately lacked.

She toyed with the thought of getting caught and punished for her infidelity. The problem was her husband was so damn afraid of drama and confrontation she would end up making her life even more depressing than it already was.

She finished her wine and took a shower. It was almost happy hour, and she had the house to herself for the next two nights so she might as well hit a restaurant bar and troll the sea of business suits and see if she could find a guy that might take the time to try and seduce her.

She liked to play the game of teasing and seduction, to enjoy the chase to see if she could manipulate a man and if he could be good enough to make her want to cheat. Keeping her wedding ring on always gave it a special level of intrigue and excitement. It is a fun game, it is just too bad most men do not play it very well.

She liked the idea of escaping into an alternate reality for one night, putting on an alter ego persona getting into character playing the part of a high-powered female executive looking for a man to forcibly try a hostile takeover of her company and her.

Tonight, was the perfect night to try out her seduction skills while her hubby was away.

Now for that age-old question, what to wear? Picking out her office slutty attire while at the same time being believable as a businesswoman required some extra thought. She decided to go in the order he would be undressing her. She started with a thin almost sheer blouse which she purposefully would undo a little bit more than propriety dictated showing off her cleavage and a dark-colored bra underneath.

Next, a tight gray skirt both confining and restricting perfectly designed to show off her tight little ass when she walked. And a jacket she could slip off at the dinner table to make him fantasize about undressing her later he if played his cards right.

Now for the sexy undergarments. She wanted something special to display the best parts of her body and make him appreciate what she was letting him experience.

She eventually moved from the closet to the dresser where she kept her most intimate items.

From her secret stash of lingerie, she selected a black matching panty and bra set.

She smiled as she selected some black silk stockings. She knew that she would get as much of a thrill from wearing them as he would looking at her legs as she walked.

She closed the dresser drawer, then feeling extremely naughty, opened it again and pulled out a black satin garter belt both classic and erotic with an almost mystical power to make any man she desired want her.

Even before she had put the undergarments on, she could feel herself tingling. She knew that already she was beginning to get a little wet, and looking at her naked breasts, she was not surprised to see the nipples at their fullest and hardest.

She held her breast up to the mirror before carefully hiding those bad girls away within her sheer bra. She then put on the suspender belt and centered it about her waist. She took her time delighting in slipping the cool silk stockings up along her legs before fastening them to the straps of the garter belt and then pulling her panties on.

Smiling at her sultry self in the dressing mirror, she finished her make-up, touched up her hair, slipped on a pair of black stiletto heels. She looked and felt incredibly sexy, now she was ready to go cock hunting.

On the drive over to the four-star restaurant she had chosen to play out her adulterous melodrama, she realized that she needed a back story just Kıbrıs Escort in case the conversation wandered over into some business small talk. She decided she would use her old boss at a marketing firm she had worked at before she was married as the cover story.

For tonight she would be the female version of him just not as big an asshole. She knew enough about that particular business she could fake it well enough until she diverted their attention to her cleavage and her other famine assets. She would keep her first name and would use his last name if the question came up to help keep things straight in her mind.

She had also made sure there was a five-star hotel close by just in case she finds something she likes and needed to close the deal.

As she walked into the bar, she felt magically excited, supremely feminine, and very desirable. The fantasy of trolling for strange cock always excited her even though the reality had never quite lived up to her expectations. Yet here she was once again on a quest for a forbidden sexual experience.

She slowly surveyed the room before picking a plush padded bar stool with an empty seat next to it where she could entertain potential suiters. It is not a bad looking group tonight, not too many fat balding older guys, there are some real potential boy toys that she could be persuaded to drop her panties for. She prefers businessmen in expensive Italian suits, anything but a lawyer if she must sink that low, she might as well stay home and fuck her husband.

She likes being hit on by younger men and after all, a well-told lie from a hansom younger man is always better than the dull uninspired truth from an older man that could not get her off if she held a gun to his head.

Several women are floating around the bar more interested in business networking than getting laid. She is there dressed for business too but not the kind those women are trying to engage in. Classy with a slight hint of slutty making it clear that only the best applicants need to apply.

She always likes to tease a couple of pretty boys that make the first attempt. She does not shoot them down immediately so as not to look like a prude or completely unapproachable but eventually throwing them back so that better contenders know they need to bring some real game to the party if they want to win her favor.

She lets the first round of would-be players buy her a drink and make their case before one handsome stud that has some real potential slides up to her regal perch. He is confident but not too cocky with a slight hint of a southern drawl, well-groomed sandy-haired, and eyes as blue as the summer sky.

As the handsome stranger spins his well-rehearsed lines full of male boast and sexual innuendos her concentration drifts off as she watches every movement of his mouth that could be sucking on her clit before the night is over. She smiles knowing that he has seen the large wedding ring on her left hand, but it has not dissuaded him from pursuing her.

The tan line on his wedding ban finger leaves no doubt in her mind that he is married too but he is very handsome, slightly younger, and does have those dreamy eyes which more than offset that tiny little character flaw. Anyway, a younger stud that hits on an older married woman should be given plenty of positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement to keep it up, after all, she would not want to damage his fragile young male ego.

After a short deliberation, she concludes that fucking him is a done deal she just needs to figure out the logistics. She would settle for a quickie, but she genuinely had her hopes set on a good pussy pounding with lots of oral sex on both sides.

Good adultery should be enjoyed and savored like a fine wine. She likes trying on a handsome younger stud just to prove that she still can and believes that a man’s cock should take at least as long to try on like a new pair of stiletto heels to make sure that they fit nicely and looks good on her.

She leans over and whispers into his ear “I think we both want the same thing tonight I have a reservation at the hotel down the block would you like to come up to my room and we can continue our conversation in a less noisy and crowded environment?”

He smiles approvingly “Absolutely, you must be a mind reader. Do you have any other hidden talents?”

“Oh, so many hidden talents sweety you couldn’t count them all and I have plenty of references and even a few videos to prove it but if you want to be added to my library you are going to need to prove yourself first.” she purred.

“I am yours for the taking.” he grinned.

They paid their bar tab and proceeded out into the cool night air and through the small crowd waiting for the valet to bring their cars.

As they strolled down the semi-deserted streets for the short two blocks to the hotel, he indicated his name was Jeff and that he worked at one of the corporate office buildings Kıbrıs Escort Bayan close by as an office manager.

She doubted Jeff was his real name and would guess he worked at some low-level job scurrying around in a rat maze of cubicles all day long doing lots of meaningless busywork. None of that mattered so long as he had a larger than average cock and made the effort to please her, she did not care.

They strolled into the hotel lobby pausing just long enough for her to pick up her room key. They stepped into the elevator and when she turned to press the floor button, he put his arms around her, pulling her back against his body. His mouth pressed at the back of her neck, his breath and lips on her neck almost as arousing as his hand on her breast. His other arm went around her waist. A quiet bell went off, indicating they had reached their floor.

He followed her to the room, allowing her to swipe the keycard, and then followed her in. Clair stopped and started to turn towards him, his hands at first cupped her breasts, her nipples sliding between his fingers through her dress.

Jeff’s other hand slid down and across her belly to the hem of her dress, fingertips slipping underneath. She was wet with desire. “You are a horny girl, aren’t you?” His mouth grazed her earlobe, nibbling softly with his lips.

Clair purred. “How are we going to do this?”

“Any way you want” he replied.

“Good then relax and let me start things off” she instructed as she pushed him back on the side of the bed to watch.

“Look but don’t touch until I give you permission.” she insisted.

Clair began swaying her hips to the music playing in her head as his eyes started to undress her entranced with the anticipation of what was likely to happen next.

Seductively reaching behind her back the zipper of her skirt came down slowly and then teasingly she pushed it to the ground with some extra effort given it was so tightly hugging her body like a glove. After her skirt had descended to the floor she then stood up and kicked it off to the side.

He was gawking like a little boy at the site of her nylon clad legs and sheer panties hinting at the black garter belt and her shaved pussy underneath.

Slowly a huge bulge began growing in his trousers and he blushed at his lack of self-control. Clair purposely stared and then lightly traced her fingers across his newly formed boner before stepping back and commenting on how he was already living up to her expectations of his manhood.

He stood up and restrained her, not roughly, just firmly. She immediately pushed him back to his designated place. She wanted him to be aggressive and to take control but not yet, not until she was deeper into his head and she had proven she could fuel his lust to the fever-pitched that she knew she could take it.

She wanted to make him beg for it, to ache for it, to want it bad enough to lose himself in his desire to have her. Tonight, she wanted to be another man’s fantasy a stripper, a hooker a bad girl that would make him feel guilty about what had happened but would always want to do it all over again if given the chance.

Clair stepped back just out of reach to give him a full view of her body. She leaned in and began slowly methodically unbuttoning each button of her blouse staring at the top working her way down slowly. After the last button, she flung open her blouse exposing a very sexy black bra and her nipples which were erect and peeking out just above the lace.

She let the blouse slide off her shoulders and down her arms to the floor next to her skirt. She then unfastened her bra adding it to the pile of clothing she had already discarded.

She slowly slid her sheer black panties down taking her time making sure that she controlled his thoughts and she had his full and undivided attention. She watched his eyes and facial expressions reading his every emotion like reading a book exploring various subplots and story endings in her head as he reacted to each small subtle movement of her body.

It was too bad straight men cannot handle and appreciate drama like a woman she could take this encounter to so many special places far beyond the confines of a sexual orgasm but then again, she did come here just to get laid.

“Now let me see what you have to offer,” she suggested, kneeling on the floor in front of him.

His trousers slid down his well-muscled legs, revealing a very sexy navy-blue pair of satin boxers and with a large, long bulge extruding outward from his groin area.

She loved knowing that he was mere putty in her hands as she locked eyes with him and leaned over to nuzzle his throbbing cock through the silky material.

She was so aroused and excited to watch his long erect cock as it sprang free jumping out at her like a playful puppy happy and excited to see her. It looked magnificent, larger than her hubby, and already dripping with pre-cum.

She closed Escort Kıbrıs her lips around the head of his cock and used her tongue to lick off the secretions he was already oozing. He closed his eyes and held on lightly to her head. Jeff was already close to ejaculating and he pleaded, “Let me cum in your mouth, please!” just as his cock began to throb and pulse. How could she refuse such a request?

She felt him begin to tense up and her hands stroked his pulsating shaft right up to the moment he cried out with pleasure. Then she let his cock spring out of her mouth and let go with her hands. His cock shot up, throbbing and spurting huge streams of cum into her mouth, over her face, and down onto her breasts – he just seemed to keep climaxing and climaxing. His groans and grunts told her it was as delicious for him as it certainly was for her.

Clair looked down at her breasts, now dripping with his spunk. she rubbed her hands through his man seed, watching his eyes wild with lust. She teasingly smiled like a naughty schoolgirl before licking it off each of her fingers one by one and then sucking it off her thumb never severing eye contact.

She let him pull her up and then helped him take off his shirt. Jeff’s naked body was far more athletic than she had expected, his cock was still firm and sticking out like the handle of an exceptionally large frying pan that required two hands to pick it up.

He moved his hand down and pressed against her slit. Clair opened her legs slightly feeling her juices were already starting to ooze down her legs. His fingers soon started to explore her neither region as there was a gasp when she realized just how wet she had become. His hands began to work her vagina, delighting in her copious juices and taking her right up to the edge.

She was so aroused now that she was going to rape him if he did not do something quickly. Why the hell can men not read minds when you want them to? Now that she wanted him to be aggressive why was he not taking the hint?

“Lean back,” he whispered next to her ear.

Like an irresistible force, he pushed her into a spread-eagle stance and his tongue, hands, and lips began their erotic journey over her body exploring her most sensitive regions.

He wasted no time putting his talented mouth to work against her slick folds and she certainly was not complaining.

He pressed the flat of his tongue against her, applying pressure evenly until he reached her clit, and he swirled his tongue there, sucking and nipping until she yelped sharply, the pain melting into pleasure as he flicked his tongue over the sting of it to soothe her.

“Wow, he is good, he is incredible!” She thought to herself.

He pressed two fingers into her, filling her so suddenly that she gasped and rolled her hips to meet him, gladly welcoming the intrusion and wanting more.

Clair looked down at his stiff cock and smiled before climbing onto the bed and then got on all fours and looked back at him and in an uncompromising voice yelled, “use me, take me from behind like a bitch dog, fuck me good or go home! ”

Jeff quickly scrambled onto the bed and repositioned himself between her legs behind her wet dripping cunt. His rock-hard staff was now poised to penetrate her from behind.

He slowly rubbed his mushroom tipped helmet up and down her clit before entering her moist opening. His erection was now pressing against and pushing its way between her lips and then slowly descending into her velvet passageway, a passageway and sensual corridor that was eagerly ready to invite him in.

He grabbed hold of her hips with both hands and with a gentle but determined thrust he was inside her with Clair’s tight wet muff wrapped around him. He felt the muscles of her pussy contracting around his shaft, her vagina embracing his manhood offering him full access to her most treasured womanly recesses.

He started slamming into her slowly at first then faster and harder as she pushed her cunt towards him wanting to take it all. Beads of sweat formed on them both. Jeff thrust in and out while Clair responded to each of his motions with her forceful thrust to compel him to go even deeper.

Now taking ruthless advantage of her body Jeff drove the entire length of his fleshly scepter into her and then pulled it out and then back forward back into her again and again.

Clair began to osculate her vagina around his shaft. Up and down. Hard and fast, she moved in unison with him taking him inside deeper and deeper. Clair slid a finger between her slit, rubbing her swollen clit as she moved against him. Her greedy pleasure was all she cared about at that moment as she worked her cunt muscles around him, enjoying the feeling of his penis as it rubbed her g-spot.

Jeff continued his onslaught ramming into her relentlessly inflicting erotic pain and please giving Clair a quality whore fucking that she so desperately craved and she knew she deserved.

The sounds of their moans and slapping of their bodies against each other were now filling and echoing throughout the room.

“Please keep it in, do not pull out, please! “Clair’s legs were spread wide apart and her vagina was a tight “O” around his massive erection as he pounded into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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