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Back home my wife was waiting desperately for my return. She couldn´t wait to hear about my experience. I told her everything and it really made her horny. After I finished she asked immediately: “Would you do it again?”

“Anytime!” I smiled at her. “And I want that we choose the next one together! Come on, make a suggestion!”

I could really see how her thoughts were running through her head.

Suddenly the other day it came ot of her mouth:

“We should go out again after the long time we didn´t do that. Tonight. Give me half an hour to get dressed. And I already know where to go!”

My wife took my to the local dance club. With some money in my pocket and a good deal of booze we managed to take Beatrice home with us. She was a teen bitch who just had turned 18. It didn´t take long and she was lying totally stoned on the couch in our living room. That made it easy for my wife to undress our unconscious victim completely and turn me on watching her.

Obviously my beloved wife wanted to use my arousal for her own purpose. And I started to play her game in the beginning. I stepped behind my wife and pulled her dress up to her hips.

„Take me, take your wife, fuck me finally, my wild stallion!”

My wife really gave her best to get me hot for her. Well, I was hot already, but not really for her. As I didn´t do anything to take her from behind my woman turned around and dragged my clothes off. Jacket, t-shirt, jeans, one piece after the other fell to the ground.

Except of my black socks I was completely naked now. almanbahis

My dick was rising towards to her and my wife was sucking the top of my cock between her lips lustfully.

I was staring at Beatrice´s ass and immediately my dick got harder than ever. But this situation just was too kinky. My old lady was really begging for a fuck and even got more horny as she realized how I excited myself at Beatrice´s young and sexy body.

„That really gets you horny my darling, isn´t it?” My own words did excite me more and more. Never before I had been talking to my wife in this way. Or just thought about her.

I ordered my heavily breathing wife to bow herself over Beatrice and lick her young cunt. And the most kinky thing was: She really did so! My wife was sucking Beatrice´s clitty and fucked this young cunt right before my eyes at the same time with three of her fingers. Beatrice was moaning. I told my wife to turn this young chick around until Beatrice’s ass was pointing at us. My wife was kneeling down behind Beatrice and kept on licking that meanwhile slippery cunt of our new friend. And surprisingly or not, this stoned teen girl pressed herself towards her tongue willingly. She seemed to enjoy this. Following my instructions my wife started to spread the slimy cream out of Beatrice’s cunt on her ass. Beatrice was retreating slightly as soon as she felt my wife’s middle finger in her ass. That was the moment I pushed my wife aside. I stepped behind Beatrice and felt her legs at my hard-on. „Come on, spread your thighs, sweetie!” Soon I started to caress Beatrice’s pussy with my fingertips. At the same time I got my dick in position at her sexy ass.

Beatrice, almanbahis giriş stoned like she was, pressed her tight ass towards my fully erected fat dick. I grabbed her hips and positioned my fat semen stick at her wet swollen pussy lips. Beatrice was gasping while I was rubbing the fat top of my cock at her kinky tunnel entrance. With a strong move with my pelvis forward I sank my fucking dick up to it´s root in her tight little cunt. Beatrice was gasping heavily and I started to fuck her with strong and hard moves.

My wife was coming nearer now totally naked with one hand at her pussy, in the other hand her digicam documenting the scene for our family album, what got me even more turned on.

Beatrice was trembling under my fucking moves and whimpered before she gasped heavily and – getting more and more sober – screamed out her climax. This young chick shivered and I stopped my moves shortly, just to let my still hard piece of meat slide back and forth deep in her overflowing semen tunnel. After a short time Beatrice started to press her ass more and more strongly towards my fucking rod. My balls were beating at her cunt with every push, I fucked her now very slowly and Beatrice was moaning “Oooohhhh come on, push harder, just like before…” I had never been as horny as in that moment and my lovely wife had to recognize this. One thing was clear for me: My old worn out wife would never feel my cock in her old cunt again! I followed Beatrice’s begging and pushed harder and harder into that sexy young bitch. She answered with lustful snorting which developed into a permanent gasping with my faster coming moves . Her tight sexy ass was trembling under my fucking almanbahis giriş moves and her tight breasts wiggled in the rhythm of my pushing. Her abdomen started twitching again as my fat semen rod exploded in her hot cunt firing lots of cum into her canal. If she was on the pill? Who cares…

This wasn´t the last time that I filled Beatrice’s semen tunnel in this night. As the sun already rose I was looking at my wife while I was penetrating Beatrice’s pussy for the last time. My beloved wife seemed to be completely drunk by the situation. Beatrice’s gasping was filling our room again, animalic, young, passionately. Inch by inch I was pulling this young chick further and further on my cunt filler. My lovely wife was staring fascinated at me and my club chick, watching how Beatrice was riding me winding herself. Saliva was leaving her mouth, her eyes turned to the ceiling, her long black hair swinging in the rhythm of my pushing and soon Beatrice was screaming in another climax.

Meanwhile my wife was right next to us stroking Beatrice’s tight sexy ass fascinated. Finally Beatrice’s top was sinking forward, presenting her teeny ass on my lust rod still sticking in her womb.

Gasping satisfied Beatrice was gliding from my shrinking pipe falling asleep. Highly excited my wife was staring at us. I turned around to her and said with a view at her dripping cunt: “Ohh, you didn´t even cum yet.”

As an act of mercy I grabbed at her wide opened hole and started to jack off her pussy. Two of my fingers in her cunt had to be enough, she didn´t get more from me. Turned on by my fucking with Beatrice it didn´t take long and my wife got off in a mighty orgasm.

As she got recovered a little bit I put on my nicest smile and asked her to get me some beer from the refrigerator. With a perfect view at the sleeping Beatrice we sat down next to each other and started cuddling like teenagers in love…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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