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I first met Charlie in the university bar in ordination week. She was just about to start university and I was about to begin my PhD. I was wondering around with no specific aim as it seemed inappropriate to be working during O-Week and as always at university this had led me to the bar. To my great surprise I had found some people I knew who were still undergraduates (friends of my brother I think). I sat down at their booth to have a chat and waste some time.

There were a bunch of people I did not know who kept floating in and out of the booth to get drinks and play pool. One girl especially caught my eye. She was short, pale and skinny with dyed black hair, wearing tight black jeans and a thin light red t-shirt, through which you could see her black bra. I remember checking out her arse as she leant over the pool table to take a shot and wondering what she would look like naked (hey, my head is a crude place).

As the afternoon progressed she disappeared to do O-Week things and I stayed in the bar as you will tend to do when you have been at university at the beginning of six previous years. To say I had given up hope of meeting her would be slightly incorrect, I had in fact almost forgotten about her like all the other cute but seriously too young girls I had ogled that day. You will therefore appreciate my surprise when she dropped into the booth next to me and said “Hi there, I’m Charlie. I noticed you staring at my bum before. What’s your name?”

Despite my shock we did then proceed to have a fairly normal conversation. I discovered that she was about to start a degree in International Relations and that her real name was Charlotte, but I was never to call her that. I, of course, tried to impress her with talk about my PhD and the law degree I had just finished. I made the traditional noises like “If you need help with an essay come see me” and gave her worldly advice about which courses to take, what lectures to avoid and most importantly how to cheat the system.

Charlie and her new residential college friends had tickets to do the pub crawl that evening and she insisted that I come with them (what can I say; I’ve never been able to say no to a cute girl with big brown eyes). For those who have not been on an O-Week pub crawl, the group move around a set of bars and you get a wrist band with entitles you to a drink at each. For those of us who have survived law school with intact livers this is not much of a challenge. The going is slow and it’s hard to get a second drink at each venue due to the large volume of people. On the other hand, for 18 year olds who have never really drunk publically before, the pub crawl can be diabolical. I therefore found myself a chaperone of a group of five or six (it was tough to keep track) quite inebriated teenage girls.

I think at this point it may be prudent for me to tell you a bit about myself. In many was I am Mister Average. I am on the shorter side of average height with brown hair and grey eyes, have an average body (fairly fit, but by no means ripped) and even, if the internet is to be believed, a slightly above average sized cock (although it is well above average girth). In fact, apart from being quite academically gifted, there is very little that is memorable about me.

However, the thing about me that will have the greatest bearing on this story is that I have a girlfriend. Her name is Emma and ironically enough I met her in the same bar I met Charlie almost six years to day earlier, although it took me almost six months to get up the courage to ask her out. Emma is one of the few people I know who is actually smarter than me and consequently landed herself a plumb job working on a government outreach program in Southeast Asia that is seeking to educate people about the increased risk of tropical pathogens due to climate change. I will tell you more about Emma later as she will come up again, but she is important to place my interaction with Charlie in context. This is definitely not a cheating story. Emma appreciates that a man has needs and went as far as to suggest I seek out casual sex partners while she was away. In fact I keep her informed of my exploits which provides fuel for some pretty good cyber-sex. Consequently, I had no interest in taking my ‘relationship’ with Charlie any further that the pure physical, a desire that I believe was mutual.

Back on the pub crawl, we had finally made it to the last stop, the town’s most famously dodgy nightclub. Charlie’s friends had behaved surprisingly well, only limited random making out and not one had tried to walk off with a stranger. Consequently I had actually had fun. I had danced with each of them and they had only laughed at me a bit. Although they were all definitely drunk they had not progressed to the point of falling over and throwing up, always a problem when drinking with teenage girls.

Finally at around 2 am it was announced that the organisers would be walking those who were finished drinking back to the residential colleges. I pointed out to the Ataşehir Escort girls that this was a good offer as drunk first years are renowned for getting lost and the university grounds have been the backdrop for the rape of a number of students as they walk home. My house was on the route back to campus so I joined the group and we headed off. When we got to my turnoff if hugged each of the girls and sent them on their way.

Actually it was not until I was opening my front door that I noticed I was not alone. I do not know how Charlie got away from her friends, but she certainly gave me a surprise when she squeezed my arse as I was haphazardly trying to get my key in the lock. As I spun around to find out who was assaulting me she quite literally grabbed my face and stuck her tongue in my mouth. The smell of her perfume and conditioner combined with a hint of sweat from dancing all night was intoxicating. The smell of a girl the first time you kiss her is always burned into your memory. To this day when I catch a whiff of something similar to how she smelled that night I am instantly back in that movement of combined confusion and arousal. Her mouth was pleasant, her tongue felt smooth against mine and her lips tasted of grape lip-gloss. I do not know who she managed to get the door open behind my back (I guess I had the key in the lock), but the next thing I knew I was being pushed into my apartment while Charlie continued her attack on my mouth.

My apartment is not large so the path to the bedroom does not take long. I know a flicked the light on the way through the door. Charlie and I stood just inside the bedroom door next to the bed and continued to make out in earnest. Just when I was beginning to wonder if I would have to start making the pace Charlie broke our kiss and looked straight at me. As I said previously I have a weakness for cute girls with big brown eyes, so you will understand when I say that I can recall that moment with perfect clarity, more than any other with Charlie. For that split second I felt I could see straight to her soul, her excitement and her fear. However, this moment of perfect connection was broken when her face spit into a brilliant, mischievous grin.

At that moment I was struck by a bout of paralysing guilt. Here was a girl who was giving herself to me and I was not available to receive it. I reached forward to cup her cheek and said and a low serious voice, although every fibre of my body was screaming for me not too, “There is something you need to know. I have a girlfriend who is currently living overseas who I love very much.” I saw Charlie deflate a little from her exuberance so I quickly continued “She is quite happy for me to see other people while she is away, but you need to know what this is.”

Charlie cocked her head to the side and observed my face for a couple of seconds before saying “Most guys wouldn’t tell a girl that.”

I shrugged and replied “I’m not most guys I guess.”

She grinned again and murmured “Don’t worry; I’m not looking for a boyfriend. If anything it’s a relief.” She then narrowed her eyes and asked suspiciously “Are you sure she’s okay with you seeing other girls? The last thing I need is jilted girlfriends coming after me.”

I nodded solemnly and said “Yes, she was very clear.”

Charlie looked pensive for a second and then said “Okay, that’s good enough for me. I appreciate you telling me. Thank you.” She then licked her lips and continued in a seductive tone “Now…where were we?”

As I stood there in absolute shock, having fully expected her to walk straight out the door, Charlie gave my cock a quick squeeze through my jeans, then proceeded to pull her shirt over her head and throw it next to the bed. This snapped me out of my meditation. I reached around her, grabbed her tight little arse, pulled her against my groin and murmured “If you’re sure…” before kissing her mouth and throat with abandon.

It was at about this moment that the idea came into my head that as an experienced man it was my duty to show this pretty young thing how good sex can be if you know what you are doing. I deftly unhooked her bar with my left hand as I continued to ravage her neck. I assumed that I was having a good effect on her as she was sagging into me, needing me to hold her up. I lifted her up and laid her down on the bed without ever breaking contact with her lips. There was genuine shock on her face when I stood up again to remove my shirt (she later told her that she was so turned on she was effectively lost in the sensation); however this quickly changed to her impish grin.

Standing up gave me the opportunity to take in Charlie’s topless form for the first time. She does not large breasts (a solid B-cup), but they are perky and a perfectly formed teardrop shape. What is most noticeable about Charlie’s breasts in the contrast between her beautiful creamy pale skin and her wonderful dark pink nipples. Through a combination of arousal and so recently being exposed to the air, Acıbadem Escort those delicious nipples were standing out proudly demanding to be sucked.

I leant over Charlie, first kissing her mouth and then moving down to her chin, her throat, her collar bone, the tops of her beasts until in finally took her left nipple in my mouth. As I did this she let out a low moan of pleasure and grabbed the back of my head. One of the things that I love most about Charlie is the sensitivity of her breasts and nipples (she assures me that she can get extremely close to orgasm simply from having her nipples sucked). I continued lick and suck her chest for some time, but her breasts were not what I really wanted in my mouth. I gradually slipped my right hand across her lovely smooth stomach until I found what I was looking for; the button on her skin-tight jeans.

I popped the button open and pulled down the short zipped. I then began to slowly slide my hand down the front of her pants. I was expecting to find the edge of her panties and under that the top of her pubic hair. I was shocked to find neither. In fact the first thing my finger encountered was the top of her sopping wet pussy. My middle finger quickly found Charlie’s clitoris and gave it an experimental rub.

The reaction was both immediate and spectacular. Charlie’s eyes snapped open, she gasped loudly and arched her back off the bed. For a split second I thought I must have hurt her, but this perception was dispelled when she breathily exclaimed “More!” I continued make out with her while experimenting with my fingers to find out what she liked. The most successful manoeuvrer I found to be rubbing my index and middle fingers up and down either side of her clitoris. This caused her to moan into my mouth and thrust her hips up the meet my hand.

Despite this I wanted to explore further. I slid my fingers down between her pussy lips and gently inserted the tip of my middle finger into her extremely wet core, again eliciting a gasp. I continued to massage her clit with my thumb while slowly working my finder into her pussy. However, I soon found myself severely hampered by her tight jeans. I extracted my hand (which brought about a groan of dismay), stood up beside the bed, seized Charlie’s ankles and swung her around so her legs were over my shoulders and her backside was lifted off the mattress. I then grabbed the sides of her undone jeans and slid them off her beautify slender legs, confirming it the process what I had suspected, that she was not wearing underwear.

What confronted me was the cutest little pussy I had ever seen. She was waxed completely bare, fully exposing her smooth outer labia. Unlike many other girls I could not see any of her inner lips except for the tip of her clit which was visible at the top. I could not resist, I had to taste her. I knelt beside the bed, hooked her knees over my shoulders, grasped her buttocks with my hand to lift her off the bed and buried my face in her gorgeous snatch.

I started by running my tongue up her slit, starting with it as wide as possible at the bottom and bringing it to a point has I hit her clitoris. This action seemed to drive Charlie to a new plain of ecstasy. She started rubbing her face, gripping the covers and tweaking her nipples, all while maintaining a steady stream of “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” (I must say it was refreshing to have a girl who did not invoke God during sex). I repeated my sweep up her sex a couple of times and the settled in for the main event.

I looked by lips around her clit and sucked it up into my mouth. This literally drove her wild. She started trusting her hips into my face and panting. I continued sucking her clit, only stopping occasionally to push my tongue inside her pussy. After what could only have been three minutes she clamped her thighs around my ears, gapped my head and pushed my face harder into her sex and quite literally screamed “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I continued to gently suck her clit as she thrashed through her orgasm. Finally she grabbed my hair, pulled me up her mouth for a deep, passionate, breathless kiss before whispering in my ear “Fuck me! Now!”

That was an invitation I could never resist. I hastily stood up and ripped down my pants, slowed down the need to kick off my shoes before I could get them fully off. My member bounced free, as hard as an iron bar and dripping pre-cum like a leaky tap. I pulled open my bedside table, grabbed out a condom (I am frankly surprised I had one, Emma and I have not used them for years) and rolled it down my cock. I figured that Charlie would be wet enough without lube so a spun her feet back onto the bed and climbed on top of her. I pulled her legs apart and positioned myself against her entrance, just parting her outer lips, and then paused. I placed my hand either side of her shoulders and took in her beauty. She just looked so perfect with her hair ruffled and her cheeks and chest flushed from her climax. She looked up at me and in the quietest, İstanbul Escort most pleading voice simply said “Please.”

Eager to please, I slowly pushed my hips forward. I was right; Charlie was extremely wet, but still very tight. I leant forward and kissed her deeply as I rocked backwards and forwards, going slightly deeper with each stroke. It must have taken me two minutes, but finally I managed to get completely inside her, before I paused again. She gazed up at me at mouthed “Take me.”

I drew myself back and thrust forward, harder than before. Charlie threw her head back and grunted with the impact. I continued sliding in an out, with each penetration being met by a small exhalation. I had not been going for long, maybe a minute when she grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me into a kiss and then whispered in my ear “Cum for me. Cum in me. Please.”

That was all the prompting a needed. After the long drought since Emma had gone overseas and the time I had spent worshiping Charlie’s womanhood, I had been holding off from the moment I penetrated her. I pulled back and slammed into her once, twice and on the third time grunted as I climaxed, before falling on top of Charlie.

I stayed there for a couple of minutes catching my breath until I deflated enough that I began to slip out. I was starting to feel guilty about not lasting very long, having promised myself I would show her what experience could do, until I saw the blood on the sheets and the condom.

I looked back at Charlie quizzically and asked her “Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?”

She blinked at me in mild confusion and said very matter of factly, “I didn’t want you to treat me differently. Do you mind if I take a shower?”

I must say I was quite taken aback by that answer. I stammered out “Sure. I’ll get you a towel.”

As Charlie showered I went about busied myself changing the sheets and putting the old ones in a bucket to soak. Just as I finished Charlie wanted back into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. Based on her reaction to my question about her virginity I had expected her to put on her clothes and leave. I was therefore quite relieved when she pulled off the towel and hung it on a chair next to the bed and proceeded to slid under the clovers and curled up like a cat. In that moment as the towel dropped was the first time I had been able to take in her naked body completely. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her wet black hair, her perfect nipples standing out so proudly on her flawless little breasts, contrasting so wonderfully with her pale skin. I took in her smooth, flat stomach, her narrow hips, her skinny leg with thighs that do not meet even when her feet are together, making her delicious pussy seem so much more available. In that moment she was true perfection.

I went and had a quick shower myself and by the time I returned Charlie seemed to be asleep. I turned off the light and slid into bed next to her, gently slipped my arm over her. After a second Charlie rolled over to face me and gently kissed me on the lips. We lay there in the dark, nose to nose, for what seemed an eternity before she finally whispered “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was a virgin. I was scared you wouldn’t want me if you knew. From the moment I saw you in the bar I knew I wanted you to take my virginity.”

I thought for a second and replied “But if you had told me I could have made it so much better, so much more special.”

In response Charlie kissed me tenderly on the lips and said “It was perfect, you gave me exactly what I wanted,” before rolling over, pushing back into my chest, grabbing my hand and cupping her breast with it. I buried my nose in her hair and breathed in her sent and together we fell asleep, exhausted, but satisfied.


When I awoke the next morning, I must admit I thought it was Emma who was lying next to me until I opened my eyes and found black hair instead of the brunette I had been expecting. In that moment the whole previous night came flooding back. I lay there for a while, still with Charlie’s pert little breast cupped in my hand and meditated on what had happened. Finally I brushed her hair away and kissed my way up from her shoulder up her throat to her jaw line. As I did Charlie stirred from her sleep and turned her head to look at me as she opened her eyes. The smile she gave me set my heart aflutter.

I lent in a kissed her deeply before pulling back to look at her while I asked “How are you feeling?”

Charlie smiled again and replied “Wonderful. I’m a little sore downstairs, but otherwise absolutely perfect.” I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. Charlie responded by rolling over and laying her head on my chest while she gazed up at me. I slipped my hand into her hair and let the silky strands run through my fingers.

We lay there like that for some time before I realised that I was actually quite hungry. I looked over at the clock and discovered that it was already after 10.30am. I rolled the now snoozing Charlie back onto her pillow and went to make us some breakfast. When I returned some fifteen minutes later with boiled eggs and toast I found her sitting up in bed checking her email on her phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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