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Chapter Two Revised Edition

A Day at work at the Drive-In
from Memory From Years ago

(c) Copyrighted
No copying without my permission
Thank You

I started walking away from their car going back to work at the concession stand . thinking of what I just witnessed I started I was mumbling to myself I wished I had her alone for myself . I sure would have loved fucked her good and hard .

I arrived back at the concession stand and began getting ready for business that evening . A little while Later the rest of the workers came in . I helped them make burgers fries what ever we needed for this evening.

It was not too busy inside due to the rain that had been falling off and on all evening. The phone rang I picked it up it was the officer whom was going to be on duty for this evening. He told me that he would not be on duty this evening due to the rain .

The projectionist started the showing the first movie about nine pm.
It should be over by ten thirty. I could not get Gina out of my mind her body was sexy . she had those 36c breasts long brown hair down half way to her back .
Her hazel eyes and a tiny bottom. She was thin she could not weighed more than one hundred and ten pounds soaking wet.

Gina came into the concession stand looking for me .
Hello Is Jack avaible please yes miss he is wait here please. I will get him for you thank you sir.

Hello miss may I help you yes I really need to speak with you . Can you spare a few minutes in Private . Yes we can go outside and talk I could tell that shes been crying.

Miss what seems to be your trouble I am so upset . I have dropped my class ring in the ladies room drain. Can you please help me retrieve it I will try my best .

John I will be back I have to help a customer retrieve her ring from the drain trap. In the ladies room . Alright Jack don’t forget to take the temporary out of order sign with you. Alright I will Thanks. Oh and Jack yes John take what ever time you need were not busy this evening .

I followed her to the ladies room I needed to try try to retrieve her class ring.
Jack I lied I am so sorry I did not drop my ring in the drain .
No see it is right here on my hand . Alright then what may I help you with then.

I’m very horny I need some dick in my mouth and I may want it deep in my vagina also. I also have to mention something else to you .
I over heard what you said as you were walking away from Joe’s car.
I wished I had her alone for myself I sure would have loved fucked her good and hard myself .

Well jack I will say this Joe is way to drunk now to drive me home.
I may need a ride home my boyfriend is being a asshole. we just had a big fight what about . Well what he wants rape me again that’s horrible .

He said to me he just wants to blow his hot load of cum right into my juicy vagina without a condom on. I said I am not going to let it happen. He says he does not going to wear one next time he rapes me it’s going to be all natural intercourse .

This was my first time with a guy I was a virgin up until about two hours ago
that asshole raped me.

He was pounding me into the seat in his car. He had got on top of me held me down and fucked me . He just reached under my new dress and raped my panties off . I tired to stop the bastard but I could not stop him He was to strong for me. His dick was the very first dick I ever had in my life .

Dam it hurt so much I am still a little sore down there. I never knew my very first time would hurt me that much ouch . His dick was so short and so thin but it broke my hymen .

Now he is being a big jerk that’s what the fight was about Jack.
Well I say fuck him I am not getting knocked up just because an asshole like him rapes me for sex.

Jack Do you have a girlfriend I use to miss I never raped her . Have you ever have hot passionate sex with her. I was always gentle when we were making love that’s how it is suppose to done.

Jack alright then so your telling me now no girlfriend that is correct . why do you ask Because I want you jack to make love to me the proper way Please.
I will Never ever let that bastard near me ever again.

May I please see your dick what did you say . you heard correctly let me see your dick may I please . That’s what şişli escort I thought you said..

Look jack I already explained to you I’m very horny and Joe is way to drunk . besides I’m not go back to his car . I do not want to go through that experience ever again.

I need some relief I’m going to explode my vagina feels like it needs filling up .
I feel empty down there . Alright so Your telling me you want me to make love to you even after he raped you .

Yes please jack I like the way you say it it sounds so romantic making love .
When I had my very first orgasm I was only fifteen it was awesome.

Alright but only if you really want to do it yes I do Alright then. I will be very gentle. First I have to work to do on the inside. then Jack will you make love to me.
please tonight I have a condom it is right here in my pocket.
she pulled the famous gold foil packet out.

Please just let me just suck on your dick a little please she was begging me. Alright did you wash out your mouth first yes . I did earlier with some Listerine .
I was told it suppose to kill germs. I did that when I was home before I came here with mt date .

Jack I never gave a blowjob I only what I had seen on the porn channel .
Alright then you may give it a try go for it . she got on her knees and unbuttoned my pants dropped them around my ankles.

Placing her hand around my dick it she started stroking it slowly .
it felt so good then she took the tip into her mouth and started sucking on it.

Oh Jack it so tasty so yummy It’s getting so big too. her eyes widened as she continued stroking and sucking she saw my dick was growing bigger.

She paused for a moment jack I think some is outside wanting to come in.
I better stop now alright. Then she helped me to get redressed .

I glanced down at my watch it was ten thirty already. Soon credits will soon be rolling on the screen. the first movie was just about over.

I started saying to Gina I am so sorry miss about your class ring.
I can’t seem to get your ring out of the drain. Dam it’s my favorite of all my rings too she replied.

Do not worry I will try again after we close down inside.
thank you sir. It’s time for intermission now miss I better get back to work it’s thanks for trying to get my ring no problem.

We walked outside and there stood her boyfriend Joe outside the ladies room .
He most likely heard Gina’s voice and mine talking inside. His arms were folded crossed ways and boy did he look furious .

what the hell were you two doing in there Hugh saying in a angry drunken voice.
For your information Joe . Jack here was trying to get my class ring out of the drain . I think not you little slut your wearing it on your finger look for yourself .

Now lets get back to my car slut . it’s time for me to rape you again.
It’s time I fill up that tight little pussy of yours . I am going to fill you so full It’s going to be dripping out of your pussy like a leaky Faucet .

Then the Fight really started between Gina and Joe he lunged at her grabbing her arm and started pulling on it . He trying to make her go back to his car.
I jumped in next and I yelled hey let go of her now get your dam hands off her . Hey buddy that’s is no way to treat a young lady .

Hey you shut the fuck up shes not your girl she my little whore .
she was able to brake away free from him. Then she took a good hard swing and hit him square on the jaw .

He then he took a swing at her hitting her in the face . I stepped in right in between them . I had to try to stop him from doing any more damage to her.

Then came and stood by me where she knew It would be safe.
Gina started yelling at hi . Joe your a fucked up drunken mess .your also a big asshole that’s what you are.

She started crying there was tears falling down her face. .
I said to him listen up Joe I’m waring you now your going to have to stop this shit right now . If you don’t you will leave me no choice I will have to restrain you.

He said You think you have the balls buddy you go ahead.go on and try it .
Hey buddy relax I think you have had way too much to drink .

I asked her Gina whose car did you come in that assholes she said .
I am eighteen . I will be getting my license soon . That’s nice I told her .
apparently Joe had a little too much to drink and I can’t let him drive you home.

please honey go inside and tell john we have a code red .
He is a former cop and marine and real good friend of mine .

Before she walked into the building she screamed . Joe I never ever want to see you in my life again were through ! Oh and another thing too

your not my boyfriend any more either good bye you fucking jerk .
Then Joe yelled back at her a few choice words. your a no good bitch and a slut .

Well Jack’s here now and I’m Making Him my new boyfriend. He’s going to take good care of me. I’m going to give all the pussy he will ever need.

I really like him way better he is a real kind gentleman. And your a real jerk.
Oh my gosh was she ever angry .

Joe then took a swing at me this time he had caught my jaw with his fist.
I was going to take control of this situation. I would have to use some force to restrain him. I have delt with guys like this before in the past . I was taking No chances this time around I was pissed .

Normally we call them a cab send them home but this guy was unbelievable.
I had to use force on this guy to get him under control until the police arrived.

I did what I had to do I took out my handcuffs from their holder and cuffed him.
Then sat him down on the ground . The young lady found John the manger inside . She told him Sir Jack said for me to tell you code red outside .

John picked up the phone and called for a patrol car to come down to the theater . He asked the young lady to please wait here inside until the police arrived .

When the officer had arrived she then came back outside and stood at my side .
Hi Tom hi jack is there trouble here tonight. Yes only a little this guy here he is really drunk and disorderly . he’s been fighting with his girlfriend.

He hit this young lady and her and hit her real good right on the side of her face .
How old are you young lady I’m eighteen officer my name is Gina jones.
Have you been drinking no sir. I just I have had a cola officer . What about your date has your date been doing any drinking yes officer.

miss yes officer do you know this man jack yes officer he’s a friend of mine .
I have to ask you young lady what really happened .My boyfriend raped me for sex he also hit me. see this mark on my left side. she showed the officer her bruised cheek . It was red and sore to the touch.

The officer then placed Joe under arrest and re-cuffed then placed
joe into the patrol car .Gina said to Joe one last time before he went off to jail
Joe your a Butt head I never ever want you to come near me ever again

Jack here is your cuffs back Thank you Tom .
Thank You jack again for all that you did helping me out this evening.
This guy here he may have hurt her worse or someone else for that matter.
I’m just glad I was here to help Tom .

Miss would you like to press charges against this man . Yes officer I would .
he is now my now x-boyfriend . Alright then miss Jones please come down to the station tomorrow. There we can file the necessary paper work for you .

Thank you officer your welcome young lady good thing your friend Jack was here to protect and save you . The police office took him away to the police station . Joe’s car was picked up by the towing company and impounded that same evening .

I will be glad to take you home Gina. I have to finish up here inside first
then I will take you home.

Hey Jack what happened john asked well john it’s a long story . was it was one of those drunk and disorderly type problems.
yes john it was . It involved this young lady and her now x boyfriend.
When I was an officer in town we use to come here on those same things.

Then I retired from the force but that was twenty yeas ago. Jack I’m sure glad we have you as a security guard around here. .

I introduced Gina to john I’m Pleased to meet you sir me too Gina. About how long have you known Jack. About a year now not really long he’s really sweet and kind.

Becky yes john could you please stay and help jack close up the concession stand . I sure will john thank you becky I sure do appreciate it .
Your welcome john.

Becky was a big help to me all that was left to do was lock up and take Gina home. The girls went on talking about something I had no idea what it was.
I was to preoccupied on closing down the concession stand.

Gina asked Becky If I have sex with jack do you think he may stretch my tiny pussy out . his dick seems so big. Why you saw yea it I sucked on it a little bit it seemed to be getting very Big .

Have you ever had any experience with sex Gina.
Well I only had sex once and that was with that asshole Joe that raped me .
That was my very first time having sex . Dam and it hurt so much going in .

Hey Gina Yes jack I think you should call your parents about what had happened this evening. Jack I think you mean Parent . Gina said It’s just mom and I at home .

My dad left when I was twelve,
I am so sorry don’t be my dad was an asshole. He was always screwing different woman from his office . One day Mom caught him at the office fucking his secretary on his desk. I think she got knocked up and that’s the last we saw of my dad.

He took off with her so mom dad got divorced.
Hello mom hi honey how is you date going . Ah not too good mom Joe is an asshole just like dad . was joe mean to you or trying to have sex with you.

Yes mom he raped me that bastard. If I ever see him I will personally cut his balls off. Mom ! young lady if your going to be having sex now that your cherry’s gone.
we better start you on the pill asap.

Well what happened to Joe he got arrested he hit me mom. Dam that joe he was no good from the start I never liked him from the beginning.

Whom are you with now honey mom I am with Becky my girlfriend and jack he is a security officer here at the drive-in. Gina Is jack there now yes is he there yes mom . Please may I talk to him alright mom here’s jack .

Hello Mrs. Jones this is Jack Gina is alright now I work here as security and concession stand employee. If you feel the need to come down to pick her up you may. I am sorry jack I can’t I’m actually at work now.

My daughter called my cell I’m working the weekend shift this weekend.
I will not be home Monday morning. I am a nurse here at the local hospital do me a big favor please would you mind taking Gina home.

I would be happy to help you out thanks so much jack.
Oh and one more thing Jack yes. I almost forgot shes at that sexual age now.

She going to want to try to hump everything in sight .
Please keep an eye on her for me will you. Mrs Jones your asking me if I would date your daughter. Yes you have my permission alright Thank You.

What did my mom say Jack. Well your mom said that she will see you on Monday morning when she gets home . And I can be your boyfriend she says it is alright
to date you. Darn I forgot this is moms weekend at the hospital.

Becky I am going to need help please locking the doors . would you mind helping close up. Gina comes over to me Jack will you please make love to me now .

I am so horny we can use the couch over there. Gina you surprise me after all you been through this eve .

Becky said well heck l jack if she wants to make love to her you should do it .
May I suggest something better than that couch Jack yes Becky sure what is it .

It would be much better at her home in her bed where it better and more romantic yes that’s much better. were all locked the alarm done and were good to go time to get you home as I promised you Gina.

Mom’s and mine place about fifteen minutes away we drove down many streets finally arriving at our destination. well were here we are at our home wow this is really nice secluded area. mom and I like it jack it offers much privacy.
Here Let me undo the alarm and we can go in . Then I carried her upstairs to her bedroom.

She started getting naked I can’t believe my eyes now up close and personal.
Hmm very nice bottom and a shaved clean pussy and a set of 36d Yummy.
She wants me to make love to her. I can’t wait to please her.

She caught me licking my lips you like my tits jack yes Gina and what about the rest of my body I do very much .

Now that I see you up close and personal . Jack now please do what you want . make love to me what ever you wish. Then she layed on her bed and spread her legs wide.

To Be Continued,
(Depending on whom wants to hear the rest of the story.)

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