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Continued from Chapter 4. This story contains graphic sexual torture ending in death. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t bother reading on.

After washing each off other in the shower, Mel and Marcus dried each other off and took the opportunity to examine each other in detail for the first time. They were a study in contrasts. Mel was barely 5 ft 6″, pale white skin. She was lean, too muscular to be considered anorexic, but no fat whatsoever at all on her body. Her face looked younger than her 18 years would suggest, except for her eyes, which had a depth of experience much older. Her tits were barely A cups, weightless, with nipples that were adorned with heavy steel rings piercing them. Her smooth pubic mound protruded slightly below a flat stomach, her blonde hair was cropped short in a Marine jarhead cut.

Marcus was her opposite. Easily over 6 ft 4″, his skin was so dark it was almost blue-black, it had a slight natural oily sheen to it. He was heavily muscled, with broad shoulders and a massive barrel chest that had the same heavy steel rings adorning his nipples that Mel had on hers. He was uncircumcised, his cock about 6 inches long flaccid, with heavy smooth balls hanging between his legs. His head was shaved smooth, the age of his face indeterminate, although his eyes were ancient. Ritual scars and tattoos of ancient design covered his entire body.

Walking into the bedroom, Mel sat on the couch and spread her legs. Marcus walked over, picked up the cane that Mel had taken from the previous owners, now dead, and laid it across her lap. Then he sat on the floor, his head between her legs. Looking up at Mel, he said “You probably have some questions, don’t you? I’ll tell you what I know.”

Looking down at him, Mel stroked his bald head with one hand, while idly playing with her cunt with the other. “Tell me everything.”

“This motel, and the truck stop, don’t appear on any maps, either official or unofficial. They also don’t exist in any police jurisdiction. Nobody in the outside world knows they exist, but the people who need to find it, still manage to find their way here to this oasis from reality. Both the buyers and the sellers.”

“They haven’t always been here. The previous owners established this spot over sixty years ago, before that it was in central Mexico, before that somewhere in eastern Europe. The location is determined by the owner of the talisman. You’re the new owner, if a cane isn’t your style, it will morph into whatever shape you want. If you don’t want to stay here, you can leave, and this place, the motel, the truck stop, everything, will vanish without a trace. If you put down roots long enough in one area, another oasis will form around you. The important thing that you never forget is that the power is embodied by this talisman.”

“How old are you?” Mel asked.

“Ancient” he replied. “I’m not your body guard, and I wasn’t their body guard either. I’m the guardian of the talisman. Think of me as your ally for now, but my ultimate responsibility, one that I can’t escape, is to the talisman. I’m as ancient as it is, I forget how old that is. I tend to lose track after a few centuries. I remember some of the more notable owners of the talisman though.”

“At one time it was owned, briefly, by the Marquis de Sade, but he was too unstable to control it. He just regularly buggered himself with it before going insane. The Countess Bathory owned it a while, she used to masturbate with it while she bathed in the blood of young virgins, then she went insane too. It was used for about a century in ceremonial human sacrifices by the Aztecs. Needless to say it’s been owned by several popes throughout history, who used it on countless young boys. The first owner that I remember was the Emperor Caligula. I believe it was ancient even then though, the Hindu goddess Kali comes to mind. As you already know, it accepts the blood and flesh of it’s victims, and becomes stronger with time. It’s yours now.”

“Why did you decide to help me kill the previous owner?”

“Like many of the previous owners, he wasn’t able to handle the power without going insane. Even compared to some of the previous owners, he and his wife were both completely amoral, they had no souls. The talisman always needs to have an owner. As its guardian, I can’t fill that role. I rarely get to influence who owns it. In your case, I saw an opportunity that I haven’t seen in a couple of centuries. The opportunity kocaeli escort to have someone strong enough, with a moral compass own the talisman.”

That statement drew a snort of laughter from Mel. “You think I have a moral compass?” she said, incredulously. “You don’t know me very well.”

“I know you better than you think. I’ve been watching you since the day you arrived here. There’s more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there?”

Reluctantly, Mel nodded, and began telling Marcus her secrets. Her ability to read someone’s deepest, inner nature told her to trust Marcus like she had never trusted anyone before.

“As you’ve already seen, I can heal physical wounds very quickly. I’ve never tested my limits, but I’ve had broken bones that have healed overnight without any lasting damage. I also never get sick, even when I should have died many times over from being exposed to god knows what infectious bugs infest this hell hole. But you might not be aware that I can read people’s deepest secrets within seconds of first seeing them. I can understand things about them that they might not be aware of. I use that information. Except for you, I can hardly read you at all, except to know that I should trust you. Other than that, you’re an enigma to me. Maybe I understand why now, you’re not quite human, are you?”

“I still have enough of my humanity left to believe in you. You use the information you read from people, but you don’t prey on the weak. You prey on those who believe they’re the predators. Just because you take great pleasure indulging in violent obscenities against the predators of the world, doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you someone infinitely interesting to me.”

The entire time they had been talking, Mel had been idly playing with her cunt, rubbing the head of the cane across it, occasionally pushing it just past the lips, rubbing the rough surface against her clit. Knowing that the talisman was made up of the sacrificial flesh and blood of its victims throughout countless centuries of use, her cunt juices were flowing, making it slick in her hand. As Mel continued to slowly fuck herself with it, it became hot to the touch, and began to change shape.

As Marcus watched, the tough springy talisman became shorter, and much thicker. As it changed shape, it began to writhe, almost like snake caught in a death grip. Marcus had watched this happen every time a new owner took possession of the talisman. As Mel continued to fuck herself with it, her breathing became ragged, sweat covered her lithe body. The talisman was now protruding from her cunt like the obscene cock from a satyr, slick with her juices. Mel’s hand slid up and down the now slick cock protruding from her cunt, jacking it off as if it was real. Pushing it deeper, she arched her back and groaned a deep, almost guttural sound as she came.

Collapsing backward on the couch, she opened her eyes to look at Marcus, who was smiling at her. Reaching down, Mel pulled the slick object from her cunt and held it up to examine it. It had changed shape from the long, thin cane into a stout, double headed cock. The base that she had been fucking herself with was wide, almost the size of her clenched fist, coated with her juices. The rest of it was slightly more slender, bent sharply at the base so that it protruded upwards from her pubic area when the base was inside her, about nine inches long and deeply ridged along its length. Looking closely, she could see the ritualistic markings decorating its length, and could make out the patchwork quilt of flesh from countless victims that it was made of.

“So this is the form it’s going to take for me?” Mel asked with a slight chuckle.

“It can read your inner nature the same way you can read others” Marcus replied. “It’s adopted the form most appropriate for you.”

“Well, let’s put it to use then. There’s someone in the parking lot I’ve been wanting to take care of for a while.”

Dressing herself in her “come fuck me, I’m a cheap whore” outfit, Mel slipped the talisman into her handbag and walked out the motel room door. Strolling across the parking lot, she approached a truck that sat in the back row of the lot, away from the lights that tried vainly to keep the parking lot lit.

The semi that she approached was old, the livestock trailer hooked up to it looked even older. Shuffling around in the trailer Mel could make out several pigs. kocaeli escort bayan On the back of the cab was a faded painting of a crucified Jesus. Underneath the painting was the quote “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Mel had known the first time that she had seen this truck that she would take care of the driver when she had the chance.

Reaching up, Mel mounted the side of the truck, bringing her face up to the driver’s side window. The driver that looked out was a study in wretched excess. He was in his late 50’s, broken veins blooming across his nose beneath two black, deep set piggish eyes. His lower face was covered in a greasy, gray stubble, a dead cigar butt stuck out of a corner of his mouth. He looked suspiciously at Mel.

With her most alluring smile Mel looked him straight in the eyes and asked “Hi honey, you looking for a date tonight?” She knew what his answer would be, and how the rest of the encounter would go.

“I don’t know, you look kind of old for me” he grunted.

Leaning in through the window, Mel caressed his cheek with one hand as she whispered in his ear “come on honey, don’t do this to me. We don’t have any young ones for you this visit. I’ll let you do whatever you want with me for a special price, and I’ll make sure we have someone special lined up for you next visit.”

Mel could see the driver trying to process the possibilities of her offer, she knew that he would ultimately accept.

Grunting, the driver pulled back and opened the door a crack. Mel crawled in, making sure that she groped his crotch as she crawled over him into the sleeper section of the cab. Her suspicions were immediately confirmed. The sleeper was littered with empty junk food bags, candy wrappers, empty beer cans, small toys and cigar butts. Panties too small to be worn by anyone older than ten, stained and crusted with dried body fluids were stuffed under a greasy pillow.

“Come on back and let’s get the party started”. Mel could feel her cunt begin to leak juices as she anticipated what was to come next.

Grunting and heaving, the trucker awkwardly climbed across the seat into the sleeper. Leaning back, Mel spread her legs, her bare cunt was clearly exposed from under the miniskirt that barely covered her. Reaching behind her, she grabbed a pair of the panties. They were frilly, had been white at one time, but were now stained with dried blood, piss and cum. Reaching down, she began rubbing her cunt with them, pushing them between her lips.

She could immediately see this had the desired effect on her victim. His eyes lit up, smiling, he began awkwardly undoing the belt around his overhanging waist. Reaching forward, Mel helped him undo his pants. She reached in, grabbed his cock and roughly pulled it out of his pants. It was small, as she knew it would be. The head was already leaking pre-cum. Leaning forward, she took it in her mouth. The smell of stale sweat, musk, piss and something worse assaulted her nose, but she ignored it as she began to massage his cock with her mouth.

Even though she was expecting it, Mel was still surprised at how quickly he wrapped his belt around her throat. As he pulled it tight and tried pulling her head back, she bit down as hard as she could on his cock, she felt her jaws almost sever it at the base. Her mouth filled with his hot blood as he let out a guttural scream of pain. He immediately let go of his belt, and Mel pulled her head up. Blood covered her chin and dripped onto her shirt.

Wiping off her mouth with the back of her hand, she smiled, licked her lips and told him “now we’re really going to start having fun.”

The driver, with the crazed look of a mortally wounded animal, lunged at her in the cramped confines of the sleeper. His pants, pulled down around his knees, hampered his mobility and Mel easily moved out of his way. With a single, swift hit, her fist connected with his nose. She felt and heard it crack, blood spurting. In desperation, the driver began swinging wildly, his fist connected with Mel’s cheek and briefly stunned her, but he was already losing too much blood from his mangled cock, his strength was bleeding out across his crotch and he couldn’t stop her relentless beating.

As he wasted time foolishly tearing at her clothes, Mel repeatedly punched him in the face until it was a bloody mess. Pausing, Mel bent down and bit his yahya kaptan escort nipple with all her strength, jerking her head back and forth until she felt her teeth tear it off. Sitting up, she spat the bloody piece of flesh in his face.

The trucker screamed his rage desperately, as he did Mel’s elbow knocked out his front teeth. Unable to breathe through his crushed nose, he now had trouble breathing through the blood that filled his mouth. His breath came in ragged gasps, blood sputtering past his lips with each exhale.

Mel reached over into her handbag and pulled out a short knife that she kept with her, and the talisman. Reaching down, she pushed the base of the talisman past her cunt lips, lodging it deep inside her. As her muscles gripped the ancient cock, she felt the now familiar heat as it conformed to her body, expanding as it filled her cunt like a fist. Reaching forward, she held the edge of the knife against his cheek, just below his left eye. Staring into his eyes, she whispered in his ear “You’ll do what I want, or you won’t live another 30 seconds”. She was close enough to his face that his ragged breathing spattered blood on her lips. The look in his eyes told her how this encounter would end.

Reaching down, she grabbed the truckers bloody cock and roughly pulled on it, smearing his blood all over the talisman protruding obscenely from her cunt. After covering it with his blood, she forced the talisman deep into the truckers ass as her right hand pushed the tip of the blade into his cheek below his eye. The trucker desperately groaned as his ass was violated by the slick cock. Looking into his panicked eyes, Mel smiled as she felt the talisman begin to grow inside his ass.

She was surprised to realize that she could feel what the talisman was feeling, as if it had truly become an extension of her. As she began roughly fucking his ass, she felt it expand inside his ass until her cunt was locked tight against him, like a dog knotted in a bitch. Her cunt was covered in blood from his mangled cock. As the talisman expanded in both her own cunt and his ass, it drew them tighter to each other, Mel could feel the talisman expanding and snaking deeper into the truckers bowels. He was barely coherent at this point, blood soaked his crotch, face and chest, his eyes were glazed over in pain. Mel grabbed the panties that she had been masturbating with and roughly shoved them into his mouth.

Reaching down with the knife in her right hand, Mel grabbed his scrotum with her left and deftly sliced the skin open, exposing his pale testicles covered with a fine lacework of blood vessels. With one swift flick of the knife, she severed them, prompting a muffled shriek of pain from the trucker. He was weak enough at this point that Mel easily kept him pinned down as he tried struggling.

Holding both testicles up to examine them, Mel took them in her mouth. They were salty, slightly metallic tasting from the blood, with a soft springy texture. She reached down and pulled the blood soaked panties from the truckers mouth. He gasped roughly for breath. After gently rolling the testicles around in her mouth for several seconds, she leaned forward, planted her lips over his gaping mouth, carefully forced them inside his mouth and clamped his jaw shut with both hands. Leaning on him with all her weight, Mel smothered the trucker with one of the pillows littering the sleeper cab.

As she pushed down on his face with the pillow, the trucker’s struggles slowly weakened, until he lay still. Not trusting that he was dead, Mel kept her weight on his face for another couple of minutes until she was sure. The talisman buried in her cunt felt the life ebb from his body and began to shrink as she pulled back.

Sitting up, Mel took stock of her handiwork. The trucker’s body lay flaccid, lifeless, covered in cold sweat. His crotch was a bloody mess of torn flesh. Reaching down, she ran her fingers through the blood then lifted them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

Before she heard him, Mel smelled Marcus’s now familiar cinnamon, clove earthy musk as he leaned in through the side window of the truck cab. “Well, I see you took care of what needed to be done, and given the talisman a fitting christening at the same time. Don’t worry about cleaning up this mess, I’ll take care of it.”

Mel slowly climbed out of the cab, collecting her clothes as she went. Jumping down on the gravel, she quickly recomposed herself, and began walking across the parking lot to her motel room without a glance back. Halfway across the lot, she could hear a wild joyous squealing from the hogs in the back of the trailer as Marcus tossed the lifeless body of the trucker in with them. They would feed well tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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