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I program computers for a living, probably one of the least exciting jobs in the universe, but more pleasant than a lot of others. I have a small office in a building that specializes in letting out space to small businesses. The only reason I have the office is for meeting clients. Oh yeah, and the T1 Internet connection, that helps a lot too.

Across the hall from my office is another run by two young women who represent a cable TV company. Cable in the UK has not taken off quite the same way that it did in the US. I, for example, do not have a cable or satellite system, just standard terrestrial TV. My parents have, but that’s mostly a sports thing. I do not go in for watching sport, so I’ve never seen a need for cable.

The two girls have been trying to persuade me that one of their channels would be perfect for my needs. I have to admit that, with a couple of ladies like these trying to sell you something face-to-face, you think real hard about it. So far I have swept aside their charms and kept to my BBC-or-die attitude. They sell individual channels and packages available over our existing satellite and cable companies, so they’ve offered me channels devoted to natural history, history, financial planning, even shopping. No luck to date, though I came damn close last week.

Now, in return for them trying to sell me TV channels, and me not letting them, they let me fix problems they have with their computers. I have to admit that I have never been quite clear on what I get out of this, but they are very pretty girls. Christine popped her head around the door at around nine-thirty that morning with a ‘please help this poor, dumb blonde’ look on her face. I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for a client to get back to me with a test document, so I said, “Hi Chris, what’s the problem this time?”

She grinned. “My computer won’t boot. Are you busy?”

I glanced at the screen where the Literotica New Stories page was on display, clicked close, locked the terminal, and stood up. “I guess I can spare you the odd hour,” I replied and followed her across the hall to the Revolutionary TV (North) office. “No July about today?” I asked seeing that the other girl was not seated in her usual spot beside the window.

“She’ll be in later.” Christine seated herself on a chair generally reserved for the few clients they had that visited their office. Most of their work was done on the phone, but they had a demo suite set up in the client area with a large-screen TV where you could watch the channels they had to offer.

I walked around behind Christine’s desk and prodded the power button. There was a whir from the cooling fan and the power light went on. The screen clicked to announce that a signal had arrived at its VGA port and a green light flicked on. Then nothing. No memory diagnostics, no BIOS message. “Oh I hate it when they do this,” I said and turned the machine off at the plug.

“Is it going to take a long time?” Christine wined.

“Maybe. When they misbehave like this it could be any number of things. You might even need new hardware.”

“Oh,” she grunted and picked up the remote for the TV set.

Five minutes later I had checked ataköy escort bayan all the cables connecting the computer to its peripherals and found nothing. I had just returned with my toolkit and a spare video card I had lying around the office, and Christine’s machine was awaiting surgery. I set to work while Christine lounged nearby, flicking through channels on the big TV.

I glanced up at her as I opened the computer. She had a pleasantly bored expression on her face. Her thumb stabbed at the channel selector and David Attenborough’s voice was replaced by Simon Schama’s. Christine had chosen her wardrobe this morning, it seemed to me, from her clubbing selection. Maybe she was going out straight after work; she had done before. She was wearing a scarlet, lightly embroidered bodice that pushed her amble breasts up to display a very pleasing amount of cleavage. The bottom of the bodice came down to a point over her stomach. The matching skirt was short to the point that, sprawled on the seat as she was, it barely covered her panties. Her longs legs were thrust out in front of her; spread apart a foot or so at the ankles. Her ankles themselves were highlighted by the three-inch stiletto heeled sandals she was wearing with their narrow ankles straps. Her blonde hair had the carefully tousled look she liked; a bit like she had only just got out of bed, but neater. She was not the kind of girl that could have taken up modeling for a living, but she was very attractive nonetheless.

I dragged my attention back to the computer and unscrewed its casing. Christine stabbed the channel button. Simon Schama’s voice was replaced by a groan of pleasure followed by a voice saying “Yeah, fuck me, baby.”

My head ratcheted around toward the TV to see a ten year old cookery program with Delia Smith. I blinked a couple of times. The channel changed to one of the shopping channels. I was being offered a gold bracelet with not-quite-real diamonds at a knock-down price.

“Something wrong, Mike?”

I looked around to see that Christine had sat up and was looking at me, concerned. She was leaning forward so that I could see straight down the front of her bodice. I swallowed. “Um, no. Just thought I heard something.” I went back to hunting the hardware fault. Replacing the video card was often a good bet. My head went down and I concentrated.

“Ooo, aah! Yeah, do it to me!”

My head came up, banging into the edge of the table. I saw stars. Clutching my head, I formed myself into a small ball on the floor and groaned as loudly as the voice I had heard.

“Oh god, Mike! Are you okay?” Christine rushed over to me, standing over me and trying to look solicitous. I could hear David Attenborough on the TV, no sounds of rutting porn stars. I grunted and sat upright, still clutching my throbbing head. “Let me look,” she said, bending forward to favor me with another view of her breasts. She pulled my hands away from my head and tweaked at my hair. “Can’t see in this light,” she said. “Come over by the window.”

I stood up, returning a hand to holding my brains in, and she led me over to the seat ataşehir escort bayan she had been sitting in. I dropped into it and she pulled my head forward to look at the throbbing lump of my skull. The way she was holding my head directed my eyes straight at her chest. Another part of me began to throb a little. I was beginning to suspect she was doing this on purpose.

“It’s not bleeding,” she said, twisting my head a little. “You’ll probably have a big lump soon,” she added. Then she pulled my head forward so that my nose was maybe an inch from her cleavage. “Let me see the back,” she said. She pushed me away again. “No, that’s okay.” She grinned brightly at me, like a happy schoolgirl. “You should probably sit there for a while. Until the room stops spinning.” I nodded, and immediately regretted it.

“Ow,” I said and clutched my head in my heads.

“Oh, poor baby,” Christine said. “Let me rub it better.” She reached out to rub at my head, eliciting a shriek of pain. “Sorry!” and she backed off.

There was a short pause. “Mmm, yeah.” The female voice again. This time I did not look up. “Oh yeah, baby, you’re so big. Put that big cock inside me now.” I concentrated hard on the floor. One of Christine’s sandals shifted into my field of view; she had spread her legs. Her toe nails became the focus of my attention as they writhed in front of me. “Oh, oh yeah,” said the voice. “Fuck me with your big cock.”

Christine dropped to her knees in front of me. “You okay, Mike?” I looked up. On the screen a muscled porn icon was slowly driving a silicon-breasted porn queen to distraction. He had her on her back, legs spread wide, tits bouncing as he thrust into her. “It’s our newest partner channel,” Christine said. Her voice and dropped in pitch a little. “I rather like it. I’ve been watching it since I got in this morning.” I sat up, my eyes fixed on the scene on the TV. I was trying not to look at Christine too hard. “Maybe there’s something else I can rub,” she said, and my heart stopped beating in my chest.

I felt my fly being undone, then my belt was removed and my briefs pulled down. My cock, suddenly stiffer than it had been since I was a teenager, sprang to life. “Um, Chris…” I began.

“Shush,” she replied, and I felt her tongue lap at the tip of my cock. I let out a groan and sagged back against the chair, my eyes turning to what the couple on the screen was up to.

“Oh yeah,” said the porn starlet, “make me cum.” I could not have agreed more. Christine’s lips enfolded the head of my cock, her tongue lapping at the top, the sides, down the ridge. She sucked, drawing my shaft into her mouth; deeper and deeper. I twined my fingers in her hair and slowly guided her through a couple of strokes up and down my cock as she sucked and licked the length of it.

Then she stood up and I let out a sigh. She reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up around her waist. I was wrong, she was wearing no panties. Her snatch was a neatly trimmed blonde patch, barely visible against tanned skin. I swallowed hard and my cock throbbed in appreciation. She climbed onto avcılar escort bayan the chair, one knee on either side of my hips, and positioned herself over my cock.

“Please baby,” said the voice on the TV. “I need your cock in me now.” I’d obviously lost track of the plot, but Christine had not. She pushed down, sinking my shaft into her hot, wet hole. I saw stars again. She sighed in delight. “That’s it, baby, screw your horny little bitch good.” Christine giggled and began to ride up and down on my cock, screwing slowly. Her hips circled a little as she moved up and down, trying to find just the right angle for her screwing pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” she hissed suddenly, and began to pump up and down with more vigor. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I was not going to look this gift horse in the breasts. I began pushing into her myself, rising to meet her as she came down. She groaned, raised her arms above her head, reaching for the ceiling. That pulled her breasts upward and her nipples peaked out over the top of her bodice.

“I’m cuminggggg,” wailed the girl on the TV, and I knew it would be a short time before I joined her. Then I felt Christine’s vaginal muscles trembling around my shaft. I reached up and caught the nipples that had revealed themselves a second before. I squeezed them between thumb and forefinger, and her pussy clamped down around me like a vice.

“Oh god, yes!” she cried and she began pumping up and down on me like a dervish. I felt the familiar sensation of release building in me and a second later I was pumping cum juice deep inside her. The stars were back and I did not know what planet I was on.

A minute or two later, the world resolved itself again. I blinked. Christine had a grin on her face like the Cheshire cat. She climbed off me, pulled down her skirt, straightened her bodice, and changed the channel on the TV.

“Could you fix my computer now?” she chirped. “I’ll go tidy myself up.”

I shook my head as she walked out the office door. My cock needed wiping, so I used my handkerchief, and then I got to work on the PC. The cause was pretty obvious as soon as I looked. One of the cables had been carefully unplugged and tucked away where it could do no harm. I plugged it back into place, screwed the case back on, and powered up the box. It worked first time.

Christine returned to see her usual screen background on her monitor. “Well, that didn’t take long,” she said.

“No, I replied. Not after I spotted the cable that had worked loose.” She raised an eyebrow, daring me to say anything else. I packed up my tools and started for the door.

“I don’t suppose I could interest you in our new channel, could I?” she said as my hand touched the door handle.

I looked back. “No, I don’t think so. Besides, I can always come over here and watch it with you.”

Christine grinned. “Yeah, you could. Or with July, she likes that channel too.”

I swallowed hard, feeling my cock attempting to haul itself into life again. I opened the door and walked straight into July coming the other way. For some odd reason, her normally conservative cotton blouse under a business jacket had been replaced by something in sheer silk. Her jacket was open and I could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples through the fabric.

“Oh, hi, Mike,” she said. “Would you mind if I came over to see you later? I’ve got this problem that I think will need one of your tools to fix.”

“Er, yeah, sure,” I said, squeezing past her in the doorway. What the hell was I letting myself in for?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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