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For nearly ten years I worked as a traveling salesman. My territory included the entire state of New Mexico and a small portion of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in the immediate Four Corners vicinity. I usually confined my travel to New Mexico because the few communities in the Four Corners are small and widely separated. Actually, I had only three clients there so I went to see them only when they called me and asked me to visit.

When in Gallup, I usually stayed at the Holiday Inn or one of the two Day’s Inns. All are within less than a mile of one another on old Highway 66 on the west side of town.

There is an adult book store and video theater across the highway and a few hundred yards east of the Holiday Inn. One evening, I was in there looking for something to read in my hotel room that night. I hadn’t found anything interesting, but was standing there talking with the fellow who owns the store. We were just BSing as men will do when they have nothing better to occupy their time when a fairly attractive woman in her early thirties came in.

Although women do patronize such places, they are usually in the company of their husband or a boy friend. This woman was alone. She went over to the shelves where the porn videotapes were displayed and began pulling boxes down from the shelf to read the blurbs on the backs.

The manager excused himself and went over to the woman. “May I help you find something,” he asked.” “Oh, I guess. I’m just looking for something to stimulate me while I play with myself.”

The manager did a double take and said, “You mean that an woman as attractive as you are can’t get someone else to make her feel good?”

“I’m married. I’m not on the pill; I can’t take it, and my husband refuses to wear a rubber. He say’s he’s allergic to latex.”

“Are you sure he’s not giving you a line of crap,” the manager asked.

At that point I walked over and joined the conversation. “He may not be,” I said. “When I was in the medics and working in surgery, I knew several surgeons who had to wear cotton gloves inside their surgical gloves because they were allergic to latex.”

“Damn, I’ve kadıköy escort never heard that before,” was the manager’s reply.

“Yeah,” the woman said. “And the miserable lout won’t eat me or do anything else to make me come, and I’m so horny that I’ve just got to do something.”

She was no Heddy Lamar or Ingrid Bergmann, but she was not so bad looking that I’d make her put a sack over her head before taking her to bed, so I pointed to the display rack holding a variety of different colored and textured condoms, and said, “If you’re interested, why don’t you pick a couple of these and go to my hotel room with me for a little fun.”

She looked at me a little strangely, chewed her lower lip, and then walked over to the condom display. She picked three: a bright red one, one that had raised bumps all along its length, and one with little finger-like projections at the end. “Are these okay?”

“They’re fine, but I don’t think you’d find the one with the little fingers at the tip very exciting. There really aren’t any nerve endings inside your vagina that would be able to feel them.”

“Oh, and how do you know that?”

“Like I said a few minutes ago, I was a medic in the military. I studied a lot of anatomy and physiology as part of my job. Also, to satisfy my own curiosity, I learned everything I could about a woman’s genitals and her physiological response to various kinds of sexual stimulation.”

To make a long story short, Carmen, (she told me her name as we were going to our cars) got in her Toyota pickup and followed me back to my hotel. After we got to the room, I grabbed the ice bucket off the credenza and said, “I’m going to get some ice. Do you want a drink from the machine, or will you have some Scotch with me.”

“I’ve never tried Scotch. Is it good?”

“I like it, but you may not care for its smoky flavor. However, some people like to mix it with club soda. I don’t think there’s any of that in the vending machine, but it ought to mix okay with 7Up or Sprite.”

“Get one of those for me and I’ll try it.”

A few minutes later we were sitting on my kağıthane escort bed watching Friends and talking. We were also kissing some, and doing some light petting. When we finished our drinks I said, “Carmen, why don’t we take a shower so we can get used to being naked together.” “Um, that sounds nice.”

We stripped and went into the bathroom. Carmen looked on the sink top and found the plastic shower cap that was there and tucked her hair into it. While she did that, I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.

I like to shower with the women with whom I have sex, especially the first time we are intimate. A long, leisurely shower together allows her to get used to being naked with me, and to get used to the feel of our bodies touching. Because we are showering, we are not deliberately groping one another’s genitals, but are nevertheless touching in a natural, but sensuous way. Soap makes a wonderful lubricant. When our bodies are slick with it, we can let our torsos slip and slide across one another in the most sensuous, erotic manner you can imagine.

She can feel the hair on my chest lightly scrubbing her nipples. She can feel my erection on her belly, or sliding between her thighs. And she can feel my hands massaging and kneading her back and buttocks.

Carmen responded exactly as I hoped she would. She lost all of her shyness and became so aroused that she began having tiny orgasms just from our bodies sliding so smoothly across one another. Later, she told me that while we were in the shower, she felt like her whole body had become part of her pussy, and that my body was just a huge hard cock thrilling every nerve she had.

When we finished showering, we dried one another and went into the bed room. I turned back the bedding and we got in.

Carmen had no hesitation now. She was hot. She threw her arms around me and hugged me close. She then gave me an open mouthed kiss that left me with no doubt about her willingness to have any kind of sexual experience I wished to give her. Normally, I am a dedicated cunnilinguist. I also despise wearing a condom. However, kartal escort Carmen was a pick-up. I knew nothing about her sexual health; I forewent the pleasure of eating her pussy, and put on the rubber with the little bumps along its length that she had bought at the porn store. Being sexually intimate with a woman, nevertheless, at least for me, requires more than merely getting an erection, putting it in her, and humping until I come. A wham bam thank you mam fuck just doesn’t cut it for me. I love the feeling of coming in a woman’s vagina, but I love getting to that moment even more than the moment itself.

Since I wasn’t going to go down on Carmen, I fell back onto my repertoire of other foreplay techniques. I enjoy sucking a nipple almost as much as I enjoy eating pussy, so Carmen’s nipples got a lot of attention from my lips and tongue, and a few gentle nips from my teeth. At the same time, I made it a point to stimulate her other erogenous zones. I kissed her neck, nipped at her ear lobes, and kissed up and down her torso, and along her inner thighs. I stroked her vulva, cupping and squeezing the hair covered outer labia, running my fingers back and forth between the inner labia from her perineum to her clitoris. And, I dipped my fingers into her vagina to massage her G-spot.

While I did this, Carmen lazily jacked my cock; just enough to keep it primed and hard.

After three orgasms brought about by my foreplay, Carmen said, “Eukan, put it in me now. Fuck me.” I did. Ten minutes later I filled the condom with my semen. Carmen, in those ten minutes, climaxed twice more.

We took another shower to wash the smell of sex from our bodies and dressed. As Carmen was about to leave, she looked at her watch and gasped. “My God! I’ve been here two hours. Karl is going to be really angry when I get home. I don’t care. Eukan, you gave me the best fuck I’ve had in fifteen years. Thank you.”

I don’t often pick women up. Since aids and herpes have become almost endemic, it just isn’t worth the risk. I much prefer sleeping with a woman I’ve known long enough to know that she’s not going to give me an incurable STD. I wasn’t always that careful. Thankfully, I didn’t get syphilis, and the one time when I did get the clap, a couple of shots of penicillin cured it. But, damn! Before the penicillin did its work, I felt like I was pissing lava every time I had to take a leak. That’s all it took to make me damn careful from then on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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