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Double Penetration

Veronica Wilson was the head cheerleader, and her best friend Chantelle Spiros was also a cheerleader. Jamie Taylor was Chantelle’s boyfriend.


On Thursday at lunch time, Jamie and Chantelle entered the cafeteria together and sat at an empty table. Chantelle was on Jamie’s right.

Veronica, Jill, Marsha, Tonni, and other cheerleaders soon joined them. Veronica sat on Chantelle’s right and Tonni was on Jamie’s left. There were so many around the table it was impossible to see under it. Apparently that was the idea.

Jamie glanced at Tonni; her face was completely aglow. “You seem very happy.”

“Yeah… Will is taking me to the movies on Saturday evening; I can hardly wait.”

“You better be careful; you don’t want to do anything you may regret.”

“It’ll be OK; I’m in the safe part of my period.” Her smile was now even bigger with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Jamie felt a tug on his crotch, and looking down, he could see a girl’s hand undoing his fly. Tonni used her right hand to assist in the extraction of Jamie’s cock.

He asked Chantelle what was going on. Chantelle turned and asked Veronica.

Veronica replied, “Skye and Sam were sorry that they didn’t get to sample Jamie’s cock last night. So that’s why I suggested you get Jamie to sit with you rather than his usual mates. That way we could join you and they could each slip under the table for a taste.”

Skye was so prudish or shy that she never showered with the others after training or following a match. So she had left early as usual; too early for the party last night.

Jamie continued to eat his lunch slowly, trying to act naturally. Soon his cock, now quite stiff, was out and being kissed and sucked by the unknown assailant. Her hand ran back and forth along his dick while her tongue tickled its glans and foreskin.

Jamie placed a hand under the table, between Chantelle’s legs and massaged her clit.

For a moment the sucking stopped; but when it began again, it felt some how different. The girl’s hand gripped his cock firmly and pushed back toward his balls, making the skin taught; her fingers then massaged his dick head.

Jamie looked up from his lunch, he was sure the girl opposite was not the one that had been there a moment before. She smiled at him as she licked her lips.

“Aaaah… Who’s the girl opposite?” Jamie asked Chantelle, through clenched teeth because the blow job was really getting to him.

“That’s Skye McDougal.” Now his balls felt like they were going to explode. The stimulation of his cock continued unabated. He felt her mouth slide over his cock; suck it, and then retract while still sucking. Down again and then up; again and again.

He was unable to eat as he came into the mouth under the table; he squirted three loads of sperm. In his effort not to make any audible noise during this time, he bit his lip.

His dick was released once it was limp; however it was licked clean of every morsel of sperm before that. Jamie used his right hand, which had been tickling Chantelle’s clit, to push his cock into his pants and then he pulled his zipper up; all this time he casually finished his lunch with his left hand.

A minute later another face appeared opposite; she also smiled. She opened her mouth to show him and the other girls the small amount of his sperm she still had on her tongue. There was a muffled round of approving sniggers.

It was Sam Phelps! Apparently she had liked the taste of his sperm which she licked from Marsha’s cunt last evening.

“Khmm!” She coughed involuntarily, clearing some sperm that tried to go the wrong way. Finally she licked her lips; then closed them and sucked saliva into her mouth. She sloshed the saliva about her mouth and then swallowed it with the last trace of his cum.

“What was that?” Jamie again asked Chantelle quietly.

“The first girl, Skye missed the ‘Dancing Bear’ show that you put on for Veronica’s party in the girls’ locker room; and Sam just changed her mind about sucking your dick. So Veronica set this up for them to have a go. You didn’t mind, did you?” Chantelle whispered.

“Nah.” And so Jamie had yet another of his fantasies fulfilled.

He whispered to Chantelle. “I want to give Skye and Sam a taste of their own medicine. Is that OK?”

Chantelle whispered back, “Yeah, go on.”

He slid under the table in such a way that he ended up facing Sam’s legs. The girls shuffled around to fill the position where he had been sitting.

He could see all the way up Sam’s skirt to her panty.

Jamie put his hands on the inside of her knees and pushed her legs further apart. And then he kissed the inside of her right thigh just above her knee.

He tickled her thigh with his tongue; then he slowly worked his way up toward her groin.

When he reached her groin, he licked up and down the crease between her thigh and her groin. Jamie couldn’t almanbahis see her face, but she had her eyes closed and a contented smile. Her leg twitched as it tickled so.

With her left hand Sam pulled her bikini briefs aside, and so invited him to move to her pussy.

Jamie could hear the conversation of the girls above, but not clear enough to understand what was being said.

He took up Sam’s invitation and moved his lips to her slit. He forced his tongue between her outer lips and felt for her clitoral hood.

He stimulated her clit by wiggling his tongue back and forth across the hood, until her clit emerged from its cover, swollen and smooth.

Finally he pushed his tongue down between her inner lips to her vagina. Her inner lips were not large enough to protrude beyond her outer lips even when she was aroused and they were distended.

He rotated his tongue about and into her cunt. He tasted her love juices, and then he withdrew.

On Sam’s left was Skye. Jamie put his hands between her knees and tried to push them apart, but she resisted.

Having failed to separate her legs, Jamie placed his mouth on the outside of her left thigh, just below her skirt. He proceeded to kiss up her thigh, pushing her skirt up as he went. When he felt he was high enough that it would not be visible later, he started to give her a love bite. He sucked with his lips firm against her skin and moved his tongue around the skin that was between his lips.

His right hand was as far down the crotch of her panty as he could put it without undue force. He moved his index finger back and forth in an attempt to indirectly stimulate her clit.

Eventually Skye relaxed and allowed Jamie’s hand to reach fully between her thighs.

Jamie caressed the crotch of Skye’s panty. It felt some how different; sort of bumpy, not smooth as with a bald pussy, or soft given a hairy pussy under.

Skye quietly asked Chantelle “Is that Jamie under the table?”


“Do you know what he is trying to do?”

“Yeah, he did ask me before he ventured under.”

“Can I trust Jamie to keep my secrets? Not to tell?”

“Yes of course. That’s one of the things I love about him.”

Hearing this, Skye decided to give in to her arousal. She put her hands under her skirt and wrestled her panty down to below her knees, pushing Jamie’s hand out of the way in the process.

Jamie slipped her panties down her calves and she stepped out of them.

Skye slowly spread her legs a little; hesitated; then moved them apart a little more before freezing. She was still a little unsure about letting Jamie see her private parts.

When Jamie first saw her pussy it looked different than any he had seen before. Her outer lips did not bulge forward, but appeared to be pushed apart by a tangle of inner lips.

Jamie gently pushed her legs farther apart so that he had a better view into her slit. He was still confused by the amount of her inner lips; it appeared as if each lip was folded in toward the other and then down above and possibly into her cunt.

Jamie had read about the African Hottentots; ‘An elderly impotent man is assigned to manipulate the girl’s labia minora from a very early age, and so increase their length up to seven inches. Western girls sometimes have slightly enlarged inner lips if they pull on them during masturbation.’

Jamie placed his mouth over her left inner lip. He slowly expanded his chest and sucked on it. This caused it to slip into his mouth; not just the bit he could see, but all of it, including the part that had been tucked into her cunt. It filled his mouth.

When he stopped sucking and let her labia fall free, it hung like a curtain over three inches long. The sight was mind blowing.

Jamie took to the other labia with wild anticipation of what the two of them would look like once he had sucked it out as well. He resisted the temptation to rush things. Again he sucked just hard enough to draw her labia into his mouth.

When he believed he had all of her right inner lip in his mouth, he slowly let it slide out.

He was right; the sight of both of her labia hanging there was extraordinary. His cock strained to be free, to slide between those pendulous lips.

Jamie nuzzled between the two curtains, before extending his tongue in a search for her clitoris.

His search was interrupted by the bell that signified the end of the lunch break.

Jamie turned s l o w l y toward Chantelle; after all it’s not every day he would get such a close-up look up the skirts of so many sexy cheerleaders. Their legs were all shapely and not a sign of cellulite anywhere.

Jamie emerged between Tonni and Chantelle.

As they left the cafeteria, Skye approached Jamie. She whispered, “Please don’t tell anyone what you saw. P l e a s e.”

“OK. But I wished I had had more time to enjoy what I didn’t see.”

Skye almanbahis giriş smiled. “So do I.” She turned and kissed him on the cheek.

Chantelle looked at Jamie, “What was that for?”

“Because I promised not to kiss and tell.”

“That’s the Jamie I love.” And then Chantelle kissed him on the other cheek.


Taking the newest cheerleader Tonni Arthur on a date was something. She had smooth rounded hips, skinny waist, long legs, and a pretty face.

Anyway, William Mann was as nervous as hell when he pulled up in front of her house on Saturday evening. This was actually the first time he had dated a cheerleader, although he didn’t want his mates to know that.

He didn’t even have a chance to get out of the car before Tonni was running down the path. She had on a pair of white bell-bottom slacks and long sleeve white blouse. She opened the door and jumped in with a huge smile on her face.

He thought she looked beautiful, even virginal all in white.

“Hey Will! Ready to go?”

“Yeah… Sure!” he answered, trying to pull his eyes away from the fullness of her blouse.

He dropped the car into gear and drove off, heading across town to the mall and the theatre.

As he drove, she unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it off, revealing the tiny little white crop-top she had under. Next she unzipped her slacks and then wiggled her hips as she wrestled them down her legs, leaving a white mini-skirt, perhaps it was better described as a micro-mini that barely touched the seat.

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. This caused the bottom half of her breasts and their nipples to be exposed. She wasn’t wearing any bra.

“You like them?”

He nearly hit a parked car. “Wow! Yeah, really cool!” he said, as he parked the car. Then he lunged at her, kissed one breast and felt the other. ‘So firm and the skin is soft and smooth,’ he thought.

Suddenly he sat up. “Sorry Tonni, I kinda lost control. You’re just too sexy.”

“Glad you think so. Sorry about the quick change. My daddy would shoot me if he saw me going out like this. He says a good girl doesn’t wear clothes like these.”

“Ah ha.”

“But you like them, don’t you?” She slid across the bench seat to sit next to him.

She kissed him, and then added, “From now on I’ll behave myself while you’re driving.”

“Oh yeah. Great!” he answered with a grin.

Tonni played with the radio until she found some music she liked.

When the next song started, William smiled, “I like this song. It kinda reminds me of Chantelle.”

“Was she your girl friend before Jamie took her?”

“Nah. We’re just friends. Our families have been close since like when we were in little school.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t pry.”

“Ah, it’s OK.”

They sat toward the back of the sparsely attended movie. Star Wars had been out for months already, but it had been such a huge hit that some of the theatres were running it a second time.

They watched the movie for a while, his hand on her thigh and hers on his.

William was both shocked and excited when she slid his hand up between her legs and encouraged him to stroke her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panty.

Tonni’s pussy lips were full, round and hairless with none of her inner lips protruding; her dark brown pubs were trimmed short on her mound.

“Ya pussy feels different than tha last time; smoother.”

“Yeah. I waxed all around my pussy. Do you like it smooth?”

“Ah ha.”

“Would you like me to wax the mound as well?”

“Nah. It’s OK tha way it is.”

His finger easily slipped between her very wet slick lips, the excitement growing for both of them as he stroked up and down, dragging his finger across her clit.

He heard her moan softly as she shifted her weight, reaching into his lap and using one hand to undo his belt and the front of his jeans. William was surprised at how adept she was at getting his dick out where she could stroke it.

She quickly wrapped her hand around his already hard cock. She stroked him slowly, in time with the movement of his fingers up and down her slit.

“Damn, that feels good,” she whispered softly then added “The movie wasn’t this good last time I saw it.”

“Did ya have someone with ya then?”

“Yeah, a girl friend.”

“Not like this then, eh?”

“Nope. Like I said, this is my first time.” She giggled. “And I intend to enjoy it and what we’re going to do later.”

“What are we like gonna do later?”

“I think you can guess. Your car has a nice big back seat, right?” She whispered, giving his cock a squeeze.

They watched some more of the movie, teasing each other unmercifully.

“I can’t wait for later.” William declared, as he pushed his jeans below the knees. Tonni had observed that all of the other people were seated well in front of them.

She pulled his almanbahis yeni giriş briefs down and released his rampant cock. It felt hot as she took it in her hand.

Tonni bent down and began to suck William’s cock. Sometimes just the tip, other times she took as much as she could into her mouth. With her fingers massaging the glans, she licked her way down the underside of his cock, and then gently sucked his balls one after the other.

When she thought he was close to coming, she sat up and whispered “Will you do it for me now?”

“Do what exactly?” William queried.

“Lick my pussy. That’s why I removed the pubic hair around my pussy, so it would be nicer for both of us.”

William didn’t answer, but knelt down between her legs, placed his head under her skirt, and began to massage inside her slit with his tongue.

‘Jamie was right; it is much nicer when it’s bald.’ Tonni thought.

“Will, put a finger in and massage my G-spot, p l e a s e.” She whispered, “But don’t stop kissing my clit!”

“Yeah, that’s the spot, ooooooh,” she signed when William found her G-spot.

Soon Tonni was so aroused she wanted William to fuck her; so she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up until his groin was between her legs. She took hold of his rigid cock and guided it toward her dripping wet cunt.

“Oooh, Will. Make love to me, but be gentle. Make me come!”

Her vagina was so tight that William could only enter her a little more with each thrust forward, before pulling back again.

‘Wow, I think she must be a virgin, she’s so tight.’ William thought. Once fully inserted, he rocked back and forth.

She slid down in the seat and pushed her pussy toward him. She had her arms and legs tightly wrapped about his body.

“I’m gonna come,” William warned.

“Leave it in. I want to feel you cock jerk as you squirt inside …”

He came before Tonni finished her request. “Ooooh, shit… Oooooh.” William moaned quietly.

He kept his cock inside her; he rocked slowly so she could still feel it.

Her excitement grew. “I’ve never felt it… like …” She uttered as she drifted into a pre-orgasmic state, eyes closed, throat moaning.

“Oooh … oooh … ooooh!” Tonni cried louder and louder, as she experienced her first ever orgasm.

“Shush.” William whispered. However the family a few rows in front had already turned around, but all they could see was the back of William’s shirt and Tonni’s arms wrapped tightly around William’s back. The father had an envious smile, while the mother scowled as she thought, ‘Why can’t they do that somewhere else.’

Tonni didn’t realise that the waist-band of her mini-skirt had risen more than an inch during their sex.

As the credits rolled, Tonni released William and he pulled his pants back up and they went out arm in arm.

The family, including thirteen year old Billy and his eleven year old sister Leanne, were following them out into the brightly lit car park. Billy couldn’t take his eyes off Tonni’s pale arse cheeks that were clearly visible. He was especially excited by the sight of the creases between her cheeks and the top of her thighs. He could see enough to know she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He put his hand on his sister’s arse. She looked at him with a scowl and saw where he was staring.

She said quietly, so their parents wouldn’t hear, “I’ll let you look all you want when we get home, provided you promise to lick my clitoris.”

The family were parked a few spaces further away than William.

They walked past as Tonni was getting into the car. She sat on the seat and then lifted her legs to swing them into the car. As she did this, she saw Billy looking at her pussy, so she purposely raised her legs higher and spread them. She enjoyed his initial startled look that was quickly followed by a broad smile.

Billy saw her entire pubic area including a drop of sperm at the opening of her cunt. He whispered to Leanne, “Wow! Did you like, see that?”

“Yeah I saw her all of her pussy. I think she purposely swung her legs slowly so you could get a good look.”

“I can’t wait until we like, get home… Err, what about in the car on the way?”

“OK, but only a little feel. You will have to wait until we get home to have a look and to try oral sex. And I do want to find out what it’s like to be licked down there.” They walked slowly as they talked, and were now some distance behind their parents.

“If you want me to like, do that, then you’ll have to lick my dick, like, OK?”

“Yeah, OK.” She said, but she was not so sure about the idea. However she had heard that some of the sixth grade girls do it.

“And how do you like, know about oral sex?”

“What do you think? I’ve seen videos of it on the net. The girls always seem to enjoy it, and that’s why I want to try it.”

So as their Dad drove out of the car park into a barely lit street, Leanne wiggled out of her panties. She immediately took Billy’s hand and put it up under her skirt.

As he explored between her legs, she put her hand on the crotch of his pants and squeezed his rapidly hardening cock.

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