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***Dedicated to a very good friend and lover***

I want to start off by kissing you in the rain. Feeling the drops come down to drench us in their wetness as we no longer care about the outside world and only care about each other. Feeling your arms around me as you kiss me deeper and soulfully. A fine mist will begin to rise from our bodies as we frantically begin to search each other’s body under our clothing. You stop kissing me long enough to whisper against my lips “lets get inside.”

Together we stumble inside where we drop each piece of wet clothing onto the ground, not caring about the puddles they create. Instead of leading me into the bedroom you take me to the bathroom. You let go of me long enough to start the shower. While we wait for the water to heat up you press your wet naked body against mine. We forget about the water as the room begins to fill with steam. I start to pull you down onto the floor, but you shake your head no.

“I wanted to make love to you in the rain, but it was too cold. I want to see you cum as the water drips down your body,” you say as my knees go weak. Picking me up, you carry me into the shower with you. You gently place me down on the floor and begin to wash me with the soap. You take your time caressing my silivri escort breasts and smile as my nipples pucker and grow hard. With one finger you trace the outline of my nipples before you blow on them, making them even harder. With one hand you continue to wash my breasts while the other travels down my stomach to my clit.

As soft as you can, you begin to slowly rub my clit back and forth, watching my face as my pleasure grows. I start to moan your name as one of your fingers slips into me. Getting on your knees infront of me, you start to push one finger into my wetness and then two. Two soon becomes three as my orgasm begins to build. My hands go to the back of your head as I pull your lips closer. “Is this what you want?” you smile as your tongue snakes out to taste me.

“Yes!” I begin to say over and over again as your tongue goes deeper inside of me, tasting and exploring all of me. Your fingers continue to slip in and out of me as I rake my nails through your hair. The pleasure builds to the point that I can no longer support myself. I begin to moan and scream as I climax all over your face. You gently take the time to lick up every last bit of my cum as I try to hold myself up. Talking pity on me, you şirinevler escort pull me down to the shower floor. Your body slides upon mine as you kiss me.

“I love the way you taste,” you say.

“I love tasting myself off your lips,” I respond as I kiss you back, licking my own juices from your face. My hand slips down between us as I start to play with your cock.

You being to moan in my mouth as I gently cup your balls and run my finger under them to softly stroke that sensitive spot underneath.

“Baby,” you say and I hush you since I know what you want. I have you stand as I take the pillow I use for my bubble baths and place it under my knees. Teasing you, I bring my mouth close to the head of your hard cock and place my tongue on your head. I slowly lick up the pre-cum that has leaked out and then slide my mouth over you. Hearing your gasp, I smile and begin to bob my head up and down your cock, taking my two hands to play with your balls. Moving one of my hands up to your cock, I take your balls into my mouth, one at a time and then both of them. I look up to see that you have your eyes closed and hands braced on either side of the walls. I take you in my mouth again and slide down until şişli escort I can feel your pubic hair. I start to suck as lightly as I can and then build up the pressure until I feel your hands in my hair. You grab my head and begin to fuck my mouth with your hard cock. I moan with you as my own pleasure grows.

“Oh God,” you begin to moan as you release your cum down the back of my throat. I softly suckle your cock as you grow soft. Hearing your sighs, I run my tongue up your body until I find your mouth. Kissing you deep, your hands come around to grab my ass.

Your cock begins to harden once again as I rub myself against you. You lift me up so my legs are around your waist. I feel the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy and look deep into your eyes as you push in. Letting my head fall back, you begin to lick and kiss my neck as you start to fuck me. Our pace builds as my pussy grows tighter and tighter around your cock.

“Mike, honey, I am so close,” I whisper in your ear. This encourages you on even more as our bodies slam together against the shower wall. My orgasm come on and I scream out your name over and over again as you begin to cum in me. Slowly our breathing returns to normal as we kiss and laugh at the mess that we made. Some how during our play the shower head was knocked off and spraying water all over the floor. Stepping out of the shower you wrap me in a large towel and do the same for yourself. Smiling at me, you grab my ass to bring me closer.

You give me a quick kiss and say “Okay doll, now we can go to bed.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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