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This is the continuing story of a straight man who has discovered that he loves to suck cock. I don’t think you need to read the others first, but I think it flows better that way. Some have asked why make him married at all. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve made him single. Who knew where this story was going, though? I didn’t. I had hoped to flesh out his wife a bit more but it has not worked out that way. I do know that there is a large group of straight men who are not attracted to other men but who love the idea of sucking a cock. Our hero is in this group – he loves to suck cock and eat cum. In the last chapter, he sucked a group of men at a poker game. What will happen now? Read below…



I let Jake’s soft cock flop out of my mouth. I licked my lips and savored the lingering cum flavor.

It had been months since I had first sucked Jake’s cock. Since then I had sucked some of his friends individually, and once, collectively at a poker game. He called me at least once a week for a blowjob and I usually dropped everything to make it happen.

I was addicted to cock and cum. Jake’s cock was my favorite. It was about two inches thick and just over seven inches hard. Soft, Jake’s cock was an impressive five inches. I loved the way his soft cock felt in my mouth. I enjoyed sucking it when it was soft and flaccid. It was squishy feeling and the skin was smooth. The foreskin was smooth too but kind of rubbery – but in a good way. I liked that I could squeeze it with my lips and let it flop out of my mouth and rub it back and forth across my cheeks. When Jake’s cock was hard? – Man! The veins became more prominent. The spongy head, although still hiding beneath the foreskin, would stretch and become taught. I wanted to bite it and lightly chew on it and on that foreskin. I had to restrain myself.

Jake’s black friend, Steve, also began calling me occasionally. He even had me come over to service himself and two long-dicked friends – but that is a story for another day. Steve’s cock was a darker, longer version of Jake’s. Apart from color and an additional two inches, the cocks were twins. Steve loved to force his cock down my throat and fuck my mouth. Apparently, no one had ever been able to do this to him and he loved it. I loved it too and was strangely proud of my ability.

My wife was oblivious to my new hobby and it was better this way. While she was no prude, I couldn’t imagine telling her I loved to suck cocks and I loved to eat cum. I had multiple videos of my various blowjobs and facefuckings and I masturbated to them often. I even made my own cumpilation videos where I spliced together my facials and cumshots. Jesus! Thick blobs of cum. Watery grey forceful shots. All types and all flavors. They made me hot and made me crave more cum. If Marcie saw them? I don’t know…She and I had shared fantasies which included threesomes and big cocks, but I was pretty sure she would never act on them. Better she remained in the dark.

I thought about all of this as I gently released Jake’s scrotum from my hand. As always, when I sucked Jake, my cock was super hard and ready to cum on its own. I had been lightly stroking it as I sucked Jake. I stroked it a few more times and quickly shot a nice load into my hand. I brought to my mouth and licked it clean. I loved my own cum too.

Jake left me there on the floor in front of his couch and got a beer from his fridge. I got dressed.

Still nude, his cock flopping against his leg, he drank his beer and walked back towards me. Jake stopped, held up a hand and turned towards his hallway. “Hey man. Almost forgot. Lookit this…” and walked down his hallway and turned toward his room. I followed.

Jake was in his room and pointing towards his bathroom door as if presenting some prize.

I looked at it and then at Jake. “Umm, no thanks, man. I don’t need to go…” I said, wondering why he wanted to show me this. I had used this small bathroom before – mostly to clean my face of cum before going home.

“Dude…? What?” Jake looked at me, confused. “It’s a glory hole, you dipshit. A glory hole for you to suck cocks.”

Jake stepped to the bathroom door and pointed to the oval opening I hadn’t noticed. “You sit in the bathroom on a stool or your fuckin knees or – ” Jake shook his head with impatience, surprised I didn’t understand his brilliance immediately. “Sit however the fuck you want, man. You sit there and suck our cocks. Nobody sees you, dude. You can suck as many cocks as you want, cocksucker. Suck down all of our cum.” Jake looked at me, proud of his creativity and skill.

Slack jawed, I looked at Jake and then moved to touch his simple modification to the bathroom door. He had added a small oval hole and covered the edges with some kind of white padding. With the padding, the hole was about four inches wide and about six long. It would easily fit most cocks and balls.

I had heard of Glory holes but had never really seen one before. I was kind of amazed that Jake had put one in his master gaziantep escort bathroom door.

Part of me was scandalized. Why would he need to make a glory hole? Who did he want me to suck? How many men? Jesus, this was getting out of control.

The other part became aroused. He made me a fuckin glory hole. I could suck man after man. I could eat load after load of cum. Thick tasty cum.

Jake saw my look and smirked. “Jesus, man. You can’t hide it. You’re such a fucking cocksucker, you can’t even hide the fact that this idea turns you on. Can you?”

I realized he was right and shook my head.

“Fuckin knew it. Jesus. Born to suck cock. Natural fucking cumslut…” Jake moved the device away from the doorway and rolled it backwards against the hallway wall. “That’s why I built this. I knew you’d do it.”

“Do it? ‘Do it’ what?” I thought.

“…And look,” Jake continued, opening the door. He pointed at a device attached by suction cup to the mirror. “This is to hold your phone…I know you like to film yourself as you fuckin worship cum and swallow our cum and shit…” Jake put his cell in it and got on his knees in front of the doorway. In a mocking falsetto and looking sideways at the mirror, he cried, “Give me your fucking big cocks. Let me swallow of your cum! I’m just a born fucking cocksucker”

In his normal voice, Jake said, “You should be able to get some nice movies of yourself sucking down loads of cum.”

Jake looked at me, obviously expecting some sort of gratitude. The funny thing was, I realized I WAS grateful. This would allow me to really enjoy cock after cock and would protect my identity. This was exciting to me. My cock hardened. But part of me knew that this was taking me down a dangerous road. This was not just sucking one guy’s cock every now and then. This was becoming a…well, I would be – I’d be a cocksucking slut.

What was wrong with me? Did I really want that? No.

But I did. The idea excited me to no end. Jake was talking and I had missed most of it.

“…your ass if you want.”

“What?” I asked.

“I said you can even back your ass up to it and take a cock up your ass if you want.” Jake clarified.

I must’ve made a face.

“What? Jake said. “Don’t lookit me like that – You’re the queer one so fuckin in love with cock.”

“Jake. I’m not gay” I told him.

Jake raised his eyebrows and spoke with sarcasm. “Oh, really. Those cocks you suck? I guess they make you straight? And that cum you eat? Is that straight-flavored cum?”

“Fuck you! I’m happily married. I…I just love to suck cock! I don’t want to make out with you! I’m not in love with you. And I have no desire to have you fuck me. Or anyone else for that matter.”

“I don’t care about gays either, one way or the other. If some guys like guys, good for them. If they like to fuck each other? Great for them. Who cares? I don’t. Grow the fuck up!”

Jake laughed and put his hands up defensively. “Whoa there, dude. Whatever. I don’t care what you – “

“Plus -” I added. “You sucked MY cock. You swallowed MY cum. Are YOU fuckin ‘queer’?”

Jake stopped and scowled at me.

This time I put my hands up, taking the situation down a level or two.

“Listen Jake. We’ve got a good thing here. You like my blowjobs, and I love sucking cock. I love sucking your cock.”

I thought about Jake and what he likes. I dropped to my knees and reached for his cock. “Just leave it at that man. Gay – not gay? Who fucking cares.” I swallowed his soft foreskin-covered head and sucked it in my mouth as I looked up at him.

He closed his eyes and moaned. “Whatever dude. You’re straight. We’re all fuckin straight.” And he shook his head.

I blew Jake and swallowed his cum.

As I moved to leave, I asked, “So Jake. I…um…appreciate the glory hole…but…um…what exactly are you – I mean, what do you want me to do with it?”

“Next Friday, I’m having a party. Bunch of friends. Not just dudes. I invited about 75 people…”

“Seventy five people! Whoa…I’m not -”

“Relax, dude. All the people I invited aren’t men – and anyway, they won’t all come.” He raised and lowered his eyebrows at his double entendre.

“And they won’t all come…here…at once. You know. People straggle in when they want. Its’s a party man – not a business meeting. After the party starts, you get in here. I’ll keep my bedroom door closed. People will use the main bathroom.

“I’ll send people down here one by one. You suck as many as you want. I’ll tell them it’s some bitch – they won’t care. They’ll only see your lips. And maybe your hand. Paint your nails or something if you don’t want them to see you hands…Whatever.”

“Next Friday?” I asked. I could be free. I’d have to tell Marcie I was entertaining a client or something…

I licked my lips and smiled. “OK. I’ll do it.” Jesus. I just agreed to work a glory hole.

“I had no doubt, cocksuck – sorry – straight cocksucker.” Jake laughed.

On my drive home, I thought about what was going to happen. What was I getting into? I was planning on sucking many cocks. How many? At the poker game, I had sucked five guys, some twice. That left my jaw a little sore. I had sucked Steve and his friends…But there were three of them. Not…not…who knows? Twenty? Thirty? Was I really planning on sucking that many cocks? I mean, no one would know it was me. The thought kept me hard. I decided I’d have to prepare. That many cocks would hurt my jaw, for sure.

At home over the next week, I waited until Marcie fell asleep and I practiced holding my dildo in my mouth and throat. I would basically suck this fake cock for a couple of hours each night, preparing myself for this event. I told Marcie that I had to go to a work thing to schmooze a bit and not to wait up.

The day arrived and I drove to Jake’s house an hour before people were supposed to show up. I made myself a drink and organized my little private “cocksucking bathroom” as Jake called it. I put some ice in the sink and stocked it with some beer. I put some snacks and sandwiches on the counter. Would I have time to eat? I smiled at myself. Time to eat something other than cum? Who knew. I had never done this before.

I had asked Jake how he was going to decide who to send back and how often. Jake told me that he had no idea. “The fuck do you care anyway, you’ll suck them all, right?”

“Well, yeah. I s’pose…but…”

“Don’t get all fuckin nervous man. I’ll start by sending some that you might recognize – at this point, you already recognize a bunch of cocks, doncha? Then you’ll get comfortable. After that? We’ll see how it works out.”

“Hang out. Have a good time. Have some drinks. After the party gets goin, I’ll give you the sign and you move off to you cocksucking room. Alright?”

Jake finished fussing with his food preparation. “Start with me though, before the others show up. I don’t want no sloppy seconds…or twenty-thirds…” Jake laughed and plopped himself on his couch. “I figure we got about fifteen minutes before people show up. So take you time and suck up the load I been savin up for you. And don’t fuckin spill any. I have people comin.”

I got on my knees in front of Jake and pulled down his shorts and underwear to his ankles. His beautiful cock rolled sleepily against his thigh. God – such a beautiful cock. I would hold it and stare at it and squeeze it and lick it and suck it forever. Jake’s fucking perfect cock.

I did just that. I licked his cock and balls. I did everything I knew he liked. By this point, I had learned how to make him cum quickly or how to drag it out and hold off any impending ejaculation. I had become quite a pro I thought proudly. Finally, Jake came in my mouth. He had obviously saved up quite a load and it was all I could do to swallow the multitude of cum spurts and keep his cock head in my mouth. Some cum escaped my mouth and ran down my chin and dripped onto my shirt. So goddamed tasty. Jake’s cum was thick and stringy, as always. I swallowed it all and was sucking him clean when the door rang.

“Get that, dude, while I pull my shorts up!” Jake ordered.

“Jake, I cant – “

“Just get the fuckin door, will ya? What’s the big deal?”

I got up and jogged to the door. I opened it and saw a group of seven or so people. Steve was in front.

He entered as I opened the door. “Hey man, good to see you here…” He leaned close briefly. “You might wanna clean that shit off your face though before meetin people…”

“Shit!” I had cum on my chin. I turned away from the group hoping no one else had noticed. I wiped the cum off my face with the back of my arm. “Shit!” I moved down the hall and into the main bathroom where I cleaned myself up. This is not what I wanted to do. I was okay to suck cock but not be known as a cocksucker. “Shit”. Maybe no one else noticed.

I took my time and when I left the bathroom, there were already a decent number of people milling about. Music was blaring and some people were already starting to dance. There were couples and singles. There was a good mix of men and women. Nobody seemed to be staring at me. Plus, I didn’t see anyone I recognized. I felt a little better.

I made myself another drink. I noticed Jake talking to an attractive woman who seemed slightly familiar. He caught my eye and waved me over.

The woman was about my age and in pretty good shape. She was a little more rounded than the younger girls but that came with the years. She was wearing a mid-thigh black skirt and a white blouse that accented her large breasts. All and all, it was a pretty conservative outfit – probably good for her age and body type. As I walked over I tried to remember…how do I know her?

“Scott? You know Marylou? From work? She’s in Accounting?” Jake introduced us.

“Of course. Good to see you. You look fabulous.” I commented, noticing that she was already slightly tipsy. It hadn’t occurred to me that Jake would invite some people form our company…

We chatted for a while and Jake excused us and pulled me aside. “You two should talk later. You have a lot in common…”

“Really? Well, I’m happily Mar-”

“Yeah, I fuck her occasionally. She’s a bit of a cock slut like you – loves my cock…” He winked and smirked. “Time for you to get off to your cocksucking paradise there, buddy…I’ve got Steve lined up and then some others.” And Jake lightly shoved me toward the hallway.

I looked around as I made my way to the hallway. By now the house was filling and between the music and conversations, it was very loud. I looked around trying to guess which cocks I was preparing to suck. Who had a big one? Whose was small? Who had a big load for me? I noticed that the men were mostly thirty-somethings with a smattering of older folk. From their physique, I deduced that some of the guys were probably gym friends of Jake. Like me, most of the men were in average shape. I noticed one fat guy. I had a vision of his nude body and shuddered. What the fuck?

I noticed that the women, like the men, were of all types: a few heavy, a few carrying some extra padding but not fat. They were like Marcie…or Marylou from Accounting. I noticed that there was a good number of young sexy women, though. More than I knew, for sure.

As I turned to go down the hallway, I noticed someone coming in the front door. Shit! That was Fred, our VP Technical Sales. Fred and I often worked together. He was kind of a pompous dick. I forgot that he was Jake’s indirect boss. I had no desire to talk to him as I made my way to suck cock. Shit. I quickly ducked down the hall and into Jake’s room.

I closed his door behind me and moved immediately to his bathroom. After locking the door, I stood and stared at myself in the mirror. So this is what a cocksucking slut looked like. I stripped off my clothes and stacked them neatly in the corner. I took out my phone and plugged in the charger. I had just installed a large memory chip so I figure I’d be okay for about 6 hours of video. I figured I’d be here for what? Two hours? I should be good. I then took a full body nude shot of myself. My cock was semi-hard and I really wanted to jack off. I held back though. I’d been saving my load too. I wanted to suck down a large load of my own cum…

I placed my phone in the holder and angled it correctly against the mirror offering two views of my work. and pushed record. I sat on the stool that I had put there. How long till the first cock?

Not long it turned out. I heard the bedroom door open and two guys talking. One, I recognized as Steve. Yumm. I loved Steve’s cock. I had no idea who the other one was.

Steve knocked on the door. “Knock knock? Surprise, cocksucker. I’ve got a cock for you – see if you recognize it…” Steve slid his long dark soft cock through the slot. I heard the other guy talk.

“What, man? You know this chick? Who is she?”

“It aint no chick man. It’s the same fucking guy that’s sucked us off at my house. Fucker’s a vacuum hose man – loves cum. Sucks me alla time. Alla fuckin time. Deep throats my whole cock man. You remember. White guy. Fuckin nerd. Swallowed your cock and ate your fuckin nastyass cum without takin his mouth off it?”

“Fuck yeah I remember. You don’t need to go reminding me about him. I don’t have fuckin faggots suck my cock all the time like you, mutherfucker! Fuck. I was hopin it was some hot white chick. He was fuckin good though. I’ll give the mutherfucker that, man. Class fuckin A blowjob. Is he as good as all the other gay dudes you have sex with?”

“Fuck you -” Steve moaned as I started sucking.

As their conversation started, I realized that I was getting into a more precarious spot than I thought. People were recognizing me as a cocksucker. There were even people from my office here. I had to make a change. This was not good.

But there was Steve’s amazing cock. Dark chocolate brown. Soft and fleshy and thick. With it generous load of tasty cum. I ignored the banter between the two men and I stuck it in my mouth and shimmied my mouth up its soft length. I realized I couldn’t take my time tonight. I’d have to jack them and make them cum fast.

I kept my lips tight against Steve’s cock and slid my mouth off it. The fleshy tube flattened and lengthened as I pulled. I slid down again and pulled off. I loved feeling it harden in my mouth. As it grew filling my mouth I decided to deepthroat him for a bit before focusing on making him cum. I slid that glorious nine inches in my mouth until my face mashed against the padding on the glory hole. I had a cock in my throat at a glory hole! Fuck! Amazing! My cock throbbed.

Steve groaned.

I deep throated him a few more times and let him slide out. I looked at my phone and licked his cock and wiped it over my face. So fucking hot. Now I got down to business. I was going to make him cum in my mouth.

I put two hands around his cock and stroked them together. Gripping tightly, twisting my wrists, and coordinating the action, I put his cock head in my mouth and alternated between sucking it and running my tongue under the foreskin and around the head. Steve moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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