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Her thick thighs were surprisingly shapely with delicate ankles. Her wide hips framed a well groomed but still hairy pussy. Her waist was nicely tapered despite her chubby belly and her huge 40dd tits were amazingly firm given their size and the fact that she was almost 40.

Kristen was a big girl and she towered over my petite 5’2″ tall wife. Her long blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders and she wore a tightly laced black leather corset that accentuated her generous curves. She had a beautiful face with bright green eyes and a playful mischievous smile. Everything about her was incredibly sexy and that is what had drawn me to her.

When my wife Carole found out about the affair she was irate. She slapped my face and bounded from our house. Kristen and her husband Tony, a cop, lived two houses away and I followed my wife hoping to defuse the situation.

Carole pounded on Kristen’s front door. I had never seen her so angry.

“Get the fuck out here you god damn whore,” Carole screamed at the top of her lungs.

Kristen opened the door calmly. “Can I help you,” she asked in a smug condescending tone.

Carole lunged forward and caught Kristen with a hard slap to the face. Kristen backed up into the foyer and Carole followed. I quickly entered behind Carole and closed the door to save us from prying eyes.

“Fucking whore,” Carole screamed as she lunged at the much bigger woman but Kristen was surprisingly quick. She toyed with Carole like a cat toying with a mouse. Carole’s shirt ripped and Kristen tore it off leaving my wife in just shorts and a bra.

Carole was unfazed. She swung wildly at the bigger woman and Kristen moved to the side and grabbed her from behind. She locked her arm around my wife’s neck and playfully unsnapped her bra.

“This is fun,” Kristen teased as Carole struggled to get free.

I had seen enough and I moved in to break up the fight. A hard blow to my head knocked me off my feet.

Tony pounced on top of me. I am a big guy at 6’3″ and 225lbs but Tony was strong and an experienced fighter. He quickly got me face down on the ground and before I knew what was happening my arms were cuffed behind my back.

Kristen had Carole face down on the ground. She pulled Carole’s shorts and panties down and started to slap her ass hard.

Carole had always hated pain and she was not enjoying Kristen’s relentless attack on her tender ass.

Kristen continued to spank my wife hard and Carole started to cry.

“Okay,” Carole wept, “I give up. Please stop.”

Kristen smiled. She could feel Carole’s submission and it pleased her. She loved being in control. She slapped Carole with a ferocious blow.

“Please stop,” Carole pleaded, “I am sorry. I will do whatever you want.”

“Anything?” Kristen asked. She considered the possibilities and an evil grin spread across her pretty face.

“Yes, anything, just don’t hit me anymore.” My wife sobbed.

Kristen stood up and helped Carole to her feet.

“Undress me,” she ordered my wife. Carole hesitated but with her beating fresh in her mind she did as she was told.

I watched helplessly as my very straight wife undressed my full figured mistress in front of me. Tony stood over me as I watched. He was still in uniform and I was still handcuffed on the floor.

Carole casino siteleri finished undressing Kristen and stood obediently beside her awaiting the next command. Kristen grabbed Carole’s long chestnut brown hair and led her upstairs. Tony pulled me to my feet and we followed them into the bedroom.

Kristen handed Carole a black leather corset and waited while my petite wife fitted it in place and tightly laced it behind her big curvaceous body.

Carole’s fingers trembled as she stood naked beside my big sexy mistress.

“Very good,” Kristen said as she tenderly stroked my wife’s cheek and Carole smiled meekly.

The tall blonde wrapped her left arm around my wife’s waist and drew her close.

Carole tensed at the intimate contact. She had always maintained that she was straight and while she could appreciate the beauty of the female form she was adamant that girl/girl sex did nothing for her.

Kristen’s right arm slid up my wife’s bare back and she grabbed a handful of Carole’s hair as her right leg pressed between Carole’s thighs.

“You’re wet,” Kristen said quietly as she drew my wife’s mouth to hers in a soft tender kiss.

Carole’s lips were pursed tight as Kristen kissed her but the big blonde was insistent. She pulled Carole’s hair and forced her tongue inside my reluctant wife’s mouth.

Kristen kissed Carole and ground her thigh against my wife’s exposed pussy until Carole’s resolve weakened.

Carole’s body relaxed as she gave into the pleasure her body was feeling. She returned Kristen’s kisses, tentatively at first but as her passion increased her tongue entwined with Kristen’s in a deep passionate kiss.

“Lay down,” Kristen panted as she guided my wife to the king sized bed.

Carole willingly lay back on the bed as Kristen straddled her head and lowered her succulent pussy to my wife’s mouth.

“Mmm,” Kristen moaned as Carole’s tongue strummed her wet cunt. “Right there baby.”

Kristen ground her wet pussy against Carole’s face.

Tony undressed as his wife knelt straddling my wife’s face. It was not the first time I had seen him naked. His body was compact and muscular with little body hair. He had watched Kristen and me together many times over the previous months as he stroked his dick. He enjoyed watching Kristen perform. He was happily submissive and a willing cuckold. His 5″ dick jutted out from his taught body as he watched his wife dominate mine.

Kristen leaned forward as Carole continued to lick her pussy. She ran her fingers over my wife’s smooth shaved gash and chuckled.

“For a breeder licking snatch for the first time,” Kristen mused, “your pussy is really wet.” She dipped her fingers into Carole’s honey pot and my wife moaned into the big blonde’s grotto.

“Oh you like that do you?” Kristen teased.

“Yes,” Carole hissed into Kristen’s wet cunt.

“Tony,” Kristen said sternly, “get over here and fuck this slut while she gets me off.”

Carole hadn’t been with another man in over 20 years but that didn’t stop her from spreading her legs wide and welcoming our neighbor into her sloppy wet cunt.

Tony climbed between my wife’s spread legs and sank his short but thick cock into her as she licked Kristen to her first climax of the day. He fucked my wife until he was about to cum.

“Not canlı casino yet,” Kristen said as she pushed him off my wife. She climbed off Carole’s face and strapped a huge rubber cock around her wide waist. She lay on top of my petite wife and plunged 10 inches of latex inside her quivering quim.

“Oh gawd,” Carole moaned as Kristen filled her up. Carole’s legs wrapped around the big blondes waist and she held the big strap on deep inside her as her eyes rolled back in her head. She reached up and pulled Kristen’s face down until their lips met.

“Fuck me hard,” Carole said loudly as she plunged her tongue inside Kristen’s mouth. Her words were strong, confident and filled with need. She was no longer a meek submissive woman succumbing to Kristen’s desires. She was a wanton slut who wanted and needed to cum.

They mashed their mouths together in a torrid kiss as Kristen pounded her big strap on into my wife. Carole’s breathing was ragged as she approached her first ever female induced orgasm.

“Oh gawd yes,” she hissed as waves of pleasure rolled through her body. She cried out a string of unintelligible words before her body went limp.

Kristen continued to fuck my exhausted and thoroughly satisfied wife.

Tony unfastened my handcuffs and told me to strip. I pealed my clothes off and joined the rest of then in hedonistic nakedness.

“Get over here and clean your wife’s cum off my big girl cock,” Kristen ordered. I moved over to the bed where my wife lay in a post coital coma and Kristen knelt with a strap on dripping with my wife’s juices fastened around her waist.

“Suck it pig,” Kristen ordered. We had played that game before. She was a terrific domme and I thoroughly enjoyed being her submissive pig.

I knelt beside the bed and took her ten inch strap on into my mouth. I could smell and taste my wife’s juices and my cock twitched with excitement.

“Look at your hubby suck my cock,” Kristen said to my wife. “I bet he’d dive on Tony’s dick with just as much gusto too.”

“Wouldn’t you piggy?” She asked me.

“Mmm,” I moaned as her girl cock slid in and out of my mouth. We had toyed with the bisexuality at a fantasy level and I suspected that she really liked the idea. I had always been resistant to guy/guy bisex but I was secretly intrigued by the idea.

“Enough,” Kristen said dismissively. She guided me onto the bed and into 69 position with Carole. My wife took my hard dick into her mouth as Kristen moved behind me with her big black girl cock. She poured lube onto my ass and slathered it generously over her cock.

I moaned as the slick smooth head slid enticingly over my tight puckered asshole.

“You want it don’t you piggy,” Kristen teased as she pushed her hips forward.

“Ohhh,” I groaned as she penetrated my ass. It was far from the first time she had fucked my ass and I liked it. “Yes,” I hissed. I pushed back against her and several inches of hard latex filled my ass.

“See what your hubby likes?” Kristen chided as she grabbed my hips and rhythmically thrust her cock into me.

My cock twitched in my wife’s mouth, removing any chance of denying my enjoyment.

Tony moved in front of my and offered me his hard drooling cock. I didn’t hesitate. I opened my mouth wide and his thick turgid rod slid inside kaçak casino it. The ridges and veins of his throbbing cock caressed my lips as he slowly fucked my mouth.

Carole continued to suck my cock as Kristen fucked my ass with long slow strokes. I felt my climax approach like a speeding freight train. It was unlike anything I had ever felt, driven by stimulation to my aching cock as Kristen’s rhythmic stroking of my prostate. I tried to cry out as my cock exploded but Tony’s cock filled my mouth and throat.

My cock spasmed and pumped copious amounts of thick hot cum into my wife’s mouth. It filled her mouth and spilled down her cheeks onto the bed.

Kristen pulled her big girl cock from my gaping ass and Carole climbed out from underneath me. I repositioned myself on my knees in front of Tony’s tight muscular body and ran my hands up his muscular chest as his thick rod disappeared down my throat.

My hands slid down his back and grabbed his firm ass cheeks and I pulled him hard against me burying my face in his pelvis. Tears streamed down my face as I fought my gag reflex. I backed off his cock until just the soft spongy head was in my mouth. I wrapped my fist around the saliva slickened shaft and stroked it as I sucked hard on the head.

Tony held my head as his climax approached. His breathing quickened and I knew he was close. I had never tasted cum but I found myself craving his hot seed.

Tony groaned as cum spit into my mouth. I swallowed it at first then held some in my mouth savoring its essence. I swished it around and let it slowly slide down my throat like an oyster.

My cock was still hard despite my recent powerful climax and Kristen wanted it.

“Sit back and enjoy the show,” she told my wife as she kissed her softly. They had clearly connected and in a very short time they had gone from brawling to a Dom/sub sexual relationship and finally to an intimate peer/peer relationship.

I lay back and Kristen mounted my hard rod. She bounced leisurely on my cock letting her excitement build.

Carole watched with obvious interest as Kristen and I fucked. She moved over my face and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my mouth.

Kristen leaned forward and they kissed deeply. Their tongues danced together in a hot wet lambata as the used my body for their mutual enjoyment.

Tony stroked his cock in the corner while he watched Kristen fuck and kiss us.

Kristen bounced hard on my dick as her climax approached. I could feel my own orgasm coming.

“Cum inside me baby,” she pleaded as waves of pleasure rolled through her big sexy body.

“Ohhhh,” I groaned loudly.

My cock spasmed inside her pussy as Carole came on my mouth. We all rode the waves of our climaxes as Tony cranked his hard tool.

Kristen flopped onto the big bed and pulled my wife down beside her. They kissed and cuddled together and watched as Tony neared his own climax.

“Bring it home baby,” Kristen said playfully to her husband as he made his was to the bed.

“Who wants it?” Tony asked.

The girls both looked at me. “Finish him off baby,” Carole said excitedly.

Her excitement was like an aphrodisiac. I grabbed his hard dick and sucked it into my mouth. He was close and in seconds he filled my mouth with his warm seed. I swallowed it all down and sucked his softening dick until he pushed me away.

“That was so hot baby,” Carole said softly as she pulled me to her. “Next time I want to watch Tony fuck your sexy ass while Kristen fucks me with her strap on.”

“Next time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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