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Part 1

Prologue –

My name is John and I am Cathy’s uncle. Jessica is my sister and I am a couple of years older than Jessica. Since Cathy could talk, she and I developed a special bond where she trusted me with her growing up problems. She is now 19 and nothing has changed. I am 40, 5’10, 180, brown hair, and a 7″ cock.


This is a true story, as told to me by Cathy. The characters are real. Only their names have been changed.

The story takes place in Northern Westchester in New York and began when Cathy was 18.

The Characters

Cathy is now 19. She is a beautiful woman with long red hair and green eyes. Cathy is 5’7″, 115, long red curly hair, 38c tits, a nice rounded ass and a nicely trimmed red bush.

Tommy, the brother, is 21 and a college grad, who works from home on the computer. He is a computer geek and is very handsome. He is 6′, 165, jet black hair and an 8″ cock.

Jessica, the mother, is 38 years old and is a knockout. Jessica’s brother is John, who is a couple of years older than she is. She 5’6″, 110, 38d tits with big nipples, auburn hair and has a smooth pussy. She had Tommy when she was 17 and in high school. She married her husband, Michael, right after graduation.

Michael, the father is a stock analyst and sometimes works from home. He was a super athlete in high school. He is 6’1″, 190, reddish hair and has a 9″ thick cock.

The Story

The phone rang and I answered it and Cathy was on the other end. She asked if I would like to go up to my cabin to do some fishing, which we always did when she was a child. I told her I would love to since I hadn’t seen her for awhile while she was away at school. We decided to go on the upcoming weekend.

Saturday morning came and we headed upstate to the cabin.

On the way up, we chatted about school and had some laughs.

After a couple of hours, we reached the cabin, got it straightened out and cleaned up.

We had dinner and after we cleaned up, we sat down on the couch.

I looked at Cathy and said, “Alright Cathy, why are we here?”

She looked at me and gave me a slight smile and said, “Uncle, you really do know me, don’t you?” She then moved over to me.

Uncle, I just want you to know that I am not a virgin and that I have even been with another girl and that was enjoyable as well, so I am not a prude. I wanted you to know that.

“Uncle,” She said, “I have a big problem. I came home early from school very late a few nights ago and was very quiet when I went in. On my way up to my room, I heard noises from my parents bedroom. I peeked in and almost died. There was my mother, naked, on all fours getting her ass fucked by my dad. To make matters worse, my brother Tommy was on his back underneath my mother with his cock in her cunt, fucking her.”

I could only manage an “ouch” when she finished.

She continued, by saying she heard Tommy asking my mom when she was going to get me to join them. She said that her mom told him she will work on it while I was home.

“Uncle, what do I do?”

I looked at her and told her to play along with them to see how far it goes with them and now that she knows, she can somewhat control the events.

She looked at me and sighed an O.K.

The weekend was great with my niece and we had a terrific time.

When we got home on Sunday, I wished her all the luck in the world and reminded her that if she needed anything, to call me.

When Cathy got home, she went to her room, undressed and showered. She was tired from the weekend and was looking forward to getting some sleep.

After the shower, she got naked and headed off to sleep.

Monday morning rolled around and Cathy washed up and put on some old shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs.

Her mom was in shorts and a tank top and it was obvious she didn’t have a bra on, as her nipples were making an appearance.

Jessica was making breakfast as Cathy gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Tommy was already working in his room.

Cathy asked her mom how come she didn’t wear a bra, as she always had. Her mom said that her father asked her not to wear one anymore as he prefers to see them natural, and since they didn’t sag, she would oblige him.

When Cathy and her mom were having breakfast, her mom said there was something she had to tell her.

“Cathy, do you remember the Olsens, our former neighbors?” her mother asked.

Cathy said she did.

Her mother continued, “Well, a couple of months ago your father and I went on a mini vacation with them to a resort upstate. They made all the arrangements. When we got there we found out it was a clothing optional resort. Now, for the first couple of days your father and I kept our clothes on. But, soon I found myself going topless and eventually your father and I got naked. Since that time, we prefer to be naked when we are home. I hope you are okay with that.”

A stunned Cathy just nodded a yes. She then said to her mother, “Mom, I hope you don’t think I am going to parade Sefaköy Escort around here naked, do you?”

Her mom told her she didn’t have to, as that would be her choice. She then said that Tommy is ok with it.

Then Cathy said, “Good for him. He is an exhibitionist anyway.”

They both laughed and continued chatting about different things and Cathy’s plans for her vacation.

Cathy told her mother that she just wanted to rest, enjoy the pool and hang out.

Her mother said that would be fine.

The next day, after breakfast, Cathy put on her bikini and headed to the pool. After an hour or so, her mother came out to join her, and she was naked.

Cathy looked at her mom and said to her, “Mom, you look incredible. No wonder you like going naked. You have a killer body. When did you decide to go smooth? It looks good on you.”

Her mother smiled and said she decided to go smooth while at the resort.

Her mother then asked if she were smooth. Cathy looked at her and smiled and didn’t say anything.

The two spent most of the day together, catching up on news and the family.

Then, out of Cathy’s eye, she saw Tommy looking out the window

“Mom, Tommy is watching us.”

Her mother just said to Cathy that it was fine and that Tommy often was naked at the pool too.

Then her mom started laughing and said that in the beginning, Tommy would get a hard on at the pool and get embarrassed. When that happened, I would go over to him and jerk him off to relax him.

“Mom, you didn’t.”

Of course I did. He didn’t mind.

“Mom,” What did dad say?”

She said her father said that Tommy was a lucky boy.

Then her mom told her that if she had any special needs, she could come to her or her father or even her brother.

With that, Cathy left the pool and went to her room to shower.

Feeling uncomfortable, Cathy removed her bikini and headed to the shower. Just then, her mother came up and saw Cathy naked.

Cathy heard something and turned around and saw her naked mother staring at her nakedness.

As her mom stared, Cathy said, “Mom, you like what you see?”

Her mother replied, “Cathy, you are gorgeous. You should always be naked. You are perfect.” She moved toward Cathy, who just stood there. In an instant, her mother took hold of Cathy and pulled her towards her. She pressed their bodies together and kissed her daughter on her lips.

While Cathy did not return the kiss, she didn’t pull back either. The two finally pulled back and Cathy went to take her shower.

After the shower, Cathy changed into a short set and went out to meet some friends.

Cathy came home just before dinner and the family was all together.

Her father asked Cathy about her day and asked her if she needed anything. In a quick flashback to what her mother said, she quickly shot back that she didn’t need anything.

Tommy mentioned that Cathy looked terrific in her bikini and her dad said that he was sorry he missed her in it.

Then Tommy made a crack that Cathy would have looked better without it on.

Cathy looked at him with daggers in her eyes but didn’t say anything.

After dinner was finished they cleaned up and all four went into the family room.

The rest of the night was spent bringing everyone up to date on a variety of events.

As it was getting late, they all retired for the night.

Cathy had a hard time trying to get to sleep. Her mind wandered to her mother’s nakedness and her kiss and felt a warmth down below that wouldn’t quit.

Soon, her hand was rubbing her pussy vigorously until she had an orgasm.

She got up, put on a cover-up and walked past her brothers room and could hear him as he was making minute moaning noises. She peaked in and saw him jerking his big cock off.

As she watched, she saw her mother in the room. She watched as her mother went to the bed and knelt in front of Tommy’s swollen cock. In an instant, she had Tommy’s cock in her mouth as she started to suck him off. It didn’t take long before Tommy shot his cum down his mother’s throat.

After she saw that, she snuck back to her room and quickly undressed. She got in bed and, with the vision of what just happened, enjoyed the warmth she generated by rubbing her pussy and fingering herself to a multitude of orgasms and finally fell asleep.

When she awoke in the morning, her dried juices on her thighs proved that she wasn’t dreaming.

Nothing happened out of the ordinary the rest of the week.

However, she decided, this was the weekend she was going to see how far things were going to go.

She showered and put on a t-shirt with no bra and pair of short cut-offs and was naked underneath.

When she went downstairs, her parents were already there, as was Tommy.

After breakfast, Cathy went out to the pool.

As nobody was around, Cathy slipped out of her clothes and laid naked on the lounge.

After an hour or so, her parents came out and both were naked.

It was Sefaköy Escort Bayan the first time that Cathy saw her father naked, except when she saw him fucking her mom’s ass.

Her parents were surprised to see Cathy naked but told her she looked beautiful.

Cathy smiled and said it was time she joined in with the family.

Cathy noticed her father’s cock getting larger until it was rock hard.

Cathy looked at her mom and said, “Mom, dad looks like he has a big problem. Are you going to take care of it?”

Her mother looked at Cathy and told her, “Cathy, I will take care of his problem, unless you want to.”

Cathy got up and moved over to her father. As she did, Tommy appeared and was also naked. When he saw Cathy naked, his cock quickly got hard.

“Hey,” He said, “Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” He then moved over to an empty chair and watched.

Cathy inched up to her father and knelt in front of him. As she looked up at him, she placed her hand on his big cock and then engulfed his cock in her mouth.

As her mother and Tommy looked on, Cathy deep throated her father and in a short time was ready to cum. As he was going to cum, Cathy took his cock out of her mouth and he shot his cum all over her tits and face.

By this time, Tommy was jerking himself off and his mother went over to him and started blowing her son until he shot his load in her mouth.

Cathy went back to her lounge and laid down. The evidence of her father’s cum was clearly visible and she kept it on her as a symbol.

Cathy looked at them and said, “I hope you all enjoyed the show. I know all about what you three have been doing with each other and that Tommy wants me to participate with you. Well, if that is what you want, fine.”

She then continued, “If you all want me to play with you, I will, but just this weekend and then it will be over. I will be in my room tonight and you can come in one at a time or together, whatever you want and I will fuck and suck you all. I will participate any way you want but only until tomorrow night.”

She then got up and went inside to shower and get her father’s cum off of her.

At dinner, nobody really talked about what happened earlier. They just ate and made some small talk but nothing else.

After dinner, Cathy went upstairs to get ready. She was pissed but decided to go through with her plan and then it would be over.

She told them to come up in an hour and she would be ready.

Cathy didn’t know what to expect and was nervous but she knew she had to do this and get it over with so she could move on.

Cathy showered and put on a sexy outfit for her show.

It wasn’t too long before she heard footsteps and then a knock on the door. She told them to come in.

She was a bit surprised that all three came up together and were dressed. She let them in.

Her mother then said, “Cathy, you don’t have to do this. We are sorry for embarrassing you into this. Just because we enjoy it, doesn’t mean you have to.”

Cathy looked at them and said, “I know. I am doing it for myself and only myself. After you finish with me, you can go back to fucking each other. Remember, this is for the entire weekend. Now, who is first?”

The three of them looked at each other and her brother said he would be first but that he wanted mom and dad to watch. Cathy said that would be fine.

Cathy moved over to the bed as her parents sat in the chairs, next to each other.

Tommy moved over to his sister and laid down next to her, as their parents watched.

Soon, Cathy and Tommy were kissing and Tommy wasted no time in getting Cathy naked.

Cathy removed Tommy’s clothes and his brother cock was already hard and looking for Cathy’s cunt.

As they kissed, Tommy slipped his tongue in her mouth and enjoyed every minute with her.

In no time at all, his mouth found her nipples and he sucked them until they were rock hard.

He then moved his mouth to her pussy and started eating his sister. As he was eating her, she started sucking his big cock.

After several minutes, Tommy mounted his sister and his cock lined up to her cunt. In no time at all, their parents watched as his cock disappeared into her cunt until it was fully seated in her.

He started fucking his sister slowly as she began to fuck him back.

After a few minutes, Tommy said he was going to cum. He pulled out his cock and shot his load by jerking himself off.

His mother went over and licked his cum off of her daughter until it was all gone.

As Tommy dismounted Cathy, her mother took over and pulled Cathy to her. Their tits pressed together.

Her mother mounted her daughter and started rubbing her smooth pussy against her daughter’s trimmed pussy.

Her mother was sucking Cathy’s nipples as their bodies rubbed together.

Cathy then moved into the 69 position on top of her mother and they were eating each other out.

As they were enjoying each other, Cathy’s father moved over and Escort Sefaköy got on the bed and lined up his cock to Cathy’s cunt. He then slowly inserted his cock in his daughter’s cunt until it was in her all the way.

As she was still eating her mother, her father picked up the pace and started to really fuck his daughter.

As he was ready to shoot, he pulled out his dick and shot streams of cum outside her daughter’s cunt that ran down into his wife’s mouth.

For the rest of the night, Cathy was fucked several more times by Tommy and her father. Her mother had her last and spent the night in bed with her cum soaked daughter.

The next morning, Cathy’s mother woke up first and immediately started kissing the still sleeping Cathy. It didn’t take long before Cathy’s eyes opened and started returning her mother’s kisses.

At that moment, Cathy realized that she really enjoyed what they were doing and didn’t mind it at all.

She started sucking her mother’s nipples and feeling her mother up with a passion she never knew before.

“Mom,” Cathy said, “I want this, all of this. I want to fuck you and Tommy and dad all the time now. Call them in now so they can fuck me, please.”

Her mother called her son and husband in and told them that Cathy has decided to join us from now on.

The two men went over to Cathy and the three of them began playing and feeling Cathy up.

Cathy started sucking their cocks, almost devouring their cocks as she sucked harder and harder.

Her mom got out of the bed and watched her two men have her daughter.

Her husband laid on his back as Cathy mounted him and rode his cock in the cowgirl position, while she continued sucking Tommy’s cock.

As this was going on, her mother ran and got the video camera and started filming the three of them.

Her mother made sure that Cathy’s face and body were clearly shown, as well as her activities.

In no time at all, the two men shot their loads in Cathy’s cunt and mouth, as Cathy dismounted her father and Tommy pulled his spent cock from Cathy’s mouth.

They all rested before they headed off to take their showers and put some clothes on and have breakfast.

Cathy just laid in bed with a smile on her face.

After an hour or so, the family got together for breakfast.

Cathy was still smiling and told her family that she has to get dressed and go out for awhile but will be back for more sex.

After breakfast, Cathy drove over to her Uncle John’s house to fill him in on the events.

Cathy rang the doorbell and her uncle opened the door.

“Uncle, I have a lot to tell you.”

Her uncle brought her into the family room, sat her down and told her to relax and start from the beginning.

Cathy then proceeded to tell him what happened. She also told him that she was now ok with what they were doing and decided to join them.

He congratulated her on her decision and wished her well.

He then said to her, “Cathy, I am really happy for you, if that is what you want. I wish I was a little younger, I’d ask your mom to let me join your family.” He said laughingly.

Cathy just looked at her uncle, smiled and got up, took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom.

She turned to him and gave him a big kiss on his lips and said, “Uncle, if it wasn’t for you, I would have never know such delight as I am having now with my family. And, since you are family, (as she started undressing him), I would be proud to include you in my new family.”

She stepped back and removed her clothes. She then finished undressing her uncle and managed to get him on the bed.

Her uncle had a nice sized cock and big balls.

At first, he was shy but then after Cathy started kissing him and feeling him up, he came to life.

His hands roamed freely all over his niece. He sucked her nipples and then started eating her pussy.

Cathy was delirious with pleasure as her beloved uncle mounted her. It didn’t take long before his big, hard cock was deep inside her.

He started fucking her slowly then picked up the pace until he was ready to shoot his cum.

He pulled out his cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over his niece.

He then fell to the side completely spent.

Cathy held him and thanked him for everything. She told him she would be back to continue what she started.

He smiled and kissed her.

Cathy took some of his cum off but left some on her as she wanted her family to see.

When she got home, she went to take a shower.

As she was undressing, her mother popped in and noticed cum on her and asked about it.

Cathy looked at her mom and said, “Mom, you guys have enlightened me about family sex and I decided that uncle John is part of my family, so I went over and had him fuck me. Is that ok?”

Her mother looked at her and said, “Cathy, you can invite your uncle John to join us anytime you want. Besides, I always wanted to fuck my older brother but never got the chance.”

They both laughed as Cathy went into the shower.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent in bed with the family. Each member had sex with Cathy and each other. Nothing was held back.

On a whim, Jessica called John and invited him over. John said that he would come over for a little while.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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