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Eight months later Carrie was tied to the table in the break room at the telemarketing company where she worked. She was on her back, with her legs spread apart with wires tied to the table legs. She was crying, as she usually was when I came to visit her. Her large round pregnant belly rocked up and down slightly as she sobbed. Her pussy was a swollen blue and purple mound. This time I had brought a friend, who now stood by Carrie’s head with a small piece of metal in her hand.
Cynthia was a bubbly blond girl I had met in class. After hooking up with her a couple of times I had discovered she adored being bent over something and fucked in the ass. After a while I saw fit to tell her about Carrie, who was so scared of me that she had pretty much resigned herself to being my full time sex slave. We came to the telemarketing building and waited till after hours. As Carrie was leaving her cubicle we approached her and ordered her into the break room. The rest of the building was dark and already emptying out. A few things happened before she ended up naked, tied to a table, but I’ll get to that later.
A week after I had first raped her I went to see her where she worked at the chamber of commerce. She flinched and turned pale when she saw me, the bruises on her face were still partially visible. I had walked her into an office that happened to be empty for a moment and told her to lift her skirt. She obeyed, and I saw that she was still wearing the cum and blood soaked panties like I had told her to.
I made her leave work early and I took her to my house, where I let her take the well overused panties off and told her to shower. When she walked hesitantly back into the room wrapped in a towel, I slapped her in the face and through her onto the bed. She began to sob at once, so I took her soiled pink panties and forced them into her mouth and part way down her throat.
I was really enjoying myself now, and my cock was about as hard as it could get. While she gagged and tried to cough the sticky cloth back out of her throat, I flipped her over and spread her wet, glistening thigh apart. Her scream as I pushed the head of my cock into her butt was audible even through her gag, and if she couldn’t breath before, she definitely couldn’t now. Her butt was still bruised and somewhat raw, but any healing it had done was erased now.
Carrie must izmit escort have decided something was very wrong with her organs, or maybe the strain of my cock in her bowels just hurt to much, because she began to kick and fight to pull away from me harder than she ever had before. It wasn’t hard to stop though. I just grabbed a handful of her dark hair and yanked her head back, thrusting my entire cock into her at the same time. She continued to twist side to side, but with no real effect. Her legs kicked as I thrust into her harder and faster. She was covered in sweat as well water from the shower and I slowed my pace slightly but kept thrusting into her just as hard. She desperately wanted me out of her butt hole, but she was powerless to do anything about it. I took about fifteen more minutes to come.
When I pulled out of her she reached into her mouth and removed the panties. I took them from her and put them in my sock drawer, still in a bunch to gag with her with later. I sent her stumbling out the door again, this time with jizz pooling between her butt cheeks and making a stain on her skirt.
About six months later, when she was showing an especially large pregnant belly, I came to see her again. She looked less scared this time. Maybe she thought I wouldn’t hurt her now that she was visibly pregnant. In reality it just turned me on. From that day onward I told her she needed to dress like what she was; a trashy sex slave. She turned up to work the next day in a miniskirt and flip flops, a thin tank top with the stomach removed, her bulging nipples standing out underneath her shirt. Her round belly was bare, and bruise stood out all over her thighs and butt cheeks. Her boss didn’t send her home, but he had apparently told her not dress like a such a slut anymore because she begged me let her wear a different outfit the next day. I threw her into the doorjam of my bedroom and when she fell over in a daze I pulled my cock out and pushed it between her lips and down her throat, using her belly for leverage and thrusting until I heard the grinding sounds in her neck like the first time I had made her give me head.
The next day she had gotten fired from her job, and went to work at the telemarketing company. It was a couple month after that Cynthia gave me the idea for the tag. A little piece of metal izmit escort bayan with my emblem on it, marking my property.
First I had introduced Cynthia to Carrie of course. I told her Cynthia was a friend of mine and that she was to obey her at all times. Carries was wearing a small dress and no panties, her battered legs sticking out at odd angles while she sat on the floor of the break room and watched me thrust myself into Cynthia’s asshole over and over again while she moaned and orgasmed. When I filled her butt with my come she immediately told Carrie to start licking it. She continued to moan while Carrie obediently slurped my come off the opening of Cynthia’s ass hole. Cynthia pushed and giggled when my come came squirting out of her butt and into Carries eyes and mouth. When she was done we tied Carrie to the table with jizz drying in her hair, and took turns lashing her with a belt. Cynthia turned her tits purple in a matter of minutes. I focused on lashing her cunt with the doubled over belt, causing in to swell and turn purple. I made sure I could still pull her pussy lips apart far enough to reach her clitoris.
Her attempts to close her legs after every lash were desperate and cute, but I relentlessly beat her anyway.
“Think it’s time yet?” Cynthia asked. She was smiling and holding the small piece of metal out towards me. I took it from her and she walked around to join me in between carries legs.
“Yep, I think it’s time.” and I spread her swollen pussy lips apart with my fingers. About that time Cynthia and I both agreed that Carries sobbing and screaming “please don’d do this to me” were getting old, so we stuffed her pink panties into her mouth again.
The tag was rectangular, with my sigil stamped out of the front. The edges were three sharp prongs, designed to snap shut and not reopen. I slid it up on to Carries Clitoris. She cried even harder through her gag, and tried even harder to close her legs, but the wires around her ankles held. When I put pliers over the tag she started trying to thrust her hip to move her bruised pussy away from the pliers. I pushed down on her large belly to hold her still and squeezed the pliers shut. It took a little force, but then the prongs slammed shut. The two on the top and bottom encircled her clit like a piercing. The one in the middle turned directly up and gebze escort bayan into her once it was closed. It wouldn’t be coming off any time soon.
As soon as the prongs snapped shut, Carries whole body had jerked at once, and the panties in her mouth did almost nothing to muffle her screams. Immediately she began to swell even more. She looked like she might have been passing out at that point, so I slapped her hard in the face. She roused slightly in time to scream again as I pushed my dick into her swollen, traumatized vagina. It felt moist and tight, so I was fucking her pretty hard after a few strokes, listening to her pained moans. The tag bounced up and down as I shoved myself into her again and again. I took it slow and spent another 20 minutes fucking her cunt before I switched to asshole again.
When she felt the tip of dick there she raised her head slightly and gasped, like she couldn’t stand the idea of any more pain in her. But she just went back to sobbing as soon as I started to push. I reached around her bulging pregnant stomach and shoved myself into her as hard as I could. Carrie stiffened, her back arching off the table slightly. She continued to try to scream as I pushed into her anus, which was now beginning to tear again. Her inner thighs stood out with tense muscle as I picked up my pace.
It didn’t take long after that to fill Carries asshole with cum. By the time I finished, the wires around her ankles were cutting into her just like the first time I had raped her. I had been pushing her against them without even realizing it.
Cynthia and I practically drug Carrie down the stairs, her ability to walk was bad damaged at the moment. We hauled her into my car and took her home, wearing the panties she she been sobbing and choking on all night.
I had meant to just leave her in her apartment, but in the end I couldn’t help pulling down her panties and forcing myself up her asshole again. She barely had the energy to cry this time. When I left her bed room she was still on her knees where I left her, with jizz running out of her violated asshole and drizzling down her firm round stomach.
A couple of days later Carrie contacted me and begged me for a place to stay. She hadn’t shown up to work, mostly because she hadn’t been able to put on pant of any kind, and had been fired again. I moved her into my basement that night.
Cynthia and I had started dating, so I let her put rings through Carries nipples that had her name on them. In fact I let her do just about whatever she wanted, considering Carrie was probably going to be dead in a couple of months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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