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I apologised to Miss Newark about going home without telling her. I told her I wasn’t feeling very well. She told me she had phoned my stepmother, and she had told her I was ill.

I began trying to help Della date Sean; eventually I had to tell her he wasn’t interested. She looked so devastated poor girl; I didn’t have the nerve to tell her Sean had asked ME out!

He began passing me pieces of paper with stupid little jokes that made me chuckle. At one point I looked over my shoulder. I could see why Della fancied him. In fact if I had been a real schoolgirl I wouldn’t have minded a date myself!

“I thought you and I were friends. You come to this school acting all scared, until you get everyone on your side. Then with those big boobs and sexy long legs, you start chasing the boy I’ve wanted to date for ages!”

“Della it’s not true, I’ve never chased Sean,” I protested.

“Oh you are a fucking lying cow! I saw the notes he passed to you, and you quickly hid them,” she spat narrowing her eyes.

She stormed out calling me a slut on her way.


I spun round looking my teacher.

“Yes Miss?”

“I want to see you after school,” she said.

I sat next to Della but she snubbed me the whole day. At lunch time I tried to talk to her but she told me to fuck off. After lunch I noticed the blackboard. Someone had drawn a heart with an arrow through it, and Sean and Becky had been written above and below.

Miss Newark rubbed it out and said nothing; she just glanced at Sean and then me.

“You drew that you bitch,” Della said, under her breath.

“I didn’t!” I screamed, finally losing my temper.

“Quiet!” Miss Newark spat.

I sunk back in the chair, feeling the amused eyes of the rest of the class on me, and hearing several stifled giggles.

I stood in front of the teacher as the class emptied. Then I was aware of Sean next to me.

Miss Newark demanded to know why we had both upset Della.

10 minutes later I was striding down the corridor pissed off with everything. I heard Sean calling me and ignored it until he caught me up just outside the school. I broke down in tears. Everything was getting on top of me, I just couldn’t cope anymore. Sean pulled me into the bike shed away from the rain that had started to fall. I was shaking with cold and he took his over coat off and made me put it on. I just clung to him sobbing hard, I just needed to be held, but this was the boy that my best friend wanted to date.

“I’m sorry, have you got a fag?”

We started walking I was so wrapped up in what had happened I didn’t know where we were going. We didn’t speak, well I didn’t Sean just talked and after the fourth or fifth joke I began chuckling.

A car ran through a puddle and my legs got a soaking of cold water. I jumped and yelled at the driver.

“Oh Jesus!”

“Becky what’s up?”

“It’s my bloody step…mother’s car!” I snapped, just managing not to say daughter.

“Get in, and you young man.”

I looked at Becky through the open window. She had a real triumphant look on her face. I slid in the back seat next to Sean.

What the hell would happen next?

“So who is this Becky?”

“Sean,” I whimpered defeated.

It took us ages to get to Sean’s house, I’m sure Becky was driving as slow as she could. I just sat there cringing hoping the ‘Car Seat Monster’ would pull through the back seat and into another universe, it didn’t happen. So I had to listen to her tell Sean that I talked about him at home, about how nice he was, and if he was going to ask me out!

“So are you dating my stepdaughter?”

I could see Bahçelievler Escort her eyes in the rear view mirror. God she was fucking well enjoying this!

“She’s free on Saturday,”

“I’m not, besides Della wants to go out with him!” I hissed through gritted teeth, staring hard into her laughing eyes.

“Hell Becky, just go out with the boy. Pick her up at 10.30 dear I’m sure you are free, and I bet you would rather date my step m, daughter.”

God she wasn’t asking him she was bloody well telling him.

I heard him swallow.

“Y, Yes I, am free, Mrs Norris,” he mumbled.

I dug him in the ribs but it was too late now.

“Oh call me B.”

I kicked the back of her seat.

“Carol, call me Carol. Thank you dear,” she said, looking at me in the mirror.

That night my anger towards my stepdaughter soon doubled. Jim had been to the pub and Becky had told me to keep out of sight. Then when she had him safely in the bedroom she came and got me. Jim was drunk again but the sight of his wife (I mean me here), in just black stockings and high heels, had him squinting through his drunken eyes.

Becky took me over to the bed. She pulled back the covers and there was his cock.

“Go on,” she whispered in my ear.

His limp cock lay on his thigh, slowly I bent my head. I watched Becky’s hand as she lifted it up. She began rubbing his cock over my face.

“Suck him, get him hard for me,” she ordered.

I glanced up at Jim, he was just watching through half shut eyes, waiting for me to do as his daughter instructed.

I swirled my tongue around his cock. I worked my mouth over his head and felt it rise. Becky had moved next to him, and she was still holding her father’s cock in my mouth, as she kissed him.

His cock began to grow as I began sucking his head deeper into my mouth. I could hear the noisy kisses between father and daughter, the sound was mocking me with every plop, and slurp.

“Come on you can get more in your mouth than that,” Becky said, with a dirty giggle.

I tried harder but I just couldn’t take more than a couple of inches. I felt the bed move and shuffling around. The next thing I knew Becky and I were face to face. She had positioned herself on top of Jim and she seemed to be wriggling around.

“Oh yes daddy right on my clit.”

I looked up and all I could see was the top of my husband’s head sticking above Becky’s backside. She saw me looking and pushed herself up on her arms. I could now see all the way underneath her, to her blonde hair and just below that I saw Jim’s tongue licking between her legs.

“That what you want to see, my dad’s tongue licking my cunt?” she whispered.

She began rocking from side to side, and I watched Jim trying to catch her pussy with his tongue. She settled back on him again, and gave me a wicked smile.

I went to get off the bed but Becky grabbed my arm.

“You know maybe I ought to tell dad you have been practising,” She chuckled, opening her eyes wide suggestively.

“Becky please you mustn’t tell him,” I hissed frantically.

She pushed my head back onto his cock. I choked a little as she giggled again.

“You know I really should. He is my dad after all. I mean you have been unfaithful!”

“Becky please keep your voice down,” I begged.

I watched her jump slightly and she gasped.

“OH dirty bastards put his tongue in my ass again. Did he ever do that to you?”

I pushed myself off the bed.

“Thank you that will be all!” Becky called after me with a chuckle.

I spent the night listening to them fuck. My stepdaughter’s cries Bahçelievler Escort Bayan were I’m sure for my benefit! I felt so low. But Becky had told me what I had to do to stop her telling Jim I had been unfaithful. So I suppose I should just have to get over it. Anyway deep down I knew I deserved this and maybe a lot more!

The next morning I heard them larking about. Her silly giggles and Jim chasing her round the bedroom made me feel sick.

“I hear you’ve got a date today,” Jim said casually.

I looked in disbelief at Becky.

“Don’t worry she explained it all. She is right, you need to date this kid and then dump him in a few weeks.”

“What your father, sorry husband is trying to say, is it’ll keep the other boys off your back. You know worry about one instead of all?”

“NO this is the end. I’ve had it with you two. I can’t go out with a boy!”

“Oh go on just a little kiss and cuddle. I mean just think what dad would say if you went any further?”

Yes it was a threat, and yes I knew she would tell him if she had a mind to. But it was his attitude that I found hard to understand. It was like no big deal! His wife has got a boyfriend, but the answer was staring back at me. He had his sexy 18 year old daughter, who could take his 14 inch cock with barely a whimper. All I could do was scream my head off before he got anywhere near sticking it in me!

I looked a right fright, well to my eyes.

“God you look like a fucking hot babe!”

“I cannot go out like this!” I screeched.

“You don’t have a choice. It’s what I want and that is final.”

“Becky please let me change; do you hate me this much?” I squeaked.

“Yes, after what happened I don’t give a fuck about you. I’d rather dad divorced you and kicked you out. But we came to this arrangement didn’t we?”

I looked down, and then nodded.

“So just under another 5 months and you’ll have dad back all to yourself. Now go and let lover boy in.”

“Hi Sean,” I said, a little weary.

He couldn’t speak, he just stood open mouthed. Finally he realised he was gawping at me.

“You look, great,” he mumbled.

I wore my hair up in clips and as usual heavy makeup. My white blouse was open down to my navel, not that I had any buttons to do up, Becky had cut them all off!

His eyes darted to the two soft round breasts that hung between the 4 inch gap of my blouse, which was tied in a knot just above my navel. Luckily the blouse was quite thick, well thick enough so the darkness of my nipples didn’t show through. I turned to let him in feeling my braless tits wobble. Now he would be looking at my ass in the tight cut off jeans. Becky had cut them so short that the lower part of my ass cheeks were visible, well under the black opaque tights. I wore black knee length boots with a 5 inch heel, with zips up the inside so the bootleg clung tight to my legs.

“Well hello Simon.”

“It’s Sean mum,” I said, calling her mum without even thinking.

“So are you going to the pictures, I can drop you off if you like?”

Sean and I looked at each other. Before we could say anything she hustled us out to the car.

My plan was to leave Sean as soon as Becky dropped us off, but we had another shock. She took us in and paid for the tickets!

“Now you listen young man you keep your hands to yourself,”

“Mother!” I hissed in frustration.

“And you young lady, just remember what happened the last time you were caught with your blouse round your waist. And didn’t I tell you to change that blouse this morning?”

I shook my head. God she was a bitch stood there in Escort Bahçelievler those bloody glasses that made her look mid twenties. Sean had heard every word like she intended. Now he must have wondered what the hell he had let himself in for!

She went off humming some stupid tune again, god she was really over doing the mother bit!

“You can go if you like,” I mumbled, as the lights went down.

“Look I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but well, I’ve got nothing better to do, so I’d like to watch the film. I mean I’ll go if you want,” he said, rambling a bit.

“No it’s OK. I don’t really want to rush home anyway,” I said distantly.

I lent against him at some point during the film. I could smell the aftershave he had put on, I suspected especially for our date. It made me smile a bit. Maybe if I was 18 and not 23 I would have fancied him, only a little bit of course.

My head was on his shoulder and I could feel his cheek on my head.

I suddenly realised his arm was round my shoulder. Fuck we were cuddling!

Still it wasn’t so bad, and his aftershave smelt quite nice. The way I was sat I knew my shirt had gaped open a little more. I wondered if he was watching the film, or my breast that was probably about to fall out. No he had an erection! Not much but enough to tell me I was turning him on. He reached across to the empty seat where we had put our coats. I grinned as he pulled his coat onto his lap. I felt the coat on my hand, which at some point I had put on his thigh!

I wanted to move my hand away, but it would look obvious. So I left it there, his leg felt hot.

“Becky?” he whispered.

“What Sean?”

“I’m sorry I should go, I well, you are just too sexy, and I don’t want you falling out with Della.”

His voice sounded full of panic. He went to get up and I just put pressure on his thigh.

I don’t know why but I found it comforting being with him, someone who didn’t know the awful truth.

I took his hand and just slipped it into my blouse. Then I slipped my hand back under his coat, and I began rubbing him slowly through his jeans.

“Bloody hell!” he gasped.

“You tell anyone I did this Sean,” I whispered, feeling his trembling fingers squeeze my breast.

“Oh god I won’t,” he breathed in disbelief.

For the rest of the film probably ¾ of an hour we fondled each other. I managed to rub my legs together slightly which stimulated my pussy in the tight shorts.

He gasped at the point where I managed to get his cock free from his trousers. I must admit I enjoyed hearing his little excited gasps. After a few minutes he started to pant and my fingers felt the hot spunk that shot between them. My nipple was now tormented to the point of aching, but I didn’t really mind. Even when he had finished I carried on rubbing his hot cream into his cock. His gasping was still there but just the odd one here and there.

“Christ you drive me wild,” he groaned in my ear.

I smiled and for some reason I felt good about myself. I remembered back to my real school days, I would have loved to have been doing this back then, just once. But I was the nerd, the ugly duckling, and seeing Jim was having fun with his daughter then why the fuck shouldn’t I?

I soon got the answer to my question. Sean said he was going to the loo just as the film ended, making me promise to still be here when he got back. As the lights came up he kissed me gently on the lips. I was still smiling until I heard Della’s voice.

“Enjoy the film slut!” she snapped, spitting in my face as she passed.

It suddenly brought me back to earth.

“God look at your tits hanging out you tart!” one of her friends sneered.

I quickly pulled my blouse together and wiped my face. By the time Sean came back I had calmed down a little. Even so he guessed something was wrong. He blamed himself, and for some reason I thought it best not to discourage him.

Yeah I know what a bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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