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“Gah he is so gorgeous and so tempting,” Carol said as she held the phone to her ear. She was sitting on her bed talking to her little sister, the only person whom she could talk to about her problems or her most darkest of desires.

“Well he is my nephew after all. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t seduced him by now. I figured as soon as he was eighteen you would have made your move on him but now he’s twenty one and you still haven’t had him? With how often we talk about Ethan I know you’re obsessed with the idea of fucking him.”

Carol stared off into space, her eyes not seeing the walls of her bedroom but her sons lean muscular form. His job in a warehouse along with his recent use of the weight set she kept in the house had done wonders for his physique and she had seen him grow from an awkward child into a young man who was sure of himself. His rugged good looks and deep dark brown eyes often caused many women to look at him, including herself. She felt the familiar twinge between her legs when she thought about him and wondered what it would feel like to have him pin her down and take her. Every time her son would hug her she would nestle in close and let her mind drift.

“Earth to Carol … hello?”

The sound of Lisa’s voice broke her trance and Carol answered her. “I am not obsessed! Alright maybe just a little. Besides what makes you think he would want me anyways? I’m an old woman who is also his mother for crying out loud.”

“You may be the older sister but you aren’t old! I’ve seen how he looks at you. I’ve caught him eying me up as well. Why do you think I have to use your backyard so often to tan, I mean other than the fact that you have a pool. I love having his eyes stare at me, hell I love staring at him as well. Speaking of which I need to come over soon, well as soon as I’m able to get a weekend off that is. Maybe I’ll put on a much skimpier bikini this time.”

“Do that and I may just fuck you there in the backyard,” Carol said with a laugh. It had been some time since they’d been intimate and she missed it. She then thought about Ethan and her voice quieted, “Maybe he’s just trying to figure out why personalities are so different.”

“Carol, he grew up around us, that’s not what he’s thinking. No girl, he’s trying to imagine what we look like naked. Besides, who wouldn’t want to fuck sisters? Isn’t that like every guy’s fantasy?”

Carol let out a sigh as she knew her sister was right yet again. “I don’t know, you know how I am.”

“Yeah it took me forever to get you into my bed.”

“It did not! You kept teasing me but never told me to join you.”

“Whatever. Look if you don’t take him I will. It’s been awhile since I’ve been fucked good and well anyways.”

“Oh no you don’t. You can’t have him, at least not until I’ve had him first.” Carol couldn’t believe what she had just said and felt her heart race. She eyed herself in the mirror and knew Lisa was right. She never thought of herself as gorgeous but she did think that she looked good. She absentmindedly ran a hand under her small breasts and could see her hard nipples tenting the thin material of her teal tank top. Her legs were mostly bare as she only had on a pair of jogging shorts. She had caught Ethan staring at her numerous times and it had always turned her on knowing he was eying her. “Alright, maybe you just need to give me pointers on what to do.”

“Now that’s my sister. Come on, all you really need to do is lead him on, stop wearing that ugly bathrobe and show off that ass of yours. You still wear that old shirt to bed right?”

Carol saw her brown eyes smile at herself in the mirror of her vanity as she ran her fingers through her straight brown hair. “Yeah.”

“So instead of putting your robe on when you get up, just walk out.”

Carol’s eyes went wide at the thought of walking out of her room with her ass hanging out, “I don’t know. Wouldn’t that be a bit much?”

Lisa groaned, “Fine, throw on a pair of shorts for a few days and then stop. Get used to showing off more skin. Trust me, after awhile he’ll be begging to see more of you and then you switch out your shirt for a tank top. Then just a teddy and panties. No man his age could resist that. You know I can’t resist that tight little ass of yours. Oh and speaking of that ass, get yourself some better panties, those ‘mom’ panties you keep wearing do nothing for you. Also give him more hugs, lean into him, press your tits into him. If you really want to see what he thinks, go take him on a date. You have told me neither of you have had any partners in some time.”

Carol sighed softly, her mind suddenly thinking about Lisa and the last time they were together. She was a bit more reserved than Lisa who had always been more outspoken, and had been a bit of a troublemaker as a child. “Alright, I’ll think about it. I’m going to go for a jog before he comes home.”

“Alright sis, I’m telling you, just start showing a little bit more each day and soon Yenibosna Escort he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself. Just be glad summer is here and it isn’t winter, you won’t need an excuse for wearing such little clothing around the house. Love you.”

“Yeah you’re right, love you too.” Carol took the phone from her ear and pressed the end button before tossing it on the bed. She had been planning on going on a quick jog before her son got home but she found herself quite turned on, her panties were thoroughly soaked. She let her hand roam over her flat tummy before reaching up and tweaking a hard nipple through her shirt which elicited a soft moan. She imagined her sister’s hands traveling over her body as she slid her shorts down her long smooth legs along with her cotton panties, shaking them off of her feet. She dipped a finger between her engorged lips, coating it in her wetness. Without thinking she plunged two fingers deep inside herself and her mind was suddenly filled with thoughts of her son. As she wondered just how big his cock was she began to fuck herself. “Fuck the jog,” she said in a husky voice.

Carol marveled at how wet she had gotten thinking about being fucked by her son, imaging his strong arms holding her. His hands could easily pin her down as she took his cock into her sopping wet pussy. She worked the fingers of her other hand over her hard pearl and could feel her orgasm coming quickly. Her breath came in short sharp gasps, cooing and moaning softly. She imagined she was looking up into her son’s big brown eyes, “Oh fuck that’s it baby, fuck your mommy! Hnng yes fuck me Ethan!”

As she uttered the words she felt stars burst in her mind, every nerve ending of her body felt electrified as she stiffened. Her pussy clutched her fingers and pulsed around them, trying to milk them as if they were a hard cock. It was one of the most powerful orgasms she had experienced in a long time and she felt light headed as she let it consume her. “Oh fuck that’s it Ethan … I’m cumming for you baby!” She continued to spasm and thrash about on her bed as her body was wracked with her intense orgasm. Her mind swirled with thoughts of Ethan and his hard body. Her screams of pleasure had given way to soft moans before eventually turning into soft whimpers. After a couple of minutes she had calmed down, her breathing returned to normal.

“Mom? I’m home!”

Carol’s eyes widened suddenly and she sprang upward. Without thinking she jumped off the bed, threw her tank top off and ran into her bathroom, quickly turning the water on in the shower. “Uh I’m here baby, was just going to step into the shower!” She threw the curtain back and jumped into the cold water, suddenly shivering as she didn’t have time to let it warm up.

Ethan walked up to his mother’s bedroom door and stopped just inside. He could talk to his mother but respectfully keep her out of sight from here. “You alright mom? I thought I heard you moaning.”

Carol felt embarrassed at the thought of her son hearing her getting herself off. What if he heard his name as she came? She quickly stammered an answer, “Uh yeah, I’m fine baby, I uh, I just stubbed my toe again.”

“Kicked the dresser again?”

“Yeah, that damn dresser.” Carol sighed at the idea that maybe she was safe and he hadn’t heard anything other than her moans and had thought she had been in pain.

“Maybe I’ll move it back to the other wall so you stop doing that. I know you liked rearranging your room but you keep hurting yourself. I’m gonna go grab a beer and watch some TV alright?”

“Okay baby, I’ll be out soon.” Carol waited a minute and after not hearing anything, relaxed as she finally realized that the water had warmed up. The thoughts of Ethan possibly hearing her cum renewed the fire between her legs. She adjusted the temperature of the water and hoped the cooler water would quell the fire she was feeling. She eventually gave up and turned the water off. As she grabbed her towel and stepped out of the shower she looked at her naked self in the mirror. For a woman who just turned forty she thought she looked pretty good. She often exercised at home and tried to eat healthy, though genetics also played a big part. That coupled with regular jogging had kept her body youthful looking and well toned. She liked how she looked, her long lean legs, which she thought were her best asset, flared out at her hips that gave way to a small waist. Her small her tits were still firm and topped with half dollar sized areolae with eraser sized nipples that were incredibly sensitive and brown in color. She turned sideways and noticed a slight jiggle to her ass as she bounced and pinched some skin at her belly. She may not have been as “tight” as she was twenty years ago, but if the looks from guys meant anything, she was still attractive.

After wrapping the towel around herself she walked into the bedroom and suddenly felt flush as she realized her visibly wet panties were still Yenibosna Escort Bayan on the bed and the room smelled of her sex. “Well Lisa, there’s the push you’ve been saying I needed.” With that she willed herself to set forth her plan to seduce her son who had always been there for her no matter what. After a string of boyfriends she finally gave up the idea of finding a suitable partner and realized the only man who truly loved her was Ethan, but the fact that he was her son prevented her from doing anything. She just wondered if he would accept her. Lisa was right, she was obsessed with him.

Carol was thankful that the rest of the night was just like any other night as they had dinner together before watching TV and talking about their days at work. They eventually said good night to each other as they retired to their respective rooms.


Sunlight poured through the kitchen window as Ethan stood there waiting for the Keurig to finish brewing his coffee. After a few seconds he grabbed his mug and poured some creamer into it before sitting at the kitchen bar. He sat there in silence for a few minutes as he stared at his phone before he heard the soft steps of his mother’s bare feet stepping across the floor.

“Good morning baby,” Carol said, hugging him from behind and holding him tighter than she normally did. She felt her tits pressing into his back and could feel him take a sharp breath. After letting her hug linger she let go and walked around him towards the Keurig.

“Good morning mom,” Ethan said as he enjoyed her hug, his arms had naturally held hers against his stomach. When he saw his mother walk around him he nearly dropped his mug as he choked on his coffee. He had grown so accustomed to seeing his mother wear that old gray robe that the sight of her in nothing more than a shirt and panties caused his mind to short circuit. He knew she had a fantastic body for a forty year old woman, but she usually covered up around him. He watched as she bent over to get something out of the fridge, the bottom of her shirt riding up and revealing her firm round ass that was only covered in a pair of plain pink colored panties.

Carol looked over her shoulder and saw her son’s eyes glued to her body and she quickly straightened up. That was the boldest thing she had ever done and wondered if it had been too much but pretended not to notice. Sure she had worn revealing clothing around him, cut off shorts, low cut tops, and one piece bathing suits, but this was much more personal. “You want some breakfast baby? We still have a few eggs left.”

“Huh? Uhm sure.” Ethan took a long drink of his coffee as he watched his mother quickly turn around and he nearly choked on the hot liquid once again. He could plainly see her hard nipples poking through the soft thin material of her shirt and knew that she hadn’t put on a bra. He felt his own sweatpants suddenly becoming very tight as his cock was hardening. “Sleep alright mom?”

“I did baby,” Carol said as she grabbed a pan and cooked several eggs, adding a little wiggle to her movements. She could feel his eyes on her and knew she would have to thank her sister for pushing her. It was so wrong of her be teasing her son like this, but it was turning her on so much and she hoped he was feeling the same way. It was one thing to make love to her sister and for some reason she never really felt guilty, but the idea of her taking her son was different. As a mother she was supposed to raise him, protect and nurture him. Not seduce him. The contradictions in her mind were driving her crazy and she barely realized she was about to burn the eggs. She quickly plated them and pushed the plate in front of Ethan and noticed he didn’t even see the eggs. Instead his eyes were on her and it made her feel desired and alive.

After several moments Ethan realized she had set the plate down in front of him. He quickly grabbed the fork and shoveled some of the eggs into his mouth so he wouldn’t have to explain why he was staring at her in rapt fascination.

“I’m going to go get ready for work,” Carol said cheerfully. She kissed Ethan on the cheek before walking away. As she walked into her bedroom she quickly closed the door and leaned up against it, letting out a long sigh. It had taken everything she had to keep up the show for her son instead of hiding. The rush she felt was undeniable despite the turmoil in her mind. She looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand and realized she was running slightly behind so she quickly got dressed and applied her makeup. She threw on a pair of dark blue jeans and a loose fitting white ribbed sweater. She quickly walked out and found Ethan still sitting at the kitchen bar and hugged him from behind once more before kissing him on the cheek. “Gotta run baby, I’ll see you tonight!”

“Bye mom, love you!”

“Love you too sweetie!”

Ethan watched her as she left quickly, mesmerized by the way her jeans hugged her legs and flaunted Escort Yenibosna her shapely rear. He’d seen her wear much more revealing clothes before but for some reason it captured his attention this time. He was intrigued at her nonchalant display of flesh after years of hiding herself in her bathrobe and wanted to see more. He quickly shoveled the eggs into his mouth and shook his head as he said to no one, “Fucking idiot, that’s your mom.”

He placed the now empty plate into the sink and walked to his room but stopped at Carol’s room instead. The door was open and he looked in. He quickly remembered her soaking wet panties on the bed, the lingering smell that had filled the room and against his better judgment he walked in. He looked into the hamper and saw the panties from yesterday sitting on the top and he grabbed them. For a second he just held them, feeling the soft cotton between his fingers before he brought it to his nose and inhaled. The musky odor caused his cock to twitch and he quickly took them into his room where he stripped off his sweatpants, releasing his hardening cock. As he continued to smell his mother’s panties he stroked his hard length. He worked his hand up and down, twisting his wrist and found himself becoming more excited than he had been in some time. The musky scent was driving him crazy and he didn’t know if it was strictly the smell, or the fact that it was his mother’s that was causing his excitement. He lost himself in the moment and soon his body tensed as his cock erupted, shooting several thick ropes of cum onto his shirt as he continued to inhale Carol’s scent. As he came he let out several loud grunts as he continued to stroke himself. He sat up after calming down and saw the cum on his shirt, “Shit.”

Without thinking he took his shirt off and threw it into his own hamper along with her panties and went to go take a shower. He had to go to to work himself but thankfully he still had time to relax. As he got into the shower and under the water he was overcome with guilt at what he had just done. The woman who gave birth to him, had protected him and raised him he had thought about in a very unmotherly way. He felt ashamed at thinking of her as an object of desire.


“So how are things going?”

Carol sat on her bed, one leg beneath her and the other dangling off the edge. She was dressed in gray yoga pants and a black sports bra. She held the phone against her ear, “I’ve been teasing him with my little displays in the morning and I know he’s watching. Fuck it turns me on think of him watching me.”

“And …”

“I don’t know Lisa, I’ve finally gotten over the fact that I’m showing off for him, but I just can’t push myself beyond that. For the past week I’ve done nothing but think of him fucking me, but I just can’t bring myself to try and turn that into reality.”

“I see. Still have those jitters?”

Carol sighed, “Yeah.”

“You know he wants you, after all he took your panties. Did you ever find them?”

Carol threw herself back onto her bed, her head hitting the pillows, “Oh my god, I almost forgot. They suddenly appeared in my dresser drawer, all freshly washed and folded.”

“I bet you he stroked his big hard cock while smelling them.”

Carol’s eyes widened at the thought. The very idea was turning her on and she felt a wet spot starting to form between her legs as her nipples hardened. She lost herself in the thoughts and vaguely heard her sister continue.

“I bet you he not only sniffed them but rubbed it against his cock and then pumped a huge load into them.”

A low moan escaped Carol’s lips. “Fuck Lisa, that sounds so hot. Like I’m soaking wet right now.”

Lisa laughed, “Is he home?”

“No he’s at work right now though he should be home soon.”

“Here’s what I want you to do, wear something a bit more provocative and ask him his opinion when he notices. That’ll tell you right away what he thinks of you. Wear those sexy little numbers you wore when you used to go out on dates. Hell, just put on a tank top without a bra!”

Carol laughed, “Alright, I’ll do that.”

“Just remember, if you want him to make the first move you’re going to have to seriously get over your hang ups and tease him relentlessly. Otherwise I’ll just come over and set the poor boy straight myself,” Lisa said, once again teasing. “Just promise to tell me what happens.”

“I will. Love you!”

“Love you too.”

Carol hung up and quickly jumped off of the bed and looked in her closet. She quickly found a pair of cut off shorts and a plain white spaghetti strap tank top to wear. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and stared at her near naked body in the mirror, running her hands over her smooth skin as she did so. She could see the wet spot that had formed in her panties and decided against changing them as she slipped on her shorts and pulled her tank top on. Her hard nipples were clearly visible beneath the thin material and she smiled to herself. She loved how her legs looked and was pretty sure Ethan did to. She didn’t have large tits, but it was what she was born with and she was happy with how firm they still were after all these years. Carol smiled at herself before she walked into the kitchen and began making dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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