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Big Dicks

Carmen walked through the front door of her home surprised to see her father still awake and watching T.V. so late. She gently closed the door and studied him as he sat on the couch. Sighing, she realized he was drunk again. Taking a deep breath she tried to recount how many evenings she had come home to find her father silently drinking on the couch. At least a couple dozen since her mother had moved out and left them behind three months ago.

Carmen analyzed her father for moment; he was 5′ 11″, 200 lean pounds, and had a full head of dark brown, wavy hair that swept over his head handsomely. His body was always in very good shape. He had a stern set of brown eyes that would hardly give away anything. His entire face, in fact, was very hard to read and even harder to find a soft spot on. Except for her of course. She could always find the weak spot on her daddy’s face.

She wondered to herself how she had turned out so differently. Standing at only 5′ 4″ and 120 pounds she was hardly her father’s daughter in terms of size. Her body was small but she did have some exaggerated features, mainly her large butt that her friends always made fun of. She did have his wavy, lush, brown hair and brown eyes however. She should be grateful for the features her father gave her; Young and innocent. There were many times as she had gotten older that she had been mistaken for a much younger girl, even now, 18 and at university. As her mother would say, “You’ll appreciate it when you’re older.”

She shrugged her shoulders and scooted over and sat down beside him on the couch. He was obviously happy to see her and reached his muscular arms out to hug her tight. Maybe a little too tight, or maybe it just felt too tight because he was so big and she was so small. He began heaving his chest up and down a little more as the hug continued, clearly sobbing into his daughter’s shoulder. After a few minutes she pulled away from him and gently sat him back against the couch. Then her father, Greg, finally opened his drunken mouth to speak,

“I couldn’t make her cum..”

Upon hearing those words come out of her father’s mouth she froze and stared blankly forward. She had never heard one foul word out of his mouth, not one. Now this. She could hear herself breathing, her own heart was beating in her ears. She was so embarrassed her cheeks were flushed. Then he continued,

“That’s why she left. I couldn’t make her cum. To be honest, I never had a clue. I thought I was doing fine. One day out of the blue your mom came to me and told me she was faking her orgasms for our entire relationship and she just couldn’t do it anymore. So she had found herself another lover to satisfy her needs. Eventually she developed feelings for him and decided to leave once you were an adult and could take care of yourself. I just thought you should know that it was all my fault she left. I couldn’t make her cum. I couldn’t make her cum….”

He continued on but she bursted out of her seat and basically ran up the stairs into her bedroom. She shut the door a little too loudly and leaned back against it. Her b cup breasts were heaving up and down on her chest with her quick and jagged breaths. She. Was. Horrified. Utterly horrified. She had never even discussed sex with her father, not even once, and now he was telling her about her mother’s orgasms?! He must be really drunk to go that far. She let the information sink further in. Now she knows that her father is depressed and alone because he couldn’t make her mother….cum?

She chuckled once thinking to herself I know how she feels. She then sharply chastised herself inwardly at bringing up her own horrid memories. She slowly made her way to sit on her bed while entranced. As she sat and tried to calm herself, the worst memory of her life unfolded in her mind. Red with embarrassment from the scene that had just unfolded and ripe with thoughts of her own shortcomings, her kocaeli escort mind delved into the abyss she normally kept so well hidden.

She is 13 and staring down at her own hand holding a very erect but still very insignificant penis. Her boyfriend, Jack, had been asking (more or less begging) her for weeks to do what so many girls her age had already surpassed: give him a hand job. After the constant teasing from her female friends and the slaughter of her will to resist the boy she felt she truly loved at the time, she had given in and attempted something she had barely any knowledge of.

They had spent several minutes making out and drooling into each other’s mouth before the time had finally come. Jack had his pants and underwear off surprisingly fast and sat on his bed before her beaming with pride at this rod of power he possessed. Right away Carmen felt sick and scared. She always had a bit of social anxiety and was clearly awkward but she managed to navigate through school and hanging out with her friends pretty well. She could generally keep up with the rest of the group. However, she felt completely unprepared for this. She knew absolutely nothing about a penis. Had never touched one or seen one. She knew enough not to be an idiot but when it came to actually knowing what to do with one she was totally lost. She started breathing faster as her fear began to take over.

She mustered up all of her courage and reached her hand out to grab Jack’s penis. Then…well, what was she supposed to do now?

So she stared at it, and stared at Jack. She was lost. Wasn’t something supposed to be happening? Should she be doing something? Should he? Sweat started pouring from her forehead as she stared down her tiny devil. Then she started to feel sick. She knew she had messed up somehow, done something wrong. So she looked up at Jack with pleading eyes waiting for further instruction. He just stared back at her with a disappointed face. He was obviously let down by her lackluster performance. He hadn’t enjoyed his hand job at all. Carmen was certain the whole school would know it about it too.

She finally let go of his penis and turned to leave his room and get this whole night in the past. He just sniggered at her as she got up to leave.

“What are you some kind of baby? Everybody knows how to have sex and mess around. Do you live under a rock or something? Watch a porno and figure it out.”

She didn’t bother to finish listening to his insults. She ran out of his room and straight back to her house a few blocks away. Thank goodness her father wasn’t home at the time. She would have hated to accidentally let slip what had happened to her daddy. Her mother was there but she didn’t see her come in so she just ran into her room and cried for hours. Finally, her mother noticed she was in her room and came in to find out what was wrong. She covered pretty well as she explained that she had broken up with Jack and that was that. Her parents left her alone and didn’t pry too much. So she spent that entire weekend in her room trying to come up with a way to survive what she was sure would be the destruction of her reputation.

She shuttered as she sat on her bed and thought of her horrific experience from five years ago. She was so mortified by anything sexual now that she avoided it at all costs. She had recovered well enough from her embarrassing night with Jack by immersing herself into the religious groups in school. She had lost pretty much all of her friends from before but at least the new friends she made would never question her about sex or anything like it. They had all gotten promise rings the summer she turned 14 and vowed to save themselves until marriage. She would never have to worry about gross penises or hand jobs again. She never asked about sex and never put herself into a situation that it might come up in.

She felt oddly comforted that her own father was apparently kocaeli escort bayan just as terrible at sex as she was. Maybe she got this trait from him. Maybe there was just something wrong with the both of them. Maybe she should confide in him so he doesn’t feel so alone. Maybe they could help each other somehow. If she was honest with herself she could admit that she was still very intrigued with sexual things. She often found her hand wandering into her panties and fumbling with what she found. She always ended up feeling very frustrated after and utterly unpleased. It would be a lie to say she agreed with her religious friends that sex was wrong, she really just needed a cover to hide her intense fear of anything sexual. Many times she had tried to drum up the courage to investigate further or even push the limit with boys her age just to see what it would be like. Her fear always overpowered all of those thoughts and whisping desires.

If only she knew what she had done wrong with Jack that day. If only she hadn’t been so scarred by the experience. If only someone would show her and be patient and kind rather than mean and insulting. She found herself thinking of her father and wondering if he wished the same things from her mother. Why hadn’t she helped him? Why wouldn’t she be more patient and kind? Isn’t that what marriage should be like? What love should be like? Suddenly she felt very angry. Daddy was a good man and he deserved the chance to make mom happy. If she were in her mother’s place she would never be so dishonest or cold. She would help her daddy and love him.

All of this was too much for Carmen to think about right now so she just changed into her night gown and got herself ready for bed. Feeling guilty, she reluctantly took herself downstairs to say goodnight to her father. When she got to the couch she could see that he was still very drunk. She sat down with him and laid her head on his shoulder apologetically. She just wanted to sit with him a few minutes and enjoy the rest of her night. It was the first night of spring break after all. Her father finally broke the silence,

“Why don’t you have a beer?”

Shocked, she looked up at her father’s face to see if he was actually being serious. He smiled really big and said,

“Go get one from the fridge before I change my mind. You’re old enough to have some fun with dad. Nobody needs to know. It’s not even that late anyway.”

She was more than happy to oblige and decided to let her wild side out as she went to the fridge and got them both a cold beer to drink. She had drank a beer or two with her parents on very special occasions so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to have a few. They sat on the couch talking about nothing and watching t.v. while drinking beer after beer. She had a few and was already tipsy as the night wore on.

Before she knew what was happening she blurted out her entire embarrassing story to her father in an attempt to console him. When she finished telling him she just laughed and clasped his shoulder saying,

“Well, at least you know you aren’t alone daddy. Hey! I know what would be a great idea! We can teach each other!”

When she had finished her thought she burst into laughter at the thought of it. She could hardly contain her shame at the way she was talking, and to her father no less, but she continued on with her dirty joke…

“You know the mechanics and I need the practice too. Maybe I can help you get good enough to convince Mom to come back.”

She sobered up a little at her last statement. She was shocked to admit that she actually saw merit in her joking idea she had conjured up in her drunken stupor. It did make sense after all. Except for her actually being able to help her father. She knew absolutely nothing. There was no reason they couldn’t help each other out. She trusted her daddy more than anything and she knew he would never hurt izmit escort her. It was what she had wanted her entire sexual life really. She just needed someone that she trusted to teach her what was right and what was wrong; how to please a man.

She shook out of her deep thought and looked sharply up at her father to assess his reaction. She could be in a lot of trouble right now for talking to her father this way and for revealing what she had done in her youth. The look she saw on his face was much the same as hers just moments ago, one of deep contemplation. She started to feel real excitement. Maybe he was actually considering doing this for her!


She asked in her innocent daughter voice in order to stave off any consequences she might face.He shook his head a little as if to say no, no, no to himself. He turned his face to look at her and a small smile broke his lips before he said,

“Sweetie, that’s a very mature and grown up idea. I’m not sure if you are old enough for something like that.”

He tilted his head down for a moment as if deciding something and then faced Carmen again as he continued,

“In fact, this is something that has come up for many fathers and daughters before. At a certain age a woman becomes mature enough to start exploring her sexuality. Usually at that time she would come to her father to learn how to please her future husband. It’s not something many women talk about because it’s not something everybody does. Only the most mature and most promising young girls get taught by their fathers. It’s a bonding experience that they never forget. I didn’t think you were ready for something like that yet. Maybe I should consider it since your mother is gone. I can devote all of my time to helping you.”

He looked at her with loving and helpful eyes as she took all of the information in. She felt a little sting at the thought that her father didn’t know if she was mature enough for this. She was also hurt that she could have learned a long time ago and never thought to ask him. Maybe that’s where the maturity comes in. Being unafraid to confide in your father shows that you are ready to be taught. She still wasn’t completely sure she was doing the right thing. What could her father possibly get out of this? He would simply be doing more work for her and she would have no way to repay him.

“Daddy, what about you? I mean, I will learn so much but I have nothing to give you. I don’t know anything about boys or sex. What will you get out of it?”

She asked her questions and feared the responses but was hopeful her father would still agree to teach her. He raised his eyebrows and grinned widely as though he had just heard the punchline of a joke that she didn’t even know was told and wrapped her in his muscular arms as he replied,

“Baby girl, the only thing I need is to know that you have everything you need in this life. I would do anything for you, you know that? Besides, if we talk to each other maybe we can both learn something. We can both have a lot of fun getting closer to each other and learning about ourselves. I am just excited to spend time with you like we did when you were a very little girl and you used to always follow me around and sit in my lap.”

As he finished his last sentence he leaned his head down to kiss the top of her head. He inhaled deeply and rubbed his cheek onto her soft brown hair as he nuzzled her gently. Carmen was feeling very loved and comforted by the fact that her father would go to so much trouble just to help her with her problem. She was also very excited that she could possibly help him too.

They sat there like that on the couch for a while and she slowly began drifting off to sleep. Her arm slipped down to her father’s lap as she began to pass out and she felt a huge bulge pushing up against his pants. Without thinking she grabbed the thing and started to feel it whilst still drifting in and out of sleep. She couldn’t quite figure out what it was until she finally heard her daddy moan softly. Oh, she thought, that is MUCH bigger than Jack’s. How was she going to handle that? Then she passed out completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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