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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 6 — Just Visiting

After a late-night of dancing, fighting, the ER visit, then some quick fun with Kim and Carla and two pain killers, it is no surprise that I wake up to an empty bed. It is a surprise to find a box of donuts on the nearby chair, along with a dress, bra, and panties, a bottle of extra strength aspirin, and a bottle of sweating (it’s cold) water next to it. Oh, one other thing, my naked mother is curled up in front of me, in my arms with my hand held to her ample breast.

Just so you know, this has never happened before. This isn’t even a fantasy of mine, Carla is. So why in the hell is my mother naked in the bed?

Mom giggles, “Welcome to the land of the living sleepy head. Kim and Carla called me this morning and said you are asleep here and they are heading to the Bistro. I came right over. I sat here for an hour, naked and uncovered. I wanted to keep you warm, so I slipped in and pulled the covers over us. It’s been a very long time since I have felt this good.”

Mom rolls over, so she can see me. She looks so sad, she has tears in her eyes.

Mom’s voice cracks as she speaks, “I am … so proud of you. You can’t imagine … the horror stories … that went through my mind … of what they could have done to Kim and Carla.” She tries to kiss me strongly without touching my chest, it’s a struggle. “You think they loved you before, oh my, after last night, you are in trouble.”

Just thinking about last night, my cock got a bit bigger. I mean, my sexy mom is already in bed with me and we are both naked. She is 44 with long platinum blond hair, thin, but not like a teenager. Like a mature woman, she is a bit thicker with hefty breasts and lots of curves. She is thin from working out. She moves the comforter off us and my cock is standing straight up. Mom gives me a wicked smile.

She places her hand on my shaft and my member jerks from the contact. She uses a gentle touch to run her hand over my cock from the balls to the tip. It feels wonderful. She moves down a bit and then envelopes my cock with her warm and inviting mouth. I let out a long moan. Damn that feels awesome. Her hair and breasts are hanging down, I can’t see everything, but the show and the feeling are awesome. I can feel her hand on my cock, the part that isn’t down her throat, and her tongue is moving at an amazing speed.

No woman has ever gotten me so close, so quickly. No woman has ever deep throated my thick meat stick. Why is she doing this? It can’t just be thanks for last night. She is cheating on dad! Yet, she has already taken me into her mouth and is going to make me cum very quickly.

I yell, “Damn you are good. I am NOT going to last much longer, decide on a target quickly. Please.”

Mom pulls my cock out, catches her breath and then deep throats me again. I oblige her request and shoot what felt to me like gallons of cum down her throat. When the dribbling is all that is left, she pulls mostly off, so she can sample a taste and suck the last of my cum from my body. She pulls away, swallows, and then sits on her folded legs panting and breathing hard.

You know that look on a woman’s face when she outsmarted you and got exactly what she wanted and is thrilled to have accomplished her task at hand? That is what mom looks like. Dad would have instantly known what she did was wrong and killed her for it. But, he isn’t here, and mom is basking in her conquest, extremely proud of herself. I guess she just had a whole lot of itches scratched. Good for her. NO, bad mom! Good for me, she is fantastic.

However, she hasn’t finished. She moves around so she can see my cock and my eyes. She looks at my limp cock and then me, my cock and then me. She moves forward and wraps her lips around the head of my cock. Her tongue slowly cleaning my cock. She is taking her time. I can see her tongue licking my limp dick like a lollypop. Can you guess what happens to a sexually active male when a beautiful, mature, and naked woman, licks his limp member? That’s right, it’s no longer limp.

Mom smiles at me before getting up on hands and knees. She crawls up the bed with hands and knees outside of my body and my now very hard cock dragging down her body until I touch a tuff of hair above her slit. She looks deep into my eyes. She is searching for permission.

I am firm with mom, “Be careful of my lower ribs, they hurt a lot.”

What the hell did I just say? What happened to, “Mom, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Or “NO”. Either would have been smarter. Probably didn’t matter as she was taking me either way.

My words were her the signal mom wanted to hear. She moved up two inches and then squats down on her legs, lowering her hips. That means that my cock thrust up into mom’s cunt. She kocaeli escort let out an “ooof” like it was unexpected. Her eyes also bulge out. She didn’t anticipate my girth properly. She is far tighter than I expected. Slowly, she strokes up and down with her body. I don’t move a bit.

Her chest is hitting my chest. I love the feeling of her breasts dragging over my chest, unfortunately, that also places her ribs over mine and that causes pain, so I squeak and groan in agony. She freezes. I push mom’s shoulders up enough, so her body isn’t hitting my ribs. This is much better, mom continues fucking me.

I have had sex hundreds of times. I have been in this exact same position many times. It’s always good. This, however, is spectacular. Is it the incest taboo nature, the beautiful body over me, or is it the fact that I love my mother that makes this so much better than other times? I am more excited, and I know she is enjoying the hell out of this. With her eyes closed, I wonder if she is picturing dad in her mind.

Mom moans, “Oh John, this is terrific. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this. I REALLY needed it. John Junior fits perfect, hits all the right places, and he stays hard. When you are ready it’s ok to paint my womb, it’s safe.”

Mom is working hard, using her legs to push her body up and down. She is sweating and breathing hard. She labored to tell me she is safe. Normally I would give in and let her have the satisfaction of a good fucking. However, I don’t know if this will ever occur again, so I want to make sure she gets her fill. I can feel that she is ready, she is waiting for me to pop before she does.

My toes curled long ago, I battled hard to resist, but the visuals of her tits swinging are just too much and like a bottle of champagne, I pop, and a gushing stream shoots forth. Five massive loads of cum followed by some dribbles that she eagerly waits for, all shoot out of my cock. I know she can feel the first two blasts but then she zoned out. Her pussy clamps down on my cock. She freezes, no movement other than some twitching in her face and torso.

I gently allow mom’s body to fall on top of me. Her head is over my shoulder, laying next to mine. She looks happy and content. I have never seen this facial expression before. What will dad say when he sees this? Mom recovers with a goofy smile on her face. She sits up looking at me, I guess to make sure I am not freaking out. I should be, but I don’t. Hey, it was awesome.

She stands up, walks to the chair, gets the donuts, and sits back down again. I love donuts but don’t eat them often. I try to grab one and she slaps my hand. She picks up my favorite kind and then uses two fingers to pull a section out and then feeds it to me. OK, I can live with this. She uses one hand to feed me while eating another with her other hand.

Feeding me seems to amuse her like it makes me dependent on her, like I need her again. If it makes her happy, I can live with it, but I don’t understand. Do I really need to? No. Just one more thing I will never understand about women. I take solace in the fact that she thinks the same about me. I am just as much if not more misunderstood.

After breakfast mom gives me a pain pill and water. I don’t last long enough to see her fully dress. I fall asleep and will be that way for eight hours.

Chapter 7 — Home Again

About 6:00 PM Kim and Carla show up. They wake me up, it is OK because I was due. They help me get to the kitchen so we can eat some Chinese carry-out. It was good to be up and around. I am still sore, but I feel much better, I will try to avoid a pain pill at least until bedtime.

I start the conversation off, “So, how was your day today? Did the blog help at all?”

Kim is quick to reply and seems angry, meaning she knows about mom, “It was a slow day but there were more adults, I mean mature women today. It wasn’t the college crowd that we had seen so that was interesting. Far better than most weekends.”

She didn’t ask about my day, she must really be steaming.

I offer, “My day was mostly asleep. As you know, mom stopped by, I had breakfast in bed. It was a surreal experience. I go to bed with you two last night but wake up with my naked mother in bed with me. Did she tell you that part?”

Carla slams her hand down on the table, “How the fuck did you know we talked to mom?” That startled me.

She is mad, so I reply, “I could tell by the cold greeting you gave me when you got home. I have been asleep since she left so I can only guess she told you. Not one of my better moments. I could say she weakened my resistance by bringing donuts, but it was my fault. You can blame me. At any point, I could have said no. I don’t need your permission but with where things are going, it would have been the smart thing to do. Was I played or am I just dumb?”

They both answer, “Yes.”

I have finished half my dinner and now I am not hungry anymore.

I ask, “May I have my car keys please.”

Carla kocaeli escort bayan slams them down on the table.

I slowly reach for my keys, get up from the table, and walk to the door.

Kim asks, “Where are you going?”

I turn around and answer, “I don’t know.” Then I leave.

It’s a Sunday night, early still. I left my phone at Kim’s, crap. Oh well, it’s better this way. I won’t get disturbed and I can think. My ribs are sore, I should have taken something. Everything is a mess in my head. What do I want? What do I need to do? Who do I want to be with? Should I move out of the house? Should I move to a different school? I committed myself to help Carla. I have helped. There is more work to do still. Do I need to stay and finish?

I have no answers. I don’t know where to start. Do I go to class on Monday? Hey, dummy, you are on summer break, no classes. Do I go to work tomorrow? I am sitting here in a Walmart parking lot, parked, laying in the bed of my pickup truck looking up at the stars. It’s peaceful here but better not fall asleep here. Time to go home and get some sleep. If I am lucky I can slip in unseen.

I get in my car and it is 2:15 AM. No issue slipping into the house, they will all be asleep. I pull onto my street at 2:30 and of course there is one house with lights on. Can you guess which one? Oh, it gets better, Kim’s car is there too. Could it be the lights are on only for me? Yeah, right. You know, just two days ago I thought life was awesome. Right now, I am not feeling so lucky. I park on the street, so Carla and Kim can leave early in the morning. I turn off the engine and look at the house, I see the drapes move. Swell.

Time to run the gauntlet, walk the plank, meet my maker, dead man walking. Think that about covers it. I walk up to the door and pause as I hold the doorknob. I need to do this. I need to be a man. I turn the handle and open the door. I bob my head in and out quickly. No thrown objects hit me, that’s a positive. I look around the corner and all three, mom, Kim, and Carla are waiting for me. Not one of them looks pleased with me.

There is a chair in front of them in the middle of the room. I take off my shirt before sitting down. They look at me with a confused look on their faces.

I explain, “At some point one of you is going to want to hurt me. You can clearly see the black and blue spot where it will cause the most pain.”

My eyes are down, I can’t look at them. It seems Kim is going to be the chief interrogator.

Kim demands, “Where the FUCK have you been!”

I reply, “As I told you, I had no plan. I ended up in a parking lot, in the bed of my truck, looking up at the stars.”

Kim continues, “What I want to know is which house did you go to? Which one of your bimbos were you fucking tonight?”

Now defensive, “None, I told you, I was out driving around. I am trying to figure out how to fix my life, who I want to be with, and what I want to do. Should I move to a dorm or move to a different college? I don’t know. I have no answers anymore.”

Kim demands, “Prove it.”

Frustrated, I say, “You have my phone. There is a group called FB (Fuck Buddies), look at the conversations.” They all look at the phone.

Kim says, “It’s a lengthy list of them asking you for time to screw. Kind of proves my point.”

I turn the tables, “When was the last time I responded to them?”

They look, I say, “It says the first day I started work, doesn’t it?”

Kim tries again, “You have a car and lots of time. You could have driven over to them.”

I am tired, I concede, “OK, I fucked each one of them tonight. Happy? I got my rocks off, so I could forget about today. There, you happy. Now you can kill me.”

Mom pipes up, “In eight hours you ate four women to orgasm and then fucked them senseless, pumping your semen in the fifth woman today?”

I ask, “Is that so hard to believe from me?”

Kim seems sad now, “Why are you lying to us?”

I am annoyed, “I told you what happened, you didn’t believe me. I am sore and tired. I didn’t bring any pain medications, so I hurt. You know, I don’t need this crap.” I put my shirt back on, got up, and head for the door.

As my hand touches the door’s handle, Kim says, “I have your pain medication.” She held it out to me.

I hesitate but walk back to get it and then walk into the kitchen to get water. I take a pill and water. I walk back to the front door.

Carla says, “You can’t drive after taking a pill. Ten minutes you will be asleep so come back and answer one more question.”

I pause. It would be stupid to leave now. I think I have been stupid enough today, time to stop. I sit back in the chair.

Kim asks me a simple question, “Who do you want to be with?”

I reply, “I don’t know.”

Kim follows up, “Do you love Carla?” “Yes.” “Do you love your mother?” “Yes.” “Do you love me?” “Yes. No. I don’t know.”

Mom quips, “Yes you do.”

I am unsure now, “I thought I did izmit escort but I have feelings for you and Carla as well. I can’t love three women, that’s just being indecisive. What does each of you want? How do I fix this huge mess I created?”

Mom suggests, “His eyes are closing. Do we tie him to the chair and beat him or help him to bed?”

Kim’s eyes flared with anger.

Mom laughs, “Sorry Kim, I was just joking. I will lock up, you two get him to bed and be careful with our prisoner. He is still very cute.”

I am led upstairs to my bed and sat down. They strip me and put me in my bed. Carla heads to my door while Kim starts undressing.

Carla looks at Kim, “Not coming to bed?”

Kim smiles, “Not tonight, I need to watch our prisoner, we can’t have your mother tampering with the witness.”

Carla smiles and waits for her friend to finish undressing. Kim gets in bed with me and I drape an arm over her body. Carla turns off the lights. Almost immediately I am asleep.

Chapter 8 — A New Beginning

It’s early Monday morning, the sun has just come up. There is a hand stroking my cock.

Kim, “Sorry, I guess I wasn’t careful. I feel like I got stabbed in the back, so I thought I might fix it.”

I am groggy but ask, “I take it you three had a conversation before I got home?”

Kim snickers, “You could say that. One look at your mother and Carla knew what you two did. She said mom hasn’t looked that happy in years. We were mad at your mom, we are mad at you, your mom feels embarrassed that we know. She doesn’t feel embarrassed for taking you, just for us knowing. Then we start to worry about what you might do.”

I assure her, “I try to do the right thing. I try to help people. I try to be a decent person. I sometimes fail miserably, like the way I have treated you three. I am not going to kill myself for my behavior. I will move away first which I think might be the best thing for me to do. Then you all can move on with your lives.”

Kim asks a valid question, “What did you do wrong?”

I am shocked by her question, “I fucked my mother, I was willing to fuck my sister, and I fell in love with my sister’s best friend which will eventually ruin your relationship. My parents could end up getting divorced all because of me. I was a child and thought about what I wanted and not how it might affect others. Did I do anything right?”

Kim replies, “I think your parent’s issues existed with or without you screwing your mom. You just made her VERY happy. She might stay with your dad because this side of her life is being satisfied now. Carla is gorgeous. She loves you. If you didn’t love her, I would be seriously worried about you. I really don’t want to give up Carla, but you have become a huge part of my waking life.”

Kim looks sad now, “To most guys I am an object that should look pretty and be quiet. I exist to please them and fuck them. You have always made me feel differently, like I’m the most important person in the room. You listen to me. Nobody does that, not even Carla. You stood up for me. You eat a mean pussy too. I can’t live without you anymore. Yes, I love your sister and I know how your mom feels about you, so I don’t want to stand in their way.

“Part of me says I should run away and leave you all to be happy. Part of me says I should share you. Part of me wants to horde you all to myself. With sharing I still get my time with Carla. Right now, I don’t feel like sharing.” Kim rolls me onto my back and she is straddling my stomach. “How did your mom do it and not kill you?”

I pull her towards me and push on her shoulders, keeping her off my body. She lifts her body up and allows her body to slowly descend on my shaft. She has a big “O” on her face. I am a steel bar of manhood. She feels tight going in and out. She has complete control of the speed and depth. Each stroke descends further into her honey pot.

Kim is loving this, “Oh John. Oh, John, this is gooooooood. I can’t describe how good it feels going in and out. You are bigger than any man I have been with. I know you are not doing anything magical, it’s just your meat stick standing tall and allowing me to savor the feeling. I could do this all night. I now understand your mom. She knew what it would be like because your dad used to be similar. There was no way anything was stopping her. I understand now. Oh my, how did she go so long without you?”

I cut her off, “When you are with me, it’s all about you. I will not discuss past, present, or future sexual encounters involving others with you unless you were there and saw it too. It’s not fair to you or them. Right now, you are the single most important person in my life. Nobody else gets to share this. If you choose to share with your friends that’s fine, but I don’t kiss and tell.”

I move my hands, so they are pressing her body up and partially grabbing the sides of her breasts as they bounce forwards and backwards. She picks up a lot of speed. She is breathing hard, she stopped talking, she stopped listening, she is in her own world. Even I cease to exist in her world. I am a human dildo with the sole purpose of pleasuring Kim. I do so happily. She sits up straight, trying to get more depth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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