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The story so far: Flying to the Caribbean to watch part of the England cricket tour of the West Indies I had met and made love with a married woman called Julie, and her twenty year old sister Sara. In between those two delightful events, both sisters joined me for an unexpected ménage-a-trois. The teenage maid Simone, changing the towels, had silently watched the erotic proceedings.

After spending a few horny nights together in my bed, Sara and I met up at the first cricket match with some old swinging friends. The foursome that followed was disappointing, unlike the chance meeting later that night on a darkened balcony. Bob and Catherine were from Montreal and anxious to try their first swinging experience. They were not to be disappointed! The following day, Sara and I both had sex with the vivacious black room maid, albeit on separate occasions.

8. A Sea Urchin called Helen

Sara’s sister Julie remained on Antigua, obviously the spark was truly reignited with her previous lover, and Sara and I continued to fuck daily. And yes, we did get to watch some more cricket, the whole point of being here! This match was to be played on the second leg of our tour, on St Lucia where, on the last two days Julie rejoined us ready for the flight home. The two girls went off to the shops together, limited though they were in the little town of Castries. I chose to relax on the beach and grab the final bit of tan, and admire the scantily clothed female scenery.

Two familiar female forms who were sprawled on their backs nearby. I recognised them from Barbados, they were obviously on the same cricket tour. Neither of them could have been more than seventeen and had been accompanied by two lads of similar age. There was no sign of the male complement today.

I caught the eye of one of girls as she turned over to bake her back, her bare ass cheeks separated by the thinnest string of black material, framing the outline of her plump pussy deep beyond. I hoped some conversation might lead to an equally revealing front view! “Where are your boyfriends?” I asked.

“Gone to watch the nets, whatever that means,” she replied with a strong New York accent, peering over her enormous designer sunglasses. They were tinted two shades of orange and reminded me of Elton John.

“It’s where they practice for the match tomorrow,” I explained, “You have a better chance of meeting the players.”


She stretched out a formal hand, “I’m Helen and this is my cousin Janet.”

The second girl turned her head and sat up without smiling, clutching at a loose bikini top. Not that she had much to hide, her sunbathing partner was gifted with far more than her share in the breast department.

“Tom,” I smiled, admiring their young bodies, memories of my own youth flooding back.

“Hi, Tom, you enjoying the holiday?” They no longer had to squint, the sun had gone to lunch, hiding behind an ominous black cloud, one of many we had experienced this last week. I nodded with a grin.

“Thought so,” grinned Helen, the one with the tits. “We saw you on the balcony the other night.”


“Yeah, with a woman,” added the one without, with a hint of sourness to her voice.

Julie or Sara? Without thinking, I asked, “Brunette or blonde?”

“You mean you don’t know?” laughed Helen.

I grinned, with a pretence of embarrassment, “Depends which night, they were different women.”

“Oh, cool bastard! Blonde actually.”

Of course, I wondered how long they had been watching. So did Little Tom. In my CK’s he was taking considerable interest.

“So how much did you see?” I asked, now truly curious, that third night in the Hotel Hibiscus I had taken Sara from behind over the balcony rail. Or started to, until we had company.

“You were fucking, you dirty bastard,” spoke Janet in a matter of fact voice.

The sun reappeared and titless laid down turning her back on me. A rather nice ass I observed, making up for her lack of padding at the front.

“Yeah, we saw your dick,” laughed her cousin, as though the sight of a hard cock had been an everyday event. I was sure that mine wasn’t the first, especially with their looks, they were both slim and considerable sexy. And extremely fuckable, thought Little Tom, growing by the second.

I thought it prudent to remain silent and see where this was going, I hadn’t screwed a seventeen year old since I was seventeen myself! Helen later informed me that her cousin was indeed seventeen but she herself was a year older. I wondered if I was going be thankful for that snippet of information!

She with the tits turned to face me, her breasts beautifully tanned, and so very kissable. I imagined my erection sliding between them in a glorious tit fuck. Lucky boyfriends! I wondered what else these girls had seen that night. I was soon to find out!

“Then we saw that other couple come out on their balcony and start to fool around too.”

Catherine and Bob!

I nodded, “Yes, we saw them too.” I omitted the fact that soon after almanbahis their appearance the four of us were lustily screwing each other’s partner in our one big bed! “We didn’t see you though, where were you?”

“Room 1145, immediately above you,” muttered Janet, trying her hardest not to be part of this conversation. “We could hardly miss you, we had a bird’s-eye view.”

“More like cocks-eye view!” laughed Helen. Suddenly, the way her eyes darted from my face to my groin and back again, I knew this girl wanted sex, and it would be a case of telling Sara after the event, rather than requesting permission as we had agreed upon back on Barbados.

Janet, her head half-turned, actually managed a weak smile, “What is it with these islands? Yesterday we sat and watched a couple making out in broad daylight. In front of everyone. After all, sex is supposed to be for the bedroom. Fucking disgusting is what I say!”

I shouted across to holier-than-thou, “If it’s so fucking disgusting, why did you watch them then? And me and Sara for that matter?”

She muttered something under her breath and resumed her sunbathing.

Helen laughed, “Leave her alone, Tom, she’s not getting any at the moment.”

I gave her a salacious grin that said I could soon rectify that, but I fancied Helen much more, and I was getting signs that the sexual attraction was mutual.

“So this couple you saw making out, were they actually fucking on the beach?”

“No, not quite, I think they went to their room and did that. They were lying right where you are, Tom. But we didn’t see his dick though, not like yours!”

I laughed, “I’m glad you enjoyed the entertainment!”

Helen rubbed some oil into her cousin’s well-tanned back and giggled, “Only half of it though, we know where the other half was!”

So did I, with Catherine’s sweet pussy soon to follow!

“Where were your boyfriends, Helen?”

“They were asleep, totally wasted. Shame, because seeing you guys turned us on.”

“Speak for yourself,” muttered her cousin.

Persuaded by the keenness of Little Tom, I went for broke, “Were you masturbating then?”

“Mind your own fucking business, mister,” spat the titless one. So they were!

The image of these two young girls fingering themselves while watching my cock slide in and out of Sara’s eager cunt made my erection lurch visibly in my CK’s. For a mad moment I didn’t care if they saw. In fact I adjusted myself so that Helen had a side on view! She was not slow to notice it.

The girls started whispering together followed by a giggle, and I heard a faint, “Shall I ask him then?”

“Ask me what?” I laughed.

Without warning, both girls scrambled to their feet and squatted down on the very edge of my towel, close enough to touch, far enough away to escape. My adventurous mind wondered if they were considering a threesome! The transformation on Janet’s face was remarkable, I wondered what her elder cousin had said to her to arouse her interest in what was to follow.

Helen put her mouth to my ear, her breath warm with a hint of garlic, “We want to see your dick.”

Caught unawares, all I could manage was to ask why. I whispered back that a cock is, after all, just a cock.

“Because that other night it looked fucking huge and we want to see if it’s real, and that room maid told us too!” she replied huskily. If I wasn’t mistaken, this girl was on heat!

The reader may not be surprised to hear that I have been here before. Once in my young teens at school, a bunch of girls, egged on my girlfriend of the moment, had requested exposure of my unusually thicker appendage. Promised a hand job by the then thirteen-year-old, I had given in, only to be surrounded by peals of laughter. I was not amused, and my small fat erection had shrunk to nothing!

On a much more recent occasion, on a near deserted train to Newcastle, I had fallen asleep only to waken with a tremendous and very visible hard-on. The rather attractive middle-aged woman opposite, with a bemused expression had, after checking we were unobserved, requested a more revealing view of my excitement. Aware that I had been without pussy for several months, and like a fool, I agreed. Cautiously unzipping my pants, I produced my erect cock, wrongly assuming that at some stage in the not too distant future she would be agreeable to having it inside her.

“Very nice,” she had remarked, her eyes wide, “Much bigger than my husband,” and with that she got off at the next stop. As a consolation I enjoyed a quick wank at the first private opportunity at my destination, while deliberating on what might have been! Especially as I had more to offer her than her husband.

Added to those two occasions I have received envious glances from lesser acceptable sources, at adjacent urinals.

Helen was being persistent and looked around the beach, “Come on, no-one will see.”

But history had taught me a lesson. On this occasion, with these two young girls I would impose a special condition.

“If almanbahis giriş I show you my cock, you show me your pussies.”

Little Tom, now fully erect in his confined space, was all but displaying himself, the head millimetres from exposure. He now wanted his fair share.

Helen laughed, “Just like me and my brother when were little kids, “Show me yours, and I will show you mine!”

Janet however was not amused, she tore her eyes away from the bulge I was now blatantly displaying and eyed me with distaste, “Fuck off, no way, mister.”

I covered my erection with my hands, “Sorry, no deal then.”

But her cousin persisted, “Come on Jan, no harm in that, after all the boys see our pussies all the time. And don’t forget those photo shoots we did for that porn mag. Tom here is just another bloke. He’s probably seen loads.”

I nodded, but tactfully omitted that it was some sixteen years since I had seen a seventeen year old one in the flesh, the delicious cunt of Carol, moments before she’d slid it down on to my cock for my very first ever fuck.

Janet had her hands between her legs as if the bikini briefs were not enough to hide her treasure trove, “I’m not sure, Helen, what would Mike and Steve think?”

“Are you going to tell them? They didn’t tell us about those two girls they were snogging after the cricket. This will be our secret.”

God, I thought, anybody would think we were setting up a three-way fuck, this was only a cock flash! I put my foot down, “No pussy, no cock!”

Janet suddenly stood up turned away and, facing the sea, spoke to no-one in particular, “Sorry, I’m not going to do this.”

Ignoring her cousin, Helen stared at me as I crudely stroked my erection, releasing a visible drop of pre-cum into the cotton of my KC’s, “I’ll settle for one pussy for one cock.”

That was enough for her. She grinned, reached down and pulled the gusset of her bikini thong to one side exposing a beautifully shaven slit, the soft lips glistening in the sunlight. A small immaculately shaved triangle of pussy fur adorned her lower belly. I was hooked.

“Your turn, Tom,” she grinned at the lust that had taken over from my normal eyesight.

Checking for onlookers, I eased the waistband of my trunks down over the length of my throbbing erection. Little Tom did me proud, he was at full mast, and no wonder, he was in desperate need of pussy. Sara’s period had arrived and we hadn’t copulated for three days, and her ass was a little sore from my recent insurgence in there. As a result I had been restricted to blowjobs.

Unable to resist a peep, Janet looked over her cousin’s shoulder, and both girls’ eyes widened as I presented my cock and balls on full show.

“Fuck!” was Helen’s response. I was used to it.

“Shit, it’s so fat!” exclaimed Janet, her hands between her legs. I wondered what she was hiding. “How the hell do you manage?”

“Do you mean as in fucking?” I asked with a grin, lewdly stroking a grateful Little Tom. With mouths both open they watched transfixed as I squeezed out a further drop of love juice. Helen gasped when it dribbled in a long strand down on to the sand.

She nodded, “Yes, Tom.” Her cousin’s hand was now moving imperceptibly in her crotch. She was more turned on than she would admit!

Helen, her mouth still open in what I took to be wonderment, shook her head, “How can you possibly get that in a pussy, Tom?”

“Try me and see,” I laughed. Helen’s young honey pot was still on view, she’d made no attempt to cover it up.

“Right, that’s it!” exclaimed Janet. She turned around, gave her half-naked cousin a withering look and gathered up her towel and beach-bag. “I’ve had enough of this. You coming, Helen?”

Without removing her eyes from my cock, Helen replied, “No, I don’t think so, Jan, I’m okay here for a while.”

“Well, if Steve finds out, don’t blame me.” With a final glance at me, she stormed off. But she only got a few steps away. Thoughtfully she stared back at us both and then surprised us with a wide grin, “Have you got some condoms, sweetie?”

Helen looked up at her sweetly, “Why do you want those, darling? I thought you and Mike weren’t getting on?”

Janet laughed, she was pretty when she wasn’t pissed. “I meant for you, Helen.”

Helen shook her head, “That’s the last thing on my mind dear cousin, now fuck off and leave us alone.”

As it happened it truly was the last thing on our minds!

“What was her problem?” I asked, after she was out of sight, “It’s only a cock.”

She looked at my appendage, still remarkably erect after all the banter, “That’s not just a cock, Tom, that’s a secret weapon! As for Jan, her boyfriend has been ignoring her since Barbados, I think he has another pussy lined up. Don’t get her wrong, give her five minutes and she will be frigging herself silly. She’s a bit shy, that’s all.”

Helen’s openness surprised me, it must have shown on my face.

“Anyway, this is about you and me. You have a nice cock, almanbahis yeni giriş Tom.” She moved closer, I swear I could smell her sex, she was still holding her thong to one side. “I haven’t seen many but this is the prettiest.”

Pretty? A cock, pretty? That was a new one. I replied in kind, “And if I may say so, your pussy is very sweet.”

She looked down at her delicious little slit and parted the lips, exposing the soft pink flesh inside, already awash with her sexual desire, “Do you think so?”

“Oh yes, I have no doubt. I’m sure I have seen far more of these than you have seen cocks, and yours looks very tasty.”

“Tom!” she laughed with mock disapproval.

“Just an observation, Helen. I assume she has been tasted?”

She nodded slowly, and then came the moment which decided my fate for the next couple of hours. Sorry Sara, we knew this would happen, only not quite so soon! Helen looked at my cock, and asked the obvious question, “May I?” I nodded.

She wrapped a small hand around my girth, grinning up at me as she tried without success to make her fingers meet. Questioning her eyes, my hand gravitated to her groin, and she nodded. As my finger slipped into her wetness, her next words surprised me yet again.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“Whatever gives you that idea?” I grinned, exploring her silky smooth flesh.

She laughed, “Oh, just this little thing in my hand has given me a hint.” I had dribbled yet more pre-cum into her palm. She looked down, “Plus where your fingers are.”

A couple with a young child chose a most inconvenient moment to invade our part of the beach and we quickly covered up.

“I fancy you, Tom!”

I stroked her dark curly hair, “I can see that Helen, but you are only seventeen…”

“Eighteen,” she corrected me, “Two weeks ago.”

“Okay, eighteen then,” I laughed with a secret sigh of relief, “And I am thirty two, doesn’t that worry you?”

“With that dick, Tom, who cares? Besides, my first lover was older than you. And he was far better in bed than Steve will ever be. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“I am nearly young enough to be your daughter, do you have a problem with that?”

I laughed, “No problem there, my current girlfriend Sara is only two years older than you.”

As if by unspoken mutual agreement, we were already packing up our belongings and making haste back to the hotel, the desire for each other’s body exceeding all common sense. Anyone with even an inexperienced eye could perceive the lust we had for each other and where we were headed.

“What about her? Your girlfriend? Sara wasn’t it?”

I told her about the open relationship Sara and I had just agreed upon and Helen whistled, “I think I would like sex to be with more than just one person all the time. I would love a relationship like that.”

I questioned her eyes as my arm gripped her waist, “Perhaps you are about to start one?”

In the elevator, she suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed me and my hands cupped her half-covered breasts for the first time, they were still hot from the sun.

Then she backed away, and studied me like the older man I really was, “Do you really want to fuck me? Or are you just being polite?”

I grabbed her hand and placed the palm on my erection, which I had hidden behind the beach towel, “You think this is politeness? Of course I want to fuck you, what sane man wouldn’t!”

“Damn, you feel huge, just how do you suppose you are going to get this thing inside me?”

“We’ll manage,” I promised, “No pussy has rejected me yet!”

We reached my floor and the doors opened, and this time, as there was no jealous couple to greet us, I pushed her up against the corridor wall and thrust my tongue down her throat. She responded instantly by pressing her belly against my erection, and wriggling against it. What this girl lacked in years, she certainly made up for in enthusiasm. As we tripped along the corridor, she confirmed this when I asked her how many boys she had been with to date.

“I’ve slept with eight guys, Tom, and probably sucked off a dozen more. There’s not much to do in the village where I come from.”

“Wow, when did you start, if that’s not too personal?”

“Blowjobs or fucking?”

I laughed, “Both?”

“I held my first cock when I was eleven, Tom, and sucked the same boy a year later.”

“Wow! That beats even me!” We had reached my room, and I fumbled in my beach bag for the key, “What about full sex?”

“Fourteen, although neither of us really knew what we were doing.”

As I held open the door for her, she looked reflective, “God, that’s five years ago now, I guess you would call be an old hand at sex now! What about you, Tom?”

I have been asked that question so many times that I have the answer ready on file, “Not counting you, Helen, twenty-three. And I didn’t get my cock sucked until I was thirteen.”

“Fuck, you must be worn out!”

I laughed as I unlocked the bedroom door, “Not really, most of them were in my teens. I tend to save it up now, I haven’t had sex for four days.”

She laughed as she surveyed the untidy room, it hadn’t been made up yet, “That beats me, “I nearly jumped on Steve as soon as I had seen you fucking your girlfriend that night.”

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