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At first Chet thought the older man staring at him from across the bar at the top of the cruise ship was Jamaican. The man engaged his attention because he had the most compelling light-gray eyes, which went really well with his silver-gray hair and the black suit with black silky shirt and black tie with a hash pattern of silver strands. But the thought that the man was black was partially because the man had been in the shadows. When he came over and sat next to Chet, the college student could see that it was just because the man was olive skinned and had a really deep tan. It had been a glint from the strobe light in the bar glancing off the man’s heavy, gold signet ring, which he wore on the middle finger of his right hand that had caught Chet’s attention in the first place. It was only then that Chet became aware that the man was watching him.

Chet had come up to the bar late on the night of the cruise ship’s departure from Tampa, Florida, for a five-day cruise to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico, to escape the razing of his fraternity mates. The whole fraternity was on the cruise for spring break, and they had dubbed this the “get Chet laid” memorial cruise. They thought Chet was the only virgin in the fraternity, and they had decided to remedy this on the cruise. They now were down in one of the fraternity guys’ cabin and gangbanging a drunken college girl. Chet had been dragged into the cabin and told that “this was his night,” but he’d managed to escape and had come up to the bar at the top of the ship where the rich, old people hung out. He trusted his frat brothers wouldn’t come looking for him here.

“Are you flying solo tonight, young man? Or do you welcome company?”

He had a smooth, baritone voice, and his speech was as refined as he looked. There was a bit of an accent. Something South American maybe. He could be an Argentine or a Brazilian. He must be in his fifties, Chet thought. But he was in really good shape for an old man. Chet was interested. He’d come on the cruise looking for something, but not for what his frat brothers were looking for for him. He couldn’t reveal his interests to them, of course. It was hard enough revealing them to himself. But he was pretty sure he was gay. He was sort of hoping to find that out on this cruise.

Chet actually had deeper hopes than that. He was sort of interested in finding an older man to take care of him. Studying sports management was OK—he liked all sorts of sports and they kept him in great shape—but a cousin of his was living with an older man and taking care of him physically and the older man took care of him very well financially, and Chet fantasized the possibility of doing the same someday.

Not that Chet was really up on what a life of sex with an older man was all about. He’d fantasized the act with another man many times—usually with an assistant football coach at the university Chet worked with who was named Bud and was in his late thirties. But his actual experience with it had been limited and fumbled. The previous summer he’d worked as a counselor at a boys’ camp, and the senior counselor and he had done just about everything with each other—kissing, hand jobs, mutual masturbation, and Chet had even gotten his cock in the other guy a little way—but neither of them had lasted more than thirty seconds at that. They had both been just too excited and inexperienced. Still, it told Chet that his interest was in men, not women.

Not that he’d ever let his frat brothers know that, if he could help it. It was such a bother, though, that they were determined to do something about it on this cruise. All of them, of course, fucked college girls like they were rabbits—and they were in what was a jock fraternity at Florida State University in Tallahassee, which was a major sports university. They could nail just about any coed there they wanted. Chet, a strawberry blond hunk, was as good looking as any of them. It was getting a little obvious that he was odd man out in the hetero college experience.

It was time for him to declare one way or the other, and if he declared the other, his days in the fraternity—and maybe even at FSU—were numbered.

“Sure, I’d like the company,” Chet answered, hoping that the trembling inside him couldn’t be discerned by the man. Chet found the mysterious man arousing, despite his age. He seemed so assured of himself and he was so good looking in a mature way, his chest muscles bulging under the form-fitting black silk shirt—in a muscular rather than a flabby way. And he didn’t seem to have any flab on his midsection either, although he wasn’t thin. He was built just like the FSU football assistant coach, Bud, who Chet fantasized about.

Chet had known that Bud had a younger man living with him, but the guy had been killed in a motorcycle accident early in Chet’s freshmen year. Chet assumed the relationship between the two had been sexual, and Bud was certainly a sexy guy and he and Chet got along real well, but Chet knew so little about these things that he couldn’t tell if Sakarya Escort Bud’s interest was just a friend-to-friend thing or if he was interested in more. Whenever Chet thought about his cousin’s arrangement of taking care of an older man, Bud was always the one who came to Chet’s mind. But he just didn’t know about these things.

“Let me buy you a beer,” the man said, flagging down a waiter and giving him a cruise card to charge it to before Chet could respond. “You are probably the youngest and best-looking man in the bar,” he said, turning back to Chet and touching the younger man’s forearm with that right hand, which sported the gold signet ring and had those long, sensuous fingers. Chet got the impression that the man was a sensory by touch person—a Mediterranean type. So, maybe Italian?

“You have a slight accent I can’t place,” he said, not knowing anything else to say under the circumstances. He took a sip of the beer the waiter had just brought as the older man signed the charge slip. It was his third beer, and he was feeling a little disjointed—and a lot devil may care. “Are you Italian?”

“No,” the man said, with a melodious laugh. “I’m Brazilian. My name is Julio. Yours?”

“I’m Chet.”

“And you are one of the many college students on board? But not a freshman?”

“Yes. I go to FSU—Florida State University. I’m a sophomore.”

“Ah, very good.”

“Yes, it’s a good university.”

“I’m sure it is. I meant it’s very good that you are older than a college freshman. Then I would have had to ask you another question.”

Chet turned to look into the Brazilian’s face, and instantly the light-gray eyes possessed his. There was a slight smile on his lips. If he had been asking Chet if he was old enough to have sex, he had covered the issue effectively and smoothly. Chet half hoped this was the case. He was still skittish, but he’d told himself he came on this cruise not to be, if the opportunity arose. He took a large gulp of his third beer. And then another one.

“Here, let me order you another beer,” the man continued. “I’m surprised you are up in the bar with the older people. I would have thought you’d be down in the main disco having a hot time dancing or already down in one of the cabins with a young woman. You are a strapping young man; very sexy. I imagine you have no trouble luring a young woman to one of the cabins.”

“I’m with a fraternity—a fraternity of college athletes—and I’m sure that’s what they are doing.”

“Ah, yes, I saw you with a group of other beautiful and muscular young men at the pool before we sailed this afternoon. You are perhaps a champion swimmer or a football or basketball player?”

“None of those, actually. I’m in sports management, but I do play all of those sports. I’m just not on the varsity teams or have an athletic scholarship like most of my fraternity brothers.”

“And these fraternity brothers are, perhaps, down in the cabins now having their way with young women?”

Chet gulped the last of the current beer, and Julio snapped his fingers. A waiter materialized instantly, and Chet had another beer in front of him.

“Just with one, actually,” he answered. The beer was loosening his tongue as well as his inhibitions.

“Several young men fucking one young woman. What do they call it? A gang bang?”


“And they wanted you to do that too?”

“Yes,” Chet admitted, after taking a gulp of beer. “They wanted me to fuck her too. They are calling this the ‘get Chet laid’ cruise. That’s my name, Chet. Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself earlier.”

“No matter.” Julio put a hand on one of Chet’s thighs above the knee, and applied a bit of pressure. Chet felt the touch go through his body with an electric jolt. He took another swig of the beer.

“But you didn’t want that sort of sex, did you?” Julio asked. “You wanted something else. Perhaps something with an older man. An experienced man, perhaps?”

“Perhaps,” Chet answered in a small voice.

“Tell me, do you like to fuck men or do you like men to fuck you?”

Chet was in the middle of downing more beer and he snorted a bit up into his nose and had to stop and cough and sneeze.

“I’m sorry, have I offended you?” Julio asked. His hand had gone higher on Chet’s thigh.

“No, you haven’t offended me,” Chet answered, determination in his voice. Julio’s palm went to Chet’s groin and cupped his package. Chet felt his legs go to jelly and he softly moaned.

“So, the question I asked then.”

“I don’t know. I don’t really know what I like.”

“Ah, little experience in what you want?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. But that’s right.”

“Oh, that’s very lovely. Willing, though, are you? To explore the options?”


“With another man?”


“With an older, experienced man?”


“You’d like to experience it all? Then you can decide what of it you want?” The Brazilian was letting his fingers move lightly along the line of Chet’s Adapazarı Escort cock inside the material of his shorts and then back up to the root. Down again and then up. It was be difficult for Chet to get any harder.

“Yes.” It was barely a whisper.

“Then, if you come with me, we can find out. I really am very good at both giving and taking. You will come with me, won’t you?”

“Yes, I’ll come with you,” Chet answered weakly, all of his attention going to that palm now holding and slightly squeezing his package. There was no hiding from Julio that Chet wanted it.

“Then drink up your beer and come with me. I think we will take a stroll on the swim deck. It should be deserted at this late hour.”

“So, we’re going to . . .”

“Yes, Chet, we’re going to fuck.”

Chet shuddered, but he downed his beer and rose unsteadily on his feet.

* * * *

Julio stopped at the side of the darkened swimming pool and drew Chet into an embrace.

“Has a man ever kissed you?”

“Yes, but . . .” The rest of his sentence was choked off by Julio’s lips finding his. He was being held close into the Brazilian’s chest by the embrace of one arm. He didn’t have to wonder where Julio’s right hand was. Although his ears were buzzing from the beer and the music from the disco below was wafting up to the deserted swimming pool decks, he could clearly hear and feel the lowering of the zipper of his fly. He jerked and tried, successfully, to move in Julio’s embrace, but Julio’s lips were forcing his open and the Brazilian’s tongue invaded Chet’s mouth cavity. Chet moaned at the feel of the grasp of Julio’s hand on his cock and the feel of the underside of the gold signet ring moving up and down on the engorging shaft.

Breaking away from the kiss but not the stroking, Julio whispered, “Has a man ever kissed you like this?”

“No, nothing like this,” Chet answered with a gasp.

“Do you want to stop here, or do you want more?”

“I want it all,” Chet murmured. And he did. This is what he came for. And Julio was so sophisticated and seemed to be rich. Maybe Chet’s dream for the future . . .

* * * *

Chet was arching his back on a lounge bed on the upper level of the pool area in a hidden area tucked around at the side of the climbing wall. His mouth was open and slack as he panted heavily, in awe and climbing to the clouds in ecstasy. His hands were gripping and separating Julio’s buttocks as the Brazilian, reversed on Chet’s pelvis, rode the young college student’s cock. Julio’s arms encircled Chet’s muscular thighs and calves in a bent position, with Chet’s feet flat on the opposing edges of the lounge bed, and Julio’s torso arched away from Chet’s head between the bent legs. Julio was doing all of the work of rising and falling on Chet’s cock, which the Brazilian had sheathed with a condom.

Trying to hold his ejaculation, Chet concentrated on the whiteness of the Brazilian’s globular buttocks, clearly showing the tan lines of a bikini bathing suit. But in his excitement, he couldn’t hold himself long and filled out the bulb of the rubber. Never had he been clutched and taken so deep. This was heaven. It was truly child’s play he had been engaging in at the instigation of the senior camp counselor.

Julio rose off the cock, hopped off the lounge bed, and swung around between Chet’s spread legs. “Now I fuck you.”

The tan lines that had mesmerized Chet from the Brazilian’s rear, had the same effect from the front. If anything, it made Julio’s erect cock seem larger than it possibly was. The cock was sheathed already.

Chet moaned. “Oh, god, you’re going to do it, aren’t you? I haven’t . . . be good to me. I haven’t—”

His speech was stopped by Julio’s possession of his mouth with his as he crouched over Chet’s torso between his spread and bent legs. One of the Brazilian’s hands gripped the nape of Chet’s neck to hold him in place and, while still searching Chet’s mouth with his tongue, his right hand slipped the condom off Chet’s cock and tossed it aside. He gripped the two cocks together and stroked them. Chet was writhing under him. Julio pulled out of the kiss and whispered in the smooth, rich, slightly accented baritone of his, “Calm down, son, I will be gentle with you the first time and then I will give you the experience of what real fucking is.”

The first time! raced through Chet’s mind, but before he could react, Julio’s mouth had taken possession of his again and Julio had reached down between Chet’s legs and he was rimming Chet’s hole with the chunky gold signet ring.

Chet began to pant heavily. He lurched and broke away from the kiss as the ring finger, the middle one on Julio’s right hand, began working itself into Chet’s channel, searching for and finding, the prostate. “Oh, god, oh, god. Oh shit! Fuckkk!” Chet cried out.

With his left hand, Julio raised Chet’s right leg up his torso and instructed Chet to raise his left leg on his other shoulder, which the young man did, with Serdivan Escort a groan, all of his attention focused on the finger working inside his channel and the signet ring revolving around on the rim of his hole. Julio dipped down to kiss him again. Within minutes, Chet experienced a second ejaculation.

Julio broke the kiss and said, “Any man fuck you like this?”

“No, no one,” Chet murmured.

The Brazilian encircled Chet’s waist with his left arm and elevated Chet’s pelvis. Julio’s lips moved down to Chet’s nipples. Chet arched his shoulder’s back and sighed at the attention being given to both his prostate and his nipples. His eyes opened wide and he let out a little cry as the finger was extracted and he felt the bulb of the hard cock at his channel opening.

Julio kept his promise. He entered Chet slowly, giving him time to open further after the finger had done the initial spreading. When he was fully saddled, he raised up, his arm still under Chet’s waist and brought Chet’s pelvis higher, arching Chet’s shoulder blades back on the surface of the lounge bed at an acute angle.

He slowing began to pump and Chet moaned and groaned underneath him.

“Is this what your fraternity brothers are doing to young women in their cabins below?”

“Yes, yes, probably. Oh shit, oh, fuck.”

“And this is what they want you to be doing to young women down there too?”

“Yes, probably.”

“So, do you want to go below now? Or do you want one of those young, hung hunks fucking you?”

“No, no. I want you. Fuck me!”

Julio complied, muttering after having taken several strokes.

“What? What’s the matter?” Chet asked in a frightened voice.

“Nothing. You are a natural. I was just expressing pleasure at how much you open up. You could take two cocks. You’re a natural.”

“Two cocks? Oh, shit.”

“No matter. Not tonight at least. But you did say you wanted to experience it all.” He went back to grunting quietly and working the channel with his cock, while Chet moaned and writhed in slow motion under him. He didn’t go to completion inside the passage, though, at this point. Julio pulled out of Chet’s channel and slipped the condom off. “You wanted it all. I’m going to cream your face and you’re going to clean my cock.”

Chet looked on with eyes wide open, and Julio stroked his cock, let Chet’s ankles slip off his shoulders and his feet lower to each side of the lounge bed. Julio moved his body up to where he was standing, feet on either side of the lounge bed, at Chet’s waist. He ejaculated his cum onto Chet’s face and then lowered his cock and pushed it between Chet’s lips. Wanting it all, and overwhelmed at getting so much of it at one time, Chet opened his mouth to the cock.

When Julio rose up, he stayed standing over Chet’s pelvis and smiled down on Chet as he continued stroking his cock. Chet looked on with wonder at the still-hard dick and the ball sac, emphasized by the tan lines of the man’s pelvis. His body was magnificent—not just for a man of his age, but for a man of any maturity. His black chest hair, with just a hint of gray that shimmered in the moonlight, swirled around his pecs in silky curls and ran down his sternum and belly into his pubic hair.

Admiration for the man’s virility transitioned into realizing that the man had just fucked him in the ass and had shot off, but was still hard. Was he using Viagra, Chet wondered. Then, with a moan, the commercials warning of four-hour hard-ons with Viagra entered his mind.

Almost on cue, he saw Julio picking up another condom packet. “Now I fuck you again. A real fuck.”

“Oh, shit.”

Chet was on all fours on the surface of the lounge. Julio, standing behind Chet and between his legs, had his left arm under the young man’s belly again, holding him in place. The Brazilian was cupping Chet’s chin and arching the young man’s torso back to him. He was pounding Chet’s channel hard and deep as Chet, screaming, but unable to fully vocalize because his mouth was stuffed with his underpants, writhed and took his first real total fuck.

When he hobbled back to his interior cabin on Deck 2, which he shared with his best friend in the fraternity, Pat, Chet tried to be quiet, but that just wasn’t possible in a pitch-black interior cabin at night. When he stumbled over a chair, a bed light came on and Pat sat up in bed, bleary eyed.

“What time is it?”

“You don’t want to know,” Chet whispered, looking beyond Pat, who was naked down to where the covers started, to the lump of the sheets on the other side of him in the twin bed. There was flowing blond hair.

“Did you do it? Get laid?”

“Maybe,” Chet whispered. Pat wasn’t like the other frat brothers. He was a no-share guy. That girl in his bed would have been his alone tonight and he wouldn’t have been involved in the gang bang the other guys had tried to rope Chet into. He probably wouldn’t even know about it. He did his own hunting and his own screwing. Of course he did as much screwing as any of the other guys.

“You know the guys aren’t going to take a ‘maybe,’ don’t you?”

“I’m gonna take a shower, but you want me to find someplace else to sleep?”

“Naw, it’s all good. I know you won’t want a piece of this one. That’s why we’re rooming together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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