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It had been a hell of a day. It had started when her PA called in sick. Her meetings seemed to have all run over. She had bawled out a supplier for incompetence. Then to cap it all the trains were delayed.

She was seething as she headed home from the station. She walked up the path to the door trying to calm down before she got into the house. She inserted the key into the lock, took a deep breath and tried to force calm and good humour to reappear.

She went through the door dropping her designer briefcase in the hall and pulling off her coat. She smoothed down her skirt and ran her fingers through her hair before heading into the sitting room come office where he was sprawled on the sofa, typing on his laptop, naked except for some old faded jeans.

“How are you sweetheart?” he looked up from his laptop smiling, “glad your home.”

She tried to smile back but struggled to maintain the illusion of being calm and in control.

“Oh bad day? I’m sorry darling.” He said seeing her face.

“Its been full of arseholes,” she spat out the word seeming somewhat incongruous with the groomed conservative image.

He got up and walked over to her brushing the top of her hair with a kiss as she admired his long hard body.

“Well your home now and I’m sure I can help you to relax,” he said as she leant against him and he wrapped his arms round her, holding her and soothing her.

Her blackberry rang then, the shrill noise cutting across the silence.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, “can’t they manage anything without me?” She grabbed it and looked at the phone. “Its an important supplier, I need to get this. Sorry.”

“Go right ahead,” he said a note of exasperation entering his voice. To many of their evenings seemed to have been interrupted like this recently and it was getting old.

“Yes,” she hit the button to pick up the call. She listened for a moment before embarking on a string of quick brusque responses. Her fingers ran unthinkingly over her pearls, playing with them, twisting them, clearly displaying her irritation.

He reached out and helped her pull off her suit jacket as she talked. Her white blouse was just fractionally to sheer, he could see the lace of her white bra if the light caught her right. Her long legs were covered by a fitted black knee length skirt, her legs covered in sheer hold ups with her feet encased in black patent high heeled stilettos. He admired her legs as she paced the room, her breasts karabağlar escort bayan jiggling as her hands waved in the air as if the person on the phone could see her gestures of irritation and explanation.

He went into the kitchen and filled a glass with her favourite red wine, taking a mouthful himself and savouring it. As he walked back into the room he took a good hard look at her and realised that there was no panty line. He smiled. So she had spent the day in the office with no panties then. She really could be a dirty girl at times and he loved her for it. He imagined her sitting back in her big leather chair, her skirt slid up and her fingers playing with her clit, sliding in and out of her pussy as she made herself come. Occasionally she even called him up to tell him what she was doing which drove him crazy. He found himself getting hard, his cock responding to the image of her masturbating as it always did.

He handed her the wine and she smiled in appreciation and took a mouthful. He walked behind her and held her against him his hands sliding round under her arms to caress her full breasts as he nuzzled her neck. She inhaled hard and her wine nearly spilt as he caught her off guard. She turned her neck trying to catch his eye but he resolutely ignored her stroking the soft flesh with his fingertips. His fingers found her nipples and squeezed hard knowing that it would send darts of pleasure right through her connecting her nipples with her cunt.

“Uh, oh, yeah,” she said into the phone, clearly distracted from whatever had been said by his fingers.

He came around to front of her and started to undo her blouse. She took a large gulp from the wine and put it down trying to brush his hands away. He just smiled at her and carried on. Pulling the blouse open he reached into her bra, grabbed her breasts and pulled them over the cups of her bra. Squeezing them he bent his head to them and flicked first one then the other nipple with his tongue. Her breathing speeded and became slightly deeper. As she tried to push his head away he wondered if the person on the other end of the phone had noticed the change.

He pulled his tongue away from her breasts reluctantly and raising his head looked into her eyes.

“Going to be long?” he mouthed.

“Don’t know,” she mouthed back, “behave.”

No chance of that happening, he wanted her and she needed to learn that just because she was busy escort karabağlar didn’t mean he planned to wait.

He knelt down in front of her and hitched up her skirt, inhaling her scent as he bared her pussy. Her thatch of dark hair was flattened from the fabric but a slight trickle of her wetness was already visible on her thighs.

“No!” she mouthed in desperation as he looked up into her eyes.

He smiled wickedly back at her and then buried his face against her, his tongue finding her clit, playing with the ring in her clit hood rubbing it against it. Her legs buckled slightly and he held her hips tightly as he worked her clit. He slid his tongue down sliding it inside her, drinking her in, stabbing it in and out of her pussy, intoxicated by her taste. He felt his cock growing very hard now, constricted in his jeans. Sliding a hand down he undid the buttons and allowed it to spring free, sliding his palm across the head spreading the pre cum that was already there over it enjoying the feel of skin on sensitive skin.

He could hear her trying to maintain her conversation and struggling, her answers becoming increasingly monosyllabic. Her hips were moving involuntarily against his mouth as he began to tongue her clit again. He realised how close she must be getting close to coming and he speeded his movements wrapping one arm around her hips and ass to hold her and slid the other between her legs. His fingers paused at her entrance, just teasing for a moment. She was so wet from her juices and his tongue he had no difficulty sliding all four fingers inside her, filling her. He instantly felt her muscles contract at the sensation and he heard a groan escape her lips. Her legs started to buckle and he held her tight against him, his tongue working hard at her clit as his fingers fucked her hard, juices oozing down them.

“I’ve got to go,” he heard her say breathlessly into the phone, “something has, uh, come up. I’ll get back to you.”

She cut the connection and the blackberry dropped onto the floor. She held his head, one hand on either side of it, pulling him harder against her cunt, grinding against him.

“Ohhhh fuck yes,” she gasped arching her hips against his face, holding him on her, almost smothering him with her pussy. “Yeeeeessssss,” the word escaped her in a long gasp as she came violently her hips bucking wildly against his face, her muscles clenching around his fingers.

He held karabağlar escort her tight, keeping her standing as the waves of sensation and pleasure broke over her and he felt his cock twitching in response. He pulled his mouth from her cunt and looked up into her eyes.

“Bend over that desk now,” he ordered and stood pulling off his jeans his cock rock hard and his need for her urgent.

She leant over the desk, staring out of the window, watching his reflection in the glass as he came up behind her, his cock clearly visible standing to attention. Her shirt was still on, tits hanging over the lace of her bra and pressing hard against the wood of the desk. Her skirt hitched up around her waist she looked so sexy, so wanton, high heels still on, her spread legs encased in black lace topped hold ups dark against her pale flesh. Her rounded ass was positioned on the edge of the desk, her pussy glistened with her wetness, open, waiting to be filled.

He felt his cock twitch again and knew this would not last long. Coming up behind her he slid his length into her right to the hilt, not being gentle just taking her. He pulled right back to the head and then slammed into her in again feeling himself enveloped, wrapped in her warm wetness. She moaned as he did, gasping with each stroke, meeting every thrust, her need as urgent as his. He slapped her ass making her jerk against him even harder at the sensation and admired the red hand print he left on her skin.

“Thats it, fuck me, show me how much you need my cock,” he said, his breathing hard and fast now.

“Oh god, yes fuck me hard,” she begged, “I want to feel you come inside me.”

He placed his thumb against the puckered entrance to her asshole and pushed against it forcing through its resistance. She screamed feeling herself being stretched painfully and he jabbed it in to her pumping, matching the movements of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as the pain turned to pleasure at this unexpected intrusion.

“Fuck yes, yes, yes,” she gasped holding onto the desk as he buried himself inside her.

Within seconds he felt her starting to come again, crying out as she milked him with her muscles. He rammed himself hard into her pussy and pushed his thumb further into her ass, twisting it before pulling out it completely. Her body bucked wildly and he exploded inside her, filling her as he felt like she was squeezing him dry.

He collapsed down on her, their bodies slick with sweat pinning her to the desk with his weight as her blackberry rang again.

“This time, let them wait,” she murmured.


Authors Note – Inspired by my fantasies about who and what could be waiting for me when I get home after a long hard day at work and an eternal fascination with being bent over the desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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