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Tennis practice had been rough again. Coach had made the team run laps and do sprints the whole 2 hours. Some of the other guys were pissed. Robbie Lowell summed up the sentiments of a few of the boys when he said “What the hell is the point of practicing without our rackets?” Others nodded in agreement. Dan Grover quashed that nonsense pretty quickly. A senior and 18, he was also the captain of the team, and had waited a long time to be in charge of the team. “Shut the fuck up, Rob. If you guys would have ran over the off-season like I told you to, then maybe you wouldn’t be dragging ass out there. Shower up, go home, and be ready to run your asses off again tomorrow.” He stood there staring at Robbie. Robbie may have wanted to start something with Dan, but he wasn’t about to fuck with those eyes. He grumbled something, and walked off towards the showers. Dan went to go talk with Coach about today’s practice.

When he came back from the office, most of the guys were already gone, and the rest were getting dressed. “Let’s go, guys,” Dan said clapping his hands. “Maybe we should practice showering and dressing tomorrow, too, seeing how fucking slow you guys are at that.” He laughed, and went over to some of the sophomores trying out for the team. He gave each of them some individual encouragement. No matter how little praise or criticism he gave them, they seemed to really react to the charismatic captain. As the last of the team walked out of the locker room, Coach came up to Dan. “Listen, I need to get out of here. Lock up when you go. Good practice Dan.” They said their good-byes, and Dan went to his locker to get undressed. Walking into the shower, he sighed as the hot water hit his tired muscles.

He couldn’t help thinking about the upcoming season. Last year he had lost the second singles county championship in the final set, and he was driven to take what was rightfully his. As such, he had spent the time leading up to his senior season working out and practicing, starting from the day after the last match. His junior year, he had been a slim, five-foot, eleven scrapper, with a soft second-serve and an inconsistent backhand. He hit the gym hard, and by the time he entered his senior year of high school, he was ripped. Not only did he put on weight and muscle, he also gained 4 inches, and drew a lot of stares from the people who hadn’t seen him all summer. He was ready, and he couldn’t wait to avenge his loss.

As such, he didn’t hear the locker room door open. He didn’t notice anything until he felt a hand on his back. Startled out of his revery, he turned around to see something he was not expecting. Casey Arnold being extremely naked. “What the. . .” Dan stuttered.

Casey was a beautiful eighteen-year-old senior who had shoulder-length chestnut hair. Her petite canlı bahis frame was accentuated by a curvaceous figure. Her breasts were small handfuls, but perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body. Best of all, though, was her amazing ass. Round and firm, it seemed made for grabbing. Dan was immensely impressed, which was at the moment becoming very apparent.

“Um. . .you’re Dan, right?” Casey asked shyly. Regaining his composure, Dan responded with a nod. “Well, see, I’m supposed to come here.”

“What? Why? Huh?”

Casey giggled, and moved closer to Dan. “Well, I’m on the girls tennis team, and apparently there’s some sort of, um, tradition between the boys and girls teams.”

“What kind of tradition?” Dan asked, confused.

“Jaime said I’m supposed to come in here and. . .” she trailed off, blushing.

“I’ve never heard of it. You better get out of here, or we’re both gonna be in a lot of trouble.”

“Oh no, I can’t go,” protested Casey. “If I leave, they’re going to make my life a living hell.” Looking up into his eyes, she slowly smiled. “Besides, don’t you think I’m pretty.”

“Yeah, you look amazing, but. . .”

“Because I think you’re really hot,” and with that she reached up to his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers. Once their lips touched all resistance faded for Dan, and he aggressively pulled her to him. Shoving his tongue into her mouth, they kissed passionately, their hands roaming freely over each others bodies. Casey began kissing down his chest, marveling at his rock-hard body. Coming to his nipples, she playfully licked them until they were erect, and then nibbled and tugged on them with her teeth. Dan gasped as her sharp little teeth played with the sensitive area, and his cock responded accordingly.

Feeling his penis twitch, she kissed her way down his six-pack until she reached the top of his head. She paused as she finally took in a good look at his penis. It was enormous, to say the least. Eight inches long and very thick, Casey looked up at Dan’s face and exclaimed “Your dick is huge!” Laughing, Dan nodded, but he quickly turned serious. “Don’t just look at it, Casey. Suck it.”

A thrill went down her spine when she heard those words. She had never really talked dirty with other boys before. In fact, if a boy had told her to suck his cock, she probably would have slapped him silly. Instead, she delighted in this jock taking control, and was almost surprised as she let him guide her head down to his cock. She found she didn’t need any urging, and practically dove after it, licking off the pre-cum as it oozed out of Dan’s member.

Dan went wild at the sensation Casey’s hot mouth was making on his dick. It turned him on how willingly she obeyed his command, and seeing her struggle taking the cock into bahis siteleri her mouth turned him on even more. Having this sexy girl praying at the altar of his dick seemed perfectly acceptable to Dan. He kept a hand on her head as he began humping her mouth, using every ounce of his will to not come just yet.

“Yeah, bitch. Suck my cock, slut.” Dan kept up a steady commentary of the action. “You like my cock, don’t you?” Casey could only mumble her response, because she didn’t want to stop at all. She loved the meaty flavor. She loved how his still sweaty cock tasted in her mouth. She loved the way she was able to make this sexy tennis player feel.

“O god, yeah. Holy shit, that feels good.” Dan could sense the pressure building in his balls. “Yeah, bitch, I’m about to come. You gonna swallow my come?” Casey nodded. “That’s fucking right you are! Here it comes, here. . .it. . .COMES!” and with that yell he exploded into her mouth. She tried valiantly to take it all in, but there was too much, and she ended up spitting some out. When she took her mouth off of his cock, Dan was still coming, and Casey’s face got covered in his sperm. As the last spasm shook through his body, he looked down to see Casey’s face and chest covered with his come. He pulled her up to her feet, and began licking his own come off her gorgeous body. They kissed, their tongues once against coming together. It was now his turn to slowly go down her body, and he reversed their positions, so that her back was now against the wall.

When he reached her breasts, he grabbed them roughly and began squeezing them. He started to suck on her nipples and to lick the come off her chest. Dan found that he could get practically a whole breast in his mouth, and would take turns doing so, flicking his tongue across her nipples. Casey was moaning quite excitedly, every so often gasping “Yes! Yes!”

Having built up decent excitement with her tits, he moved down her flat stomach to find absolutely no pubic hair. She was completely shaven! Spreading her legs, he gently began kissing down the pubic area until he came to top of the labia. He kissed around the clit, but never directly touched it with his mouth, at the same time massaging her lips with his fingers. As his pressure increased, so did her moans, and he paused to ask her “You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes, O god yes, don’t stop. . .”

“I have no intention of stopping,” and with that slowly pushed a finger into her. She gasped loudly, and he resumed his ministrations with his mouth, this time including the clitoris in the action. “You taste so good,” he groaned, his face covered with her pussy juice, which was now running freely. He put a second finger insider her and really began fucking her with them. This was driving her crazy, and she began bucking bahis şirketleri her hips towards his face. Not wanting to get a broken nose, he removed his fingers, and before she could protest, spun her around so that she was facing the wall and shoving the fingers into her mouth. She sucked off the juice greedily.

Dan went back down onto his knees and once again spread her legs apart. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, he started kneading those lovely globes. “Your ass is beautiful,” he admired, and splitting the cheeks apart, began licking her sensitive anus. He had never tossed salad before, but this was an opportunity too good to be true, and he was not disappointed. Neither was Casey. As he ate out her ass, he replaced his fingers back into her pussy. This proved to be too much for the young girl, and she let out a stifled scream as the orgasm ripped through her body.

When it subsided, she turned around, panting. Grinning, Dan swiftly picked her up and before she could say anything impaled her with his huge cock. She screamed in pleasure again as her tight vagina swallowed the thick penis. Pushed up against the wall, she wrapped her legs around his waist and put her hands up to hold on to the shower head. Dan gripped her ass firmly and began pumping with all of his might, ramming his manhood into her liquid heat. No words passed between them now, and they both succumbed to his being inside her.

As the moment neared, so did their senses momentarily. “Oh shit, Casey, I’m about to come inside you.”

“Wait, Dan, I’m not ready yet. . .”

“I don’t know how long I can hold on . . .” he muttered, concentrating on not coming until Casey was ready to orgasm.

“Just a little bit, baby. I’m almost there. . .”gasped Casey, feeling the orgasm building inside her with each thrust. “I’m almost there. . .”

“Oh god. . .” cried Dan

“Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me with your cock! Oh jesus!”

“I’m gonna come. . .”

“Fucking come in me!” And with that Dan relaxed his will and felt the orgasm tear through his body as he came hard inside Casey. With each thrust his ass clenched, and he could feel Casey’s body tremble as wave after wave of her orgasm rippled from her pussy outwards.

After pumping his final spurt, he pulled his cock out of her pussy. Seeing his come trickle out of her vagina, he fell to his knees, and putting one leg on his shoulder, proceeded to eat her out, loving how the flavors mingled together. Still not completely over her previous orgasm, Dan’s tongue in her incredibly sensitive vagina set off new waves of pleasure. He continued to lick and suck until it became too much to bear for her, and she cried out “No more! Oh god, no more!” Reluctantly he stood up, juice all over his face.

Taking her wet body into his arms, he lifter her up for another passionate kiss. After a couple of moments like that, he let her go.

“Seems like an okay tradition to me,” he grinned.

“It’s not over. . .” smiled Casey, walking away from the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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