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All characters in any sexual activity are over 18.

This is a multi-chapter story so it begins slowly, so be patient!


My name is Michael. I turned 19 last month and still live home with my parents Lisa and Dan. I’d say I’m smaller than an average boy in my age (5 feet 7 inches/170cm and 140 pounds/63 kg). I think I’m good looking, at least many girls has called me cute. My hair is dark brown and shoulder length. I used to be a short distance runner until I quit two years ago so I still have a pretty fit body though skinny. My long legs look pretty athletic and my butt is firm and round. These past two years I’ve spent more time on alcohol and smoking than doing sports, which is a shame.

My 22 year old sister Bree is in college and visits us only on holidays. Our house consists of a kitchen, bathroom with sauna, living room and my parents’ bedroom downstairs. Upstairs we also have a bathroom and then there’s my room and beside it there’s Bree’s room. My parents have been thinking of making Bree’s room to a guestroom as she’s so rarely home these days.

I’ve been thinking of moving to my own place, but as I’ve been unemployed for three months now, those plans are on hold. I’ve been trying to save some money for college, but that plan fell apart when I lost my job due to bad economics in the firm.

I’ve had two girlfriends in my life, Rita and Kara. Right now I’m single. It was five months since Kara and I broke up and I haven’t been with anyone since then. So without a girlfriend and a job my days get very boring sitting around at home. That might be a reason for me drinking more than usual.

I have two good friends Joshua and Nick. We’re all born the same year and have been friends since high school. On a regular weekend I call them just to see who wants to go to a bar with me. It’s not hard to convince them to go to a bar with me as we’re all single.

All weekends these past few months have been more or less the same. It feels like they’ve started to repeat themselves.

When I least expected it my next Friday to come was going to be… different.

Friday March 6th

It’s Friday night and I’m entering a karaoke place called Bell’Amore with Joshua and Nick. It’s already 0:30 a.m. and the place will close in a couple of hours.

I better start drinking at a faster phase if I want to get hammered tonight I thought.

Before I had a chance to order anything I get a shot of Tequila in front of me. “Rounds on me” my buddy Nick shouts. The bar was at the center of the place with dark brown chairs and sofas along the walls.

An hour went by and we all had our rounds of shots and beers.

I started to get really drunk and so were my friends, because they were both singing karaoke. That only happens when they’re really drunk. They didn’t even bother asking if I wanted to join, as they know I have a bad singing voice even though that’s not required.

As they were singing a Bon Jovi song I felt an urge to pee. As I started walking towards the bathroom I noticed that the place was pretty empty. I also noticed how drunk I was as I almost tripped on a red carpet they had in front of the bar.

I entered the bathroom. It consisted of four white toilet stalls to my right. They all appeared to be empty. I chose to go to the last stall without any particular reason. The music volume was lower in the bathroom and I were able rest my ears for a moment as I was peeing. Damn it felt good to empty my bladder. Then I zipped up and flushed the toilet.

As I walked over to the sink to wash my hands I suddenly thought I heard something from one of the stalls, but I wasn’t sure. A sound I wasn’t able to identify either. I started washing my hands as a bearded dude came into the bathroom and went in to the first stall.

I was wondering about the sound I just heard as I washed my hands. I came back from my thoughts as the bearded dude from the first stall flushed his toilet. I started drying my hands just beside the bathroom door. The dude didn’t bother washing his hands and walked right past me out of the bathroom.

Just as I was going to take a step and open the bathroom door the sound came back from one of the stalls. I bowed down and looked under the four stall doors. I noticed four shoes in the third stall. One pair fronted the other. The sound started to clarify for me as I heard something of a suck.

Oh my God, someone is giving a blowjob in this bathroom!

I got very uncomfortable and at the same time excited being there spying on a guy getting a blowjob from a girl. Or at least I think it’s a girl!? It’s pretty hard to tell from those shoes, as I can’t see them clearly. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind as I suddenly found myself sneaking to the last stall where I just had taken a leak. The sucking got louder for every second and I got more excited by it. They probably thought I went out with the bearded dude and think they’re alone in here.

I got into the stall and as casino siteleri drunk as I was I was still able to silently closed the door. I was now standing on the other side of the wall of the blowjob couple. I stepped up on the toilet. Very slowly and quietly I raised myself closer to the edge of the stall wall while leaning softly against it.

I slowly moved my head closer the edge of the wall so I could get a glance at the blowjob couple. First thing I see is the top of a guy’s head standing while looking down. He appeared to be in his 40’s I’d say. I started to feel a little bit horny. I could feel that my dick was half erect by now. Do I dare to look completely over the stall wall? What if the cocksucker takes a look up? Then I’m busted for sure!

What the hell, I’m drunk, curious and horny. I want to see the action! I’ve never seen a blowjob live, so now’s my chance!

I leaned close to the wall and bent my head forward. There the cocksucker was with its eyes closed. It’s a guy!! What the fuck… It was supposed to be a hot chick! Now I’m looking at two guys in a bathroom having oral sex. I couldn’t tell the cocksuckers age as I only saw the top of his head and a mouth full of cock. Based on his clothes he was probably the same age as I. At the same time I felt disgusted that there was a guy my age giving a blowjob to an older man. But I couldn’t deny it that it somehow excited me also.

This was my first time seeing someone giving a blowjob. I can’t leave now in the middle of it. It felt like I’ve done a big effort sneaking here and taking a chance looking down at them without being caught.

The guy who was standing had a large 8 inch cock it seemed, at least compared to my 4.5 inch. He was really enjoying the blowjob. I could tell by his moans. He was probably trying to be quiet but couldn’t help himself. It looked pretty enjoyable as the cocksucker went pretty fast back and forth. Drool was hanging and swinging from his chin while he rapidly sucked the cock. The cocksucker was like a female pornstar I’ve seen in movies giving head without gagging. He was really good I thought!

What the hell am I thinking? I’m standing here with a full erection looking at two gay guys. I should be disgusted with this, and I am… a little bit at least. But I should be more, I thought. I’m a normal heterosexual guy. I shouldn’t get excited looking at two guys having oral sex. I felt really confused with all these thoughts I had of what I am and what I should be feeling. I tried to convince myself that it’s probably because I’m drunk and haven’t gotten laid since my girlfriend and I broke up.

I’m not the one giving head or receiving it. I’m not doing anything wrong or gay. I’m feeling really horny right now and noticed that my dick was bulging in my jeans. I quietly zipped up my pants and put my hand into my pants and took out my rock hard dick.

Oh God I’m so hard and horny! I started jerking myself off silently while looking at that fantastic blowjob. Only a minute had past and I hear the guy standing whispering “I’m coming”! Cocksucker started seriously deepthroating. The ultimate long moan came from the standing guy. He was shooting his load into the back of the cocksuckers throat. After a few seconds his orgasm had passed and he looked so relieved and calm. The cocksucker was sucking slowly the head while making sure he got every last drop of cum out of the cock. I was soon gonna cum myself. How am I gonna be able to have an explosive orgasm while not making a sound!?

In a blink of an eye my eyes meet with the older guy standing. He was looking up straight in my eyes. Being drunk and on a verge of orgasm my reflexes were severely slowed down. I ducked down on the toilet. FUCK!! He noticed me. Now what do I do? What if that guy tells my friends what I’ve done? My dick had softened the same second I got caught. I put my dick back into my pants fast and zipped up. I gotta move quickly back to my table and hope he doesn’t recognize me. I stormed out of the toilet stall and walked right out.

My heart was pounding like a son of a bitch as I walked passed the bar. It suddenly struck me that the older guy from the bathroom looked familiar somehow. Do I know him somehow? Oh my God, I hope he doesn’t know who I am! That thought went away for a few moments as I noticed that my friends where sitting at our regular table.

“Michael… Where were you” Joshua asked as I sat down at the table.

“Bathroom taking a dump if you care to know”. I thought it was a good reason enough for being in the bathroom more than a minute.

The guys laughed at my comment. I gave up a fake laughter as I was thinking about what just happened. Suddenly it struck me. Oh fucking hell no, I know where I’ve seen that face before. The older guy is my parent’s friend Karen’s husband. Karen I’ve seen plenty of times but him only once. I’ve always been to a bar or at friends place when he’s been at our house. The one time I saw him was a couple years back at home. My parent’s had invited Karen canlı casino and her husband for a few glasses of wine one weekend. I only saw him a few seconds in our kitchen as we introduced each other, but I don’t remember his name. He must be close to 50 by now I think? I pray to God he doesn’t remember me.

In the same moment I noticed him standing at the bar ordering something to drink. It started to hurt in my stomach and I was cold sweating as I looked at him. He had a short mustache, beard and hair. He was in a pretty good shape for a guy close to his 50’s. Looked like he had a flat stomach and wide shoulders too as I inspected his body.

Oh no. He’s walking towards me. I turned my head and started to look at a hockey jersey that was hanging on the wall, hoping he wouldn’t recognize me. The seconds felt like minutes as I was waiting for my destiny. Will he recognize me or just walk passed me?

Seconds went by and I dared to look back at the bar. I noticed he was now sitting at the other side of the bar alone with his beer. I felt such a big relief knowing there was now a much bigger chance he didn’t recognize me in the bathroom.

“It’s our turn… move” Nick said.

“Oh, yes, sure”. Took me few seconds to understand Nick and Joshua were gonna sing some karaoke again.

I got up and gave Nick some room to get out from the corner.

I sat alone now at the table and noticed they started to sing some country song I didn’t even recognize. I took the last sip from my beer and placed it down on the table. I took a look at my phone to see what time it is. It’s 2:07 a.m. I’ve still got time to order a few more beers.

As I got myself up from the sofa, there was a man standing right in front of me. It was him, my mother’s friend’s husband!

“Hi, remember me?” the guy asked.

“Hello… no, I don’t think so?!” Fuck me, I’m doomed I thought!

“You’re Michael, Lisa and Dan’s son! We met a few years ago at your house!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Now I remember” I said trying to look surprised.

“You don’t remember my name, do you?”

“No, sorry I’ve forgotten it?”

“I’m Joseph… people call me Joe” he said as he reached out his hand.

“Hi Joe, nice to meet you” I said just to be polite as we shook hands.

“Nice to see you again, it’s been a long time since.”

“Yes it has”. Did he just mean he hasn’t seen me in a few years? So this could mean he didn’t recognize me in the bathroom?! I started to feel a little bit relieved.

I talked with Joe a few minutes until my friends karaoke song was over.

“I’m gonna go and order myself some beer, it was nice seeing you” I told Joe, as I tried to get away from this awkward situation as soon as possible.

“Likewise. I hope you have a good evening” he said as he turned away and walked back to his stool at the backside of the bar.

I got to the front side of the bar and ordered a beer. Damn, I feel like I’d just won a world championship of some sort. I felt like a winner when he didn’t recognize me in the bathroom. Boy that was close. I don’t wanna end up in a similar situation ever again!

I got myself a beer and headed back to the table where my friends sat.

“Are you done singing karaoke for tonight?” I asked Nick who sat next to me.

“Yeah, we’re gonna go home after this drink” Nick replied sounding tired.

A couple of minutes had past and I noticed Nick and Joshua had emptied their glasses while mine was half full.

“Me and Nick are gonna leave now, I just called us a cab” Joshua said. They usually leave together as they live both on the west part of town, so it was fully understandable leaving together.

“Michael do you need a ride too?” Joshua asked me while putting on his jacket.

“Nah, I’m fine thanks! I’m gonna take the bus, it should be here in about 15 minutes.” The bus stop was just around the corner.

“Okay. See ya!”

As I said farewell to my buddies I now sat alone at the table sipping my beer. I looked around and noticed that Joe was gone too. I hope I don’t have to see that guy again. The buss is leaving in 10 minutes. I gotta take a leak before I go.

I walked towards the bathroom. There appeared to be only three customers left in the bar. Some old drunks I didn’t recognize. I opened the bathroom door, only one toilet was occupied. I walked to the last stall and closed the door. Someone flushed and I heard steps walking away. Someone was now washing their hands.

I was done peeing. I flushed and zipped my jeans. I opened the stall door and got pushed right back in by the chest. I almost fell down on the toilet seat. Right away I noticed it was Joe. I didn’t even have time to say anything before he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on the toilet seat. Right after it he locked the stall door.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said with a bit angry and surprised voice.

“Did you have fun here earlier tonight?” He asked me with a calm voice.

“Let me go!” kaçak casino I insisted as I tried to get up but got pushed right back down on the toilet.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“No! Let me go, right now!” I said with a little bit more volume.

“The problem is that you saw me doing something you shouldn’t have seen, and that leaves me in a vulnerable position”.

“Let me go, I won’t say anything.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You can, I promise”

“That’s the problem, I can’t. I don’t trust you”

“Well you’ll just have to!”

“I only see one way that can solve this issue” he said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“What the hell does that mean? I don’t have time for this kinda bullshit. My buss is leaving really soon, so I gotta go now.” I didn’t even have a chance to try to get up now as he had his hand on my shoulder pressing it down.

“We’re gonna finish this conversation before anyone leaves here tonight. If you miss your bus I’ll give you some cab money! Sounds fare?”

“Doesn’t sound like I have a choice!”

While I finished my sentence I noticed Joe had opened up his belt, and was now unzipping his pants.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Calm down boy. You put me in a vulnerable position by knowing what I did today. And that’s not fair at all. So I need to have something on you too boy, then we can call it even!” He said as he dragged down his pants just a bit.

“What the fuck does that mean? I ain’t doing shit like this, no way” I was getting really uncomfortable

He took out his cock from his pants. I only took a quick look at it. It looked to be half erect and quite big and thick. Then I looked back up in his eyes.

“I give you two choices. You jerk me off or you suck me off, what’s it gonna be?” He said with a demanding voice.

“No fucking way! I’m not doing this!” I told him while still looking at his eyes.

“It’s okay. Nothing bad will happen. You choose or I’ll do it for you!” He said while coming a little bit closer. Now his cock was already 10 inches from my face.

“Please don’t do this.” I understand why he did this, and what he told me was the truth. I could blackmail him with what I saw?!

“C’mon now boy. Pick one.” He was very slowly moving towards me.

“I can’t do this, please”. I said with a shaky voice. His cock was 6 inches from my face and I could already smell his cock and balls from here. I placed my hands on his hips and tried to push his body away from me without any result. I didn’t use much force when I tried it either. It was like I was giving up or wanted to be in this situation. My arms didn’t have any strength or willpower to push him back it seemed.

“I’m gonna make that choice for you now if you don’t do it yourself!” He said as he took his thick cock in his hand and slowly dragged his foreskin back.

I slowly raised my right hand and grabbed the cock gently. I’ve never had anyone’s cock in my hand before except my own. This cock was only half erect and already over 6 inches long. This whole situation felt very erotic and I could feel my dick growing.

Why the hell am I getting a boner of this God damn situation I thought for myself!? With a thick cock in my hand I should be fare from turned on. Why am I not?

“Good, so you wanna jerk me off?”

I didn’t reply to that. I just stared at his cock and didn’t even move my hand.

Suddenly I got a slap on my cheek. It was not a hard one. I was more like an attention seeking slap.

“Hey! When I ask you something you’re gonna answer! Do you wanna jerk me off?”

“Yes” I replied with a weak voice. Of those two choices this was an obvious choice.

I dragged his foreskin back slowly. Then again back towards me. He was getting harder by each stroke until it was fully erect. It was enormous and really hard. It was only 4 inches from my face and I was breathing through my nose so I got to smell all of his aromas.

“That’s it boy. You know what you’re doing!” He said with a calm, satisfied and whispering voice.

I raised the tempo of the jerking and he was moaning more and more. I noticed that his big balls were shaved as they dangled in the air back and forth. His pubic hairs were nicely trimmed. The smell of his cock made me hornier against my will and I was now sitting on the toilet with a fully erected penis in my jeans.

“Faster” He commanded with an exhausting voice.

It sounded like he was about to have an orgasm. So I started to jerk him off with a faster phase. I moved myself to the side. Hell I don’t wanna have a load of cum on me! I also directed his cock a little bit to the side.

“I’m coming!” He shouts while he shoots a big ass load at the wall and floor. I slowed down as he was shooting his last bits of load. I guess he didn’t cum so much as we already got the blowjob earlier today. Then I released his cock.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” He said while he put his cock back into his pants.

“Are we done here?” I chose to ignore his question.

“Yes we’re done. You did a good job boy! I trust you to tell no one about our little encounter here today?” He said as he put his shirt back into his pants and zipped his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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