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My name is Jim. I am a forty-year-old practicing attorney in Seattle. I live comfortably in a small town called North Bend. It is a beautiful place with all of the wonderful attributes that mother nature can offer. It is peaceful and pleasant. I have lived here alone with my only daughter since we lost my wife five years ago. It has been tough for me. I have tried to do all the things that a good parent should do. I spend most of my free time with Casey, my little girl.

When my wife died, Casey was just thirteen. She had been extremely close to her mother as had I. Loosing her left a huge hole in my life. I had served in the Special Forces in Afghanistan during the war. On leaving the military, I went back to school, took the bar and started practicing. It was hard getting a practice off the ground while being a single parent. Casey was great, for the most part. She did hang out with a few buys that I wasn’t too fond of her seeing. And, I later learned that she had been having sex since she was about sixteen. We worked through it all and I was careful not to judge her or punish her. She understood that my only concern was for her safety and health. Matter of fact, the whole ordeal made us closer.

Casey has always been a fiery lady. She is five foot six, weighs a hundred and fifteen pounds and has the most gorgeous head of silky blonde hair in the world. We have both kept in great shape at the gym and on hikes that we take every chance we get. I spent time teaching her the art of survival as taught to me by the U.S. Army. She enjoyed it immensely.

We hiked the back country of north eastern Washington with minimal gear and could cover sometimes twenty miles in a weekend. It was on such a trip that our lives were changed forever. It was Labor Day weekend and we had set our sights on a large piece of wilderness in the cascades. We were dropped off Friday night by my friend who would pick us up later at our hike’s end.

Casey and I made camp in a secluded spot on BLM land where we knew we would have the world to ourselves. I had surprised Casey with a new rifle for her eighteenth birthday. It was light and small and she loved it. Part of the reason for our selection of land for this trip was so that she could spend time shooting her new toy. She was an avid gun enthusiast.

After making camp, camp we spent the remaining daylight hours engaging in what we loved to call, “Pew Pew therapy.” As we turned in for the night, Casey placed the gun beside her sleeping bag gently. She turned to me and said, “Dad, I love you! You have been the best dad that any girl could ever have.” With that she kissed me on the check and tucked me in.

The next morning, we struck camp and headed off up the mountain. Casey, as always, led the way. I followed her marveling at her stride and, almost ashamedly, admiring her ass. I kept rationalizing to myself that no man could look away from such a gorgeous sight. She was wearing very short tan hiking shorts. Her little ass cheeks were out as usual. She was definitely one tantalizing girl. But, she was my daughter.

The weather was unseasonably warm and by afternoon, we had shed all that we could in the way of thermal protection but had still broken the cardinal rule and worked up a sweat. Casey had stripped off her shirt and was wearing just a lacey bra. This was fine, as it was not likely that we would meet anyone up here. We reached our next bivouac site by an alpine lake earlier than expected. We dropped all the gear at a rock that over looked the lake. As I set up the tent, Casey gathered firewood and moss to cushion the foot print.

Finishing up with the preparations for the camp, I turned to look at what she was setting up for dinner. It was then that I noticed that she had taken off her bra. She was completely topless. There stood my gorgeous daughter wearing only hiking shoes and shorts. Her breasts were the epitome of perfection. Her “C” cup boobs were topped in perfect pink puffy nipples. The lack of tan lines on her brown breasts indicated that they had seen sun before. I knew what they looked like since, after all, I am dad. But this time they looked, well, different. They looked incredibly sexy. I must have starred because she suddenly stood upright and shook them and said, “What? Something get your attention dad?”

I smiled and shook my head and went back to prepping the camp site and setting up the tent. As we continued to work, I found myself staring at her more and more. Her body was like a magnet to my eyes. Each time she passed by me, bent over, or stood before me, I would stop what I was doing and stare at her. Her tight little shorts looked so good on her firm round ass. The way that her cheeks showed beneath the hem was exquisite. The gap between her legs looked deliciously inviting. And her breasts bounced about freely with perpetually hard puffy nipples. I had always loved my little girl and had marveled at her beauty, but never like this. I found myself getting a boner.

I finished pitching the tent and she ducked inside to make the bags and set everything up. As she crawled Silivri Escort out and zipped it back together, I looked at her ass so close to me. My God it was gorgeous. We finally finished all the work we had to do, Casey called out from the lake shore down at the base of the rock on which we were camped. “Hey dad!!, Let’s go for a swim! I got all sweaty and I know you did too, and I’m not keen on spending a night in that tent with you smelly,” she yelled.

I stood up to look just in time to see her whipping off her shorts. There was my beautiful daughter, naked as the day she was born. Her ass did have tan lines but they were in the shape of a thong. Now my cock was really straining. How was I going to handle that? “Go on in, sweetie. I’ll be down in a bit.” I called back. I had to get rid of this stiff one before she saw. I knew my underwear would not hide what I was sporting now. It was almost creeping out of my trousers. I couldn’t remember when my dick had been this hard.

I worked my way down the rock and shed my clothes out of her sight. I waited until she dove under before I plunged into the frigid water. I knew that the shock of the chilled alpine lake would take care of the problem and I was not disappointed. I watched as she bathed herself, rubbing her breasts, soaping her ass, slipping her hand between her legs. In no time the effect of the cold water was wearing off. My dick was once again on the rise. Smiling, she passed me the bar of bio-degradable soap that she had used and said, “Give me your knickers. I’ll wash them with mine. No sense in putting sweaty clothes back on a clean body, right dad?”

I pulled off my shorts and handed them to her. I watched as she walked, picking her way delicately out of the lake. My God she was beautiful. I could see between her legs at the gap where her pussy lay. She had a very profound gap where her legs came together; just like her mother had had. I couldn’t see a trace of lips; just mound. I was staring, entranced, when she called out, “Hey, you’re burning my ass up, dad! What’s with the creeping?”

“Sorry, hon, I just … uh … No excuse, my bad. I won’t do it again,” I said embarrassed to the max!

“Just fuckin’ with you, dad. You made me, you can stare all you want. I guess that I’m more yours than anyone else’s and they’ve done plenty more than stare,” she said shaking her ass.

“TMI baby, TMI. Dad doesn’t need the details.” I said laughing. I knew that she had been having sex since she was about 16 and I had made sure that she understood the necessary precautions as well as putting her on BCP’s just in case. I started washing myself off with the soap while I watched her gathering all the clothes. Funny thing was, when I started washing my groin, my cock started growing even more, despite the frigid temperature of the lake. I knew I couldn’t get out of the lake in such a state in front of my daughter. So, in the interest of decorum, I decided to get rid of my problem the old fashion way. I began to pull my pud in the water. I watched as Casey cavorted about on the beach, busy getting things together to wash. I noticed every time she bent over, it was facing away from me. I gave no thought to the fact that I was jacking off looking at my daughter. I mean, after all, she was the hottest woman that I had ever seen. It didn’t take long at all. Even in the ice cold water I was coming in no time. The view as I came was of her standing with her hands on her hips facing me. Her golden crested pussy was my focus. I felt one huge shiver as I began to squirt my cum into the lake. As I started cumming, I slipped under the water and really beat it. That way I could hide my spasms of the orgasm. It worked. As I broke surface, Casey yelled, “Hey, I need the soap. Got any left or have you used it all on your dickey doo?”

“Oh my God,” I thought. Had she surmised what I was doing? Was I that obvious? I swam over close enough to the edge and tossed her the soap. As she squatted down to get it, I looked between her open legs. There it was! Her perfect pussy was open and pink. WOW! I marveled at its beauty. She must have stayed there for a good thirty seconds. As I broke from my trance, I looked at her and she was smiling ear to ear. She had seen me looking at her most intimate parts and she didn’t care.

“Hey, can an old man get a towel?” I asked.

“You’re kidding, right? We have no towel, just that dinky little cloth thing you call a camp towel. You think it will cover that up?” she said pointing in the water.

“Oh shit,” I thought. I hadn’t thought about how clear the water was. And despite the fact that I had just beat off, it was still kinda hard. Wait, the sun was at a different angel when I was jacking away, … Yeah, I was safe. She couldn’t have seen my masturbatory effort. But then I realized, I was getting harder yet again. “Well, can you at least hurry up and wash my clothes so that I can cover up?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said. “You had your sight seeing tour, now it’s my turn,” she added as she walked away.

“Hey, I’m serious,” I said.

“Me Silivri Escort Bayan too,” she said. She turned and walked down the bank and started washing our clothes. “All right then. Have it your way. I’ll just get my second set out,” I said as I sprinted to the site.

“Not fair!” I heard her exclaim.

I chuckled as I got the bag out of my pack. I opened the ziplock bag and swiftly pulled out my underwear. I quickly hauled them on to cover up my fast-returning erection. But I wasn’t fast enough to get anything else on. Like a hummingbird, Casey swooped in and grabbed the bag tearing off down the rock. I gave chase but she had shoes on and I lost. She ducked into the forest. I walked back to the tent. She soon returned empty handed. “You want ’em, go find ’em. Orrrr, … you can shed those and I’ll go and get them for you,” she said pointing at my crotch.

“C’mon Casey, a girl shouldn’t see her father’s junk,” I said.

“Already did, but the water distorted it,” she laughed.

“Seriously, Casey. I don’t think that would be wise,” I said in my best father’s voice.

“Dad, I have seen plenty of cocks in my time. I just want to see yours. Seriously! You’ve seen me,” she said as she pirouetted around in a little teasing dance. Once again, my eyes took her in with lust. “Please, dad. Just let me look at you. What could be wrong with that? It’s nature!” she said pointing at the surrounding landscape.

“All right, but not right now,” I said.

“Why not?” she asked. Looking at my crotch, she smiled. “Oh!! I see why, you’ve got a boner; a pretty impressive one too,” she said as she sauntered up to me. “Is that from looking at me?” she asked.

“No!” I said.

“Ummmm Hmmmm! I’ll bet it is. What else could do that out here? Did you see a bear that you fancied? Or did the wind give you a little blow? Cause I’m sure it wasn’t the cold water in the lake,” she teased.

Damn, I was busted. There was no escaping it. My daughter knew that I had become aroused looking at her nude form.

“Please daddy, I want to see it,” she begged in her best pleading little girl voice.

What the hell, she was right. I reached down and whipped off my underwear. “There. Happy?” I said.

I swear my cock got harder the minute it hit the air. Her eyes almost popped out of her head. She made no witty little remark. Her face was stone serious. Her jaw was actually agape. I’m not sure what did it; her stare, her beauty, the situation or what; but I got rock hard and bigger than I had ever been in my life. I looked down. Oh, My, God! My dick was massive and pointing straight at my daughter.

I don’t know how long we both stared at my cock, but next thing I know, she was standing close and right in front of me. It was almost as if in slow motion that I saw her hand move towards me. Then I felt it on my cock. I was paralyzed. I literally couldn’t move. I looked up from the sight of my daughter’s hand on my cock. She was looking at it in awe. I wanted to back away, but I couldn’t. My feet were frozen to the ground. Not sure of what to do, I grabbed my cock as if to take it from her. Easily, both my hand and hers fit on the length. I looked down. It had to be ten inches long. My cock was never that big!! I swear! Maybe seven or eight inches on a good day. But here I was looking at her hand at the end, my hand at the base and a good three inches in between.

I just stood there looking at it as fascinated as she was. Then reality hit me. I pulled back to take control of the situation. Casey didn’t let go. I pulled harder. She didn’t giggle or even smile. She just had a blank awe inspired look on her face like she was in a trance.

“Casey Jean! Let go of my cock,” I said in my best stern voice. She merely looked up at me with the softest eyes I had ever seen in her. I wanted to pull away. I knew that I must pull away. But once again, I simply couldn’t move. I looked down into those beautiful green eyes. I lost all control; all parental authority, all reason.

She stepped closer. Standing on her tip toes, my daughter kissed me. It was a sweet daughterly kind of kiss. Just little lips touching daddy’s. Then it got harder. I felt her mouth press to mine. She turned her head to the side and now her mouth was open. Deep in the fog, I was aware of the sensation of her tongue pushing against my closed lips. I opened them and received my sweet daughter’s tongue. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth and began its dance with mine.

I returned the move. Unable to resist, I had crossed a line. I was passionately kissing my naked daughter while we both held my cock. I felt her breasts mashing into my stomach. My free hand went around her to her back. Hers went to my chest, then to my face caressing it softly. All the while we held on to my stiff dick.

Suddenly, I was vaguely aware of the sensation of something pushing against my cock. Casey had lifted her leg and was pushing her mound against the head of my cock. That was what it took. I snapped back into reality. I was not going to let Escort Silivri this happen. I loved this girl more than life and would probably have killed anyone else who would try this. I broke the kiss. “Casey, NO!”

“Please daddy. Please. I really want this. You don’t understand. I have wanted you forever,” she pleaded. Releasing my cock, she pulled herself to me. I could feel her young firm body against mine. She held me tightly. I could feel her sobbing. I released my cock and hugged her to me. I kissed the top of her head.

“Baby? What’s wrong? Honey? You know we can’t do that. It would be so wrong,” I offered.

Looking up at me, through her sobs she spoke, “No daddy, you are wrong,” she sniffled. “You are wrong, It’s not wrong. I love you and you love me. Ever since mom died. I have watched you grieve and deny yourself any pleasure. You won’t even date anyone. And now I know why and I know it’s me that must do this. I want so much to do this. I love you, daddy. And I want to love you like mom did. PLEASE daddy, PLEASE! I want to make love to you. I want you inside me. PLEASE,” she begged as she cried.

I held her tightly. Her face was on my chest turned to the side. I cradled her sweet blonde little head and stroked her hair. “God, I love you, Casey. I love you so much. But it isn’t right that a father has sex with his daughter,” I said.

Through a completely ‘tear-free’ voice she said, “No, dad, It IS right. I know it in my heart. Just because everyone else doesn’t do it doesn’t make it wrong. We have always had our love. I want to show you how deep my love is for you and you need to let me,” she said. She looked up at me. Standing on her tip toes once again, she kissed me on the lips. All was lost!

I kissed her back. There was no reservation in this kiss. It was as if the dam had broken and my lust gushed down upon her. I wrapped my arms tightly around my little girl and for the first time, I put my hand on her butt. As I did, her tongue darted into my mouth. I sucked on it and toyed with it with my own tongue.

Her hand returned to my cock. I made no offer to resist. It felt so good. She slid her hand down the length of my shaft and back again. I moved my hand down her ass to where her cheeks met her legs. I caressed the firm flesh of her behind as she continued to stroke my cock.

Suddenly, she let go and bent to open the tent. It gave me a moment of pause. “Casey? Honey? Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

Standing up with the tent fly in her hand, she smiled and said, “I have never been so sure of anything in my life.” Then she bent down and entered the tent.

When I slipped inside the tent, it was obvious that she had planned this all along. She reached up and turned on the small battery operated lamp hanging from the top of the tent. Both bags had been zipped together to form one big cocoon. She folded the corner back and slipped inside. “Close the door, daddy and I’ll show you the love that you deserve,” she said coyly.

I zipped close the fly and slipped in beside her. We met holding each other. Her hands roamed my chest and back as I timidly touched her body. The longer we touched; the bolder and more in to it, I became. My hands went to her breasts. I cupped them and felt, for the first time, my daughter’s sweet puffy nipples. I tasted her breast. I toyed with her nipples feeling them stiffen in my mouth. She moaned.

Casey began to stroke my cock as I sucked on her breasts. Sliding my hand down, I cupped her mound. She was soaked! I felt her little slit and rubbed the beautiful mound with my hand. I slipped a finger into the divide between her lips. All the while we kissed passionately and rolled here and there feeling new places each time. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth. I eased my middle finger inside her.

She arched her back as my digit penetrated her. Her grip on my dick tightened and she momentarily stopped stroking it. I began to move my finger in and out of her. I didn’t think for one second that my finger was inside my daughter. It was warm and inviting. It was so sweet.

Casey pushed me onto my back. Like a cat, she mounted me. With ease and seeming expertise, she grabbed my cock and before I could do anything, I was inside her. It was a wonderful sensation. She was so tight; so wet and soft. It had been so long since I had been inside pussy. I arched my back ever so slightly. Casey pushed down onto me and slowly took me completely inside her. I was amazed at how such a tiny body could hold my massive cock. I looked at her face.

Casey smiled down at me as she placed her hands on my chest and began to rhythmically move up and down on me. Her tits gently swayed as she developed a slow and steady pace of a combination of up and down and forward and backward movements. My gorgeous daughter was giving her body willingly and wantonly to me. My Casey was fucking me! I lost all inhibitions. My hands moved to her breasts and I caressed them once again feeling the wonderful flesh in my palms. Her angelic smile told me that what she had said was true, she really wanted this. I looked down at the junction of our two bodies. I could see my dick as it moved in and out of her. I could see as her inner lips extended as it withdrew holding it tightly. Her blonde pubic hair glistened in the light of the small lamp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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