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Double Penetration

She could feel his eyes on her. She knew she was being watched. But she couldn’t see him. Inside, her body was a crazy ball of nerves – strung so tightly she felt she might snap. On the outside, however, she smiled as she helped the kids with their s’mores. Sitting around the campfire, they told stories, and recanted the favorite parts of their day. She felt like she was split in half. 50% wishing this moment of laughter and teasing wouldn’t end, and 50% couldn’t wait to usher them to the tent and get them settled.

About 20 minutes later, the bickering began. “Mommmmm…he stuck his tongue out at me!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!

“Mommmmmm…make him stop!”

“Time for bed, my sleepy little munchkins.”

“But I’m not tired!”

“Can we please stay up a little longer?!?”

She politely listened to the begging and pleading as she ushered them to the bath house to brush their teeth and use the restroom one more time before bed. She listened to them continue their brotherly insults and jabs until they finally exited. She handed them each a flashlight, and they made their way back to the tent. They snuggled up on the sleeping bags, one on each side of her.

“If you all wake up, and I’m not here, call. I may be out by the fire reading, or taking a shower if I can’t sleep.”

“Ok. Mom.”

They said their bedtime prayers, and she hugged and kissed them both good night. After a few more protests of not being tired, complaining about being too hot, and how it wasn’t fair that mommy was facing towards one and not the other, it was finally quiet.

She slowly counted to 100 in her head. It was difficult because she also had thoughts about her lover swirling in her head. He was only a few campsites away. She shivered in anticipation. 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69…that got her thinking of sucking on her lover’s cock. Where was she? Oh yeah, 70, 71, 72…Please let the kids continue to sleep when she left. She held her breath as one of them shifted in his sleep. Once he settled, she started breathing and counting again. 73, 74, 75, 76, 77…She listened as the sounds of nearby campers quieted down.

100. Finally! She held her breath again as she slowly got up. She unzipped the tent as quietly canlı bahis as she could. “Where are you going, mom?”

“Just to the bathroom again and then I’m going to read by the fire. Call me if you need me.”


She thought about staying, but when she looked back over, he was already asleep. She stepped out of the tent and slowly zipped the tent up again. She stayed crouched down by the entrance and strained to hear inside, making sure the inhabitants were truly asleep. She decided to count again. This time only to 50. Or maybe 40 would do…

Finally reaching the magic number, and satisfied they were fully asleep, she stood up and turned around, and bumped into someone. Before a sound left her mouth, arms wrapped around her and lips pressed up against hers. She would recognize that kiss anywhere. “Sorry, Princess. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

He was here. He was really here. Although they had this planned, it had been months since she saw him last. An eternity since she felt his kiss. She melted into him, letting his embrace engulf her. Finally, she quit kissing him. “Please, Skip. I need you.”

He held her hand as he led the way to his small pop up tent. A small battery operated lantern was inside, and a fire was crackling in the fire pit nearby. Before they reached the tent opening, he stopped her. “I want to see your skin in the firelight.”

“Ok.” She lifted her arms up over her head and waited. The playful smile he had just a moment before disappeared and was instantly replaced by a look of pure lust. He took a step closer and grabbed the hem of her tank top. He slowly raised it over her stomach. Over her breasts. Over her head. Over her arms. A piercing on her chest caught the firelight and caught his attention. He tossed her tank on a nearby chair so he could inspect this new addition.

“Does it hurt?”


He lightly rand his fingers over it. Then he bent down and kissed around it.

“Please. I need you.” She tugged at his shirt. It quickly joined hers on the chair.

“Take off your shorts, Princess.” He took a couple of steps back so he could watch. She gazed into his eyes as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband. She wiggles her hips as she bahis siteleri shimmied out of them. She threw the shorts on top of the chair with the other clothes. She wasn’t wearing panties. She watched him as his gaze roamed over her naked body. Every cell seemed to be alive as the firelight caused shimmers and shadows to dance across her skin.

“Your turn, handsome.” She enjoyed how he held her gaze until he was completely nude. He broke it just to toss the rest of the clothes on the chair. She could see his excitement beginning to grow. She stepped up close and kissed him deeply. Her skin tingled everywhere he touched her. As she kissed him, she walked backwards towards the tent. “Please, skip. Please fuck me. I need you inside me.”

He let her get in the tent and lay down. “Not so fast, Princess. I need to taste you. He spread her thighs apart and lowered his head. Her lips throbbed. The fist little flick of his tongue made her suck in her breath just a little. “You are wet for me already. I love the way your body responds to me.” She was rewarded with his tongue. Oh god how she was rewarded! His tongue lapped slowly at her juices as his thumb gently circled her sensitive little nub.

She grabbed onto his head and tried to pull him in closer while her hips wiggled beneath him. Little sounds began to escape her mouth. Her hips began to move more. “Oh fuck.” She bit her lip as all of her muscles tensed up. She held his head firmly between her thighs as small tremors pulsed through her body. As they died down and she released the pressure on his head, he moved up to kiss her. She tasted her cum on his lips and on his tongue. His hand continued to circle her clit. She felt another orgasm building.

The second release was slightly more powerful than the first. “Please, I need you in me. Please.”

How could he say no to her? Especially since his cock was so hard it was becoming almost painful? He wanted her lips wrapped his shaft, but that would have to wait. He needed to be inside her just as much as she professed to need him. He positioned himself on top of her, lined up with her sex, and plunged in. She was so wet. He almost wished he had dried her off a little so he could feel a little more friction, but bahis şirketleri slight intake of breath when he first entered her was enough to turn his thoughts back onto her.

He slowly pulled out, waited a moment, and thrust back in. There was that gasp again. Her eyes were wide open. Pleading with him for more. Again, how could he refuse? Again and again he moved in and out. He felt her inner muscles clenching down on him. He varied the rhythm. Causing the temp to go from slow to fast, and back again. He kissed her again. She wrapped her legs around him and used her feet to help bring him back in every time he pulled back.

The smell of sex was heavy inside the tent. He enjoyed listening to the sound their bodies made coming together. The rhythmic sound of skin on skin in beat with their lovemaking. The squeaks and moans she made were getting louder. He wondered how many people were listening in nearby tents? How many were jacking off? How many were reaching out to their partner? How many were opening up porn hub on their electric devices?

After a few more fast and deep thrusts, he rolled off of her to catch his breath a moment. Her hand instantly went down to his hard member. Her mouth soon followed. She loved the taste of her wetness on his cock. Of his precum mixed with her fluids. She cupped his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. He put his hand on the back of her head and with a little pressure, helped dictate the rhythm of the suck fuck. She moaned in approval.

He wanted to cum, but wasn’t ready for it to end yet. His body betrayed him and squirted stream after steam of hot liquid into her mouth. She took it all. She smiled, and leaned down to kiss him. His cum spilling out of her mouth onto his face a little and into his mouth. He had never tasted his cum like this before. The kiss was messy, but also very erotic. After a long deep kiss, she licked off cum that had fallen on his chin during the exchange. She giggled a little and he smiled. He gave her a small hand towel he had and she cleaned them off a little.

Then she stretched out beside him a moment before curling into him and snuggling up close. “This is what was missing the other night,” she whispered. “Don’t let me fall asleep.”

He played with her hair while he listened to her breathing get heavy. He listened for her phone while he let her sleep. He would wake her up and walk her back to her tent shortly. But he wasn’t quite ready to let her go yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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