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I was so excited to be going camping. Me and three of my buddies, Tom, Jared, and Levi, guys that I worked with, drank with, went shooting with. We had secured three days off from work, three tents, and a truck full of guns, ammunition, and booze. We were set.

We set out early in the morning, wanting to maximize our time in the hills. We’d managed to squeeze all four of us into Jared’s truck. It was a tight fit, with me pushed up against the door and Levi practically sitting in my lap, but we were all friends, and didn’t think anything of it. We were all straight, after all. Nothing to worry about. Arriving at the campsite, though, was a big relief. Finally, the opportunity to stretch our legs and reacquaint ourselves with the concept of personal space.

Me and Levi started setting up the tents as Jared and Tom unloaded the guns, food, and booze. It was then that I noticed the tent-to-occupant ratio.

“Hey, guys. We’ve got three tents and four people. How’s that gonna work?” I asked over my shoulder as I pounded the last tent stake into the ground.

Jared immediately spoke up, “I ain’t sharing!” I looked to Levi and Tom.

“What do you say, guys?” I asked. Levi kind of shuffled his feet, looking slightly uncomfortable. Tom, on the other hand, cracked open what would be the first of many beers and cheerfully said, ” Me ‘n Levi can share a tent. Just keep your cock to yourself or you’ll find it tacked to a tree!”

All four of us laughed and, with that settled, quickly finished setting up our camp site.

The rest of that afternoon was spent alternately shooting, tending the fire, and watering the tree’s around the perimeter of our camp site. Gradually the sun began to sink, and the firearms were put away in favor of the liquor we’d brought along. Well, the liquor and the porno magazine collection we’d been sure to include in our load of supplies. That was a memorable evening, to say the least. We drank around the campfire, passing around the porn, sharing stories of our past conquests, both real and fictitious, and calling bullshit on each other when the stories became too unbelievable.

It wasn’t long, though, before the long day and the liquor started to take it’s toll. Jared got up, marked one last tree, then stumbled off to his tent and passed out. Tom made himself a screwdriver that was more vodka than orange juice, then promptly lost consciousness sprawled across the floor of his and Levi’s tent.

The atmosphere at the campfire changed, somehow. With only Levi and myself remaining, conversation petered out. I was pleasantly buzzed, and was determined to stay up and watch the fire die down to nothing before I turned in. Levi sat to my left, nursing a beer and still thumbing through one of the many issues of Hustler. “Look at that,” Levi handed over one of the magazines, open to a full page, glossy picture of an attractive blonde, her lips wrapped around a shaft of smooth, pink flesh. “I’d just about kill for something like that right about now.”

I stared at the picture for a moment, aroused, but more than a bit uncomfortable. My buzz was quickly diminishing, and the fact that Levi and I, two 18 year old men, were sitting alone at a campfire, admiring blowjob pictures together. But I continued to look anyways, enjoying the sensation of a slowly building erection. “Nice, definitely nice,” I responded. I handed the magazine back, reached over and picked up one for myself, and began flipping through the pages.

The pressure in my jeans was increasing, and the need for release was growing, so I decided to excuse myself for the night and retire to my tent for some quiet self gratification and some sleep. When I stood up, careful to pull my sweatshirt down far enough to cover at least some of the bulge behind my zipper, Levi looked up at me.

“Hey, umm… Look, Tom’s passed out and taking up the whole god damn tent. Any way I can throw my bag in yours and pass out for the night?” I felt a mix of feelings when he asked me that; exasperation that I may yet go to bed unfulfilled, fear that Jared and Tom would give us shit the next morning for suddenly changing the sleeping arrangements and what that action implied, and something I wasn’t sure of but was not about to analyze.

But my good side got the best of me, and I heard myself telling him, “Sure, no problem.”

Levi trotted over to his tent, reached in and wrestled his sleeping bag out from under Tom, and returned to the campfire. We doused the flames with some sand, grabbed a couple of the magazines and a battery powered lantern, and headed for the tent.

After we’d settled in, our sleeping bags a bit closer to each other than my heterosexuality was comfortable with, we laid down and again began thumbing through the magazines. My erection had not dissipated in the least during our move to the tent, and the pressure against my jeans had become uncomfortable.

“Hope you don’t mind, Levi, but I ain’t wearing pants to sleep tonight.” Sakarya Escort With that, I reached into my sleeping bag, pulled my jeans off, (careful not to accidentally expose myself to my tent mate,) and tossed them against the wall of the tent.

“Me neither. I hate wearing jeans to bed.” And Levi’s jeans joined mine in the corner.

After that, it was quiet for a bit. We retired the magazines for the night and turned off the lantern. I’m not sure how much time passed, or if I’d fallen asleep, but at some point I became aware of a soft rustling noise and some movement beside me. I looked over at Levi and was a bit shocked to see his sleeping bag tented up near the middle, rhythmically jerking in time to the noise I was hearing. He was beating off!

Upon realizing this, I realized that my own erection had still not subsided. If anything, I was even more aroused than I had been when I first laid down. I struggled for a moment in my mind. Do I say something? Ask him what the fuck he’s doing? Ignore it and try to sleep?” But apparently my hand had other ideas that it had not shared with my brain. I had begun to stroke myself through the tight fabric of my boxer briefs.

“Fuck it,” I thought, and quietly slid my briefs down my thighs and began to massage my throbbing erection. It felt amazing. The sensation of my hand slowly sliding up and down the shaft of my cock, the idea that there was someone else in the tent with me while I did it, the knowledge that that person was doing the exact same thing! I must have made a noise, because Levi suddenly stopped what he was doing and whispered, “You awake?”

I heard an edge of panic in his voice, and actually felt bad for him. I considered keeping silent, but at the same time, I knew he’d be wondering all the next day if I’d caught him and just hadn’t said anything. So I whispered back, “Yeah, I’m awake,” and still stroking myself, “I heard you jacking off and it woke me up.”

His silence was easy to read. Caught! I could tell he was mortified. I decided to ease his fears.

“It’s okay, man. I’m doing it too. But these sleeping bags are a bit noisy. We don’t want to wake up the others.” I was legitimately concerned about that, and had no other intention in mind when I unzipped and pushed aside my sleeping bag.

“Yeah… alright, man. Yeah, good idea.” I heard Levi unzip his bag and push it aside, then he got quiet again, and I knew he’d gone back to stroking himself.

It was pitch black in the tent. Neither of us could see a thing, and we were both being as quiet as we could, but the idea that I was pleasuring myself in the presence of another person, who was also masturbating, became overwhelming and spurred me on to even greater pleasure. I decided to slow down a bit, make it last longer.

After a few minutes of silent, blind self gratification, I began to think about Levi. I wondered what his cock looked like. How it compared to mine. What it would be like to actually see him jerking off. So when Levi spoke, it sent an jolt through me.

“Hey… umm… it kinda helps me get off if I have a magazine or something to look at… can I, uh, turn the lantern back on for a few minutes?” Here it was, my chance to see another man’s erection. A chance to watch another man pleasure himself. I had no idea I’d been waiting for such a chance, but here it was nonetheless, and the idea sent a thrill running down my spine and into my cock.

“Yeah, sure. Go ahead.” I tried to sound cool and nonchalant, and I think I did marginally well.

The tent was filled with a soft yellow glow as Levi turned the lantern on. My breath caught for a moment and my erection twitched in my hand. His was about the same size as mine, which is to say above average but below huge. It had a reasonably thick shaft, capped by a pink, helmet shaped head. His balls were a tight, hairless package nestled below his cock and a patch of trimmed pubic hair. I immediately started to wonder what it would feel like in my hand, how smooth would the skin feel sliding along my palm.

I don’t know how long I was staring, but I suddenly realized that I was still stroking myself, looking at his beautiful cock as he massaged it. And he hadn’t reached for a magazine yet. We both looked up at the same time, caught each others eyes, and looked down in mutual embarrassment that we’d both been looking at each other and masturbating. I turned my head away as he quickly reached for a magazine and began to fumble through the pages.

Thoughts whirled through my head, fears that I might be gay, or that someone might somehow find out about this. But overwhelming all of these was the desire to look again. To touch it. To feel it.

I risked another glance at Levi’s prone figure. The magazine lay open next to him, but his eyes were locked on my cock. Apparently he was having similar thoughts.

I’d like to think that I made a conscious decision, but I think my desires just took over Adapazarı Escort and forced my hand, so to speak. I continued to rub myself with my right hand, but my left slid across the narrow space between us and wrapped it’s fingers around his swollen manhood. He groaned at the contact, and his own hand slid away to allow room for mine. I began to slide my hand slowly up and down his shaft. It was so smooth, silky, rock hard and yet somehow soft and vulnerable feeling. I marveled at how, even though it looked a lot like my own, holding it in my hand felt so much different than touching myself.

I continued to stroke him, letting the curve of my index finger slip up and over the head with each up-stroke, and then down until my pinky nestled into the soft, wrinkled skin of his scrotum. A moment later, I felt his fingers wrap around my own cock. I let slip an involuntary moan as he gripped my hardness and began to slide his hand up and down. I gasped when he touched the ridge on the underside of he head. Each stroke produced a wave of pleasure more intense than any I’d experienced before. My hips began to lift in rhythm with his movements, straining upward, then falling back again, over and over. This was beginning to be too much.

I looked over at him then, in the face for the first time since I’d first touched him. His eyes were locked on my cock, a look of lust and hunger on his face. Seeing him look at me that way sent a cascade of emotions through me. I found myself not only enjoying the pure physical pleasure of this situation, but enjoying the intimacy of it. I realized then that I was attracted to him. I wanted him. I desired him.

He looked away from my cock as if sensing my gaze. We locked eyes, reading the thoughts behind them, exploring the emotional responses the eye contact triggered. I couldn’t help myself, even if I’d wanted to. I leaned over, closer to him, and after the briefest of hesitation, I kissed him. Mouth closed, his lips unexpectedly soft, the slight stubble on his chin gently brushing mine. The contact sent a chill running down my back, radiating throughout my body. Every limb was tingling and sensitive, every sense heightened. The sleeping bag underneath me suddenly seemed too scratchy, the light breeze through the trees and against the side of our tent too loud, the smell of pine and of smoke more intense than anything I’d ever smelled.

I snaked my free hand around the back of his neck, pulling his face more firmly into mine, my tongue brushing gently across, then sliding between his warm lips. I turned more onto my side and pressed against him, wanting to feel more of him against me. Our hands simultaneously released each others cocks and began exploring. I ran my hand up from his hip to his arm-pit, around the back of his shoulder, and then traced a line down his spine to the cleft of his buttocks. I spread my palm over his firm buttock, squeezing gently at first, then more firmly as the passion of our kiss intensified.

He traced a similar route across my body, pausing for a moment to stroke the back of my neck, then he too began to massage my ass. I could feel our cocks, trapped between us, rubbing against each other. Shaft to shaft, rubbing, sliding, shooting stars of pleasure throughout my nervous system. Levi broke the kiss first, pulling his face back a couple of inches and staring into my eyes.

“I’ve wanted this for so long! I had no idea you did too!”

“I didn’t either!” I replied, with a quiet chuckle. “But now that I’m holding you, I wish I’d figured it out sooner!” I kissed him again and gave his ass a playful squeeze.

“Can I suck you?” He asked, with a bit of apprehension in his voice. “I’ve wondered so long what it would be like…”

I smiled, nodded my head, and rolled back onto my back, never breaking eye contact. He again gripped my cock in his hard but gentle hand and began to kiss a trail down my neck, my shoulder, my chest, pausing a moment to lick, suck, and gently nip at my nipple. Continuing down my sternum, along the line of hair down my belly, a soft flick of the tongue into my navel. The hand that wasn’t stroking me slid down behind his mouth, retracing the path his kisses were following until his fingers found my pubic hair, a well-trimmed patch crowning the base of my manhood.

His hot breath felt amazing against the underside of my cock as he gently kissed my balls, then the base of the shaft. I thought I was going to pass out when he ran the tip of his tongue along the underside of my cock, pausing and flicking gently at that most sensitive of ridges where head meets shaft. My eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned softly as he let the head slip between his lips, his tongue tracing circles around it.

Suddenly, he lunged forward, taking nearly half of my erection into his mouth. The velvety heat that surrounded me nearly sending me over the edge. His head began to bob up and down, his lips sliding along the super-sensitized Serdivan Escort skin of my cock, his hand wrapped around the bottom half of my cock sliding and twisting in rhythm with his mouth. His other hand cupped my balls, massaging them gently, stroking the skin, a finger occasionally sliding back, along my perineum, gently brushing that tight pucker of flesh, sending shivers throughout my body. My hips involuntarily began twitching upward, humping his mouth.

I couldn’t believe the sensations racing through me. Even more, I couldn’t believe that I wanted to suck him off, too! I wanted to feel his engorgement throbbing in my mouth, wanted to feel the heat, the silky smoothness. I wanted to taste his cum, wanted to feel it shooting into my mouth.

“Turn around,” I rasped, “Turn so I can do you, too.” He quickly complied, rotating 180 degrees to straddle my face, his mouth never leaving it’s work. And there it was, hovering just above my face. Seven inches, give or take, of firm, smooth, pink cock. I stuck my tongue out and gently flicked the tip, enjoying the way he flinched and his cock twitched as I did. I put my hand on his hip and pushed him onto his side, rolling as I did so, until we were on our sides, facing each other. I rested my head on the inside of his thigh and pulled his cock towards my mouth. I kissed it gently on the crown of it’s head, ran my tongue over it a few times, flicking gently at the little slit on the end, and then wrapped my lips around it.

He groaned, sending mild vibrations through my own cock, as I slid my mouth further down his shaft. The skin was so smooth, so soft, yet he was hard as stone. I relished the feel of his cock head rubbing along the roof of my mouth. I pushed forward, bringing it deeper into my mouth until it was on the verge of triggering my gag reflex, and then pulled back until I felt the ridge of his cock head pulling past my lips, then lunged forward again.

His efforts became more fevered as I sucked him, the pleasure spurring him on to further please me. His finger now rested firmly on my hole, moving in quick little circles, then pressing. I felt the pressure against that most intimate spot and braced myself, while at the same time trying to relax. Then I felt the resistance give, and he sank in quickly to the first knuckle. I gasped around his cock as a wave of pleasure rushed to my head, making me slightly dizzy. The pressure built as I felt him work his finger deeper. He then hooked his finger slightly and began to slide it back and forth, in and out, massaging a spot inside me that sent shockwaves of pleasure through my entire body. It was too much, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

My ass clenched tight around his probing finger as my cock twitched, spasmed, shooting what felt like an incredible amount of cum into his mouth. He kept bobbing his head, sucking at my cock, his throat swallowing rapidly as I filled his mouth.

I quickly recovered from the symphony of singing nerve endings and renewed my efforts on his cock, moving my mouth furiously up and down his shaft. I let a little saliva slip past my lips as I pulled my head back, quickly wiped it up with my finger, then began to work it into the wrinkled skin around his anus. When I pressed my finger into him, he arched his back, thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth until I felt it touch the back of my throat. I pulled back a bit, fearful of gagging, and slowly began working my finger inside of him.

I quickly reached the hard bulb of his prostate and began to massage it as he had done mine. Pressing gently, moving back and forth over it as I pulled at his cock with my mouth. Within moments he was groaning, burying his face in my thigh to muffle the sounds of his pleasure. His hips began to buck more forcefully and I could feel the muscles in his thighs twitch and jump. He was close. I kept at it, eagerly anticipating the rush of his orgasm.

“Oh my fucking god!” I felt/heard him gasp into my thigh. His cock jumped, twitched, then began to spasm in my mouth. A hot stream of cum shot into my mouth, coating the back of my tongue and throat. Then another, and another. I quickly swallowed, trying to keep up with the flow of his ejaculation. It seemed to go on for at least thirty seconds, stream after stream squirting onto my tongue, until he relaxed suddenly, going limp against me.

I took my mouth off his cock, the tip of my tongue peaking out momentarily to catch a stray drop that had escaped the corner of my mouth, then kissed him gently on the thigh.

We lay there holding each other for a while after that, him on his side, me behind him with my arm over him, my soft penis resting in his crack. We talked a bit, whispered thanks and compliments, then decided we’d best get dressed and return to our own sleeping bags for the night.

Needless to say, I had no qualms about sharing my tent with Levi for the rest of the trip. Neither of the others had said a word the next morning. They had been so deeply unconscious from the night of drinking, they hadn’t heard a sound. That night, me and Levi made sure the booze came out earlier and flowed heavier for our good friends Jared and Tom. It was our sincere hope that they’d enjoy another full night of undisturbed sleep.

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