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I woke up horny so I popped open my app to see what was around. I scrolled through the guys and stopped when I came across Cameron. He stood out because he was a ginger. And I love gingers.

I shot him a message and put the phone back on the charger. I flipped in the tv and found something to watch as I rubbed my hard cock. A few minutes later my phone dinged. I had a message. I opened the app and saw it was from Cameron.

We started messaging innocently enough. It eventually turned towards more intimate details. We seemed to mesh well in that regard. And he wasn’t that far from me. We exchanged numbers and he called me.

His voice was masculine and had a calming timber to it. We talked about innocent enough, normal things but my dick remained hard. There was something sexy about his voice. We made plans to meet up later tonight as he had to work in about an hour.

Later that night I got a message from Cameron asking if we still wanted to meet up. Being that my dick plumped back up again as soon as I heard his voice was all the thinking I needed to do. I sent him my address and headed towards the shower.

After picking up around the house a bit, I sat down and waited. A knock came on the door no stood up, rearranged my slowly stiffening dick and opened the door.

Cameron was a stunning thing to behold. I’m six foot tall and he was a bit taller than me, square wide shoulders and a great smile. His unbutton polo revealed a hairy chest. What’s better than a sexy ginger? A sexy hairy ginger. If he would have looked down he would have seen my growing cock in my pants.

We sat down and made small talk. I’ve been horny all day but wanted to save myself for tonight-no jerking off alone. So maybe it was because of that, I’m not sure, but he had me so turned on I had to excuse myself to clean off my pre-cum. I leak a lot when I’m turned on and didn’t want to be too obvious leaking through my jeans which has happened before.

When I returned I sat down close to him. “You smell amazing” I said honestly.

“Thanks. You look amazing” he said as he ran his fingers through my hair. My body tingled. The look in his eyes said it all. I leaned in and kissed him. His stubble wasn’t visible but I sure felt it. I sighed as his scruff scratched me lips. His warm and wet tongue explored my mouth causing waves of sexual frustration to ripple through my body.

I straddled him on the couch, unbuttoning his casino siteleri remaining two buttons on his polo revealing his glorious red chest hair. I felt my hole quiver with anticipation. I leaned down and we started kissing again. He pushed me up and pulled off my shirt.

“Nice man” he said as he rubbed my chest. I’m a pretty smooth guy which may be why I love my hairy guys. He ran his hands down my sides, causing me a slight tickle.

“Your turn” I said. He reached down and pulled off his shirt.



He looked so amazing I almost nutted in my pants right there.

“Fuck. Me!” I said.

“You like?” He asked rubbing his nipple.

“You tell me” I said as I dropped my pants, my swollen sick finally free. His eyes widened. I thought the worst but looking down, I had pre-cum stringing from my cock to my jeans that lay in the floor.

“Yeah that happens when I’m with someone that hot as fuck” I growled.

“Well let’s see what I can do about that” he said leaning forward and wrapping those ginger lips around my dick.

I tingled from my sick head to my spine right up to my brain. He rolled his tongue around my throbbing head. It felt so damn good. I let out a cry/moan that I don’t do often.

He slowly slid his mouth from my dick’s head to its base, his chin touching my shaven hangers. Then he pulled back even slower circling my cock as he went, eventually popping my dick out of his mouth loudly, my pre-cum creating a bridge from my wet cock to his smiling lips.

I bent down and unbuckled his pants, tossing them aside revealing his big, pale, ginger dick. It’s been my experience gingers are hung quite well and Cameron did nothing to change that. Quite the opposite. While not overly long (I’m guessing about seven and a half inches) he was massively thick with a shovel shaped head that pulsed with his heart beat.

I smiled.

“What do you want to do with that?” he asked.

“Follow me” I said walking in to the bedroom and sat on the bed. I watched Cameron walk in, his pale member swinging side to side from a fiery bush, his right but hanging slightly lower than the left.

I spun around and over with my head hanging back off the bed, reached out and grabbed his furry ass and pulled him over my face. I still remember his hairy balls scraping my nose as I searched for his hole.

My tongue meandered through his hairy taint until it found his canlı casino hole. I proceeded in eating out his ass. After a few seconds he groaned and bent over putting my cock in his mouth. I could feel his slowly wetting cock smash between my smooth chest and his hairy belly. Soon, I felt a warm liquid coating my chest. Looks like he’s a pre-cummer as well.

I plowed that ginger ass for all I was worth, my mouth become sore with fatigue. He tried sucking my cock but spent most of the time moaning with my dick in his mouth.

I pushed him off, reached over and grabbed my lube standing in front of him, I lubed my hole. He was thick and it’s been a while so I knew I needed a good coating. He slowly jacked himself as he watched, coating his white meat with his natural lube.

I pushed him back and climbed on top of him. I braced myself on his hairy chest with one hand while I guided his wet dick towards my hole with the other. Once located, I smeared his cum around my relatively smooth hole, adding more lube.

Once comfortable, I placed his head on my hole.

“Fuck me Cam” I said as I lowered myself on to him. His shovel shaped head penetrated my hole easily enough but once the girth started, I felt the first shot of pain.

He rubbed my nipples which help alleviate the pain as I, like a snake swallowing it’s prey, work my tight ass over his wide cock. My eyes rolled back in to my skull once I felt his pubes smash against my ass.

“Fuck man. You’re a tight boy!” he hissed as my hole devoured his dick fully.

I couldn’t say anything as I was concentrating on breathing. Slowly I rose up then lowered back down, both hands off his chest now. After a couple seconds the pain became bearable and I could concentrate on fucking.

I dropped both hands on to his hairy ginger chest and started ass humping his cock. My god it felt good!

“Fuck yeah!” he cried as he started thrusting in to me with such force that it almost knocked the air out of me.

“Big. Ginger. Cock. Fucker!” I screamed as he, basically, abused my hole. I stayed in one position as he jackhammered me like a beast, his breathing getting harder and faster.

He fucked me so hard his dick popped out seemingly causing a vacuum inside me. I gasped but before I could react he’d reached down and slid that beast back in to me. I cried in pain as he split me open again but I didn’t care. I loved it!

By now his hairy kaçak casino belly was mattes in my pre-cum he was powering out of me. My dick was bouncing around like an old car on a dirt road. Pre-cum was flying everywhere-I couldn’t control it. He was pounding me so hard I couldn’t let go of the two handfuls of chest hair I had long enough to grabbed my cock. I was afraid he was going or fuck me off of him in to the floor!

He must have sense that because he took total control and grabbed my flinging cock with one hand and started jacking me.

I think I black out for a second because next thing I know my cock was shooting cum everywhere. Literally. I looked down quick enough to see his face, chest and arms get shot with white liquid. Then off the side of the bed and the head board before he regained control and pointing the remaining shoots at his face. He opened his mouth and I felt a hot substance blast in to my hole. Like a molten metal bullet gush after fish flooded my insides. He screamed and he held my cock so tight I thought he’d rip it off!

He grunted with each thrust and each thrust was accompanied by a blast. But he kept fucking me. From behind me I heard his wet cock slushing inside me.

‘Splat splat splat’ is all I head back there as he continued to shove that monster in to me, his (now soaked) hairy balls slapping my ass with his fast thrusts. I’ve never been fucked by someone that fast. My hole was annihilated.

Finally he started to slow down and release my sore cock, but he kept fucking me. I could feel his load leaking out of my hole as he continued to try to push it back in to me. Finally I had to stand off of him or, I thought, I’d have to go to the hospital!

I pulled off of him as he was still thrusting, what was left of his cum inside me drooling out and down my inner thigh. I collapsed on the bed next to him, exhausted but thrilled at the same time.

‘What a fuck!’ I thought to myself.

I looked over at his, his pale face still red. He smiled as his cock, slightly shrinking but still formidable, continued to ooze cum from its slit.

“I needed that” he said between breaths.

“You and me both” I said as I fought to stay conscious.

We cleaned up and he left later that night. I had to sleep on my stomach for two nights so my ass could return to normal.

A couple days later I got a message on my app. I opened it and it was from Cameron. He asked what I was doing that night.

“Nothing” I replied.

“Want to fuck me?” he asked. “Show me what you got?”

“See you in a hour” I replied hoping I could better, or at least meet, his prior performance. After he leaves, I’ll let you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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