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The following is a very real story. I happened quite a long time ago. 1987 I believe. Perhaps in today’s world some of the language might offend. Perhaps the nature of the story won’t sit well with some. But, it happened. So, I will recall it as clearly as I can for you folks to enjoy.

I grew up in a Beaver Cleaver kind of world. Dad worked at the office. Mom worked at home. Suburban house, cat , dog, bla, bla, bla. You get it. It’s a common tale. We lived in that same house my whole childhood. In fact, my parents lived there until my father passed a few years ago.

Anyway, next door was Timmy ( or “Tim” as he later preferred) . Timmy and I were pretty close. His dad and my dad hung out and drank beer together. His mom and mine were very close as well. We played together as children almost daily. Very typical stuff. We shared many of the antics that “best friends” do.

But, as we approached high school, we began to go our separate ways. Sure, we talked regularly, but we didn’t share the same circle of friends. He did his thing, and I did mine.

I was 6’2″ and weighed about 210 by the time I was 17 years old. I was one of the top athletes at the school. Timmy never really grew up at all – at least not physically. In fact, on the day around which the good part of this story is based, he didn’t really look much different that he ever did. At least not to me anyway.

I was fortunate enough after high school to be offered a scholarship to play football at the prominent state university. I was stoked. It was a life-long dream. So after that last summer at home, I left for school. Timmy left for a liberal arts school out of state. His ambition was to study theater and voice.

It was a great time at college that first semester. Football, pussy. Parties, pussy. Did I mention the pussy? But even with that, It was pretty exciting to be back home for the holiday break. I guess everybody gets a little home sick.

I had enjoyed the night’s sleep in my old bed – so much in fact that by the time I awoke, my dad was off to work and my mom was out and about with the day’s errands. I threw on some sweats, went out to see if the newspaper was around and sure enough, sitting in the next door driveway was the little orange VW -Timmy’s car. I was debating whether to walk on over when his mom came out the door.

“Oh Scotty!!! It’s so good to see you!!!” She practically mugged me with her hug. I always loved it when she pressed those big double Ds into me. When I was little, I used to get them in face. Too bad I had to get so tall.

She asked all the typical questions that I am all but certain my mother had already told her about. But, I just smiled and answered politely. “Scotty, I am going out. But, Timmy is home. I know he wants to see you. Go on in.”

It was only a few minutes before Timmy and I were chatting like old times. It was really great. I might even say it was the best time we’d shared since before high school. There was no pretense or social status to consider. We were just re-living old times. It was great.

Then it happened. To this day, I cannot recall what he actually said. But my reply – I surely can. “Suck my dick!” It was not an invitation. It was not even an offense. It was just the language of the day. It could have just as easily been a kiddingly said “fuck you” or “kiss my ass.” It really was no more than that. But his response was what changed everything. “Okay.”

His inflection was hard to read. It wasn’t said jokingly. Not angrily. It was a somewhat matter-of-fact response. But, I have to say, I did think he was just messing with me. “You’re such gaziantep escort a faggot,” I laughed and stood up to go grab something out of the ‘fridge.

“Yea. So?” Timmy fell to his knees in front of me – blocking my path to the kitchen.

Even at that point, it had not even begun to occur to me that the situation was anything more than typical sophomoric stuff. I was on a football team. “Fag” jokes and crude behavior was just a part of the culture. I had told dozens of guys to “suck my dick.” It was never – in my mind – an offer. I really thought he was just goofing around.

But, there’s a phenomenon among men – young men especially – that makes almost everything a competition. It’s like everything is a perpetual game of chicken and whoever backs down first loses. I never like to lose. If Timmy thought he could “shock” me with the faggot stuff, I’d show him – literally. I’d get the upper hand. If he’s going to joke around and fall to his knees in front of me, he’s going to pay.

So, I did it. Pulling down the band of my sweats, I began walking toward him laughing with my flaccid cock leading the way. Sure, I was whipping out my cock in front of another guy, but it just wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just guy stuff – locker room shenanigans. We had a senior wide receiver who would sneak up behind guys sitting on the locker room benches and lay his outrageously giant black cock on the top of the head of the “victim.” It wasn’t gay. It was just goofing around. I got the cock on my head. You realize what is happening. You freak out. Everybody laughs and life goes on. It was not a big deal.

But, Timmy never moved. Timmy didn’t freak out . Okay. He won. I was going to have to say “chicken.” I got just a couple of feet from him, and I was going to put away my shit and grab a soda. But he had different intentions!!

Maybe I didn’t even realize he was moving forward. It all happened so quickly. And, his mouth engulfed my cock in an instant. I was so shocked that I didn’t even really know what was happening or how to react. But, it only took a few seconds to realize what he was doing felt really fucking amazing. I had scored a my fair share of blowjobs. I had banged a quite few girls here and there. I was hardly a first timer in the sex department. I knew what a good blowjob felt like, and this was just that!

Obviously, Timmy had learned thing or two at college as well. My cock sprang to life and was nearly instantly rock hard as he worked it in and out – his tongue swirling as he sucked it. I was paralyzed by the sensation. It just felt so fucking good. It didn’t matter who was sucking my cock. If it felt like that, I was going to hang around for a while.

After a few minutes, my hands had naturally found his head as I fucked my cock out in and out of his mouth. I am not the John Holmes that most seem to be that share these stories, but my dick is a decent mouthful for just able anybody. It’s thick 7.5″ has never failed me. It looked even bigger pounding in and out of Timmy’s face, and his expression was priceless. He eyes were closed and he simply moaned lightly as I used his mouth. He seemed in his own blissful state. He had no doubt found his happy place.

My first instinct was to nut in his mouth and run like hell. The last thing I needed was for the world to know that I got sucked off by the little gay boy next door. So, I am not sure what inspired my next move. I guess I was just consumed by the moment as I pulled my cock from his mouth and pushed him to the ground. As I had mentioned, I think Timmy was no novice at this himself. His loose-banded pajama pants came down with just the slightest tug. I don’t know what he may have been expecting, but as I spun behind him and pushed his head into the carpet, he offered little if any resistance. He simply assumed the position.

His ass was pointed right at me, and it was as smooth and delicate as any chicks’ I had had the pleasure of reviewing. I was perplexed as my eyes followed his crack down to his small opening. Below that I saw his sack had tightened and his cock stood nearly straight forward. I had no interest at all in his cock. In fact, I actually tried to ignore it at first. As if it might somehow change the nature of this experience. But his ass? Oh, I was was quite enthralled with his ass . . .

It seemed like the “right” thing to do. Having already come to the realization that I was going to fuck his ass, the typical protocols that I had learned with the ladies must apply, right? With far less reservation than it seems like an all-American straight boy ought to have had, I dove my face straight into his smooth little ass – my tongue immediately finding his opening.

I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with giving oral sex. The times I had done it, I certainly enjoyed it, but it wasn’t an opportunity that popped up everyday. For some reason, a lot of young girls are a bit inhibited about getting the muffs munched. But, I have to say he didn’t mind getting his ass rimmed, and I fully enjoyed eating his asshole. It had that somewhat universal taste and smell of “sex” – a particularly unique musk that you just don’t encounter anywhere else in nature that I know of. It was good.

Just as if it was a pussy, I worked my tongue into him over and over again. In no time at all, his asshole began to relax and open up allowing more and more wetness into it. I never touched his cock. My tongue did find is balls a few times, but that was probably unavoidable in the heat of the moment. They tasted good too.

When I decided my prize was properly prepared, I rose back to my knees, aligned myself and gently pressed the bulb of my cock against Timmy’s opening. Then, it was he was the aggressor. He immediately pushed himself back into me – forcing the first inch or so into his ass. After a brief pause, he continued until more than half of my dick meat was buried in his ass.

I never asked, but in hindsight, I don’t think me who took his ass cherry that morning. Yes, he was tight, but I think he already had a little bit of knowledge of how to take a cock up the ass. Maybe he was just a natural. All I know is that I could hear him moaning into the carpet and softly encouraging me with an occasional “fuck me” as I began to fuck him in earnest. In only a few minutes, I has loosened him to the point that my hips were meeting his ass cheeks with each plunge. I didn’t go too quickly. It was wonderful. I wanted it to last. Finding a modest-paced rhythm, I went about sodomizing him good and proper.

I have no idea how long the experience actually lasted. It never goes as long in reality as it seems in the moment, but the end was inevitable. Beads of sweat began to form on both of us as I pounded in and out of his ass. I never fancied myself a homo, but I was loving the fuck out of this. I would have fucked his ass all day. I began to quicken the pace as the first signs of orgasm began to approach. I was pounding away pretty hard when he pulled off my dick.

I was startled by it – so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten that I was butt fucking my childhood best friend. It took me a second to come back to reality. Then I thought maybe I was hurting him. I didn’t know how to react. But, he rolled onto his back and pulled his knees up to his shoulders, I got the point.

I didn’t want to lay down on him. That seemed – of all things – too “gay” for me. I just re-entered him tried to find my rhythm again. His ass was fully opened by this point. I was pounding it like I would any girl’s cunt as he groaned and trust himself back at me. Looking down, I noticed that he had found his own cock and was jerking wildly as I fucked him. I really couldn’t help but be compelled to “help” his efforts and moving his hand away, I took his cock into my own hand.

It felt a little awkward in my hand. It was significantly smaller than my cock and particularly thin. My big, meaty paws engulfed it. Although, that didn’t seem to be an issue for too long. Having jerked my own thousands of times, jerking his was a fairly easily-accomplished task. Matching my hand strokes with my cock strokes, it became almost like I was masturbating. I felt a cock in my hand and pleasure in my loins with each synchronized stroke.

Timmy was just about over the edge. He was whimpering loudly and fucking his ass into my dick with all of his might as he began to cum. It was fantastic. To be such a small cock, I could not believe the volume of cum that erupted from it. It started flying everywhere. It splattered his chest and neck. Some flew in his face and hair and an several ropes blasted on my my chest as well. He must have launched off three or four HUGE spurts of his goo before the contractions in his ass caused by his orgasm took me over the edge. Getting one last deep stroke in, I buried every millimeter of my dick deep into his ass before emptying my cum into his bowels.

It was a mighty explosion. They’re all amazing – even today. But this one was spectacular. When I think of the highlight orgasms of my life, I think of the first time back in high school when I came in Carol Berringer’s mouth. (without telling her, of course!) The first time I came in a wet, velvety pussy without a rubber, and this one – the first time I nutted in Timmy’s ass.

My balls heaved over and over as they emptied into his ass. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Timmy just lay there and allowed me to use him as the last flow of his own orgasm flowed out of cock and over my hand.

My cum had exhausted me. At this point, I really couldn’t help but collapse onto him. I just laid there and enjoyed the sensation of my softening cock slowly slipping from his ass. We were a sweaty, sticky mess, but so content that it didn’t matter. I don’t know how long we laid there. Not too long I am certain. I got up, went home to shower and got dressed for the day. We didn’t even speak to each other.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all is that our relationship was not really awkward in any way after that. Our friendship never wavered. It’s very weird.

Throughout college, every break was pretty much the same. Sure, I’d tap the local girls when opportunity allowed. Carol Berringer later married a guy who would become a state senator, but those summers she was always game to empty my balls. She has to be one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever met. Well . . . except for maybe Timmy!

I probably fucked Timmy’s ass at least 100 times or so – and he must have swallowed at least a gallon of my cum. I even ended up sucking his cock a few times. I found it sort of like certain foods. You know, those that you enjoy on occasion but wouldn’t want all the time. And to beat it all, I can honestly say that I have never had the slightest desire to fuck any other guy.

Timmy and I are still very close although we live 1,500 miles apart. We both have found partners. Mine has tits. His has balls. We’re both quite happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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