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Cock Massage

Callie was going to have sex tonight. She had planned this for some time now and while she hadn’t really marked this night on a calendar for a deadline, she had decided earlier in the day that tonight was as good as any. Tonight would be when the endgame would happen.

The notion of going ahead with sex had come into her mind a few months ago. The problem was that she had no idea how to proceed since she had never done it before. Of course she knew what the basics were; insert tab A into slot B, but she thought actually doing it might be a bit trickier. After all, watching someone drive a car or build a house was a lot different from doing it yourself. In thinking about resources to consult she realized she basically had none. She couldn’t talk to her parents, she didn’t feel close enough to any teachers to go to them with this and the clergy…well they certainly would try and dissuade her rather than help her. Going online would be the best bet but her mother had installed parental controls on the computer as soon as it had been set up and she certainly couldn’t go to her Dad and ask him to remove them without raising more than a bit of suspicion. Her plan might have taken even longer is the solution to her dilemma had not presented itself to her in the form of one Pamela Deland.

On an early Spring day at school Pamela strode into home room in flagrant violation of the school dress code. She wore a pair of Navy blue slacks and a lighter blue cardigan sweater, certainly no problem there, but underneath the cardigan she wore a skintight light orange top with a very low cut neckline that revealed more than a little of her ample cleavage. Mr. Ross, the home room and senior English teacher was announcing the school news of the day but stopped abruptly when he saw her. His eyes lingered on her for maybe a few seconds longer then they should have then he sent her to the office. She returned a few minutes later in the same slacks and cardigan but had covered the orange top for with a more baggy red top that she likely had stashed in her locker. Mr. Ross said nothing further even though it was obvious she had never gone to the office. Pamela liked doing little stunts like this from time to time just to rattle the teachers and staff.

Pamela had a reputation as the “bad girl” in school even though Callie didn’t know why. Pam was a good student with a high B average and, aside from being a regular at the smoking pit, Callie couldn’t remember her being in any serious trouble. Likely the bad girl designation came mostly from her looks and attitude. Pamela was taller than most the other girls, at least five eight or so, certainly towering over Callie’s five two frame. But even though she was 18 and a high school senior, like Callie, she could easily pass for mid-twenties. She was, in short, a nightmare for those people that had to check IDs on a regular basis. Pamela had long, thick, dark red hair that possessed just a bit of wave and hung down past her shoulders. She had alabaster skin, like many redheads, but had nary a visible freckle. Her eyes were a deep brown rather than the expected green and she carefully applied her makeup to highlight rather than overwhelm them. But it was her body that turned the most heads. Pamela had a curvy hourglass figure and full D cup breasts which her choice of clothes often accentuated and, along with her red hair, had given her the whispered nickname of Jessica Rabbit. It was rumored among the other students that she was a regular in the bars and clubs around town and had a very active and diverse sex life. In short the boys in school lusted after her, the girls called her a slut. As a result of these polarizing attitudes she really did not have many friends in school. Then there was the incident that Pam was the most famous for; the one that had really cemented her reputation.

During the lunch period back in the fall the star of the football team, running back Tate Cafferty, strolled up to where Pam was sitting and said “Pamela babe, how about you and me go out to Lake Cassidy after the game this week.” Of course he said it loud enough for all to hear and in his best bad boy tone of voice. Pamela looked up and answered, equally loud, “I guess you haven’t heard. I only go out with men, not high school boys.” Then she went back to her salad and the paperback she had been reading leaving Tate frozen in place with embarrassment.

“Uhhhhhhh,” he moaned. He looked around the lunchroom then walked out without making eye contact with anyone. He rushed for only a measly 12 yards during that week’s game as Pamela’s quietly blunt yet excoriating put down of him raced around the school.

If there were ever a resource for all things sexual it had to be Pamela Deland, thought Callie, so after home room Callie approached her and, since they were both taking calculus, suggested they might team up and study together. To Callie’s surprise Pam agreed and they started meeting at Pamela’s house once a week.

Callie met Pamela’s mother who was Merter Escort a nice, lovely woman who always seemed to have a cocktail and a cigarette in hand. She seemed just fine with the two girls going up to Pamela’s bedroom and using Pam’s computer by themselves. The first couple of weeks the girls actually did study calculus but it was soon clear that both of them understood the subject quite well and didn’t really need a lot of extra study time. Callie decided to put the first part of her plan into action.

“Do you ever look at porn?” Callie asked one day when the girls had stopped studying and were looking at some fashion related websites.

Pamela seemed unfazed by the question. “Sometimes, not a lot,” she answered.

“I’ve never seen it,” said Callie.

“Oh. Well do you want to look at some?”

“Yeah. You don’t think I’m weird do you?”

Pam didn’t answer but instead typed in a web address and, in a second, a page with hundreds videos in dozens of categories popped up on the screen.

“What do you want to see?” asked Pam.

“I don’t know. Just some regular porn I guess.”

Pam scrolled down the screen a bit then clicked on a video. She moved her chair back a bit so Callie could see a bit better. It was a standard porn video with a big-dicked male fucking a blonde with silicone tits in various positions until the end when he shot sperm all over her face. Callie said nothing through the whole presentation.

“Another?” asked Pamela.

“Ok,” answered Callie, never taking her eyes off the screen.

After they watched 4 videos Callie leaned back in her chair and looked at the ceiling. “My god,” she said. “Are all guys’ things that big?”

“Oh please, not even close. I don’t know where they find these huge freaks but regular guys are nowhere near that big.”

“Do they always want to squirt it on your face? That’s disgusting!”

“I know but better they shoot it there than inside you and get you pregnant. I let them come on my tits or stomach. I don’t want any babies right now.”

“Good point,” said Callie.

“Do you want to see some more?”

“No. That’s enough for today,” said Callie. She paused for a few seconds. “Is that what sex is really like? God I hope not. “

“No. I think some guys would like it to be like that. Guys like it more than girls; at least that’s how I see it.”

Callie got out of her chair and fell face first on Pam’s bed. “I don’t think I want to have sex if that’s how it is.”

“Don’t worry. Sex isn’t like that. That’s porn. There’s a big difference. Why do you want to look at that stuff anyway?”

Callie turned over and sat up on the edge of the bed. “I want to start having sex. I thought I needed something to help me know what to do. ”

“Ohhh,” said Pamela slyly. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Brian Worstel.”

“Brian? I know him; we have an advanced English class together. He’s nice. He’s not a jock but not a nerd either plus he is cute.”

“We go out some but I guess we’re not really serious. He’s nice. He’s our age. We have fun. That’s about it.”

Pam seemed a bit confused. “Why do you want to do it with him if you’re not serious? Why not someone else?”

Callie thought a moment. “I don’t think he’s ever done it either so it’ll be the first time for both of us. I really don’t want some guy like Tate Cafferty or someone like him to fuck me then brag about it to everyone and then act like I don’t exist. He’s done that to a lot of other girls.”

“Tate thinks he’s God’s gift.”

“But you sure shot him down last year.”

Pamela smiled. “I did, didn’t I?”

Both the girls burst out laughing. Callie stood up and did her best imitation of Tate standing slack- jawed in the lunch room. “Uhhhhh,” she droned in her lowest voice which caused both of them to break into laughter again. The both fell on the bed, taking turns imitating Tate’s embarrassed, incoherent response. After a while they composed themselves and sat up wiping tears of glee from their eyes.

“You want to look at some more porn?” asked Pam.

“Sure,” answered Callie

* * *

After a few more of these sessions, reviewing numerous porn videos of different genres Callie felt she was ready to take that next step. But things with Brian did not go well. After a movie one Friday night she suggested they drive out to Lake Cassidy, a notorious make-out spot. Callie took control, ramping up their normal, casual kissing into a torrid make out session. For the first time she grabbed Brian’s crotch and felt his hard cock. While still kissing him she unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out which caused Brian to gasp several times. Callie had watched enough blow job videos to know what to do next. She jacked him a few times then took a deep breath and took his cock in her mouth. Brian responded by shouting “Oh God. Oh, oh!” and then sperm shot up in streams as he thrashed about in his seat. Even with her inexperience Callie figured Merter Escort Bayan out quickly what was happening and took her mouth off Brian’s dick just in time. She got some semen on the side of her face which she wiped off then smeared on her pants. The whole thing from putting her mouth of it to him ejaculating took about 4 seconds followed by 2-3 minutes of Brian apologizing. So much for her fist blowjob Callie thought. Maybe he’ll be able to control himself a bit more next time.

The next time arrived a couple of weeks later. They went back to Lake Cassidy, went through the same sequence as before only this time Brian managed to control himself a bit longer. Callie wanted to move things along so she retrieved a condom from her purse and clumsily rolled it down onto Brian’s throbbing cock. That night Callie did not wear any panties in preparation for this. She figured things would go more smoothly if she didn’t have to contort herself into knots to try and remove her panties inside the car. Callie kept kissing Brian as she climbed on top of him and inserted his cock inside her. To her surprise there was no pain or bleeding which she had been dreading. But not surprisingly Brian came after about 3 strokes then apologized for another 2-3 minutes. She told him it was all right and kissed him gently as she felt his erection rapidly fade inside her. In a bit she climbed off him and watched as he removed the condom then rolled down the car window and threw it outside. Callie took some tissues from her purse and wiped him off.

So she was no longer a virgin but sex, both oral and regular had been rather disappointing. This would have to change and tonight was the night it would happen. The only person that could turn the whole night sideways was her father and he was in his bedroom right down the hall between her and the front door.

Callie sat at her vanity and applied her makeup for the second time tonight. She felt the first attempt made her look too slutty and slutty was not what she was going for tonight.

As she put on a lighter shade of lipstick she remembered her mother teaching her how to put on makeup in this very spot a few years earlier. Her mom had stressed using just enough to look good without overdoing it and Callie had followed those guidelines ever since. She stopped for a moment, feeling sad about the loss of her mother a year ago.

It was not death that had taken her mother but rather a silver tongued seduction by a co-worker who, somehow, had convinced her mother to run away with him to Costa Rica where he supposedly had land and wealth sufficient to allow her to live the lifestyle she deserved. She simply did not come home one night. A brief note left under Callie’s father’s pillow was brutal in its simplicity saying that she had left and was not coming back. An investigation by the police found that she had gotten on a plane bound for Mexico then onto Costa Rica. After that the police stopped investigating. Further inquiries at her work place revealed the affair her and her co-worker had been having. Her mother took only some clothes, leaving behind all pictures and keepsakes of her life with her family, completely severing any ties to them. Callie’s older brother, Ron, had been so affected by his mom’s sudden departure that he joined the Navy, relinquishing his college scholarship, in hopes he could travel to Costa Rica one day and try and bring his mother back. So the loss of her mother also led to the loss of her brother which only made her father’s burden worse.

While Callie had been greatly affected by the loss of her mother it was her father, Tony, that suffered the most. He was a broken man who had always been happy and outgoing but who now rarely smiled or laughed. He kept working only because he had to and when he came home he said little to Callie and generally fell asleep in his recliner after dinner. He took the blame for his wife leaving him even though Callie and his friends had told him he was not responsible. In short he was sad, so sad, all the time and Callie was tired of seeing him that way.

After she put the finishing touches on her makeup and brushed her hair she checked out her reflection from a couple of different angles, satisfied with the second application. She got up and went over to her dressing mirror. Not bad, she thought, not bad at all. Callie may have been short but she had a good figure, although not as curvy as Pamela, but her C cup breasts looked bigger on her small frame. She turned around and checked out her ass which was firm with nicely rounded buttocks and accented by a pair of white, lacy thong panties, something she rarely wore. She smiled for she thought her ass was actually her best feature and it was looking good tonight. Everything was set and in place. She went over to a clothes basket and rummaged through it until she found one of her long, baggy tank tops. It wasn’t the sexiest thing, she knew, but she wore tank tops or t-shirts to bed every night and had Escort Merter no slinky night gowns so it would have to do. She walked over to the bedroom door and stopped for a moment silently asking herself if she really wanted to go through with this. After a few seconds of reflection she carefully turned the doorknob and quietly stepped into the hall.

The door to her father’s bedroom was not fully closed and light was visible so she knew he was still awake reading. She walked to the door and gave it an easy push, the hinges creaking as it opened. She saw her father looking towards the door, a book in his hands as she suspected. He tilted his head forwards to get a clearer look.

“Callie?” Tony said, perplexed at her presence. “Is something wrong?”

She walked over to his bed. “Daddy, mom’s not coming back,” she said.

He closed his book and put it on the nightstand. “I know, Callie, I know.”

Callie climbed across her father to the other side of the bed and got under the covers. She laid her head on his chest and pulled herself close to him. They stayed like that for a few moments, neither saying anything.

“I’m tired of seeing you so sad,” she finally said. Then in one move she grabbed the covers and threw them off both of them quickly moved so that she was more on top of her father’s chest, pinning him down and blocking his arms. She took her left hand and ran it under the pajama bottoms he was wearing, firmly took hold of his cock and began to jack him up and down.

Her father jumped in surprise nearly throwing her off him but she was positioned to where it would take a lot more effort to move her.

“Callie! Stop that! What are you doing?” he exclaimed.

“I don’t want to see you sad anymore, Daddy,” She answered as she continued to jack him.

“Stop this! Stop this now!” he said as he tried to push her away.

But Callie held firm. “No,” she said. “I’m not stopping. Now stop fighting it.”

He squirmed a bit more but suddenly exhaled a deep breath and Callie felt him relax under her.

“That’s better. Now stop worrying. I want to do this for you,” she said.

Tony’s dick was hard now. Despite his protests he was still a man after all. Callie continued to stroke it up and down, running her hands all around it as she did. She pulled her hand out and tried to push the waistband down. “Lift up your ass Daddy,” she said.

Her father obliged and raised his butt off the bed allowing Callie to push his pajama pants down and allowing his fully erect cock to spring into view.

“Holy shit!” said Callie. It seems Pamela was not correct about only male pornstars having huge dicks. While her Dad wasn’t quite as well- endowed as those guys he certainly was longer and thicker than she would have imagined. She studied it for a bit as she continued to stroke it then shifted her herself closer to his crotch. She licked the head a couple of times causing her father’s entire body to stiffen as he gasped loudly. Callie ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft then inhaled a deep breath and took her father’s stiff cock into her mouth.

“Ah, ah!” her father huffed as she continued to try every technique she had learned by watching porn videos which made her father’s legs jump and twitch and his hips rise up to as her mouth went down. Callie tried to take as much of his dick into her mouth with each movement as she could while stopping short of gagging which would probably kill the mood somewhat. Suddenly she tasted something salty and sweet at the same time. She took her mouth away but kept stroking the shaft up and down waiting for him to shoot streams of semen into the air but only saw a small amount of clear fluid coming out. She had no clue as to what it was so she took her finger and rubbed some of it around the head of her father’s cock. It was slick, very slick and rubbing it around made her father’s body jump and jerk. It was then she realized that she too had gotten quite wet herself. She reached her hand under her panties and rubbed her pussy spreading some of her own wetness around her clit, causing waves of pleasure to race around her crotch. She resumed sucking her father’s cock as she pleasured herself at the same time, her own breathing and pulse rising as she did. After a few more minutes of this she was ready to take her plan to its conclusion.

She stopped her oral efforts, stood up on the bed and looked down at her father. His forearm was over his eyes as if he wanted to shield himself from seeing his daughter in this completely new light.

“Daddy?” Callie said.

Her father dropped his forearm and looked at Callie standing above him. His expression was not happy nor sad but showed more resignation and submission.

Callie pulled her top off, held it out at arm’s length and let it drop to the floor. She rubbed her tits for him pushing them together and flicking her nipples. She then turned around so that her backside faced her father and slowly bent over and shimmied out of her thong, stepping out of it and kicking it off the bed. She stepped over him, straddling his body the slowly lowered herself until she sat on his crotch, never breaking eye contact. She slowly began to grind her wet pussy against his still hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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