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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support, and helping me find a great editor for this story.

And a huge thanks to my editor RF-FAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read my first chapter of Call of the Wild.

Call Of The Wind Ch.2

When I awoke, I could smell the coffee and campfire. When I peeked out from the tent door, I saw Toby already heading to the trees with his ax. I poured my coffee, and as I stood, Tik came up and put his nose right in my crotch. He turned to Toby then scampered away, heading to join his friend. I guessed Tik figured Toby had marked me as his, and I couldn’t argue.

The days were starting to get colder and the bears were feeding every day, fattening up for their long winter sleep. Toby used the plywood sheets for the roof lining and our tent top for a waterproof layer. The mudbrick fireplace was almost complete, and we had moved in. Now it was time to cut more wood to stack for winter. I had been catching and smoked fish, but Tik figured that we had hung it out for him to snack on. Lesson learned. Going forward, I had to string it up higher than he could reach.

But we needed something bigger to make jerky because the big wolf had eaten into our supplies. He was now much stronger and could mostly fend for himself, but I wanted him to come out of the winter at full strength because he would need it when we left for home next spring.

I was tracking another new bear that came into the area, but Toby was at a crucial time with the roof, so Tik followed me. He would warn me if a wolf or bear were close, and I had the pistol. We tracked her down, and I held Tik by his fur. I noted her markings and those of her two cubs. They were beautiful and energetic youngsters, bouncing and playing around their Mother as she tried to fish.

I backed away, and we tracked our way home. Tik ran off to catch a rabbit that crossed our path, and as I hiked up a rise, I walked right into a huge male bear. I reached for the gun as the bear reared up on his hind legs towering over me. Then from my right, a snarling and growling Tik ran between us, taking a bite at the bears back leg and racing away, the bear in tow. I took off in the other direction and did a big arc to skirt around any possible reunion with the bear. I only got halfway round when a playful Tik came barging back, pushing along my side.

“I owe you one.” I said to him as I hugged his neck and kissed his nose.

“Tik came to my rescue when I walked right up to a huge bear. Tik was too quick for him, nipping at his heels and getting the bear to chase him instead of eating me.” I said to Toby as he was finishing on the roof.

“Are you alright?” Toby asked, looking worried as he came up to hug me.

“I am fine, not a scratch, but Tik thought it was a great game running away from the slow old bear. He came back full of play. I guess he doesn’t fear the bears that much.” I answered, my nerves finally settling down, now that I was home.

Toby kept an eye on me that afternoon, and as we went to the pond. He set Tik on guard duty while we stripped and sank into the cool water. I was less self-conscious about my nudity as we had already fooled around and broken many taboos. Toby was washing the sweat off his beautiful body as I sat in the waist-deep water watching. The work building our winter shelter installed muscle where previously there was only flab. I did slip a finger into my pussy as Toby soaped up his privates, his big cock thickening as he glanced over at my uncovered tits.

“Want me to wash your back?” He asked and smiled when he looked down to where my hand disappeared into the water. “Or anything else you need help reaching.”

I didn’t answer but just turned my back to him, and he soaped me up. I stood up, allowing him to reach lower to make sure I was ‘clean,’ and he washed my bottom well, before reaching around to scrub up my front. Toby pressed himself against my back, his cock caught between us, as he washed my breasts. His hand slipped lower to cup my pussy and slide his middle finger inside my folds. I stepped one foot out to widen my stance and give him room, and he inserted another finger.

“Fuck me, Baby, I need it so bad.” I said, turning my head to steal a kiss, before bending over to offer myself to him.

Toby took hold of his cock and ran it up and down my pussy length, collecting my juices and slickening his cockhead. I reached between my legs and took hold of him and lined his cock head up to my ass, pushing back and relaxing to allow his cockhead entrance.

“Push-in slowly, Honey.” I said, and spat on my fingers and smeared it on his shaft, then held his cock steady for him to slide into me fully.

“Are you sure Mom?” He asked, holding back for a second.

“Fuck my ass, Toby, I don’t want any babies.” was all I could get out as his bursa escort bayan cock sank into me.

It had been years since I had anal sex and I was in heaven. I loved it in the ass, and Toby’s big cock filled me to the max. He set a slow but steady pace taking care not to hurt me, but my need had me push back on him to speed up the fucking. I reached under him to cup his balls and slid my finger along his ass crack, causing his cock to flex inside me. The feeling of being ass fucked by a nice thick cock was delicious. I pushed back harder, making sure he was bottomed out in me, and on each inward stroke gently pulling on his ball sack; to urge him on.

Toby was getting close to cuming, so I released his balls and slipped two fingers inside my pussy. I could feel his cock pumping into me through the thin membrane between my ass and pussy. I pulled my fingers out, and buffed my clit, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before plunging them back in my pussy again.

“Cum in me, Toby, fill me up.” I said, and pushed back on him as he gripped my hips and thrust forward one last time.

“OooHhhh.” escaped his mouth as he was pumping my ass full of his seed, holding himself deep inside me as his cock flexed with each blast.

Now I was cumming too, my ass gripping his cock, and milking it for all its bounty. My legs were weak, and I was barely keeping myself upright with the help of Toby’s hands gripping my hips. Then we both dove under the water and pushed over into the deeper part of the pond. Tik was bounding after us, seeking to play the game that we were obviously enjoying so much while leaving him out.

“Tik, you were supposed to be standing guard.” Toby said, to a panting Tik, as he pounced onto Toby again.

Toby came up spluttering and dived onto Tik, who allowed him to roll the wolf over into the water. I sat up on the grass next to the pistol while the two boys played. I watched with pride as Toby’s muscles rippled as he moved. The months of chopping and building had transformed his body into something worthy of a painting.

“Mom are you alright with doing it that way, I feel like I am cheating you somehow.” Toby said as we sat outside the cabin still using the firepit while it was warm enough.

“I think you are a lucky boy. No I’m sorry, that is wrong. I know you are a lucky young man. You couldn’t have picked a better woman to bring into the wilderness where you don’t have any pharmacy to get her the pill. I love anal sex, but haven’t had it for a long time.” I said, leaning over and kissing him.

“For real?” He asked, his eyebrows raised. In answer I went for a soft, gentle kiss. In seconds he was kissing me back and cupping my breasts.

“Everyone has their kinks, some like feet, some like boobs. I like what I like. What really matters is that you find someone who shares some of your kinks.” I answered, and pulled his cock back out of his shorts.

“Nipples, I find them irresistible, I have to play with them.” Toby said, as he sat back and put his arm around me.

“I have nice big nipples, and they like to be played with. How lucky for both of us!” I said, smiling as he slid his hand, inside my tee-shirt sleeves.

We sat by the fire. I had Toby’s cock in my hand, and he played with my nipple until we became too excited and decided to turn in. I was just moving down to suck on his cockhead when he spread my legs and caught my clit between his lips, nibbling and sucking on my clit, while slipping two fingers into my pussy. I kept nursing on his cock head while he licked, and finger fucked my pussy. When it became too much, I stood over him and lowered myself down onto his cock, as he watched himself sliding into my ass.

I took his hand and straightened two fingers, placing them into my pussy, palm up. While holding his wrist, I used them to fuck my pussy, showing him what I liked while my ass was full of his cock. I was bobbing up and down on his cock and plunging his hand into my pussy. I could feel his cock start to blow his load, but I was too far gone to miss out myself, and forced his fingers in as far as it would go and locked down to seal his cock in my ass.

“Oh, Mom, I am cumming!” He shouted as he bucked under me, his balls shooting all his contents into my ass.

“That’s it, Baby; pump me full of your stuff.” I said, as he filled me to the brim.

I leaned back on one arm and strummed my clit with my fingers while Toby fingered me with two fingers. I started to climax, my pussy and ass clamping and relaxing around his fingers while my ass expelled his softening cock. My body continued jerking and shuddering as the most powerful orgasm I had in years pulsed through my body, before slowly ebbing away.

“You really love sex, don’t you Mom?” Toby said, as we cuddled in bed afterward.

“Are you complaining?” I asked, one eyebrow raised.

“No, I was just surprised because the other girls I have been with only use it to get things. In that drug-crazed world I had gorukle escort been living in, that’s how they survive.” He said, with obvious sadness.

“I was so afraid I was going to lose you. It was the main reason I signed us up for this assignment, to get you away from that life.” I said, snuggling into him.

“I don’t think I would be alive if you hadn’t got me out. I owe you my life, twice if you think about it.” He said, kissing me.

“Any mother would do it, look at Aga, she left the pack for Tik.” I said, wrapping my naked body around him.

“It’s that mother’s instinct,” He said, as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke to smell coffee and campfire smoke. It was the most wondrous smell in the world. When I ventured out of the cabin door, I could see Toby and Tik pulling a log back to the campsite. It was too heavy for Toby to pull by himself, but with Tik in a crude rope harness, the log plowed through the soft grass easily. Toby set about cutting it down into usable size logs ready to be split into firewood. Tik went off hunting for small rabbits that dropped into their holes as soon as they saw a glimpse of the huge wolf cantering across the clearing.

“I would be much happier if we hiked across the valley to a native camp about twenty miles away. Tik has eaten into our supplies, and we could do with a top-up to be sure he can eat this winter. Without a pack, it will be hard for him to feed himself. It would be useless if we can only carry the supplies back, but with a sled Tik can carry a lot of supplies back for us. He probably wouldn’t even notice the load compared to the log he just dragged.” I said, sitting watching Toby’s beautiful body flex as he sawed the log for firewood.

“I could make up a crude sled.” He said, looking between my legs as I sat with only a blanket over my shoulders.

“We can make one there, or a better choice might be to buy one from the Inuit, they have been making them for centuries.” I said, opening my legs and sitting back for Toby’s viewing pleasure.

“OK, I am up for the walk, we need to get going. It will be a few days hike and the nights are getting colder.” He said, adjusting his growing cock while he finished his cutting.

I watched with one foot up on the chair, showing Toby what his reward would be when he stopped his wood cutting. He finished quickly and grabbed me and took care of his erection right next to the campfire. Leaving me quivering with cum trickling from my ass crack, I wobbled to the pond to wash off his residue. We packed enough supplies for the trip and a bit extra just in case and headed off the next morning. We left the sound barrier on to keep the bears from testing the strength of the cabin doors.

We made good time, and as we walked over the last rise, I was relieved to find the Inuit still here. I thought they might move out before winter when the food becomes scarce. We slowly walked into the village with Toby holding Tik by the harness I made him put on. The people soon gathered at the side of the track, watching us silently. Then an old grey man came out to stand in our way.

“You bring a wolf into our village, do you mean us harm?” He asked, his clothing all native, the only one fully dressed that way.

“He won’t harm anyone, he is not tame, but he will do my will.” Toby said with authority, griping Tik’s harness to be sure he didn’t make a liar out of us and eat someone.

Then, from the group closest to us, a small child broke from her Mother’s grasp, ran to Tik’s side, and grabbed two handfuls of his fur. To Tik’s credit, he stood firm, just lowering his head and rubbing his ear against the small human. This stopped everyone from running forward, now breathing a sigh of relief. The small child was still giggling as his terrified Mother gingerly picked him and worked to release his grip on Tik. She breathed out a huge sigh of relief as she dragged him away with two fists full of Tik’s fur.

The older man stepped forward and put a hand on Toby’s chest then on Tik’s side. “They beat as one. ‘Amaguk Arjun,’ ‘man-wolf,’ you are connected by something. You share a destiny.” He said. At the old man’s statement the village people were visibly relaxing at the words, but the people still watched us.

“I was hoping to buy some food stores, dried meat or fish, and a ‘uniat’ sled.” I asked, hoping that some of my US dollars had some value to the tribe.

“We would be happy to sell you some supplies, and I have an old sled you can have, it is no longer workable for my dogs, but the wolf will get a use or two out of it, and you can use it as a template for a new stronger one,” He said, leading us through the village.

There was a flurry of activity as all the men scurried to tie up their dogs, and it would not be a fair fight as Tik was a foot taller and now twice their weight, at least. They traded us the food for some money, telling us of the other things like fishing line and gunpowder they needed to buy from bursa merkez escort bayan the traders that passed through the area each year and our US Dollars were useful for that.

We headed back the same day, not wanting to tempt another child to end up close to Tik’s jaws, as good as he had been up to now. We made camp on the edge of a large lake and made love watching the moonlight sparkling across the lake’s water. I was on my hands and knees as Toby took me from behind, holding my breasts and pinching my nipples as he pumped into my ass.

While we lay recovering under the sleeping bags beside the fire, Tik decided he needed a hug too. He almost crushed us as he pounced on top of the sleeping bags, making a playful growl in his mock attack. He slept between us that night, stopping any more sex play, but was great at keeping us warm when the fire went out.

I was awake first in the morning and washed in the lake when Toby wolf-whistled at me from the campfire. I turned and flashed him my full-frontal body-shot, and he came running at me, tackling me into the water. The only problem with that kind of activity is that Tik thought it was a new game. Tik was soon following Toby into the water, his splash drenching us both. It didn’t stop me from giving Toby a hand job in the water as he fingered my pussy to a nice mellow orgasm.

We made it back to find the cabin intact and stored the food in the chests safe inside. The last few days before the heavy snow, I spent finding the bears sleeping hides, while Toby cut enough wood for the winter months. Tik guarded me and caught some of his own food, while I tracked all the bears in the area, and logged all their winter sleeping dens. I was just finishing my last trip after all the bears had been accounted for. The snow storm was getting heavy, and I could barely see my hand in front of my face, I took another step and heard a crack from underneath my foot.

Then I fell into a crevasse on the edge of a ridge. The snow had covered the top of the sticks and brush that was caught in the wedge of rock, but my weight was too much. I fell ten feet and snagged in the rocks, my feet dangling through, but my body stuck by my pack. Tik was looking down, howling, as he couldn’t reach me.

“Tik, go get Toby.” I yelled, but he wouldn’t leave me, he tried digging at the side, but all he did was kick a lot of dirt down on me.

“Tik, go home.” I yelled again, and he finally bounded toward home, leaving my view.

I have never felt so alone, my legs were now starting to go numb with the cold and lack of circulation. It was still snowing, and I was sure Tik wouldn’t find his way back. I waited and watched the sky going darker, and I could feel myself going to sleep. Sleep in this wilderness meant death, as hyperthermia would take me before anything else. Not a bad way to go at least I would just slip away and not be eaten alive by something while I was unable to defend myself. My gun was wedged between my body and the rock, so it was of no use. These were the funny things that started to go through my mind as I hung there, trying not to sleep.

I swear I heard my name being called, and I thought to myself, someone should call back.

“Toby, Toby, I’m here.” I yelled when I realized it was my name I was hearing.

“Mom, don’t move.” Toby said, as more snow and dirt rained down onto me.

He disappeared and came back a few minutes later, sliding down beside me and tying a rope around my waist.

“Hold still, I will pull some of the sticks and rocks from around your body.” He said, and disappeared below me.

I could feel him loosening my body and pulling my legs free. Then he pushed me up, and the rope slid up a foot or so.

“What are we tied to?” I asked, as he pulled himself to me.

“A good solid hitching point.” He said, and then he whispered, “Pull Tik, Pull.”

He pushed me up, and the rope was pulled again, moving me closer to the top and freedom. Toby climbed up beside me and pushed up again, and Tik pulled me right to the top. I grabbed the rock ledge and jammed my feet either side of the wedge, forced myself over the edge and turned my body to grab Toby’s jacket.

As I pulled him over me, I said, “Oh, my boys thank you, I was sure I was a goner.” hugging them both.

“I was scared out of my mind when Tik came bounding in alone, but he knew exactly how to get back to you. And they say we are the evolved race.” Toby said while looking at Tik. Then he lifted me into the sled, as I was shivering too much to even stand.

Tik pulled me at full speed with Toby barely able to keep up in the snow. By the time we could see the cabin I was fading away, sleep all I could think of. Toby picked me up and carried me inside, stripping my clothes off and drying off my body before covering me with all the sleeping bags we had. He made warm soup and fed it to me and stripped his clothes off, then drying himself and climbing in behind me.

I was shivering badly and could hardly speak. “If I don’t make it, finish my research and the book baby. It’s important for the animals.” I said, trying to make sure Toby would go on without me.

“We are not letting you die that easily, Tik, get in here.” Toby said, and Tik gently climbed in and lay down in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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