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I woke up to gentle kisses on my neck. I turned my head to look at the person that was kissing me, but it was too dark (or maybe I was too hung over) to make out anything more than a silhouette. I closed my eyes and laid my head back down, deciding just to enjoy it, as I thought about the fun I had the night before… It was our 17th month anniversary, and she just wanted an excuse to get me drunk. And seeing how she had just turned 21 the week before, what better time to do it?

She called me up and told me to come over to her place, and I did, having no idea what was in store for me. It was nothing special at first–we watched a little TV, then went back to her room and laid on her bed and listened to the radio. Then we got to talking. Eventually the conversation moved on to kinkier things, as it always seemed to do. We had always been the kinky types–a little bondage here, and maybe a sex toy there, it was great. But mostly what we did was talk. We had the best conversations. Without even thinking about it, my hand would be in my pants in no time. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to keep secrets from there significant other. If you’re embarrassed or shy about it then it is most likely the greatest thing to talk about. How else would I have learned that my girlfriend sometimes thinks about other chicks sexually, or that she actually likes the idea of two guys going at it with each other. She found out that I masturbate semi-regularly, and I found out she approved. She also found out I had dreams of being a woman, dreams mind you, I am very happy being a man, but I still thought it could be fun. We could even talk about who we thought was hot. For example there was this one guy in one of my girlfriend’s classes that she had a major crush on. I thought it (the crush) was kind of cute. She could actually get me horny by talking about fooling around with him, not that I would ever allow it, but it’s still fun to talk about.

This particular night the conversation went farther than usual. She was talking about this guy and all of the things she would do with him. Then she got a different idea. “I need to get you and him all liquored up one night, and point you two at each other and tell you to go at it.” I smiled, knowing well that she was just getting herself nice and horny. I didn’t mind, I just went on playing with myself. “Come on, it would be fun, I could get you all nice and horny and then have him come over and take over for me. Then I could just sit back and watch, or maybe even join in for a little bit.” She added with a grin.

“But first” she said as she hopped up, “we have to get you ready for it.” I was puzzled by this statement, partially scared, partially curious, but mostly just plain confused. She left the room and came back with a bottle and 2 glasses. She filled one glass all the way up and gave it to me, and then filled the other just a little bit, and told me to drink up. We started Sefaköy escort bayan talking again. Whenever I got remotely close to finishing my drink, she filled it up again. She continued to do this until she decided I had had enough. She took my glass and then with a sly look in her eye said “Stand up and strip.” At this point I was drunk enough I would have done practically anything, so I had no qualms with getting naked.

So there I was standing in front of her completely exposed. “Turn around and grab your ankles,” she told me. I tried to voice a complaint, but she just stared it right back down.

She immediately cuffed my ankles together and cuffed my hands to the bedposts. I had never felt more exposed in my life, and I loved it. I felt her body press up against mine and then I felt her hand reach around and start to play with my penis. That got me incredibly horny. I wanted more, and she knew it. “All in good time,” she said, and then stopped. She moved over to sit on her bed in front of me and started to strip down to her panties. Then she slipped them down, just enough to make me want to see more. I wanted to taste her, but I soon learned that was not what she had in mind. She slipped her hand underneath them and started to masturbate in front of me. I wanted to feel her so much now, but all I could do was squirm. Finally she reached what seemed to me to be a very pleasing orgasm. At that she got up, uncuffed me, slipped off her panties and said “Put these on, just for kicks.” Little did I know this was just the beginning…

Apparently she finally decided to make use out of her monstrous wardrobe… on me. “If you’re going to screw a guy,” she said, “you need to take it one step at a time. All you have had up to this point is straight sex, so if you’re going to have sex with a guy it might help if we make that straight sex also.” I was really confused. “If we make you a chick then you’re supposed to have sex with guys.”

Well there wasn’t much I could do to change her mind, and at that point I was so horny I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to, so I just stood there as she went through her closet and occasionally held up an outfit to me. First she pulled out a long skirt and a turtleneck top. “Maybe,” she said, and kept looking. Then she pulled out a jumper that looks really hot on her. “No, this is not for you.” She said as she put it back. Next she pulled out her prom dress, it was long and green and had a slit all of the way up one side. She giggled and put that to the side with the other outfit. Finally she pulled out plaid schoolgirl skirt and a normal white dress shirt. “School girls are always easy,” she said with a smile. “But,” she said looking at my legs, “good little school girls take better care of their appearance.” I didn’t like where this was going, but it was the middle of winter, so no one would ever notice if I shaved my legs. She led Yenibosna escort me into the bathroom and told me to get in. I asked if I should take off her panties, she said “Nah, I have another pair that is perfect for this.” So I got in the shower and she shaved my legs.

Back in her room she was going through her underwear drawer looking for the perfect pair. “Ah-ha,” she said as she pulled out a black thong I had never seen her wear before. “Put these on.” They were tight and seemed to be somewhat stretchy. They covered up my penis quite nicely and the way it was made I knew I would not just slip out, the thong of the underwear buried itself between my cheeks and seemed to separate them ever so slightly. “Turn around…perfect. Now you need some hosiery.” So she went back to her underwear drawer and pulled out a new pair of black thigh highs. “Now put these on.” I had seen her put on thigh highs many times before, so I knew how to do it.

“Turn around again… good, good, but we can’t have you being a school girl with those” she was pointing at my chest. Back to the underwear drawer she went and pulled out a black bra. “You know how you love this bra with a white shirt,” she said with a smile across her face. “I’ll help you with this,” and she put the bra on me. “Hmmm, you don’t quite fill it out do you,” she said with a giggle. She reached back into the drawer and pulled out some more hosiery and stuffed my bra with it. She worked at them for a few minutes trying to get the perfect shape and when she seemed to be satisfied she stepped back and once again said, “Turn around.”

“Now it is time for your outfit.” She picked up the skirt and had me put it on. It was tight. I had trouble pulling it over my ass, so I had to wiggle a bit, partially to get it on but mostly just to give my girlfriend a show. She had to help me zip it up, but it fit. It was so ridiculously short though, no wonder she never wore it. It barely went down past my underwear. “Excellent,” she said, ” just as I had hoped.” Then came the shirt. It was tight and bra showed through, again, “Just as I hoped.”

“You almost look like a school girl now…” and the she added with a smile, “an easy school girl.” I walked up to her and tried to kiss her. “I can’t make out with a girl,” she said as she backed away, “and besides, I’m still not done yet. Now sit.” She said pointing at the floor in front of the bed. I did as I was told and then she sat behind me and then started to play with my hair. This even turned me on, I felt my penis push up against my panties. Before I knew it, my hair was in pigtails, “Just like a school girl.”

“Almost there,” she said, “but if you really want to be a school girl you need some makeup.” So she went to work on my face, giving me the works, and purposely over doing it just ever so slightly everywhere. But even then she still wasn’t done, she wanted to paint my nails Escort Halkalı with a blatantly flaming pink. “There you go, now you’re an easy little school girl. But don’t mess up your nails, they aren’t dry yet. Now turn around like a good little school girl and bend over so I can see your ass.”

I felt her hands just barely brush up against my ass, I purred with content. Then she started to fondle my ass, and I begged for more. “If you want me to do anything else you have ask nicely like the easy school girl you are.” I asked her to play with my penis, but all she said in return is “Penis? You shouldn’t have one of those, you’re a girl. Try again.” She licked her finger, brought it near my ass, and pushed my underwear to the side. As she started to play with my virgin organ I realized what she was getting at. I mumbled a little trying to get her to give me some more, but she just played dumb with me. “I don’t understand,” she said with a smile. I decided to just give up my pride and ask her to fuck me. “I aim to please,” she said, “But first I have to get ready.” Then she disappeared from the room.

A few moments later she returned in wearing my ball cap and T-shirt, her breasts were nearly non- existent (I later found out she was wearing a sports bra underneath her shirt). Underneath her shirt I could see my boxers just barely poking out. “Now turn around and put your hands back on the bed.” I did, she walked up behind me and pressed herself against me. Both of her hands were around me, but there was something else poking me in my ass. I turned around and saw something coming out of her boxers–she was wearing a strap on. “I look just like a guy don’t I?” she asked me with a silly smile on her face. She really did–no breasts, a baggy T-shirt, a hat on her head and a penis coming out of her crotch. At that moment I got a beautiful image in my head of her fucking a chick with her very own “penis”.

By the time I came back to reality she had gotten out her KY and was pretending to jack off as she lubed herself up. She put some more KY on her hand and pressed it against my ass. She put one finger in me, then 2, then 3 of her fingers were inside of me. Then she pulled them out and said, “Kneel down on the bed, I want to do you doggy-style.” What came next was one of the most satisfying sexual experiences of my life. The only problem was that I soiled my undies…but what was I going to do?

Afterwards we just laid in bed, both exhausted. Then she turned to me.

“You know what this means don’t you?”


“You’re Bi now.”


“You just took it up the ass and came. You’re Bi.”

“But, but, but…”

“Exactly. Just wait till you find out what I have planned for next week.”

I tried to protest for a bit but she didn’t pay attention to me, so I gave up and we both fell asleep, my girlfriend still holding her easy school girl…

What a night! I opened my eyes again, this time it was a bit brighter so I could see the one who had been kissing me. She had fallen back asleep, still wearing my T-shirt and boxers. I couldn’t believe how horny I still was. I gently leaned over and kissed her to wake her up in hopes that we could do it all over again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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