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Butch dragged me into the room by the collar and over to where Max was noisily slurping up his own piss, sweat, cum and ass juices from a bog bowl.

Butch put his foot on the back of my head and pushed my face into the bowl, knocking Max out of the way. I started to lap up the cocktail, my lips smacking in relish, messily splashing the concoction all over my face, suddenly more thirsty than I had ever been in my life, bathing and drinking as much as I could as fast as I could.

Max nuzzled his face against mine, eagerly lapping the cocktail off my face, nudging himself closer to drink from the bowl. Butch took his foot off my head once he was happy I wasn’t resisting and stood towering over us, our leashes in his fist, that trademark insufferably smug, incredibly sexy, self-satisfied smirk on his fat, unshaven face. Once the cocktail was finished Max held my face in his fluffy paws and licked my face clean of the remaining mixture. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wide, stuck out my tongue and licked his mouth back. We both moaned as our licking began to centre on each others’ puffy, bruised, swollen lips and fat, wet tongues.

What had started as licking had become noisy, slobbering french kisses as we tried to fuck each others mouths with our tongues. Max’s cock was semi hard and dripping again, despite what looked like several hours of continual fucking, whilst mine hadn’t gone soft since I’d first inhaled the sexy, intoxicating stink of Butch’s sweaty arm pit.

Our moaning and wet sloppy kissing increased as we rose to our knees, my paws rubbing his engorged tits, his on my ass, pulling me closer whilst spreading my ass cheeks wide apart, my hole gaping around the tail plug, making it wag violently.

With a surprised, strangled yelp we were wrenched apart as Butch yanked on our collars with such force we both landed on our backs, gasping for air as the wind was knocked out of us.

Zak dragged Max to the bench that Mike had been strapped to and easily manhandled him into position on his back, legs spread wide, feet licked into the stirrups, ass and chest raised, head bent back over the edge of the bench. Suction cups were applied to his tits, a smaller one sucked and bit on his nipples whilst a larger cup milked the surrounding tit flesh. Max groaned in wanton pleasure as the machine milked his tits hard, it looked like it was almost pulling his increasingly fat tits clean off his chest but his ass was drooling juice, as was his cock. Zak attached a device to the collar around Max’s neck that randomly inflated it and squeezed his throat, this was followed by an 8″ long, 2″ thick dildo shaped like a dog’s dick, knot and all. This was placed in his panting mouth and switched on. The sounds of a relentless throat fuck filled the air as Max was violated by the remorseless rhythm of the fuck machine. I watched helpless as his eyes rolled back in his head, he drooled helplessly around the dildo, as it made his throat bulge obscenely and a thick foam of spit and throat juices slowly slid down his face matting his hair.

Max’s cock was fully hard now he had his throat stuffed with cock again. I licked my lips as Zak wheeled another machine into place, this had a suction cup with what looked like anal beads inside. The cup sucked his ass lips hard, stretching them into the cup a good inch or two and the beads slowly began to move in and out of his slutty boi pussy.

Through the throat fucking you could hear the primal moans coming from deep inside Max’s chest as he came in a painful dry orgasm. Zak had one last trick up his sleeve as he trapped Max’s balls in a vice and connected all of the devices to a computer. Then he clamped two bottles of poppers over Max’s nose and attached electric shock pads to his ribs, shaven arm pits and the soles of his feet.

His work completed Zak came and crouched down besides me and whispered.

” Like what you see bitch? Once the machine is done with him, he won’t be your boy any more, he’ll be nothing but a mindless cum dump.”

“It’s reprogramming his body to crave cock.” Zak reached down and squeezed my own hard cock painfully.

“Dad wanted you to watch, so you could see any last vestiges of manhood spurt out his useless clit before it goes soft forever and your son completes his journey to cum addicted cock whore.”

The poppers were wearing off and the concoction in the dog bowl hadn’t hit me yet. Butch was still stood over me but he was far enough away so I couldn’t smell him and drinking from the dog bowl had washed away the taste of his sweat and cum.

The only thing I could see was my son, helplessly strapped to the table, machines methodically fucking him into oblivion as he babbled, drooled and choked on that mammoth doggy dick. His prick now limp, his balls utterly empty, methodically crushed by the vice as his tits were stretched past the point of no return, his nipples now easily an inch long and still growing. His ass hole had prolapsed into the tube, glistening red as the anal beads still istanbul travesti sawed in and out, the biggest beads pressing his new cunt flesh tight against the walls of the tube, elicting whines of pleasure and pain.

I could no longer tell the difference between the two and torture of the vice crushing his balls, the collar choking his throat and the electro shock pads I’m not sure he could either.

Max, my 19 year old son, the star quarter back, the golden boy was now almost unrecognisable. Something had fundamentally broken in him. His cock was a limp little clit, his firm, muscular ass was now a jiggling booty, his once immaculate virgin ass hole was now a sloppy, loose cunt, always wet, always open, always hungry for cock. His pecs were now swollen budding titties, almost enough for a titjob, he always had full lips but now they were fuller and shiny, sex toy blowjob lips.

As I continued to watch his final, irreversable conversion something began to slowly grow deep inside me. It started with my ass muscles milking the dog tail butt plug, my ass lips grasping and sucking at the base with a mindless, desperate hunger. The feeling grew in my gut getting bigger and bigger, until it felt like a physical sensation, my belly started to visibly bloat, my tits and ass started to swell and my nipples got thicker and longer. My hard cock softened and grew limp for the first time since Butch had started that video of Max. The aching in my throat was now painful and I started to pant as I watched Max’s ordeal.

I wanted this.

Butch had been watching me carefully and seeing my body reacting to what I was watching, he couched down next to me his lips right next to my ear, one hand possessively stroking the back of my neck, calming me as if I were a dog.

“What’s the matter boy?” he said in a low, mocking sneer.

I didn’t react, I didn’t know how to react. This unknown feeling was filling me, filling me, filling me. My skin was hot, tight and slick with sweat. Things were changing, my cock shrank as my balls grew heavy with cum. My ass cheeks were swelling with my tits and lips, my ass lips were expanding, getting bigger, softer, more voluptuous. My ass pussy was so wet the juices were drooling down my thighs and the movements of the dog tail plug were accompanied by squishy noises as my ass muscles chewed on it.

“You like what you see?” I nodded faintly.

“You want it too?” I nodded again, more firmly this time.

“I’ve been planning this for years now, so I’m going to finish breaking you myself. Got something real special planned for you.” I looked up at Butch, my eyes filled with fear, hope and desire.

I wanted this.

He was close enough now so I could smell his breath.

I nearly swooned as the sexy stench of his breath enveloped me.

Butch smiled that cocky, hateful grin that I knew I would soon be eagerly spreading my legs for and turned my attention to Jessie and Mike.

Mike lay on his back, Jessie straddled his chest. Looking down at him she asked “Do you love me, Mike?”

He nodded back.

“Say it.” She said.

“I love you Jessie.” He whispered.

She smiled and said “Would you like to cum, Mike?”

He nodded again and said “Yes please Jessie, please make me cum.”

And with that Jessie stood and went between Mike’s spreas legs, she raised her foot and I noticed the 4″ transparent plastic stripper heels she was wearing. A sense of dread mixed with horrified fascination as I watched her bring her heel down on Mike’s hard 6″ cock. She ground down on his balls then switched to crush the head, before stroking the shaft with her shoe and repeatedly stamping on him violently.

Mike squirmed, flinched and whined under the assault but no matter how hard Jessie stamped or kicked him, he returned to the same position, legs spread wide, defenceless. His cock stayed hard and even seemed to get harder under the abuse. A few minutes of this and Mike was begging Jessie to let him cum. She stopped her attack and sat back down on his heaving chest.

“Are you ready to cum Mike?”

He nodded frantically.

“Are you ready to submit to me completely?”

“Yes Jessie.”

“Then you know what you need to do.” she said, smiling sweetly.

Mike nodded and his hands reached up and helped Jessie get into position so that she was straddling his face again, only this time she was sitting forwards more so her ass was directly on his mouth.

Butch had one hand on my chin, the other gripping the back of my neck, holding my head in place painfully. I couldn’t look away as Jessie strained and grunted and the room was filled with the unmistakeable smell of shit. Mike’s cock was still painfully hard and as I watched in horrified fascination as Jessie finished shitting in Mike’s mouth and kneeled up and off him to watch. Mike looked up for permission and with a faint smile and nod of her head, he started to chew.

“Swallow.” Jessie whispered and Mike groaned and I watched his throat muscles work istanbul travestileri as he swallowed her waste, the ultimate sign of his complete devotion to her.

“Good bitch.”

Jessie sat back down and began to strain again.

My mouth was open in shock, I thought there was nothing left to lose until I saw Mike eating Jessie’s shit like a gourmet meal. She continued to grunt and he continued to chew and swallow loudly, his painfully hard cock now leaking pre-cum, his body shaking and sweating, toes curling, his hands digging into her hips, pulling her deeper into him.

Mike was thrusting his hips into the air, blindly humping, his neck straining upwards, forcing his tongue as far as possible up her ass hole. As he swallowed another mouthful of Jessie’s shit, I watched as his cock erupted a geyser of cum. He literally exploded cum, hitting the ceiling and raining down on him and Jessie.

The force of his orgasm was truly breath-taking.

One she had finished and Mike had licked her spotlessly clean, Jessie climbed off him and pulled his head into her lap, stroking his hair and cooing about how proud he had made her and how he was such a good bitch for her.

Now that the show was over, I knew that my sons had been utterly, irreversably broken.

And I knew that I was going to join them.

And I knew that I desperately wanted it too.

Butch relaxed his grip when he sensed my submission, I turned to look at my former friend overwhelmed by the depravity I had seen my sons embrace.

Their spurting cocks and orgasmic moans were proof enough that they were loving the abuse that was being done to them.

He gave me that trademark sexy, cocky grin again and despite everything, I felt my ass pussy tingling and mouth salivating in anticipation.

“Your turn now bitch, are you ready?”


I nodded, fear battling excitement, my cock was small and limp, my holes were now tingling painfully with the need to be fucked, filled, rammed full with cock.

My whole body was glowing, shaking with lust.

Butch surprised me by getting to his feet and leaving the room, dragging me along behind him.

On my hands and knees I followed him back downstairs and into the lounge where it all began.

Again my eyes never left his fat, sexy ass and I drooled as I imagined him bending over, spreading his cheeks in silent invitation and letting me tongue his deliciously, tight, stinky, sweaty hole.

My brain was now wired to know that my tongue in my master’s hole was both a reward and a way to make his cock hard.

The insidious whispers reinforced the thought that I only existed to make my master cum.

That my holes belonged to whoever master gave my leash to.

Back in the lounge, he knelt down and poured more of the same clear liquid into my bowl, before the little brown bottle went under my nose and I sniffed deeply, loving the almost painful head rush of a big hit of poppers. Seeing my vacant grin, blank stare and soft cock drooling ropes pre-cum, he smiled and tilted my head back, forcing my mouth open and spat into my mouth. The feeling of his spit on my face wasn’t as pleasurable as his cum, but it was a gift from my owner so I smiled up at him, opening my mouth wider and stuck out my tongue. He smiled again and spat in my mouth and on my face until it felt my face was coated in a thick layer of spit and my mouth was so full it spilt down my chin.

I anxiously waited for permission to swallow, I didn’t want to lose any more spit but I hadn’t been told I could swallow yet. Butch seemed to ready my anxiety as he grinned and nodded his permission. I swallowed his spit gratefully and noisily, then stuck my tongue back out incase he wanted to give me more.

I rubbed his saliva into my body were it had ran out of my mouth.

I wanted to be marked by my owner.

Butch sat back on the sofa where this had all began and I immediately crawled between his legs, nuzzling his balls and whinning with need as I stared up at him with puppy dog eyes, begging him for permission to suck his magnificent, monstrous cock again.

He shook his head, raised his foot and pushed it into my face. I tried to suck his whole foot into my mouth at once but I had to settle for one toe at a time, slobbering over his toes, swirling my tongue around each one, digging into the gaps, swallowing the toe jam with relish, my gloved paws rubbing and stroking his other foot, before swapping over and lapping the stinky, sweaty, dirty foot clean. Butch appeared to grow bored of my attentions and his cock was only semi hard despite my best efforts and so he kicked one foot in my face knocking me down and brining tears to my eyes. Quickly he hauled my face into the dog bowl and planted it firmly into it with one foot, his other rested on the back of my neck, pinning me in place.

I drank the concortion as quickly as I could, half drowning before I managed to twist my head to the side to snatch a breath before continuing to drink travesti istanbul it down. Just like before the glow spread quickly through me, my tits, throat and ass pussy throbbed painfully.

I was half in a daze as I drank it down, licking the bowl dry. Butch poured more over my head and into the bowl, making me splutter and choke in surprise before I started to lap it up again. I heard Butch on the phone.

“Hi Stacey, is your husband home? No? What about your boys?” said Butch.

“No? You all on your lonesome?”

“Uh huh, uh huh…”

I turned my head and looked up in confusion, Butch leered at me and put one big foot on my face, I started to lick the sole of his foot as the other kicked my ribs, gut and balls, each kick getting harder.

“So listen, how bout I stop on over?”

I had been zoning out, concentrating on the feel of his increasingly wet foot as I languidly licked it from heel to toe, grunting in pain at the kicks.

“What are you wearing?”

At this I looked up in alarm, only to be met by Butch gringing his foot hard into my face.

“I want you to go into the bedroom and put on your old cheerleader outfit.”

“No panties or bra, just the knee high socks, skirt and top…”

Butch’s flirty tone brought me back to reality and I focused on my master’s leering face.

“You know you still want it baby…”

“That’s right…”

“Let me hear it…”

“I’m just going to give you want you need…”

I could see his cock hardening as he had phone sex with my wife.

“That’s it… that’s it… now stick it up your ass…”

“Don’t you worry about them…”

“I’m coming over.”

“Right now.”

Butch ended the call and sneered down at me.

He kicked me savagely in the balls making me squeal. I rolled over onto my back, hands cupping my balls as I moaned in pain.

“I’m going to show that fucking cunt wife of yours whose in charge once and for all.” he spat, viciously stomping on my bloated balls and limp drooling cock, before he stomped his foot into my face hard.

When I came to I was bound, gagged and blind folded, the sexy stench of Butch filled my mouth and nose and soothed me. The dog tail plug in my ass felt bigger than before but it was comforting to have my hole stretched around something long and hard. The gag in my mouth stretched to the back of my mouth and dripped that same liquid I had so eagerly drank from the dog bowls. The collar around my neck felt thicker, heavier and much tighter than before. It restricted my breathing but strangely the pressure felt comforting.

In time I heard the truck stop and the door open, three people got out I guessed this was Butch, Zak and Jessie.

Someone pulled me by the leash and near choking, dragged me out of the truck and on to the hard pavement. Still blindfolded I hobbled after them I knew I had entered the house when I felt the cold, hard pavement change to soft carpet.

My ears were still muffled by the dog ear head set that had been whispering its insidious instructions into my brain while I sucked Butch’s fat, lucious cock, and continuing to twist my mind as I watched my sons degredation at the hands of Zak and Jessie.

The blindfold came off and I found myself in the middle of the lounge. Butch sat naked in front of me, looking like a self satisfied demon king. His fat hairy legs splayed wide open, his massive hairy balls and huge cock proudly on display, sexy smirk on his lips as he reclined, resplendently, gloriously naked on the leather looking down at me.

Jessie was still in her cat girl outfit, her modesty preserved by a pair of cut off demin shorts so tight you could see her pussy throb beneath the fabric and a furry bikini top. Mike was on his hands and knees, eyes glazed, naked except for the dog ears, paws and collar. Jessie was sitted crosslegged on his back, staring at her phone.

Briefly I wondered why Mike didn’t have a tail, but it wasn’t my place to ask and the groans coming from Max were attracting my attention…

Zak was perched on top of a cage inside which Max was rocking himself back and forth bewteen 3 dog dick dildoes, each looked to be 8″ long and the two up his ass cunt had to be 2″ wide each.

His cunt looked red raw, sopping wet and the single most delicious thing I had ever seen. The cunt flesh clung so tightly to the cocks it was white and I could see the outlines of the fake veins of the cocks through his desperately hungry, stretched out cunt lips

I wanted to suck those fat, red, juicy lips into my mouth and chew on them until he squealed.

I wanted to stick my tongue so far up his ass cunt I could tickle his tonsils.

Zak also had his phone out and was idly stroking his cock as he watched something on the screen.

Inevitably my gaze returned to Butch and more specifically his cock.

It had been too long since it had been inside me.

It belonged inside me.

Cautiously I crawled forwards between his legs

He smiled at me and I melted inside, my ass started to make the dog tail butt plug wag like an excited puppy.

I was practically drooling at the thought of tasting his cock again, stuffing it down my throat, smearing his pre-cum and my throat juice all over my face again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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