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The night is long and without warmth. John lies in bed, thinking of Kay.

He pictures her before him: his mind’s eye re-imaging the nakedness he once knew. He can see her long body with soft curves. And that grin that always gets him going. That expression on her face beckons him to take matters into his own hand.

So he does. He encases his cock within a favored masturbation sleeve and gets to work.

He imagines Kay straddling him. Her eyes watching his movements, eyes that hunger for seed to fill her need. In his mind, her hands are the ones guiding the sleeve. With slow strokes she is polishing his rod, a movement that sends shivers through his body, each stroke lubricating the desire to feel fire feed what they both once-upon-a-time conceded comes without words.

He presses his hands upon her breasts and massages each lovely lump, encouraging nipples that show their demand for attention. He obliges her nipple pointed nature with fingers that twist and pull. Pulses of erotic pain jolt from her breast in lightening bolts that ignite a fire down below. New dew soaks her sex with a scent that wafts in the room. Her body now aches to feel him inside, to feel his cock brush past clit, the tip traveling Tekirdağ Escort over labia and down the path where the treasured intimacy awaits. But that’s not the way he wishes to go.

With his hands on her breasts, he sits up, twists his body, and before she knows it she is on her back gazing into eyes enraged with passion. She grins at his unexpected move. But there is more to come.

With hands skilled with body maneuvers, John twists Kay over onto her face. The sudden move sends more shivers throughout her body. The power of his intentional moves melts her resistance. Her body goes limp, giving in totally to his dominance. She now knows what he wants and waits for the end they mutually crave.

Kay feels his hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks to expose the area he is about to explore. It is a moment she has imagined herself so many times, an unmet want spanning for far too many years. Kay’s desire for John to take what has always been meant for him alone. For no other man had ever held her so tender or cared so deep for her needs as John had done. This was the moment of total surrender. The moment they have both desired for the longest time.

With his hard cock coated with lube, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan John circles her orifice with his tip. Slowly, he teases a path around the opening, each circuit sending electric jolts of erotic desire pulsing from ass to throbbing pussy that is now moist with anticipation.

She moans in delight, loving the way he teased her, anticipating the way he was about to please her with a joining that would make them one in a way that words could not convey.

Kay squirms and arches her ass towards John, her body begging to join with his. But as she pushes her orifice against his tip he moves with her, denying the deep dive she now desires. She moans in frustration. Her hips relax and his penis keeps aligned with their target. After a moment she tries again without luck. And again, she arches her body to push against him and absorb his wood with a need to root his cock deep within her untamed ass. But again John would not let Kay have her way.

After several more failed attempts her body goes limp on the bed and she groans from unsated desire.

John rests his full body upon hers and speaks into her ear, “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” she says with a shiver.

“But Escort Tekirdağ do you need it?”

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s not good enough,” he says with a sultry growl.

“Yes, I do, Sir.”

“Good girl,” he says with an unmistakable grin in his voice. “If you want it that badly then beg me for it.”

Her heart pounds and body quakes with renewed arousal.. His command overwhelms her. Without thinking the words come out in a contrite voice, “Please, sir. Take my ass.”

“Still not good enough.”

Desire and need for him takes over as Kay shouts, “Please fuck my ass sir!”

In the next instant she feels his cock press deep within. Pain and pleasure rages into a fire that billows from anus to clitoris in a sensation that at once overwhelms her with an intimacy never before experienced.

His cock repeatedly plunges her erotic well, sending ecstatic waves through her body that crash against her heart and mind, embracing her being in utter ecstasy. Each pump sends Kay’s vagina into pulsating spasms. The overwhelming intensity crescendos until her pussy gushes with one orgasm after another. She lies limp with a wordless fulfillment completing that most mystical connection – love.

Hours later John could no longer hold back. He blasts into the sleeve, painting it with an expended need. The long night comes to an end. But the break of a new day begins. John, tired from the lonely night, glances into the golden rays filtering into his room. He has plans that need attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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