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It was a warm summer’s day as I was driving down the highway. The stereo was cranked in my new convertible. With the wind blowing through my hair I hadn’t a care in the world. My mind was off somewhere else as I enjoyed the peacefulness of being alone. That’s when I saw you out of the corner of my eye. I am guessing you, too, were enjoying the peacefulness parked by the side of this quiet backcountry road. I hadn’t seen a car all afternoon so I suppose you thought you could sit here and not be disturbed. I had thought I would be alone here as well and do as I please.

We were both wrong. As I saw you, I looked down and groaned. In my spaced out driving I hadn’t paid any attention to how fast I was going. Now faced with a cop I realized that 95 was probably pushing my luck. I hoped you were day dreaming as well and wouldn’t notice as I flew by. Wrong again!! As I went past you pulled in behind me. You must have seen me coming and were waiting. What should my response be? Should I just own up to it and take the ticket? Should I try to come up with some reasonable excuse? Should I try to charm my way out? All of these thoughts were going through my head as the lights came on and I pulled over to the side of the road.

I watched you walk towards my car antalya escort from yours. A nice looking, if older, man. Maybe I should go for the charm. I really didn’t have much choice as you opened my door as soon as you were within arm’s reach and ordered me out onto the side of the road. I was barefoot and the road was hot. I hopped from one foot to the next to minimize the effect of the heat causing my light skirt to sway back and forth. You couldn’t help but notice. The sun was shining from behind giving you an outline of my legs…. no slip?? You also noticed my breasts seemed to be jiggling a little too much under my skimpy blouse. You ask me to step to the front of the car. I start to protest but you just point the way. “Hands on the hood please,” in your professional tone. I think better of saying anything and just do as I am told.

Your hands come down on my shoulders as you start to pat me down. I notice as you are moving…. very slowly…over my body, you linger at my ass. Not wearing underwear under my skirt allows the heat from your fingers to almost burn me. You slide your hands further down across my thighs and legs. I almost jump as you come in contact with my bare skin and keep going, bending over to run your fingers around my alanya escort ankles. Satisfied I am unarmed you slide your hands back upwards. This time as you get to the hem of my skirt instead of sliding over the fabric your hands slide underneath, dragging the skirt up with them as they go. More and more of my leg is being exposed and I am not sure what to do. I freeze as you reach my ass and slide my skirt up and over.

I shiver as the air, although it is warm, hits my bare skin. One hand holds my skirt while the other rubs ever so softly over my upturned naked ass. You lean down to place soft kisses on my ass as your hand slides between my legs, prying them open and seeking out my very wet, smooth snatch. I hear you moan as your fingers come in contact with my aching slit and you realize it is shaven. You lift one foot and place it on the bumper of my car giving your fingers better access. Your tongue finds my sweet spot as you drop to one knee. I cry out in pleasure as you bury your face between my legs, sliding your fingers in and out as your tongue teases my clit. My fingers are clawing at the hood of my car as you eat me to orgasm. I am so glad we are in a secluded area because otherwise my screams would definitely draw belek escort attention. As I am coming down from a mind-blowing climax you stand, letting go of my leg. I slide down almost falling to the ground but catch myself, flipping over to sit on the bumper of the car.

I look up to see you bringing your raging hard cock out of your uniform pants. I am still trembling form my orgasm but instinctively open my mouth to accept your throbbing tool. I let it slide deep into my throat with little thought. Your hand comes to the back of my head to help me slide back and forth. You take advantage of my mouth for several minutes before pulling out and lifting me up onto the hood of my car. You lay me back without a word, sliding my skirt up as I go down. I moan loudly as you drive your swollen shaft deep inside me on the first stroke.

Without any thought as to who might see us, as if anyone would be out here, you drive in and out with reckless abandon. I am rising off the hood of the car to meet your every stroke. You pull my blouse up over my tits and suck a nipple into your mouth causing me to cry out again. The wind is blowing across our bodies, as we become a blur of motion rocking back and forth on the car. The birds fly off as we reach our mutual orgasms, each of us screaming through it. Without so much as a word you withdraw and put your weapon away. You help me down off the car and back to the driver’s door opening it for me. With a tip of your hat you say, “Have a nice day Ma’am,” go to your car, and pull away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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