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This is a continuation of my Business Trip Encounters in Manila Series. Although each encounter is an independent one, it would help if you read the previous 7 chapters.

John was sent to Manila by his company to set up a Regional office and he has been in the country for the last 2 months preparing for the new setup.

John has settled into his apartment, and has managed to find an office space and was in the midst of hiring his staff. Of course, he had earlier hired his PA and the 2 lovely clerical assistants will be joining him soon. There were still a few positions to be filled so he was going to be really busy doing interviews, but if the hiring process would be anything like when he hired his PA and the 2 clerks, he really would not mind at all.

Since he was still a one man operation, John spends some of his time working from his apartment. Things were moving quite slowly but definitely in the right direction for his office.

However, today, it was not a good start for him when he was greeted by a phone call from his PA, Bianca, informing him that she just got pregnant; a result of some over the board celebration with her boyfriend on the night when she got the job. They have decided to get married and probably move to their home town to start a family. John sighed at the decision, and would probably miss her ass more then anything else. Straight away, John thought about Nina and Hazel and could not wait to interview them for a promotion to the position of PA., although he would have to wait another week when they come back from their vacation in Cebu Island.

At the mean time, there were still a couple of things that needed to be settled and one of those was to get group medical insurance for his office. Although it was not going to be a big operation, he still needed to get into some contract with a clinic or hospital for medical service.

Once the word was out, there was no shortage of representatives from clinics and hospitals visiting John with proposals of medical plans.

John managed to look through most of the plans and came to the conclusion that they were all very similar in terms of benefit and cost, so he decided to shortlist a couple of big hospitals just for the stability that they offered.

Just when John was about to award the business to one of the most popular hospital in Manila, he received a call from a local clinic and the Business Development Manager, Amelia, have asked to pay him a visit personally to present her proposal.

John was thinking, “Well, maybe I’ll just listen to one more.”

John did not have much reason to go to his empty office and he decided to meet Amelia in his apartment instead.

On the day of the appointment, John went about his business while waiting for Amelia in his home office. After clearing about what seems like a hundred emails, John sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. Slowly, his thoughts drifted to Nina and Hazel and he started to stroke his cock, making himself pretty uncomfortable. He remembered how he fucked the two young ladies on the night before they went back to Cebu and started to imagine how each of them will try to convince him that she was the best choice to be his personal assistant, although John did not mind having both of them.

John did not usually have visitors in his apartment, so he was dressed very comfortably in a pair of tennis shorts and a cotton t-shirt, and as on any other day, he did not even have his briefs on. It did not even occurred to him that Amelia will be visiting and he probably needed to be more properly dressed.

The tennis shorts gave him easy access to his cock and he was soon stroking himself to full hardness, thinking how he would get to fuck Nina and Hazel on a regular basis once they reported back to work.

Suddenly, his thoughts were jolted by the door bell. John stood up and realized that his cock had made a tent in his shorts and he quickly pulled down his t-shirt to try to cover it. He then remembered that maybe he should be more properly dressed but since Amelia was already at the door, he did not have the time to change.

John adjusted his cock to a barely more comfortable position and walked to the front door.

He looked through the “eye” and was pleasantly surprised to see a young lady with long wavy hair standing on the other side.

John looked down at his shorts and the tent in his shorts was still quite visible and he tried to pull down his shirt lower to cover it.

John opened the door and was greeted by a beautiful young lady. She had long wavy hair, and maybe it was the earlier horny thoughts of Nina and Hazel, he thought she also had slutty eyes and eye brows that angled up just at the right angle to enhance those eyes. She also had pouching lips that looked soft enough to be kissed.

She had a white business jacket on and what looked like a one piece dress underneath it.

“Oh, eh, hi, you must be Amelia,” John’s thoughts finally drifted back and greeted the woman.

“Hello almanbahis adresi sir, you must be John then,” Amelia stretched her hands out and shook John’s.

The action caused her jacket to open a little and John thought he saw a glimpse of a pretty massive chest, but he could not be too sure. However, this was enough to bring some life back to his softening cock and he felt his little partner twitched a little in his shorts and he was hoping Amelia did not notice.

John then pulled the door wider and step aside, inviting Amelia to step in.

Amelia stepped in and waited for John to close the door, making all the right little moves and behaved exactly like anybody would in a business meeting.

John then stretched out his hand and gesture for Amelia to move towards the living room.

Amelia turned around and walked towards the couch and John followed behind. Only then did John noticed that Amelia was wearing a very short dress, probably just a couple of inches below her crouch, although the white jacket she had on made her looked a little more covered. She had a pair of silver heels on and every step she took towards the couch made her hips swayed a little. Amelia’s jacket was long enough to cover her swaying ass so John could not make any judgment on that, but he was imagining a juicy piece of ass under that dress.

John then went to the kitchen to get a drink for Amelia. At the same time, he was also desperate to hide his growing hardon under his shorts and was contemplating if he should change into something that could provide more coverage, because he had a feeling the hardon was not going to go down any time soon. But something inside him told him that maybe there would be some benefit to letting the sexy woman in his sitting room knows what she was doing to him. He shrugged his shoulder a bit and walked out of his kitchen.

As he was walking towards the couch, John saw that Amelia was seated with her legs crossed and with her short dress; John thought he must be seeing all 10 feet of her legs. Amelia was probably an ethnic Filipino with dark skin and the skin on her long legs were almost glittering in the afternoon sun. And those heels she had on; John was already imaging how they would look like when they were pointing at the ceiling.

Amelia saw John bringing the drink and gave a saucy smile and uncrossed her legs to sit up. John felt his cock twitched a little more, confirming that he had just saw a glimpse of Amelia’s golden colored panties.

“There you go, Amelia, please have a drink,” John said.

Amelia bent forward to receive the drink, causing her jacket to open up and John confirmed what he thought he saw at the door; beneath that white jacket, Amelia had a green one piece dress on, the neck line was square, and although it did not seem to be too low, Amelia’s expansive chest was pushing it out, giving John a clear look down her cleavage.

John swallowed hard at the view in front of him and was sure that Amelia noticed that. Amelia swiped her slender fingers over her jacket and checked herself a little.

Amelia then flashed her cum-fuck-me smile at John and said, “Sir, do you mind if I removed this jacket, it’s more comfortable that way.”

John could not believe what he heard and was thinking,” Remove that jacket? You can remove everything if you want.”

He then composed himself and said,” Oh, how silly am I, let me take that jacket for you.”

Amelia then stood up and turned to face John, something technically she did not have to do, and started to unbutton her jacket. It was a two-button jacket but John thought he was watching a slow mo porno flick and Amelia was making a more then deliberate attempt to remove the 2 buttons. Amelia then tried to pull the jacket off her hands from behind her and the action caused her chest to be pushed out and John was treated to a view of a double D headlights pointing right at his face.

After what seems like a freeze in time, Amelia turned to her left a little and stopped. John took that as a request to help her remove her jacket. He stepped closer to Amelia’s back and helped her pull her jacket off, but not before taking another view of Amelia’s deep cleavage from over her shoulders.

Once the jacket was off, it reviewed a green sleeveless one piece cotton dress which fitted Amelia’s body like a second skin. The tightness of the dress accentuated all her curves at the right place; her boobs were screaming to bust of the top while her waist and ass formed a smooth “S” shape.

By now, John’s cock was rock hard again and he thought he felt it brushed against Amelia’s ass a bit. John looked at Amelia’s face and did not see any reaction, so he thought maybe it was just his imagination, or wish.

John took a deep breathe and walked to the door to hang up Amelia’s jacket, and when he turned to face Amelia again, she was bent over at her waist, seemingly looking into her bag, searching for something. From his angle, John could see Amelia’s almanbahis adres dress been stretched across her ass and he saw what he thought was the panty line of the smallest thong in the world. Amelia’s ass was looking so tempting, John could not wait to sink his face into her crack.

While Amelia was still rampaging her bag, John sat down on the adjacent seat and was treated to a full down blouse view of Amelia. Her tight fitting dress held her boobs tightly close to her, but John could still see them jiggling a little under her movements.

After what seems like eternity, Amelia took out a pen from her bag and settled down. She crossed her legs, giving John another upskirt view and her heels were so closed to John, he could almost feel a magnetic force pulling him towards those legs. John had a close look at those legs and they were almost flawless, her tan skin shinning in the afternoon sun.

John could not help but steal a few peeks up Amelia’s skirt, which she did very little to cover. John’s cock was so hard now, he had to pull one of his little pillow over his crotch to cover up.

Amelia saw that and had a smirk on her face.

Amelia started explaining her clinic’s proposal, but John could barely pay attention; he was either distracted by her flashing panties, or the pendent on her chest disappearing into her cleavage everytime she sat back. But a medical proposal is a medical proposal and John had heard the same proposal in several versions over the last few weeks.

“Well, sir, what do you think?”, Amelia asked, finally finishing her explanation.

John jolted back from his wet dream and took the proposal from Amelia and started reading it. He held the proposal up in front of his face and in between lines, was stealing peeks at Amelia crossing and uncrossing her legs. John had to shift in his seat to make himself more comfortable, and when he saw Amelia not looking, reached his hand below the pillow and shifted his cock.

John took a deep breathe and read the proposal, something he still have to make sure, and realized what he already know, there was just not much difference between this and the rest he had seen.

After about 10 minutes, John finally placed the proposal down and faced Amelia, trying very hard not to let his eyes dropped below her neck.

“Amelia, your proposal is very clear, but I just do not see any difference between this and the rest I have seen,” John said, as a matter of fact.

Amelia had a confident look about her, even after hearing this. She has been caught in this situation several times before and she never left any meeting without having the contract signed, especially if the decision maker was a man, and there was a good reason why Amelia always made sure the man was alone during such meetings.

Before she continued, Amelia excused herself to visit the rest room and John was treated to another view of her ass while she walked away. After about 5 minutes, Amelia came swaying back and John noticed some difference in her dress, especially in the way her boobs bounced. John looked a little closely and realized that Amelia had probably removed her bra!! Her boobs were bouncing with every step and John could almost see her nipples poking through the dress.

Amelia came to the couch and John cleared his throat, but the moment she sat down and crossed her legs again, John fixed his eyes on the spot between her legs and expected Amelia to flash him again, but only this time, she did not flash him her panties, but her shaven pussy was in full view.

Amelia then placed her palms on her knee and said,” Sir, as a package , I agree there really isn’t really much difference, I mean this is after all a medical package, there is only so much variety we can offer, however, I pride myself as someone whom would give excellent after sales service.”

“Mmmm, is this going where I think it is going?” John thought to himself.

In actual fact, John knew it will not make any difference as to where he was going with this contract as his organization is a small one and he did not have much negotiation power anyway, and as Amelia has pointed out, a medical package is a medical package, and he was not expecting much variety anyway. So deep in his mind, if Amelia could convince him today, he would be happy to get this contract out of the way, and the way this meeting is going, it’s definitely getting interesting, and John would like to see how far Amelia would go to get his check.

“Oh, really, what kind of after sales service do you provide?” John asked.

Amelia run her index finger just above her cleavage, making sure that John had noticed, and said, ” Well sir, that is for you to find out later.”

“In fact,” Amelia continued, ” If you sign the contract today, I will throw in a very special luxurious full physical at our clinic, just for you,”

With that said, Amelia uncrossed her legs again, but this time, instead of crossing it again, she spread her thighs a little, making sure John almanbahis adres had a full view of her shaven pussy again.

By now, John’s cock was aching in his shorts and he had to apply pressure on top of his pillow to get some comfort.

That has not gone unnoticed by Amelia and she lifted herself and sat right beside John and placed her hand on the pillow.

Without asking, she pulled the pillow off John’s lap and was greeted by a humongous hardon. A tall tent formed in John’s shorts and there was no way in hell he could hide anymore.

“Oh, I am so sorry Amelia, please do not be offended, its….its just that you are so beautiful,” John said, choosing his words carefully.

Amelia had a smirk on her face, this is a sight she had seen too many times.

“Oh don’t be sorry John,” Amelia said, knowing the day was going according to plan.

She then softly grabbed her boobs, squeezed them together to make an already very deep cleavage even deeper, and said” But are you sure it was my beauty and not these that caused that.”

She then reached out her hand and grabbed John’s cock, stroking him from outside his shorts.

“Oooo,” John gave a soft moan.

John then placed his arms on Amelia’s thigh and said, “Well, Amelia, you were saying something about after sales service? I did not really understand that.”

“Yes sir, I did not think you understood it also, after all, you were too busy staring at these and this,” Amelia said softly, pointing at her boobs and then guided John’s right hand to her pussy.

With that said, Amelia turned to John, softly held his head and kissed on his lips passionately.

Before long, Amelia’s tongue was darting into John’s mouth while her hand reached down and continued to stroke John’s already massively hard cock.

Amelia took a breather from John’s kiss and said, “John, I think you are suffering from excessive blood flow to your cock, and if not treated immediately, you might suffer internal hemorrhage.”

Amelia then pushed her lips hard against John’s and continued to kiss him.

John then asked, playing along with her” So what is the doctor going to prescribe?”

Amelia then gave a saucy smile and said, “Well, the doctor is not in, but Nurse Amy knows exactly what to do with it.”

Amelia then lifted herself and sat sideways on John’s lap and continued her wet kiss, her tongue darting in and around John’s mouth passionately.

In this position, John had much easier access to Amelia’s pussy and he started rubbing it, searching out for her clit.

Amelia spread her legs a little more, offering no resistance at all, and before long, John felt her clit coming out of her love nest to meet his finger. John pinched the clit with both his thumb and index finger, causing Amelia to twitch a little while keeping her lips tightly locked with John’s.

After about a full minute of rubbing, John could feel Amelia’s pussy getting wet and he slipped his index finger into her pussy.

Just when John was about to start finger fucking her, Amelia released her kiss and held onto John’s intruding hand and said, ” Sir, this is strictly “After Sales”.”

Although her hand was on top of John’s hand, she had no intention of stopping him at all. In fact, she was as hot as the moist in her pussy suggested and she knew she needed to get fucked whether she had the contract or not. But she knew she just needed to hold out just a little more.

With his cock crying for relief, John knew he was ready to make a decision.

John then pulled his finger out from Amelia’s dripping pussy, reached for her boobs, gave it a light squeeze and then said,” So, where do I sign?”

Amelia gave a knowing smile, and with one arm still around John’s neck, she reached behind her and grab the contract, “Here you go sir, sign on the dotted line, and you get to fuck me anyway you want.”

John fumbled for a pen, signed hastily on the dotted line and returned the contract to Amelia.

Amelia then got off John’s lap, turned away from him and kept the contract in her bag.

She then turned around and got onto her knees in front of John. She then pushed John’s knees apart, grabbed his cock and said,”Now, let’s let him out to play.”

Amelia then released the button on John’s shorts, as slowly as she could master while keeping eye contact with John. She then pulled down the shorts, reviewing a purplish cock head, raging with lust.

“Oh my, he must be anxious,” Amelia cooed.

With that said, she moved forward, pressed John’s raging cock flat and started to lick the underside of it.

“Oh….goodness, Amelia, that feels soooooo good,” John could not stand it any more and let out a loud moan.

Amelia used the tip of her tongue to circle around John’s sensitive cock, sending sensations down his spine.

She then moved downwards and took his balls, one at a time, and sucked each of them in her mouth. She then continued to use her tongue to tickle John’s balls, causing him to jerk in the crouch a little.

From his sitting position, he could look down Amelia’s cleavage and the sight of Amelia lapping his cock up like it was her favorite lollipop was the kind of scene that made his stay here worth while.

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