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I want to take an opportunity to say thank you to all the fans; I am glad you enjoy reading these stories as much as I do writing them.-The Author


What had I become? How did I sink so far? Carl had been the only man I had ever known. Loving husband and devoted father, no man deserved what I was doing to him. I tried to stop, I swear I did; but it was like a midnight addiction.

I would hear that telltale thump in the darkness and my mind would fill with images of that huge cock glistening with oil. But it was more than just his cock, it was Darrin himself.

When that deep voiced commanded, I would be on my knees before I even realized I had moved, my mouth sliding over his manhood. Every time it entered me, I whimpered and begged for his seed.

All the while I tumbled down the mountainside of lust, I knew in the back of my mind this couldn’t go on forever; something had to give. But I didn’t care; I belonged to Darrin, I could no more stop the lust in my belly than I could stop the breathing of my lungs.

At first it was only at night; then Darrin began to exert more control. Sunday afternoon, I stood in the kitchen getting ready to start dinner. Carl was in his easy chair in the living room watching football.

I felt two powerful arms wrap around my waist from behind, startled I looked over my shoulder.

“Darrin…we can’t…” I tried to whisper.

Even as I said it, I felt a hot gush fill my panties. Dear God what was he doing to my body. Without uttering a word, Darrin slowly turned my body until my ass was pressed against the sink. His hands came to rest on my shoulders, and I felt the pressure pushing me downward.

I could have resisted, his push wasn’t that strong; but I didn’t. I moaned as my knees came in contact with the cool tile of the kitchen floor. I could only stare as his gym shorts slid down, and nine inches of magnificent cock slid into view.

“Suck it” Darrin rumbled above me.

It wasn’t a question, and I knew it. While every circuit in my brain screamed at how wrong this was; this middle aged housewife, opened her mouth and engulfed the head of her sons cock.

“Mmmmmmm” I couldn’t stop the soft moan as his smell and taste assailed my mind.

“Fuck yeahhhhh” I heard him groan softly above me.

I shuddered with pleasure that I could do this to him. My pussy felt like a river as it filled my panties with hot cream. My husband sat unknowing only yards away, and his slut wife mewled for her son.

“You want my cum mom?” Darrin husked.

“Nnnnnnn” I moaned my agreement.

“Then suck it out” Darrin commended me.

My hands rested on my bare knees as I used my mouth and lips on him. Darrin leaned in and gripped the edge of the sink. His hips began to pump as he shoved that hard meat into my throat.

Once again the bump wasn’t from an oil bottle; and this time it wasn’t the middle of the night; as my head lightly banged against the cupboard door behind me. He was fucking my mouth; fucking my throat; and all I could think of was drinking his hot jizz.

I pursed my lips tighter, and applied every ounce of suction I could. I felt his cock throb in my mouth; God he was close. I sped up the bobbing of my head, devouring him.

“Mom…oh fuck mom” Darrin softly gurgled above me.

I was mom…his mom…and I couldn’t stop myself as the first thick wad of hot cream pulsed straight down my throat. I swallowed like some starved child; internally begging for more. I got it when a second and third thick wad pulsed in.

As the flow slowly subsided, he pulled back; God he was still rock hard as he slid free of my mouth. With his cum dripping down my chin I looked up at him. I could see his eyes burning with lust; I knew given the chance he would have taken me right then and there. Yet, even he knew it wasn’t the right place or time.

Without saying anything, he tucked that rampant pole into Küçükköy Escort his jeans; then leaned down and kissed my cum stained lips. I just knelt there in a wash of shame and joy as my satisfied son walked out of the kitchen.

Somehow I managed to finish dinner, and all the way through the meal my panties clung to my pussy with soaking desire. After dinner Darrin excused himself to study.

I sat in the living room with Carl, watching his action shows and trying to calm my beleaguered body. Carl usually retired before me, since it gave me the chance to watch some of the television shows I preferred. Never the one for conflict in the past, this had built to almost a routine.

That was why almost two hours after Carl had gone to bed, I found myself walking down the dark hallway to the door of my bedroom. Even out here I could hear the soft snore from Carl, and I sighed. Perhaps I should have gone to bed earlier; then I might have encouraged him to be a bit frisky.

About two thirds of the way down the hall, I stopped. The light coming from under Darrin’s door was like a flame to a moth. He was still up, probably studying.

I had no logical reason to go in; I had never done it before. Did I want to just say good night, or was it something else? Whatever the real reason, I turned the knob and slowly stepped through into the Promised Land.

It was like entering the living room for the first time all over. Darrin was stretched out on his bed, totally nude; he had his iPad in front of him, and one fist was gliding up and down that massive cock.

Did he know I was there? That was instantly answered when he looked up and stared at me leaning against the door. His eyes never left me as that fist continued to pump up and down.

“What are you looking at?” I asked softly.

Instead of answering, Darrin lifted the iPad and turned it to face me. I was stunned to see a photo of myself lying on the lawn chair, clad only in my bright yellow bikini. Darrin had to have taken that picture without me knowing.

I looked at the picture of me, and then down at that raging hard cock. I became someone I didn’t know, that kindle of flame lit in my belly. My hands reached up and silently began to open the buttons on my blouse. I watched his cock spasm in his grip as my bra encased tits came into view.

As I unsnapped the hooks on the back and began to slowly lower my bra, I watched pre cum ooze from the tip. As my bra dropped free, my heavy breasts exposed to him, God his cock jerked in his grip.

Every article of clothing that fell from my body only made his cock harder and thicker. There was no doubt in my mind what and who he was thinking of; and it sent tingles through my skin. By the time I stood totally nude, Darrin was panting and staring.

God just watching this act sent shivers through me. It was like that night in the living room was being repeated tenfold. I stared at his throbbing cock while his eyes roamed my body; the body he wanted to fuck.

“If you cum…will you stay hard for me?” I husked.

“Yes” Darrin whispered back.

“Then cum” I told him. “Show me how much you want my body”.

God I was becoming a woman I hardly knew; I felt that heat in my belly as I slowly walked to the foot of his bed. Reaching down I cupped my heavy breasts, letting my thumbs strum over my hard nipples.

“Do you want to cum on my tits?” I watched his eyes grow wide. “Do want to cum on mommy’s pussy” I slowly slid a hand down over my belly.”

“Oh God mom” I heard Darrin grunt.

I slowly crawled onto the foot of his bed, my eyes never leaving that throbbing hunk of meat. I knelt straddling his legs, poised only inches from his cock.

“Cum on my face Darrin” I told my son.

“Oh Jesus mom” he moaned.

I could see the strain in his face, and saw his hand pick up speed. He was close; and every word I spoke drove him closer. Küçükköy Escort Bayan I felt like a whore kneeling there, waiting for my son’s cream; and yet at the same time I had never felt such power.

As I knelt there, waiting; it hit me. Carl loved me…Darrin lusted for me. It was that lust that fueled me because it was for me and no one else. I controlled it, and for the first time in my life; I was the one in control.

“To late” I growled.

A look of surprise came over Darrin’s face as I crawled up his body. I had never wanted something as badly as I wanted this. I stared down into his eyes as my legs straddled his hips. He was still gripping that rampant pole, holding it straight up in the air.

“I’m going to fuck you.” I said.

My eyes never left his face as I drove my hips downward; I wanted to SEE what I did to this man. Darrin’s eyes opened wide as my lips engulfed the head of his cock; he jerked his hand back and in one drop, I slammed down onto him.

I felt that monster skewer into me, stretching me; God I wanted to scream; I didn’t. I could feel every inch plow up into me until my ass settled on his thighs, buried to the hilt. Through it all I watched Darrin’s face.

Total raw lust flowed over his face, as is eyes slowly rolled back. His lips pulled back into a half snarl, as I felt his cock pulse inside me. God, I was making him cum.

“That’s it baby” the filth poured out of me. “Cum in mommy; fill my cunt.”

“Mom” Darrin grunted in a whisper.

I raised my hips back up, and when I felt that head spasm again inside me, I rammed back down again. The wet slurping of my cum filled pussy echoing in his small room.

I raked my nails down his bare chest as I watched his face. God he had to be pumping a gallon of cream up into me, and I loved every hot drop. Just the mere thought I could excite a man to this made my ego soar.

“That’s it baby” I cooed softly. “You like cumming in mommy don’t you.”

Darrin’s eyes refocused, and as he looked up at me, I felt a shiver run down my spine. Dear God I had never seen such primal lust in my life. I felt his hands grip my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh.

“Darrin…what are you…” that was a far as I got.

Darrin shoved up with his hips, at the same time pulling on my waist, like a rag doll I tumbled onto my side. His heavy body rolled with me and before I knew it I was splayed on my back. I heard a low rumble in the back of his throat as he reared up on his knees between my splayed thighs.

“Darrin…” I had never seen a man look at me this way. It frightened me a little.

“My turn” his throaty voice came down at me.

I was helpless as his hands gripped my ankles, pulling my legs up and out. He slowly pulled back; I could feel that thick shaft grating across my throbbing clit.

Darrin held still, poised. I tense and waited…and waited…hanging there I waited. Then that massive cock slammed home.

My tits shook like jelly from the impact; I felt my gut wrench as he shot so fucking DEEP. Juices sprayed out of me in an uncontrollable fountain as he pounded into me again and again.

Dimly I heard the head board of his bed thump against the wall. I really didn’t care at that point, and honestly the noise was drowned out by my scream.

“Darrriinnnnnnn” I cried out as that fat cock took me.

Holding my legs the way he was, Darrin had not been able to stop my outburst, but I didn’t care. Carl could have been standing at the foot of the bed; all he would have seen is a man claiming HIS woman and that was what I was; Darrin’s woman.

I stared wildly up at my son, the sweat glistening on his face. God he fucked me like a machine. Long powerful strokes as his pelvis slapped into me. I heard the soft thump of the head board every time his hips slapped against mine. His heavy balls gave a wet smack as they collided with Escort Küçükköy my soaked pussy.

I grunted as he drove my body into the mattress; reaching up behind me, I braced my hands against the headboard, and pushed back against his thrusts; God I wanted that monster to come out my throat.

I looked down and watched my heavy tits swaying on my chest as he mauled my body, then down further over my slick belly; to the most erotic and yet obscene sight of all; that huge cock of his slicing in and out of my pussy.

If was covered in white cream, coated in my pleasure; I could see it throb with power. I had never real experienced being taken like this; the simple humping of his father, in a dark bedroom, couldn’t even compare.

I felt my walls tighten as I stared between our coupled bodies. I pulled my eyes away and looked up at Darrin, as I spewed out my encouragement.

“Oh fuck yes” I gurgled. “Take me baby, own your mother.” I moaned.

“Fuck me…fuck me…oh fuck me” I grunted to every stroke.

“Going to cum” I groaned as my belly tightened. “Don’t stop…make momma cum.” I told him.

This time he released my ankles; my legs dropping to the bed I dug in my heels and drove my hips into his. My whole body convulsed as lights exploded behind my eyes. It had to be the mother of all orgasms as I felt his hand finally slap over my gaping mouth.

“Gnnnnnaaaaammmmmmmfffffffffffffff” I tried to scream into his palm.

I tried to watch him, but sparks kept going off everywhere and my eyes lost focus. I felt a huge surge as the wave rolled through my body; I heard the wet squelch as my juices poured out to soak his bed. As I felt my cream ejecting out, I felt that huge dick slam in again.

I felt him pull back as a third wave mounted. Oh God, he was still fucking me. I was nearly delirious as he pounded down into my quaking body. Reaching up to grip his biceps I shook my head, feeling his hand slip away.

Just as his hips slammed down onto me, I pulled on his biceps; feeling the weight of his body crash down. The head board of the bed kept up that musical sound against the wall as Darrin’s hips just went on and on and on.

God my clit was on fire as he ground down into me; my breasts were mashed against his chest. I could hear his labored breathing in my ear. It was like one continuous orgasm as Darrin took me like a man should.

“That’s it…fuck me…oh my God so good” I husked in his hear.

I felt that huge fuck stick swelling, expanding inside my walls. As it began to throb total obscene filth poured out of a middle aged mother.

“Fuck me baby…fuck your mother…oh shit” I panted. “I’m going to cum…on my son…oh God.”

I had given up on being redeemed; and had jumped willingly into the cesspool of lust; and I was wallowing in it. The room stank of our sex, the sound of squishing as his cock filled me again and again, matched by the wet smacking on skin on skin; all of it accompanied by the sound of the bed thumping against the wall.

I knew the sound could wake Carl; and I didn’t give a damn. If my husband would have walked into the room at that moment; I would have told him to stand there and watch how a real man makes love.

“Mom; I need to pull…” Darrin huffed.

“NO” I dug my nails into his biceps.

“You could…” he tried to warn me.

“I don’t CARE” I hissed in his ear. “God help me…I don’t care” I sighed.

“Don’t ever pull out Darrin” I told him.

“Cum…in my…cunt…” the woman I had become demanded.

Darrin did just that; with a groan he drove down onto me once again. The thumping of the bed stopped as I felt his body quiver against mine.

Silence reigned in that bedroom; Darrin must have been holding his breath, I know I literally couldn’t breathe from the raw pleasure. Other than the quivering of his muscles under my hands, Darrin never moved.

A glorious heat started deep in my belly, spreading outward. I felt it encompass my entire pelvis and then begin to spread through the rest of my body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” I sighed softly, letting that held breath free.

“God” I heard Darrin’s voice in my ear, as his hot breath wafted over my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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