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“Debbie!” Edwin cautioned, “You shouldn’t treat your brother like that!”

“Dad, he is not my brother!”

He looked more worried and shook his head at her, unhappy that she is always putting up a fight with Khanaan.

“He was adopted! That’s no brother of mine!”

No matter what her dad says, she wouldn’t listen, and her mum knew it, it was only she that could calm her down.

“Come here darling,” Chloe stood up and walked Debby away from the dining table into her room.

“Yes, he is not your biological brother, but he is like a brother to you. Your dad and I raised you both together. I think you should find a way to like him and be at peace with him.”

“I can never like him, mum!”

“Ok, but you can be at peace with him?”

“I can try!”

“You know your dad and I are travelling, it will be just both of you in this house for a whole week, please Debby, I don’t want to come back and see bruises on his face and body like we saw the last time we left you both alone. Promise me you won’t lay your hands on him!

“I promise!”

Chloe patted Debby on the head and hoped her little talk with her would save Khanaan some beating before she and Edwin arrive from their trip.

It has always been unpleasant leaving the two of them at home alone, every single time, Debby has always come up with a reason to beat her brother up.

At 19 years old, she was only a year older than Khanaan, but she always bullies him. Perhaps owing to the fact that she has a super athletic body with the right muscle tones, or probably because apart from the fact that she is a year older than him, she had a certain unlike for him because they weren’t blood-related and she just never liked him.

Khanaan on the other hand always showed her love, respect and submission. But none of those is never enough to make her like him.

Edwin also came into the room to see how the talk was going, he expressed that he knows by the time they return, It would be the same as always.

“No, no, darling, Debby has promised me, and I know she will stand by her promise, right baby?” she patted her head again.

“Yes, mum, I won’t lay my hands in him. I promise!” she replied.

In her very cunny mind, she knew there are other ways to deal with him.

Khanaan remained alone at the dining table wondering how he would survive a whole week with her and Debby home alone. It would be a disaster, except there’s someone else coming to replace Chloe and Edwin’s presence.

Right there and then, out of fear of being bullied for a whole week, he texted his friends and invited them over, letting them know they could stay for a whole week, they would gist and chat and play video games. His friends responded positively, three of them, there was no better way to spend the summer break.


Chloe and Edwin were gone, but none of his friends had arrived. Debby was up in her room sleeping. Khanaan frantically Muğla Escort waited and hoped his friends would arrive before Debby wakes up.

They did.

Debby woke from sleep and walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat, then she heard the noise of the company. She walked the corridor down to the door leading to the living room and saw them; three other boys with Khanaan sorting out which game CD to slot into the Nintendo console.

“Khanaan!” she called out.

He reluctantly left his friends and answered her call. She didn’t even wait for him, she walked straight to the kitchen to munch something. He walked after her and caught up with her in the kitchen.

“Who are those in our house? Mum and dad mentioned nothing to me about strangers incoming!”

He explained that they were his friends, but seeing that she wasn’t buying it, he knew he had to beg to let them stay, else a fight could start again. And he wanted none of that.

“Mum and dad wouldn’t mind them staying, they know them, they know they are my friends!”

“But mum and dad ain’t here right now, it’s me, Debby!”

Despite the fact that she remembered her promise no to fight or beat him, she was getting emotional already, and anger was beginning to brew on her face.

“Please, Debby, let them stay!”

“That is what you should have said first, instead of trying to impose your friends on me.”

“I’m sorry, please, let them stay.”

“In exchange for what?”

Debby turned around, opened the fridge and took out a carton of milk and cookies. At that moment, with her head down and her ass up pointing at Khanaan, she farted silently. The stink rose up into his nose and he had that look on his face showing he was irritated.

Then she turned around to continue talking with him. She noticed his facial expression disapproving of her flatulence.

“What? My fart is too smelly for you?”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but you know that’s kind of gross!” he replied, fanning his nose.

“Khanaan! Go on your knees and inhale my fart! Except you want me to throw your friends out right away!”

He hated the smell of her fart, but he was already used to being bullied by her, and besides, having his friends leave would only make things worse for him. So he went on his knees and took his hand away from his nose.

Debby threw a cookie in her mouth and turned around. She stepped backwards until her ass was touching his face.


Now she was showing off. She farted right on his face, and he couldn’t cover or fan his nose, that would upset her.

“I’m hoping not to get into a fight with you or lay my hands on you this time, but I need your cooperation to do that. Just obey me, and perhaps this will be the first time we ever get along,” she farted again into his face, “Deal?”


As Khanaan opened his mouth to reply her, her fart filled up his mouth. His nose and Muğla Escort Bayan mouth were filled up with the offensive odour. His nose reeked of the smell, his tongue felt the taste.

She allowed him to go back to his friends.


Khanaan’s car was ahead of Tommy’s car as he approached the next checkpoint. He was leading the race.

Suddenly he felt Debbie’s hands on her shoulder from behind.

“Since you guys are making a lot of noise, I had to come down here to see what the fuss is all about!”

They welcomed her into their midst, but Khanaan’s heart began to beat. He knew Debby couldn’t be trusted. She must be up to something.

She was.

One of them thought Khanaan had a cool sister and opted to play with her. She agreed.

The next race started, and Khanaan’s friend had an early lead. They all cheered him on.

“Damn! You should be supporting me instead of supporting your friends!”

Debby pressed pause on the gamepad and turned at Khanaan.

“I don’t want you watching my game,” she stood up and motioned for him to lay his head under ass, “Get in position, I want to sit on your face!” she said with a very stern look.

“You can’t just do whatever you like Debby!”

“Oh yes, I can! We had an agreement, if you want to break your word so that we can bring the roof down, I’m down for that!”

His friends thought she was joking, but he knew better, and he figured it would be better if she sat on his face than if she picks up a fight and starts beating him up.

Khanaan tried to turn it into a joke and lay face-up on the couch right under her ass.

“Good boy!”

She descended her ass on his face. She was wearing a very thin yoga pant. Khanaan’s nose sank into her ass crack. He could perceive the smell of her ass through the thin fabric. It was as though she wasn’t wearing anything. She resumed playing car race with his friends while sitting on his face.

Debby played with Tyson, while Tommy and Wade watched. The two of them then took sides; Tommy supported Debby while Wade supported Tyson.


Obnoxious odour went up Khanaan’s nose.

“Wade, my feet hurts, would you mind massaging them for me?” she said with a very authoritative voice.

Wade couldn’t resist the command, it was like some invisible force overpowered him. He stooped low at Debbie’s feet immediately and started massaging her feet.

Khanaan felt embarrassed that even his friends had to submit to his bitch sister, but he had no say, his face was busy serving as Debby’s seat, and she made sure she was keeping him humbled by farting on his face.

“Do you know I would enjoy the massage better if you used your tongue?” she said to Wade.

He was surprised at what she suggested. Khanaan tried to shake his had, but his head couldn’t move, not when his face was bearing Debby’s full weight.

“Try it! start by sucking on my toes!” Escort Muğla

She continued looking at the screen and playing the game with Tyson like nothing abnormal was going on. Tommy could already tell who the boss is, so, he stayed on Debby’s side by supporting her in everything. However, he couldn’t help staring at Khanaan under Debby’s ass and Wade at her feet.

“Yeah, you can lick the soles now”

“Moisten your tongue a bit.”

“No, not too much saliva, just your wet tongue.”

“Yeah, just like that.”

She ripped another fart into Khanaan’s nose as he instructed and guided Wade in worshipping her feet.

That was a really awesome evening she had. She encouraged Khanaan’s friend to stay over, which was the plan before, only that now, they couldn’t change their minds.

Debby enjoyed dominating Khanaan and his friends, and she did that to them all day and night.

Chloe and Edwin enjoyed their romantic summer getaway. Debby was playing against Wade this time while Tommy watched. It was Tyson that was down on the floor licking and slurping on her feet. He won her at the last game, so he was being punished with the foot worship. She had been doing that all week. Whoever beat her at the game was rewarded with having to lick and suck her feet. As usual, she was sitting on Khanaan’s face, and farting up his nose.

They had no idea when Chloe and Edwin arrived. They parked in the garage and knocked on the door.


Debby ripped a fart on his brother’s face and went to get the door. She jumped at Chloe and Edwin and welcomed them back home with a big hug.

Khanaan was glad the weight was finally off his face, though he couldn’t be glad about the rancid odour in his lungs. He stood off the sofa and discovered the fumes of Debby’s fart made him dizzy.

Chloe and Edwin noticed his face was rough and his nose was bent to one side. Edwin asked him if he was ok, he said: “Yes.” He saw his friends and assumed they must have been having a great time.

A few hours later, Khanaan saw his friends off.

At dinner, Chloe was really worried about Khanaan’s bent nose. She couldn’t help staring at it and wondering what it was Debby did to him this time.

As they got ready to go to bed, Chloe asked Debby to tell her the truth.

“I didn’t beat him, mum, there was no fight at all, ask him!” she beckoned to Khanaan to come closer.

“Yes mum, she didn’t lay a finger on me,” but in his mind, he said quietly: “But she laid her ass on me of cause!”

“Are you sure, Khanaan!”

“Yes, mum, I’m sure.”

“I’m so happy, you both finally now get along. It will be easier to leave you together now. Nice one, kiddos!”

She pecked them both on the forehead and went to the bedroom.

Debby smiled at Khanaan.

“Yeah, we are cool now, I didn’t lay my hands on you.”

“But you laid your ass on me, and now my nose is bent. That’s even worse!”

Debby laughed at him.

“But the fact is we’re cool now.”

“Yeah, we’re cool.”

“Great! Come, let me seat on your face before we go to bed.”

Debby sat down on his face. His nose slipped into her ass crack again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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