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I’ve got two older brothers, Jeff and Jim. Jeff is fifteen years older than me. He did a tour in the service, got a college degree and got married all before he turned thirty. He’s got a successful consulting business, but he says he wishes his marriage was half as successful as his business.

Jim, or Jimmy as our parents call him, is nine years older. He got married right out of college. He says that, although he loves his wife dearly, he sometimes feels sort of trapped. He makes a good living, but he feels pressured by his in-laws when it comes to a bigger house, new cars and so on.

I’m Joey. I’m the youngest in our family. I asked my parents one time if I was an after thought. They were appalled that I might think that. But Dad said they hit a pretty rough patch a couple of years after Jimmy was born. They decide to have another child when he and mom felt they could provide a secure home and future for a larger family.

Anyway, I’ve always been happy and I think none of us really understand all that our parents went through for us and fully appreciate all that they’ve done for us. I’ve been trying to give back to my family whatever I can whenever I am able.

Right after I came home from my second year of college. Dad and Mom went on vacation. I had lined up a summer job and after nine months of part-time work, full time school and a couple of house mates who were sometimes difficult to live with, I was enjoying the calm and quiet of being alone.

On Friday evening, Jeff called. He said that since he and I hadn’t had a chance to visit since I got home from school, he wondered if it was o.k. if they came over Saturday afternoon. I said ‘sure’ and come over at lunch time. I’d fill the fridge with brews and we could grill some burgers or brats and talk our heads off.

Just a couple minutes after noon, Jeff’s car pulled into the drive. I was surprised when he and Jim got out. Their wives weren’t with them. They came into the backyard and I handed each of them a brew. Jeff grinned, “That’s what I like about you, Joey. You’re efficient and you sure know how to make a person feel welcome.”

“Where’s Beth and Helene?”

Jim chugged his beer and sat the empty down, “Helene went over to her folk’s. She and her mother were going shopping for more furniture and she thought she might stay with them overnight.”

I grinned at him, “You sound almost relieved.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Joey, Helene’s a sweetheart, but sometimes she and her family drive me nuts with their materialistic approach to success.” I must have looked puzzled. “You know, big car, bigger house, more this, more that.”

“Have another brew. What about Beth?”

Jeff shrugged. “She has a headache. The usual Saturday-can’t-see-anyone-especially-your-family-please-leave-me-alone headache.”

“Oh, one of those!” Jim laughed, “I know all about those! Hand the man another beer, Joey. If he can’t get respect, at least he can drink a bunch.!”

We sat around and talked for a while before firing off the grill. The cold brews moved steadily out of the fridge and the warm brews moved in behind them. We ate a leisurely lunch that was washed down with more brews. And afterwards, we retired to lounges in the shade to work on moving the beers from the fridge.

Both brothers got to talking about their wives. I wasn’t really interested in their home life, but I figured it might do them some good to vent.

“You know what burns my butt?” Jim looked at Jeff and me.

After taking a long pull on his bottle, Jeff belched then asked Jim, “Has this got anything to do with sex?”


“O.K. What burns your butt?”

“Helene doesn’t like to do anything different. Sometimes when we get to fooling around in bed, I’ll go down on her.” Jim looked at each of us. “But she won’t go down me and that burns my butt.”

Jeff belched again, “I always thought she was somewhat prissy and a cold fish.”

“Oh, no,” Jim laughed, “She’s not cold. She really gets off on having her pussy eaten.” He looked at me, “Sorry about the language, Joey.”

I waved him on.

“She damn near suffocates me by clamping her thighs together when she cums and she damn near drowns me too.”

“I’d never take her to be a squirter,” Jeff laughed.

“Like I said she gets into being eaten out, but when we fuck,” Jim looked at me again, “Sorry, Joey. But when we fuck she lays there without moving. She just spreads her legs, then lays there.”

Jim shook his head sadly, “I hope she doesn’t ask you if you’re through.”

“No, she’s never done that, but she acts like it’s a sin to enjoy sex. She apologizes for her screaming İkitelli Escort and gushing when I eat her and make her cum. I tell her I like doing that with her and she might like doing it with me. Then she gets all embarrassed and says ‘nice girls don’t do that. And that’s the end of that. But it still burns my butt.”

“Beth is like that sometimes too. Could you please hand me another brew, Joey?” I handed each of them one. “I think. . .,” Jeff took a long pull, “Her headaches began when I accidentally tried to fuck her in the ass. ” He looked at me, “Sorry, Joey. You’re not married. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Accidentally?” Jim snorted, “Accidentally!”

“Yeah, accidentally. We were getting it on doggie style. I pulled way back to give her a long dick, slipped out and pushed it against her asshole when I tried to get back in.” Jeff set his bottle down, “Ever since then, its’ been down hill in bed.”

“Sounds like you guys got some problems.”

“You got it, Joey.” Jim grinned, ” And they aren’t the kind you can take in hand.”

“You got that right!” Jeff laughed.

“Me and my house mates have the same problems sometime. We help each other.”

“You have problems like that?”

“Sure. You have a big date that looks promising. Nothing happens. You come home all up tight and horny.”

“How do you help each other?”

I really didn’t know whether or not I should tell them. My house mates might be pissed off if they found out I told anyone what we do.

“Come on, Joey. Tell us.”

“Well, o.k. One Friday night the four of us got home about the same time and we had all struck out. ‘Know what I mean?”

“Yeah, go on.”

“We were sitting around drinking and bitching about our luck. One of them, Steve, said he would probably jerk off to get some relief before he went to sleep. We laughed and started talking about hand jobs when he whipped his dick out and started jerking off. Then Terry joined him. It was pretty sexy watching them beat their meat. It really got going when Steve and Terry started doing each other.”

“Boy, you guys must have been pretty relaxed.”

“Or horny.”

“Or both. What’d you do then?”

“Well, Kelly, the other housemate was getting it on too, so I figured ‘what the heck’ and joined in. I almost lost it when Steve went down on Terry.”

“He went down on another guy?”

“Yeah. The next thing I knew, Kelly was pushing me back in the chair and going down on me.”

“What did you do?”

I looked at Jeff and Jim and grinned, “I enjoyed it.”

“I don’t know if I could enjoy that.”

“Jeez, Jim, a mouth’s a mouth.”

“I know, Jeff, but, jeez, another guy?”

“What happened after that?”

“I returned the favor and went down on Kelly. Actually, before the night was over we all went down on everyone else. We were more than a little drunk. And tired, but no one was horny anymore.”

Jim shook his head, “I can’t believe you’d go down on other guys.”

“And in front of everyone else, too.”

“Com on, guys, we weren’t watching each other. We were all too busy eating each other. And, to tell the truth, I really liked doing it.”

“You liked it?”

“How can I say this, Jim? Yes, I, Joey, like sucking cock.”

Jeff sat his empty bottle down. “I need another beer.” He looked at me, “You said ‘like’. You still doing it?”

“Sure. I said we help each other. If one of us strikes out on a date, whoever is home goes down on them and gives them some great head. And then they go down on you.”

“I still don’t know. . .”

“Giving head really turns me on and when someone goes down on me, I go off like a cannon. And,” I took a deep breath, “Both of you look pretty uptight and tense and ready to pop and I think you both need a blowjob.”

Jim sat upright, “You what?”

“Let’s go inside. I want to blow both of you.”

“Uhh. . .”

I stood up, “Come on. You need it and I guarantee you’ll like it.” I went into the kitchen. I figured one of three things would happen. They would get pissed off and leave. They would come in and whip my butt for suggesting such a thing. Or they would come inside and I’d soon be giving my older brothers blowjobs. I didn’t hear a car tear out of the driveway.

First Jeff, then Jim came in.

“You are serious, aren’t you?”

“I sure am. Why don’t the two of you stand there.” I indicated the kitchen counter. “Stand side-by-side.”

When they were situated, I handed each of them a fresh beer.

“You’re bluffing, Joey. You’re leading us on.”

After taking my t-shirt off and tossing it on the kitchen table, İkitelli Escort Bayan I got a kitchen chair and sat down in front of them. Both of my brothers were wearing cutoff jean shorts. I rubbed the fronts of their shorts. Jim’s cock felt like a steel rod. I looked up at him, “You feel like you like the idea.” I unfastened the waistband buttons and slowly pulled the zippers down.

Jim wasn’t wearing any underwear. His hard-on sprang out at me. Jeff was wearing a jock strap. I pushed the pouch aside and exposed his flaccid cock. After wrapping one hand around Jim’s stiff dick, I lifted Jeff’s soft cock and slipped the foreskin back.

Jeff sounded panicky, “Joey’s bluffing, right, Jimmy? Joey’s bluffing!” He had a nicely shaped and fleshy cockhead. He gasped when I licked it and moaned when I closed my lips around it and took it into my mouth.

“Son-of-a-bitch! Joey’s really doing it! Joey’s sucking dick!”

I smiled to myself, ‘Yes, I’m a cocksucker.’ And my older brother’s cock was delicious as it swelled and lengthened to fill my mouth with a thick warm piece of manmeat. In a few minutes, Jeff was fully erect and the pre-cum was flowing.

Turning my attention to Jim, he almost whimpered when I licked the pre-cum from his cockhead. Checking his ball sac to see if it was tightening up, I ran the flat of my tongue around and over the cockhead. After clamping my thumb and finger tight around Jim’s shaft, I tightened my lips and pushed them down his rigid shaft. He groaned as I tried to take all of his cock into my mouth. I used a hard vacuum suck for a couple of minutes, then released him.

Looking up at him, I licked my lips and grinned, “Maybe I should tell Helene what she’s missing by not sucking your dick.”

Jim grinned back, “Don’t ell her anything. Just teach her to do what you’ve been doing.”

“Yeah, right. As if you’d let me teach your wife how to suck cock.” I licked my way back down Jim’s cock shaft. After spending a few minutes nuzzling and sucking his balls, I moved back to Jeff’s cock. Freeing his ball sac completely from the confines of his jock, I licked and sucked and nuzzled his balls too. Their sweaty salty taste and musky odor was a turn on.

“Hold you dicks for me.” I looked up at them. They both looked slightly embarrassed, but they held their hard cocks. I cupped and fondled their balls as I alternated the sucking between them. Jim was starting to stroke his cock. Jeff was groaning as I slowly pumped my lips up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Gawd, you keep that up, I’m going to shoot my wad.”

I briefly sucked Jim. “That’s what you’re supposed to do.” I returned to Jeff. His cockshaft swelled in my mouth and a stream of warm, slightly salty cum flooded my mouth. Something warm hit my cheek. I turned my head a little and Jim shot a wad onto my lips. Jeff’s squirting had slowed down. I was able to slide Jim’s cockhead into my mouth next to Jeff’s. My two brothers were spewing warm cum into my mouth faster than I could swallow.

A lot of their cum ran down my chin and dripped into my lap. They quickly dumped their loads. I swallowed what was left in my mouth and sucked each of them dry and licked them clean. After wiping off my chin and licking my fingers clean, I grinned up at them, “How was that?”

Jeff grinned, “You’re good, Joey. That was good, but. . .”

“That was the best blowjob I think I’ve ever had, but I can’t believe you swallowed our cum.”

“Don’t you clean your cum out of Helene’s pussy?”

“Nah, she clamps her thighs together and heads for the toilet.”

“Beth has been pretty opened minded about most things, but she’s gotten more restrained when it comes to sex.”

I rinsed my mouth with beer and after the both had tucked themselves in and zipped up, we sat around and drank a couple more beers before they decided they should be getting home.

Jeff, Jim and I continued to get together. Sometimes it was the three of us and other times it would either be Jeff and me or Jim and me. In any event, I almost always gave both of them blowjobs. I found I really enjoyed it when their cocks swelled and they shot their warm, thick cum into my throat. Both of them always seemed amazed that I like sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. I liked it best when we had enough time so that I could leisurely suck them off two or three times. Jeff laughed that I always left him with a limp and tender dick and empty balls.

When I was away at college, I would try to come home once a month. Their patience was always rewarded by as many blowjobs as they could handle. I was awarded with big loads Escort İkitelli of their hot, thick cum. Sometimes, one or the other would come and visit me at college. I’d go over to their hotel or motel room and within minutes of my arrival, I’d have my brother’s beautiful fat cock in my mouth.

It was during these visits with me at college, that I convinced both Jeff and Jim that we should both be naked while I sucked their cock. Jim always seemed a little embarrassed, but he went along with me. Jeff seemed more relaxed when we were naked together. It was a turn on for me to be naked while sucking my naked brother’s cock. I’d get so turned that I would sometimes cum when they would cum in my mouth.

One time, Jeff, who traveled a lot for his business, rented a room for me too, so I could spend the night. That was the first time I slept with my oldest brother. After that first night, I always stayed with him. We’d fall asleep with his cock in my mouth. And I would awaken Jeff by gently sucking him.

Jeff occasionally talked about his and Beth’s sex life. He laughed and said she still carried a grudge because he accidentally tried to fuck her in the ass. After much thought and some practice will some dildos, I decided to see if Jeff would be interested in fucking me in the ass.

During one of his visits, and after a ‘hello’ blowjob and dinner, I asked him if he had ever fucked someone in the ass. He said that he had never tried anal sex. I then asked him if he was curious about how it would feel to have his cock up someone’s ass. He said that, yes, he had wondered about that. I suggested that I was curious about how it would feel to have a cock up my ass.

He demurred, but I kept on the subject until he relented and agreed to do it just once ‘out of curiosity’. We undressed together. I had some anal lube with me and I showed Jeff how to lube my ass. I think he liked the idea, because his cock was as hard a rock when he finished greasing my chute. I really didn’t need to suck him to keep him hard, but I sucked him anyway, because I love having my brother’s cock in my mouth.

After lubing his cock, I got on the bed. I laid on my stomach over a pile of pillows. Jeff got on his knees behind me and pressed his cockhead against my tight little hole. It hurt at first, but he went slowly just like I did when I pushed a dildo up my ass. The pain eased after his cockhead passed through my sphincter. And it began to feel good as he slowly pumped his hard cock in and out of my ass.

Jeff fucked my ass slowly and deeply and when he shot his cum deep into me I felt a warmth deep inside me. It felt so good that I began to cum too.

After that, whenever we met, I’d blow him a couple of times and he’d fuck me a couple of times. He told me that Beth said he should take more business trips because he was so relaxed when he got back home.

After much talking and some pleading on my part, Jeff agreed to try a sixty-nine with me. We didn’t do it regularly, but we would cum together when we were in a sixty-nine. Jeff never went down on me unless we were in a sixty-nine. But that was fine with me, I just loved cumming together. I was smaller than Jeff so he insisted that I be on top.

Jeff was just not my oldest brother and friend, he was my male lover.

Jim’s visits decreased at college and even when I went home, he wouldn’t come by as often as Jeff did. I think that was because I taught his wife, Helene, how to suck cock. But that’s another story.

Now I’m graduating at the end of the month. I have a job that will take me across the country. I told them I wanted to see them together one more time before graduation. I knew we wouldn’t be able to get together at graduation.

Jeff and Jim came to visit me the week before the big event. We spent the weekend together. Before they left for home that afternoon, I told them that I wanted to give them a blowjob for good luck and that I wanted to do it like the first time I sucked them off. We undressed, then I got on my knees in front of them as they stood side by side.

I sucked them alternately and gently because I wanted to make this blowjob last as long as I could. I kept them from cumming by clamping my thumbs and forefingers tightly around their cock shafts. When they were moaning and groaning and their cocks were rigid, I took both of their cockheads into my mouth and released my clamps. They flooded my mouth with two big loads of sweet brotherly cum. After sucking them dry and licking each of their cocks clean, they helped me to my feet.

They hugged me and I gave of them each a cummy kiss. Jim was startled, but Jeff pushed his tongue into my mouth and we shared a deep probing kiss.

When he finished, he looked at me, “I love you, Joey.”

Jim was definitely looking uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter, Jimmy?” Jeff growled, “Can’t a guy kiss and say ‘I love you’ to the best little sister that two guys ever had?”

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