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Big Dicks

When Matt and I broke up for the third and final time, I also had to stop seeing Ro. Matt didn’t know anything about Ro and me, and at that point, frankly, I was afraid of what might happen. At the end of our relationship, Matt was so wrapped up in his emotions he became almost impossible to be around. I’ll spare you the particular scenes, but he had pendulous mood swings and we fought almost every time we were together. I was convinced that if he found out about Ro, he’d be pushed over some edge and might hurt himself, in addition to certainly retaliating against Ro in some way.

It’s probably not rational, but I remember feeling about as much dread *for* Ro if Matt were to find out, like he might kick him out of the house or something. But it seemed as safe a secret as it was with me, because if there’s anything Ro could be counted on, it was that he could keep his mouth shut. And so, in stark contrast to Matt, my relationship with Ro was relatively harmonious and gave me much of what I wanted. Ironically, where it was sorely lacking was in the emotions and communications areas, and so it was surprisingly easy to let go of him when the cost of seeing him was raised a bit. And did Ro call or text even one time after I broke up with Matt and told him why I couldn’t see him anymore? It must’ve been like I turned into a puff of smoke in his mind. Fucker.

Good dick is a strong…very strong motivator in my life, more now than then, but I became conscious of the fact at that age, finding it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Let me qualify that: it’s not like I had to actively put the lines out and seek men, because based on my age and looks, I got hit on and cat-called ALL the goddamn time. All these cis men had penises attached to them, but most of the time, it wasn’t until it was fairly late in the game and a girl was fairly invested in the…enterprise, that one found out if, in fact, those men brought the goods. They often, very often, did not.

I mentioned in the last chapter having been with two more guys while I was still kind of, technically, “with” Matt (we never really defined our relationship; remember what it was like to be a 19-year-old moron?). They were both one-night stands off of a dating site, where I thought I did an okay job of weeding out duds and freaks (MORON!). They were fine during the date, so I let them escalate it as far as they wanted—all the way to PIV sex—and they were so mediocre they’re not even worth recalling here. Before there was a term for it, I ghosted the motherfuckers.

In both cases, I happened to be able to meet Ro for some alone time the next day, and dear God what a difference. Not only that big, meaty cock but the savagery of him, the instinct! He didn’t know if I was letting other men fuck me and didn’t care; if Matt wasn’t around, he’d just grab me and grope me, but selfishly, just getting me wet enough to bend over and fuck. The most common occurrence was to sneak me in when he was sure Matt was in his room for the night. There was almost always music blaring from each room, but even so, I stayed quiet during these sessions and was quick to get out, never using the bathroom. Other times, it was like our first encounter where I showed up ostensibly to see Matt but was early, giving us a chance to bang one out before he came home.

It was absurdly risky because Matt’s schedule wasn’t *that* predictable: what if one day he decided to skip his afternoon class? What if his band practice ended early? What if he called me when I was in Ro’s room and I’d forgotten to put my phone on silent?

Still, for the month or so that the affair lasted, we managed to avoid Matt’s detection. But every one of our encounters was a whole MI-6 operation.

We had one very close call where I did something that, back then, made me really disgusted with myself. Ro texted me on a Sunday evening and asked what I was doing. I saw where he was going with it; Matt had band practice and the other housemates often had work that night. I agreed to come over later. I parked two blocks over so Matt wouldn’t spot my car. I wore a bulky hoodie and jeans, so as to be unrecognizable walking down the street in the dark. I also put on my glasses instead of wearing my contacts, which Matt rarely saw. And of course, no perfume, not even lotion, so he wouldn’t smell me.

The house was totally dark except for a sliver of light coming from Ro’s bedroom window. He knew I was coming and opened the door as I was coming up the walkway. It was totally dark when I stepped inside, except for a light coming from the hallway where his bedroom door was open. We dashed over to his bedroom.

While he put on some metal music for an added measure of sound padding, I took off my shoes and shed the hoodie and jeans. Once left with my t-shirt, bra, and panties, I got on his bed and reclined facing him, trying to look seductive. He turned around and smiled, clearly loving my forwardness. He was only wearing black basketball shorts and a black t-shirt; almanbahis adres the bulge that formed was instant, and I felt it poke me as soon as he joined me on the bed and started kissing me, feeling me up.

We weren’t at it for more than a minute before I just reached through his waistband to grab it; it was already full erect. I really adored this animal quality of Ro, who seemed to need nothing other than my body to be so turned on that he would fuck me well (very responsive to my mood), and for a long time (on the occasions we had time).

As I stroked him he pulled up my shirt and released a tit from one of the bra cups so he could latch on. His other hand stroked my hip and the outside of my thigh, trying to get a good pinch of my ass. We always tried hard not to moan for fear of ever being heard by someone, but could get signals from each other from our labored breathing. I made a sound to indicate he bit on the nipple too hard, and he responded beautifully by moving to only lips.

I felt he wasn’t naked enough and moved my hands to start tugging at his shirt. He took the hint and got undressed while I took the time to unclasp my bra. He was nude when he threw it aside and pushed my tits together to do his usual thing that I kind of hated, which was to lick and rub his lips over the flesh of my tits. I hated it only when he had stubble, but he must have shaved that day because it was actually really nice. In general, he smelled really good; he probably showered and put on deodorant right before I arrived. I giggled a little while he played with my boobs as I felt his erection rubbing on my knee and getting a little precum on it.

Once he had his fun with the girls, he reached down to get my panties off and I lifted my butt to help. He then got on top to kiss me and was clearly ready to go; I felt the tip of his penis on my vulva, he was already making little thrusts, trying to find her. I reached down to help him find the way, tugging and pushing his foreskin before aiming him right where he needed to be. And he pushed the tip in.

He started so gently, even though he didn’t need to anymore; my lady had gotten very used to his size and by now eagerly accommodated him even when he was a brute. I wrapped my hands around his neck and felt the closely-cropped hair on the back of his head as we kissed and thrusted. His panting got a little more intense as he put some more urgency into his movement. I held onto his hard arms that were supporting his weight like stone columns while I tried to move my body to have him spend a little longer grinding on my clitoris. He then started grunting, which meant either this would be over soon, or that we would change positions.

“Turn around,” he whispered into my ear, and with a quick jerk, he dismounted and sat on his knees. I groaned, and took my time complying, because goddamnit, I was enjoying that! Still, doggy would be fun too. I turned around and got into a plank, spreading my legs to get to the right height for Ro to enter me. He slid in very easily and started immediately on a moderate rhythm that had my asscheeks bouncing against his pelvis. It actually hurt a little. While I’d never get to orgasm in this position, I loved how it made me feel—namely, like the sluttiest bitch who ever lived. Ro wanted to smack me, but being so careful about noise and leaving marks, his usual thing was to squeeze my cheeks hard, which was actually a pretty nice massage for my glutes while I got fucked with his big tool.

I zoned out in that position for what felt like a long time, but was probably only a few minutes. Then I heard my phone buzz on the nightstand, indicating a new text. I could see from where I was getting fucked that it was from Matt. “Shit!” I reached over and grabbed it. I opened it and saw:

“Wanna come over tonight?”

I was confused; when Matt went to band practice, he was never home before 1:00 am, and I never wanted to come over that late with class the next day. And he knew that I was almost always home doing nothing on a Sunday evening, so I had to respond. “No practice?”

“Got canceled. Come on over, just for a bit. I miss you.” Fucking shit! Was Matt in the house?

“Ro!” I pulled forward to get him to stop fucking me but he just pushed me down all the way, then just started fucking me in prone position. “Ro! Stop for a second!” I was screaming but I was still whispering.

“What is it?”

“I think Matt’s in the house! He’s asking me to come over!”

“So?” The bastard didn’t even break his rhythm, and kept fucking me even while I texted my boyfriend.

“I didn’t shower today. I’m pretty gross,” I texted back.

“So?” Jesus, are all men such disgusting pigs? “We won’t go out. Just come and chill w me for a minute.” I maybe could’ve come up with another and better excuse, but Ro was fucking my brains out and so all I could think to do was text him that I’d see him in a bit.

“Ro! I gotta go!”

“You’re busy right almanbahis adres now.” I knew in that moment he wasn’t going to give up until he had his nut, and in that position, with his strength, I just gave in.

“Please hurry up.”

“I’m close.” He wasn’t lying: in a little over a minute I felt him slow down and then get off me. I thought we were switching positions, but he got off the bed completely and was reaching for the tissues.

That’s when I felt it running out of me. “Did you cum in me?!”

Ro nodded. I balled up a fist and gave the hardest smack I could on his chest and he fell back and knocked some stuff on his desk over. “What the fuck!”

“How could you just cum in me when you know I’m seeing Matt right after! I can’t even take a shower!” Ro turned his gaze away and grinned. What a supreme asshole. “Get the window open!” I scowled at him while I hastily tried to catch as much of the creampie as I could in a tissue and then get dressed. Even in the moment, I did feel like laughing at the absurdity of all of it, especially having a whisper-scream fight with heavy metal going on in the background, but I was also pissed at him. He was being a dick, after all.

When I’d gathered all my stuff and put my hood on and drew the string tight as I could, I stepped on a chair and began to climb out. Luckily it wasn’t far from the ground, but because I’d never climbed out a window before, I lost my delicate balance and fell at the crucial moment. I landed on my ass and nothing hurt. I remember Ro going “Fuck!” then ducking back inside his room and closing the window. I got up and dusted myself off, then started a brisk walk through the dark neighborhood back to my car.

It was a two- or three-minute walk, keeping my head down and trying not to attract attention, but in retrospect I was probably gathering as much of it as possible in this quiet suburban neighborhood. I got in my car and took a few deep breaths, checked my phone to see how much time had gone by and if it was a plausible amount to show up at Matt’s door. I needed to give it a few, which would be good to calm me down. I then thought about the hoodie that may smell like Ro’s room, but worse, that this was a hoodie Matt couldn’t know me in: like what if he happened to pass by a window and see a slim hoodied person in glasses walking away from his house and then I showed up like that a few minutes later?

I tore off the glasses and hoodie and tried to look more like the way Matt was used to seeing me, but without makeup. I could smell a trace of Ro’s room scent on me, but had no deodorant or perfume to cover it up. I had gum, so I popped some to at least freshen my breath. But worst of all was what was happening in my pants. The creampie I made with Ro was still dripping out of me and somehow, this time, there was a lot of it. Thinking fast, mostly on instinct, I decided to wipe up as much as I could with the pair I was wearing and then go to Matt commando.

Once I felt like I got most of it out, I checked the time, put my pants back on, and then drove to the house, getting a nearby space on the sidewalk. Walking up the driveway in the dark without my glasses was a small challenge, but I made it. The adrenaline was pumping and the chill of the air made my teeth start to chatter and my hair stand on end. I could barely push the buttons to text Matt that I’d arrived.

“Hey!” he said, grinning as wide as he opened the door.

“Hi!” I said, trying to replicate his energy.

“Holy shit, are you cold?”

“What? No. Let’s go.” We kissed, and he let me in. The space was just as dark as when I first showed up that day. My heart was pounding through my chest because at any moment I expected that this was some awful setup, that Matt had worked out some sadistic plan with Ro to catch me in the act, that they were about to humiliate me and then do something awful to me, or simply that Matt would notice something was amiss and that I’d have no plausible answer for it. But all he did was lead me to his room. I could hear the same album playing in Ro’s room as we walked past it. Matt’s music was on, but he’d plugged in his headphones…he hadn’t heard a thing…

This time when the door latched, I pounced on him. I tried to make myself feel…abandoned, like an actor fully subsumed in their role, playing the part of a woman on fire with passion. That’s the way my kisses landed on Matt’s mouth, tongue-attacking him and giving little squeezes to his long, shaggy hair. He was all too happy to respond in kind. He groped my tits with both hands and then, almost immediately, went for the hem of my shirt.

We practically kicked all our clothing off, and maybe because he’s a nice guy, or maybe because he was in the mood, he pushed me onto the bed on my back and ALMOST dove into my pussy face-first. I made it look natural enough to get my legs around his head without kicking him and mashed my face onto his face. He took the signal and got almanbahis adresi on top of me, but having learned how I best got off (his hands) tried that usual tactic.

Trying to distract him by occupying his mouth with mine as much as possible, I couldn’t think of any reason to get his hands away from there.

“Oh my God you are SO wet!”

“Yeah…come on, fuck me.” He must’ve been excited hearing words that I really never said out loud, because he took me like a piece of property. He wasn’t even fully hard, but he held the head up in his hand and put it exactly where it needed to go; the wetness just sucked him right in. Remembering that I was with Matt, I stopped biting my lip and let loose with some moans. I doubted Ro could hear over the music, but in that moment: fuck him.

Matt appeared to want to cover my body with his that night, holding both my hands, just letting his hips and our bellies writhe to get motion. We could hear the wetness very clearly with each thrust. Suddenly, he whipped his thing out and rolled over. “Sorry, that was gonna be over way too fast.”

I smiled…so many things to smile at in that moment, not that he knew the half of it. I made contact with his eyes, rolled on top of him, and reached back to help his guy find his place. In getting to know each other, I knew cowgirl was Matt’s “holding off” position, wherein he never came, but could stay hard while I rode as long as my thighs would let me. Once I got him at my entrance, I sank down easily and just sat comfortably in order to get adjusted. In some instances, I was able to cum like this, and I wanted to very much at that moment.

I leaned forward to grip his pecs and then started to grind my hips on him. Ah, and there it was. I knew that if I could keep it up for maybe three or four minutes straight, just a slow, pushing motion of my hips, that I could totally get there. I felt on fire, and was biting my lip to keep from moaning too obnoxiously, even if the only person who could hear wouldn’t have been surprised by it. Matt’s hands reached around to cup my ass, feeling the muscles stiffen and relax as they went up and down on his pelvis.

He then put a hand gently in the middle of my chest and pushed me up. This was a move we learned sometime before that, where if I sat up straight in cowgirl, he could use his hand to make me cum while I rode him. “Ooooo, yes…yes do it, please,” I begged.

“Wait, put your tits on my face.” I leaned forward to let him suckle, first the right for a few seconds, then the left. Our hips slowed with the tit action. He used his hands to hold them tight, squeezing and making the nipples protrude so he could latch on with his lips. It felt nice, but I couldn’t help but make the comparison to how they were handled less than an hour before. Every guy has a different set of skills; I’m sure they say the same about us, even if never out loud.

With a gentle push, he let me know he was done with his tit play, and then started using his hand to get me off. His fingers knew exactly where and how to rub, the speed and pressure I needed to get off—no more, no less. I loved how observant he had been when we found the right method, and how he kept at it. I stopped grinding on his cock and just threw back my head. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I felt that familiar rush; it was still a hill to climb, but I could see it on the horizon. I looked down at Matt, my God he was gorgeous; he was staring right at my huge bouncing tits as his fingers did their thing on my clit. “Keep going!” Then came that familiar feeling where you’re *there* and if the stimulation keeps up for just ten more seconds or so, POW!

I erupted. It was one of those where my whole body reacted and I almost fell because my arms kept flailing and didn’t seem to work for a second. Matt caught me as I crashed and moaned into his pillow, grinding my clit on his abs in the aftershock. Once I stopped moving, he started, just his hips. I knew he was thinking it was his turn now; fair is fair.

He rolled me over onto my back. I was actually thankful; I didn’t want to do shit after that orgasm. It was all I could do to put my arms, still resting on their elbows, on his shoulders so it would seem like I was at least somewhat engaged. After he got into his pounding rhythm that I knew would get him to where he needed to go, I figured some encouragement was in order: “Mmmm…yeah baby, cum for me.”

“Is it okay to-“

“Yes, do it.” It wasn’t the best of days, but like the last time I took them both, I felt he deserved to get his nut the way he wanted. He leaned in close, and I felt his palm on the top of my head. He seemed to really need to hammer this time to get it out, which made sense because I felt like a pot of goo down there. But not a few seconds later he was slowing down, moaning louder. Frankly, the thrusting felt so impersonal, but when he was close to cumming he held me so close, and his moans became so expressive of what was arriving. The biggest moan escaped the split second before I felt those big pulses and the rush of warmth. There was never any second-guessing when Matt came. As the waves of his orgasm subsided and his muscles seemed to revivify to an extent, he carefully rolled over onto his back beside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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