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Jarred was heading home after having spoken with his girlfriend about her helping him to prepare for Darnell. They were to meet tomorrow morning and spend all day turning him out. She would start using toys and strap ons to loosen him up, show him how to deep throat, and tutor him in the art of pleasing superior black men and working on BBC like a proper whore.

When he was ready he would proposition his roommate and knock his socks off with his new skills. He definitely wanted to be broken in by Big D, but he wanted it on his terms. He knew that if he let Darnell break in him it would be savage and animalistic and he was scared of how that would go, so he was taking this alternative road instead, and he found the perfect girlfriend to help him.

When he got there Darnell was naked, although Jarred had asked him not to dress that way. To the burgeoning white boy bottom bitch it was just too much temptation for him to handle, and Darnell had agreed, but now it seems he had forgotten.

“Hey D, umm… watcha doing?”

Darnell has his own plans for Jarred, and unbeknownst to the young man they definitely didn’t involve letting some little bitch break him in first. Since the night Jarred sucked D’s cock in front of the girls, Darnell had been saving up his cum because he knew that Jarred was ready. He had a couple of white boys over and let them slurp and ride him for a while, then denied them his cum shot at the end, saving it for his new prized bottom bitch.

Jarred was going to be Darnell’s trophy, the epitome of everything he had learning in being a Dominant top. He’s going to use that white boy until Jarred was a whole different person. His policy is to only rape the willing, and Jarred had provided him with more than enough information for him to comfortably move forward. He isn’t just going to turn out his friend, he’s going to make sure he owns him completely. Jarred will be unrecognizable after Big D gets done with him.

“Just chillin’, man. You?”

“No, I mean… you’re naked,” says Jarred with a bit of an attitude, “You know what I’m talking about, man. We spoke about this already.”

Darnell flies towards his roommate and punches him in the gut. Someone that big and powerful shouldn’t be able to move that quick. Jarred feels the air rush out of lungs, he hears that whoosh of breath out of mouth, and he hits the ground gripping his stomach and gasping for air.

Darnell lets him catch his breath and then says, “Jay, you my bitch now. You don’t make the rules no more, man. Besides, you about to fall in love wit Big D,” Darnell grabs the white boys wrist and drags Jarred into his room, kicking the door closed behind him with a hard slam and tossing the confused hurt white boy onto his bed like he weighs nothing, into his dojo, into Jared’s future.

“Darnell, Jesus fucking Christ… I don’t know what you think you’re doin…” bam, Jarred catches a slap to the face that comes out of know where and he sees stars.

“Strip faggot, and if I have to ask you again, I’m taking you with no lube, you’ll need stitches, man,” Big D says as he goes over to his laptop, turns on some hip hop, and clicks some other stuff, “That what you want, white boy? Show up at the hospital with a torn asshole, all those nurses talking shit about the pretty faggot who got fucked so hard up his ass he’s split in two?”

“Darnell, what the fuck, “Jarred’s scared as shit now as his eyes start welling up with tears, this is not how it’s supposed to happen, “you wouldn’t hurt me that bad. I thought you liked me… we’re best friends!!”

“You’ll be thanking me soon enough. Now… if you aint naked soon I’m gonna fuck you to death white boy. You been teasing the big man too long, now let’s do this shit… NOW!!” Darnell roars at Jarred shaking his superior cock at the new boy. His balls are boiling for the horrified Caucasian.

Jarred’s shaking and crying. Darnell looks at him with no sympathy, and internally smiles as he see Jarred start to settle into his submissive bottom bitch role as he slips his shirt over his head, and unfastens his jeans, pulling them off.

Jarred is not only no less angelic than the day he met Big D, he’s better now. His muscles are tighter yet bulkier; his ass is more pronounced and seems to shine in fading evening light. Every movement illustrated the hard work the new bitch puts in at the gym. That tight bod, those tight holes. Jarred’s wearing a thong, bright blue, and goes to slip it off, “Nah, man, leave them panties on, we going to start with your mouf anyways.”

Darnell moves over to the bed real quick and Jarred flinches, afraid of getting beat again, “Nah, babyboy, you don’t need be scared no more, ” Darnell caresses the white boys trembling jaw, runs his pointer finger over the plump lips, “You just be my bitch and I won’t have to fuck you up. Got me?”

“Yes Sir,” says the studly white man with a shaky voice.

Darnell gets on the bed and both men find themselves on the mattress gaziantep escort facing one another standing on their knees, with Jarred slightly cowering and Darnell flexing and posturing himself to tower over him, “You know you gon have to do shit tonight you never thought you ever would, right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Mmmmm, and you know if you resist me you gon be punished hard, right?” Darnell is sadistic now, he licks his lips.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now toss my salad, faggot. Get your face deep in there and play with my cock and balls while your eat my ass out,” Darnell drops his menacing tone when he says this turns around and bends over in front of Jarred, pointing two massive mounds of chocolate muscle at the shocked young man.

Darnell’s ass is gorgeous, but there’s no way Jarred would’ve ever done anything that nasty to him, especially not to start out, but Darnell wasn’t fucking around, he knew this boy needed to be taken down a notch and starting with a rimjob for his new Master is just what the doctor ordered.

“Jay, you got five seconds, and I aint gon count, you need to jam that pretty faggot ass white boy bitch face in my cheeks, man, or I’m gonna rip you apart, right now.”

Jarred sees his roommate’s muscles starts to bulge like the Incredible Hulk knowing he’ll be beaten and raped terribly if he refuses and without thinking too much he bends over behind his roommate and smells his friends ass for a second like a dog does to another dog. Big D’s behind carries that same musk that his cock eschews, but with a little bit of extra funk in there too. Jarred swallows his pride and jumps right in out fear of being reprimanded harshly, jamming his gorgeous model’s face into D ass with reckless abandon.

“Mmmm, yeh, that’s what I’m talking about, bitch. Get in there deep. Lick that hole, faggot,” Jarred’s trying not to puke as he pushes his tongue against Darnell’s wrinkled sphincter, “Reach around, homo. Grab that fat dick you love so much. Show me how much you love Big D, you fucking faggot.”

Jarred’s name tonight is faggot. Eventually Darnell will soften up on him and give him a proper name, Jay or Babyjay, but for now the expert top mentors the amateur bottom with a craftsman’s skill. Jarred starts grabbing the gigantic phallus, which is semi-hard as usual, as he plants his once-straight gorgeous face into Darnell’s buttocks.

He’s starts really trying to eat Darnell’s asshole out. At first he was scared he was going to have to eat his shit, or something truly depraved beyond his own means, but Darnell’s asshole had that same musky raunchy taste as his cock and Jarred was starting to get into it. His mouth was watering again and the crack of the Nubian ass was slicking with the fresh boy’s saliva.

Jarred braces his left hand against Darnell’s left cheek, gripping it slightly and admiring its unyielding steel consistency. Jarred always knew that men who do labor have a different type of impacted muscle then men who work out, but he’s never had the pleasure of experiencing it as intimately as he does now. The muscles of these men are far denser, they have more stamina, and they’re just simply stronger.

The added leverage from gripping the coal black ass cheek enables him to grip the BBC all the more harder as he starts munching Darnell’s butt with more enthusiasm as he pumps his friend’s penis from behind. He suctions his lips around the hole, sucking as hard as he can, and shooting tongue hard against the anus.

“Yeah Jarred, you like that black Daddy butt, don’t you boy. Tell me, baby, tell me how you like tossing my salad, faggot!!,” says Darnell, started to get excited that this is really, finally, actually happening.

“This is so fucking nasty, man, “Jarred attacks the ass, rubbing his face up and down the crack. Darnell’s cock twitches as Jarred starts to really serve him, “I can’t believe I like doing this right now. Your ass is amazing… so firm and tight and big.”

Darnell hears his cue and sits up, denying his new boy for a moment. He turns around and tackles Jarred into the bed, grinding his cock against the shocked white boy as he starts licking the layer of funky sweat and ass juice off of his new bitches face, “Mmm, yeh, you taste good, Jay,” he dives back in, he licks Jarred’s face as the white man writhes in disgust beneath him.

“Ewwwwe, oh god,” moans Jarred as Big D clamps his lips on Jarred’s mouth, invading Jarred’s lips with his long tongue. The black man takes a second to look at his toy then speaks, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this shit, baby boy. You’re a primed bitch boy now. You’re about to be broken in hard as shit, old school, faggot, you know that, right?”

Darnell doesn’t wait for an answer. He dives back into Jarred’s slobbering, panting mouth, kissing him harder than ever, he leans his massive sinewy chest onto Jarred’s own cut pecs and reaches down to cup Jarred healthy fat ass.

He starts humping at light speed onto Jarred, roughly grinding his BBC against the white boys smaller package, crushing Jarred’s cock and testicles, beating it limp as Darnell lays on Jarred, pinning him down. He’s being made to suck face with his dominant black friend as he gets dry humped hard.

Jarred hears his cell phone ring with Cassie’s call tone as he tries to tolerate the domination, a feeling and a theme that will stay with them all night. It dawns on him that he’s going to bear the brunt of a lot of rough treatment.

Darnell slows down, and starts to passionately kiss his new white boy, wanting to really enjoy this whole experience as Jarred starts to realize that his friend is far more experienced with men then he is, Jarred’s second realization of the hook up, other than he’ll have to grin and bear a lot of abuse, is that Darnell basically hoodwinked him into thinking that the black man was straight.

Right as this thought comes to him Darnell stops the rough kissing and humping and rudely turns Jarred over, “Oh god D, please noooo!!” is the last line he gets out as he thinks, ‘My best friend is to rape me and tear my asshole in two!’

But instead Darnell brings his right arm around the throat of his buddy and squeezes the air out of him. He starts dry humping Jarred’s buns hard and slow, his fat turgid black weapon forces itself hard down into the meaty ass crack, and Jarred’s thick cheeks act as hotdog to his friend sausage, wrapping around it like the two were made for each other.

“Ewww, oh God, D!”

“Mmmmm, yeh faggot, beg and cry for help. Ain’t no one coming. I’mma get me some of this good pussy right here.”

Darnell loves the hot body contact with his built roommate, but he also knows that turning Jarred out will be tough because Jarred is so strong. In order to break him down he needs to oppress and physically drain him, so he near suffocates Jarred while dry fucking his cock into his ass crack for the next ten minutes, as Jarred starts gagging and turns bright red.

Jarred has an iron grip on D’s forearm when the savage choking begins, trying to grunt out a begging for help, thinking this is gone far worse than he thought, ‘Is he trying to kill me?!?!? Someone please help me, save me from this sick fuck!! What did I do? What was I thinking?!?’ says his internal dialogue as he struggles for air.

Jarred almost passes out a couple times as he fights as hard as he can to stay alive, trying to pry the steely hard arms from around his neck is impossible, and he instinctively tries to squirm, wriggle and do anything he can, slowly losing all his reserve strength as he falls limp to the mattress, Darnell starts grinding his ass harder and by now Jarred’s ass cheeks have been desensitized to the constant friction.

Darnell loosens his choke hold and get up on all fours over his victim, he smacks Jarred’s ass with almost full strength and Jarred lurches in agonizing pain as the treatment. Darnell’s hands are callous and the white boy ass cheeks are muscular, but hypersensitive and soft to the touch. He yelps like a hurt puppy as Darnell chuckles.

‘Nah, I’ll save the spanking for another time when he starts to get brave and conceited, after he’s turned out and doing my bidding,’ thinks Big D malevolently. He gives Jarred one more cruel smack on the other cheek just as hard for good luck and good measure, “Time to start sucking, faggot ass.”

Darnell lies back on his bed, bunches up some pillows against the head board as Jarred comes out of his fog of pain from a near black out. Darnell notices it took fifteen minutes to drain Jarred completely before he gave up and accepted death. Longer than he thought it would take. He decides he’ll have to be extra brutal to his pal today to ensure he get’s broken in proper. This is going to be a fucking work of art, literally and figuratively.

Jarred whimpers and pants as he crawls with great effort over to his new Master, his ass cheeks sting from the hard slaps, he can still feel Darnell’s fat shaft in his crack from the excessive humping, a phantom cock haunting his anus, and his neck is sore from the extreme strangling.

He goes over to Darnell, and like last time he starts caressing the big man, feeling up his cock, and Darnell bitch slaps him again. Jarred gasps like a bitch this time, all out of fight and surrendering his manly voice as well as his heterosexuality to his dominant black Daddy.

“Those bitches ain’t here, faggot. Just suck dick, bitch.”

Jarred picks himself up and huddles down between Big D’s legs on his knees sniffling, hunching over to the grab the cock and starts licking up the shaft. He’s on autopilot now, traumatized by the whole ordeal and just going through the motions when the taste of his new tyrannical lover awakens his inner gay spirit.

He plunges his face down on the cock over come with lust for this powerful object, ‘Yes, I’m Darnell’s bitch now. He’s right. Mmmmm,’ his thoughts cloud over and his body focuses on the task, with the taste and feel of pulsing BBC pushing out his internal dialogue and replacing it with raw sensation, erasing his former existence and rebuilding himself as Jay, Darnell’s faggot ass white boy bottom bitch.

Darnell watches in amusement as the newbie cocksucker slobbers and tries to take down as much black dick as he can, letting him try to deep throat it in vain, letting him experiment with it for ten and then fifteen minutes, then a half an hour. Jarred’s phone rings again, he can hear his girlfriend trying to get in touch with him for the second time.

Jarred sucks cock until his arms start to shake and his jaw goes numb, “Ayt man, let’s start with your throat,” and with that Darnell bounds up with a spring in his step, grabbing his bitch by the hair and dragging the toned white man to the edge of the bed. Rolling him on his back Darnell pulls Jay’s shoulders to the edge of the mattress and lets his head fall.

“Say ‘ahh’ faggot!” Darnell lines his cock up with Jarred’s mouth. From this position and angle he has a straight shot to help his white boy stretch out his throat and turn him into a proper cocksucker. He slips the head into Jarred’s mouth who accepts it readily, sealing his lips tight around the shaft. The African lodges his onyx penis well into the tight warm mouth of his friend.

Darnell reaches forward and lifts Jarred’s legs up, grabbing the new born faggot’s feet and pinning his white knees behind Darnell’s elbows, bending Jarred uncomfortably in half as he pumps his hips forwards to touch his glans to the white boy’s throat.

“Gacckkkakkkargggggg!!” Jarred’s body, weakened from the torture, jerks and jumps around to try and stop the intrusion with no hope of escape. He’s been properly pinned by the larger skilled black top, “Don’t fight it, Jay. Swallow it down.”

Darnell knows he can instruct his friend further, but he also knows that breaking in him as hard as possible is what is best if Jarred’s going to come to be owned body and mind. If he can break in this bitch hard and have him comes back asking for more there’s no end to the possibility. Jarred’s the cream of the crop. He can pimp this one out for some real money.

He’s insistently pushing at the tight entrance to Jarred’s throat, bites his tongue instead of giving advice and roots for his friends to figure it out so can he start the next step, ‘Come on, Jay, you can do it, baby,’ he thinks. Jarred’s gagging hard and then swallows even harder, his throat opens up wide letting the BBC in, and Darnell punches his hips forward, seating himself deep into friend’s face.

Jarred’s neck bulges out obscenely as his source of oxygen gets cut off, he want to gag, he wants to spit this cock out, he wants to move his head, but he’s completely pinned as Darnell start fucking in out of the mouth slowly, he takes his time so his bitch can suck in a little air on the pull back, and in no time the entrance way to Jarred’s throat offers no more resistance.

Darnell starts pumping deeper. The constricted space of Jarred’s throat bulges. The savage stretching is painful for the white boy indeed and Jarred’s making this weird groaning sound that keeps getting cut off when Darnell plunges forward. He half groans in a desperate scream and half hums as Darnell’s BBC saws in and out cutting off his airway and his ability to verbalize.

The massive black mans hulking figured looms wretchedly over the helpless hapless Jarred, driving into him as he starts to bottom out deep into the tortured soul’s neck. Darnell’s swollen scrotum hammers the bridge of Jarred’s nose over and over, “There you go, Jay. Taking it all now,” says the black man in encouraging baritone.

Jarred can hardly comprehend the statement, but understands that he’s being encouraged, doing well for his new Master.

Darnell’s cock hardens even more at the victory and the big man has to concentrate to avoid erupting in the tight slick tunnel, the first major hurdle overcame, the cartilage of the tight throat slickens and molds to the big black cock.

Jarred is half conscious now, his jaw in agony, his lips plumped obscenely, and denied oxygen to the point of being in a half state of easily suggestible consciousness. The only order he receives from ‘Master’ is to get fucked by this giant cock, learn to be a black man’s bottom bitch.

Darnell bottoms out for the last time, humps deep and ruthlessly into friends face and pulls his legs back until he feel the joints about to pop out of Jarred’s hip sockets then pulls his titanic cock out of the destroyed orifice and lets the limp body of his former friend and new bitch spring free, like a rubber band accidentally sent flying.

Darnell goes back to lounging on the head boards as Jarred lays lifeless, slowly coming back to the sober world of not taking massive cock hard down his throat. Darnell gets on his cell phone to his friend as Jarred tries to pull himself together after being so brutalized.

“Yo, you owe me that $500… yup… right now, all night long… Maybe, I’ll let you know how he turns out… Yeh, hahahaha!! Peace.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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