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I love to masturbate in the shower. I have multiple shower heads, with one that is connected to a hose so it’s able to be used as needed. There are different settings on this shower head that includes a pulsating massage. The shower is set back into a corner; the outside walls creating a three angled glass front, with the door in the middle slate of glass. There are multiple buttons that can be used to select which spouts of water are on. My favorite setting is the rain, tiny holes in the ceiling that let the warm water fall softly over the whole shower. Along with the shower head on the hose set to a pulsating massage.

There are three seats, one in each corner. The shower was obviously built for other uses besides daily hygiene. Other than the little crevices in the walls for soap and shampoo there is also a closed cubby. This has a corner click release that opens the door. In there is where I keep my favorite toys.

Tonight I have a friend coming over. He’s a man I met online and we’ve been having great fun explaining to each other our wildest sex fantasies. Finally it has gotten to the point to where the fantasies are no longer enough and I asked him to visit me. He’s from out of town, but he gladly agreed to get a plane ticket to come be with me for the night. His name is Brock, and he is very handsome, I know from the fabulous webcam that we’ve used.

From what I can tell, he’s tall… he has short dark hair, and almost black eyes. He has a slightly furry chest and the hair runs down the middle of his stomach and matching pubic hair. His member is quite pleasing, at least from the view of the camera. My best guess is that he is about eight or nine inches long and has plenty of girth to satisfy.

I just finished my shower, as he is due to be at the door within the hour. In the shower I used my pulsating massage shower head and held it against my clit. While my other hand was working my slim waterproof vibrator inside my pussy. I didn’t want to seem too eager for him tonight. I had an orgasm quickly then continued on with my shower. My makeup is now finished and I have the widescreen wall mount TV on. Something about the origin of peanut butter was on, but later we’ll be watching the movie that I have already set up in the DVD player.

My place is smaller, a loft on the twelfth floor of a downtown building. The door is a massive steel door, with an ice box handle. When opened it swings wide. The walls of my place are of a very dark brunette brick with recessed lighting and the ceilings are high. Just inside the door there is the only room in the place to the right, a normal bathroom with the toilet, sink and a regular bath. The walls of the bathroom running all the way to the ceiling, decorated as the other walls in my apartment are, with various paintings I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

Following the wall to the right, in the corner that the bathroom wall creates, is the standing shower that I love so much. Next is the bed, a California King, beside it on either side are end tables, each with reading lights and a box of tissues. Then there is my armoire, thick and long to hold my many outfits. After that is where the kitchen starts, on that same wall are the cabinets and the pantry. Then turning the corner there are more cabinets and the range. These are broken from the rest of the kitchen by a massive window that runs from the floor to the ceiling. Turning the corner, there are more cabinets and the fridge. To wrap it all up there is an island in the middle, which includes more cabinets, the sink and the dishwasher.

Moving along the last wall, where the kitchen ends is the living room. Since I am in the corner loft, the entire north wall of the living room is glass. Again they are from the floor to the ceiling. This intimated me when I first moved in, but the super assured me that the glass is at least six inches thick. Which over the years I began to believe, when the window washers are there on Sundays, I can barely hear them squeaking against the glass. There are massive curtains that I have stuffed into the corner that run along a track on the ceiling. These are only closed on the days that the washers are there. Otherwise they are wide open, inviting the view of the city into my life on a daily… and nightly basis. The curtain in the kitchen is closed in the mornings and while I’m at work, to keep out the beating sun rising in the east.

The living room is complete with a massive entertainment center. The wall mounted TV, a Boss stereo and the staggering shelves of movies are on the wall with the door. The living room set consists of a three cushioned couch and two matching recliners. They’re upholstered with a dark mahogany leather. The three pieces of furniture wrap around a massive glass coffee table, perfectly centered on a rug. The entire place is run through with hardwood floors that are stained dark to match the walls.

I fell in love with the place the first time I saw it, and I’ve been living Konya Escort here… alone… for the last five years. I get the view of the city without the hustle and bustle of the streets below. On the first floor of the building is everything I need. There are restaurants and clothing stores, bars and clubs. Just across the street is a market. I barely ever have to leave the block, unless I’m off to take the subway to work. The subway is only –

He’s here! I’m up on my feet in no time in response to the knock on the door, but I pause to take a deep breath. I can’t show him how enthused I am that he’s come to visit. I take a few steps from the couch that I was sitting on and reach for the door. I take another deep breath and pull the latch. The door swings open slowly and I step back to allow it room to swing. There standing in the door way is the man I have been waiting for, in more sense than one.

“Hi,” he said, throwing me that brilliant smile, creating the dimple in his left cheek that I love so much.

“Hi,” was my reply and I step back to let him in. He takes a few steps into the room and looks around in awe as I close the door behind him, locking it when it shut.

“Would you like a drink?” I usher him to put his bag by the end of my bed and invite him to follow me to the kitchen.

“Uh, sure.” He’s still gazing around the place. “You’ve got a really nice place here.” It didn’t sound like he was saying it just to be nice.

“Yes, I absolutely love it here.” I popped open the top of his favorite beer, I made sure it was on hand, and I gave it to him. He takes it and I open my own.

“Well, here’s to finally meeting.” He said and holds his bottle up to cheers. I clink my bottle with his and smile as we both take a drink.

“Shall we watch some TV?” I started walking back into the living room and he follows, I can feel his eyes on my back side. I put on the sexiest short dress I have, and it’s paid off. I sit on the couch and he sits right next to me, setting his beer down on the table.

“Anything in particular you’d like to watch?” I pick up the remote and look at the TV, and I start flipping through the many channels.

“Nope,” he shook his head as he said it, “I’m good just watching you.” Oh – my face is getting hot… he continues, “You’re even more beautiful than you looked on my computer.” My head hung slightly at his compliment.

“Thank you,” I say, “you’re much shorter than I thought you’d be.” I flashed my innocent playful smile at him.

“Ouch, I’m here for five minutes and you’re already taking stabs at me… jeez… ” His face turns to mock displeasure and he scoots just a tiny bit closer. I left the TV on a recently added to cable romantic comedy and I settle back against the couch. He does the same, and leans towards me. It seems as if he scoots just a bit closer as he did. I’m not really watching the movie, but I laugh at the parts that I’m supposed to. I adjust in my seat and move closer to him and he does the same. A few minutes later, I repeat and he does too. Now I am leaning against his shoulder and our legs and arms are touching.

“Is there anything else you may want to watch?” I ask. He thinks for a minute, looking at me. Our faces are inches apart.

“What do you have in mind?” He asks. I just smile and hit the input button on the remote. The TV flashes dark for a moment and then shows the FBI warning.

“How about this?” Did I intend to add that coy tone to my voice. I shake it off and look into his eyes as he is intently looking into mine. I can feel his breath on my chin. Already my spot in between my legs is starting to ache. I turn back to look at the TV and pick my favorite scene.

On the TV there is a girl, her tits obviously fake and she is starting to strip for two guys who are already naked sitting in separate arm chairs. She dances to the phony porn music, off beat. Brock and I sit watching her strip, and he moves his hand to my thigh… sending a wave of sexual tension through my body.

The girl on TV starts with the expected blow jobs, switching back and forth between the two men. While she’s on one of them, the other starts to play with her exposed pussy. Before long she is sitting on one of the chairs and one of the men start licking her clit, while the other is caressing her chest and sticking his fingers in her mouth. I spread my legs a little, and Brock’s hand moves farther down in between my thighs… another shriek of tension running through my body and I squirm a bit, the hot juices soaking my panties.

I turn to Brock, who turns to me. Our breath coming out heavy so close to each other. He kisses me, deep and long, wrapping the side of my neck with his free hand. I slide slightly and start moving down to lay on the couch, all the while his hand in between my thighs moves slightly higher and deeper. He continues kissing me and moves his hand from my neck down to my shirt. I purposely wore my button down shirt for this reason. Konya Escort Bayan He begins with the buttons, starting at the top and moving slowly down, revealing my lush breasts nicely wrapped in a matching black lace bra. He moves his lips from mine, and kept them moving down my neck to my chest.

Brock kisses at my nipples through my bra, then his hand moved the cup of my bra to expose my left breast. He began flicking my nipple with his tongue. While he sucks and nibbles on my nipple his hand in between my thighs moves up to my pussy, rubbing the outside of my panties lightly. I moan in response. Feeling him touching me and hearing the moans and slaps of skin coming from the TV made my heart beat race. My breath now heavy and filled with little moans and groans.

I take my top off and he leans back to take of my short black skirt, taking my panties as well. He stands and takes off his tight white crop neck shirt, revealing his muscular man chest. I undo the back of my bra as he fumbles with his belt. I toss the bra aside and lay back, watching him slip off his boxers with his jeans. His cock standing to attention. He wastes no time, his left arm scoops under my back and his right hand back to my neck. He kisses me again, hungrily. His dick head is against my pussy lips and slowly rocking up and down against them, parting them more and more with each stroke. He moans as he feels my wetness and his lips move back to my neck, shoulders and chest. I arch my back, pushing my hips upward, and he resists pulling back as I push forward. I looked toward the TV, the porn star was now straddling one of the men backwards, his cock deep in her ass. The other is positioning himself in front of her, ready to enter her pussy.

“You like that?” Brock asks me in between his kisses. I only answer with a moan. Brock’s lips move their way back to mine. When our lips make contact he slips himself into me effortlessly. I scream out with pleasure as he rocks back and forth. I wrap my legs around him, willing him to move deeper into me. I can feel his large dick moving deeper and deeper inside of me with each thrust. His breathing matches his thrusts and his groans exit his mouth each time he plummets into me.

His hands roam my body, clamping my breasts and moving down again, back to my ass. The sexual feeling no longer tension, but absolute pleasure. I moan and watch as the girl on the screen accepts her final facial cum shots.

Brock grips his arms around me and picks me up, still stuck onto his cock. He walks me, fucking me as he is, over to the bed. He lays me down gently, never missing a thrust. This movement making the feelings running through my body more intense.

Once on the bed he stays upright. He takes my ankles into his hands and holds my legs up and open. He starts moving faster and harder. Our bodies bouncing off each other as he fucks me intently. He groans loudly and collapses on top of me, rocking hard still. I leave my legs up and open as he kisses me passionately. I accept him wholly.

What? What’s he doing? He stops, standing at the end of the bed looking down at me. His cock glistening with my juices and pulses uncontrollably. His eyes light on fire as he looks over my body. Then he kneels down and grabs my hips roughly, positioning me so my ass is hanging off the end of the bed. His lips dip down and his tongue fishes it’s way to my clit. I scream in pleasure as my legs start to shake. His tongue moving fast, but he keeps it soft. I squirm beneath his sex, and sigh as I listen to his muffled groans.

His fingers find his way to my hole. Slowly he uses the tip of his finger and rubs around the edges, massaging the aching horniness there. Then he sticks it in fiercely, making me scream again. He pumps his finger into me as his tongue moves faster. I put a hand on the top of his head and arch my back. The feeling he is thrusting into me rages through my body. Oh, thicker the feeling is now… he moves two fingers in without stopping for a second. I’m almost there, I shriek at him. Then there is a third finger and it pushes me over the edge. My body convulses as my orgasm rumbles. I gasp and twist, but Brock held tight into his thrusts not letting up. Before my first orgasm subsides I am flung into a second. I started to thrash almost violently and finally he stops, easing his fingers from my pussy with a soft pop.

I lay there unable to move as my body still shutters. I look up at him his cock still bouncing with excitement. His eyes still fiercely gazing at my body, such lust in his eyes. He gives me a moment, but no longer. He picks me up easily and sets me down on my knees. As soon as I am situated he pounds into me, not needing to search for the entrance. I shriek again as my now super sensitive sex is invaded.

He thrusts wildly bouncing himself off of me as he does. His thumb on my rose bud as his dick is pushing deep into me. His cock seems to reach the small of my back as he pushes Escort Konya farther and farther. It almost hurts as he stretches my insides. His thumb pops into the inside of my ass, moving gently with his thrusts. This added sensation, sparking my horniness once again. Slowly my energy returns and I join his thrusts and push back instead of bouncing.

I turn my head back, he is standing there, one hand on my ass and the other to his side. His eyes are closed and his face up. The expression he has is of sheer pleasure. He looks down, into my eyes and then collapses over me. He wraps his free hand into my hair, pulling it slightly. He kisses my mouth passionately. Then moves back to a standing position, keeping his hand tangled in my hair, making my back arch even more. His thumb now fully in my ass, his other hand pulling my hair harder. I scream as he pounds into me and I hear his groan turn rough. He’s cumming, spilling himself into me, his thrusts slow but hold the same intensity until he’s empty.

He releases my hair and collapses on top of me. His dick now softer but still very prominent inside of me, as well as his thumb. He lays on top of me and after a moment he starts to move his dick and his thumb lightly. He pushes to the right places, my pussy now thick and sticky with his cum swirling within it. He is patient as I moan softly, slowly gaining my orgasm again. The quick change in intensity serves a good reaction. I groan loudly as my body shutters yet again with my third orgasm. Once he notices my orgasm finishing he gently removes himself from my pussy. His thumb slides out of my ass as he rolls over.

“How about another beer?” He asks… his face exhausted. I nod and he gets up. He goes and retrieves our half emptied beers from the living room and brings them to the kitchen. All the while I watch him walk naked through my apartment. He dumps the remains of the stale beers and sets the empty bottles on the counter. I watch as he washes his hands and then grabs some fresh ones.

He walks back to me slowly, as if his body hurts. I sit up as he hands me my beer.

“Here’s to the ultimate best sex I’ve ever had.” I smile and clink bottles with him in agreement. I still couldn’t feel my legs. I watch his face as he looks around. His eyes settle on the shower.

“Well, that looks interesting.” He comments. I smile again.

“Oh and it is. It’s my favorite part of my place.” I look at the shower gratefully.

“So, that’s where… um… you please yourself?” He asks, remembering our conversations online.

“Yup, that’s the place.” He gets up, beer in hand and walks toward the shower. He opens the door and goes inside, looking around. He looks so good standing naked in my shower. He touches the buttons lightly, then touches the walls, admiring the marble tile. His fingers come to the cubby, which I had explained to him before. He has no trouble opening it.

“Holy shit! You weren’t kidding!” His reaction to my toy collection is amusing.

“You know, the pipes are heated, so the water is warm when it first turns on.” He looks at me sideways, unbelieving. He comes out of the shower and puts his bottle on the end table, almost empty. Then heads back into it. He pushes a button and water shot out of a shower head on the wall behind him. I laugh as he jumps back surprised. He carefully starts to push all the buttons and watches as each shower head comes on. He chuckles knowingly when the hosed shower head turns on and is already set to the pulsating massage. Finally he reaches the last button and the rain fell from the ceiling.

“Oh, this is nice.” He says as he tilts his face toward the rain, and I watch as he becomes soaked in the water. My pussy muscles begin to twitch again. I scoot to the side of the bed and finish the last of my beer. I get up and walk into the rain with him. He takes me into his arms and kisses me passionately.

We stand in the shower together, holding each other. I begin to feel his cock get stiffer in between us and I look up at him again. He kisses me, such passion he has. His hands move from around my back to my breasts, and he slides them up and down my wet body effortlessly.

I pull away from him and kneel down, taking his dick into my hand and I smile upward.

“Oh, now you’re gonna do it. Oh yea…” he looks down at me as I slide the head of his dick in between my lips. I can taste the salt his cum left behind on the tip and I hungrily suck it off. He groans and stands like he had behind me before. His right hand tangles into my hair and his left limp at his side.

I begin to move his dick in and out of my mouth, deeper with each insert. I am very good and I am able to open my throat to make room for his entire member. Once I start to push it down my throat his other hand wraps into my hair. He looks down at me as I look up. The makeup on my face is surely running, but I don’t care. He begins to thrust his hips as he pushes his dick deep inside of my throat. His moans come out in haggard bursts. I love to hear him groan. He stops shoving so deep when his knees become weaker. I can feel him faltering against me. He sputters and his warm cum fills my mouth and my throat. I swallow it welcoming his spunk inside me from both ends now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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