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Bailey Brooke

Sipping on a glass of wine as she got ready, she thought back to all the times she flirted with Brad at work, and how she got this invite in the first place. Brad was her work crush. He was tall, bearded, and a chef at the restaurant she worked at.

They connected on music and would always take their smoke breaks together, switching to weed just before closing. He was older, 32 to her 18, and she loved it. He showed her great music, movies, and books, and she ate it up, really wanting him to like her, and also liking what he recommended. She found his gruff demeanor and roughed up hands and forearms appealing–she always liked them a little broken–and she dreaded any shift without him. He was so strong and just a little bit terrifying.

She flirted with him in the back of house relentlessly, getting him to make her extra of a dish, or get her orders out really quickly. They had a running “question game” going which always got raunchier by the end of the night. Yet somehow, Brad had no idea that Brittany was a virgin.

She hid it well. Not embarrassed per se, but didn’t want it to be a “thing.” She had always felt like such a loser — she was a theatre kid from a mormon family who listened to emo/alt music and you could tell — so adding Virgin to the pile seemed like overkill. So she set her sights on Brad the chef. She would have him.

She had wanted to look hot, but not too try-hard. “It’s gotta look effortless.”

She chose a mini skirt. A bit of an obvious choice, but classics are classics for a reason, right? “Fishnets or thigh highs and a garter?” she said to herself, checking her hot body out in the mirror.

Looking at herself as if she was the main character in an artsy film, she started with her feet. Well-manicured with toes painted a classic shade of red, her toes pointed and flexed as her gaze moved up. Shapely calves that she always saw as way too big, but they were effortlessly muscular and freshly shaved. Her knees and lower thigh were always her favorite parts of her legs–she loved the cute little dimples in her knees and her strong quad muscles (thanks to all the yoga she’d been doing since she discovered it a year ago). Her skirt seam hit just above the place where her fingertips grazed her thigh.

“I guess this wouldn’t pass dress code,” she thought to herself, feeling just a bit naughty. Her pussy started to moisten, excited at all the possibilities the night held. Would she finally lose her virginity? Make out with Brad? Feel his big strong hands all over and maybe even inside her body?

She toyed with the waistband of her skirt. “Hey Brad, thanks for inviting me.” She said, practicing her sultry voice. “Hope I met your expectations, street clothes-wise,” as she practiced toying with her necklace coyly. Her nipples started to harden. “Street clothes-wise?! WTF does that even mean, Brit?! Dumbass. At least if my wit doesn’t impress him, maybe my tits will,” she said as she gave her 32D tits a jiggle in the mirror.

They felt heavy in her hands. She loved it. Her middle fingers grazed her nipples, still hard from the thoughts racing through her head. Her pussy was almost dripping. She looked in the mirror, bit her lip, and felt her hands running down her tight stomach to the top of her miniskirt, which barely covered her perfect, juicy ass anyway. She pulled the skirt down and fell backwards onto her bed. Naked except for the skirt around her ankles, her middle and ring fingers found their way to her clit. She started in small circles, dipping into her cunt to feel her wetness and using it as she rubbed herself.

Imagining Brad taking her to a back bedroom, pushing her up a wall, groping her tits and telling her how hot she was and how all he wanted to do since they met was fuck her in the walk-in, right after close or before open. “Unghh, fuck. Brad. You’re so tall, and strong, fuckkkk meeeee” she said as she made herself cum. “Fuck. I have got to get him!”

She began to pull up her skirt and decided to ditch her panties altogether. She always loved having a no-panties secret, it made her feel sexy, slutty, and free. A breeze would expose her ass and wet pussy for all to see, and that only made her wetter. She chose a black, strappy bralette. Easy on and easy off, but visually interesting enough to make her tits catch the attention of, she hoped, Brad.

Pulling a sheer white t-shirt on over the bralette, she gave herself a french tuck, grabbed some mary jane stripper heels (and some vans just in case) and headed out.

The whole drive over she kept shoving her fingers into her wet cunt and squeezing her perfect tits, occasionally pulling them out and flashing drivers next to her at red lights. They liked the way her tiny nipples looked, hard in the cool night air, and loved the way she looked when Anadolu Yakası Escort she licked them, right in the open at the red light. She thought about trying to pull over and cum in a parking lot or something, but wanted to try and save up her energy, in case Brad was interested.

As she pulled up to the party, she saw a ton of people hanging outside, smoking cigarettes, drinking cheap beer and playing beer pong. Most of the girls are dressed casually but sexily, obviously loving the excuse to show off their tight asses and bouncy tits. She spots Brad, talking with someone she didn’t recognize. Her pussy tingles and her nipples harden as she gives one last look to her makeup, plumps her lips, and heads out.

“Hey Brad, nice to see you!” She says as she goes in for a hug.

“Hey Brittany, cool you could come.” He says, laid back and confident. He looks her up and down and lingers just a little on the outline of her nipples straining through her sheer shirt. “You look nice!”

“Oh thanks, hope I didn’t disappoint, street clothes-wise.”

“No way dude. You nailed it. Best out of work outfit around.”

“Hah, thanks.”

They continued chatting, he introduced her to his friends and continued to check on her throughout the party, but gave her space to connect with people.

“Need another beer?” Brad asked. ‘I’m heading in if you want another.”

“Nah, but I’ll come in anyway, I’m kind of cold.”

“Cool, there are blankets inside in the living room. I’ll grab you one.”

“My god, how is he so sweet and manly and fucking HOT all at the same time?! Why won’t he just DO ME?” she thought to herself.

“Hah, thanks. I’m always freezing, it’s so weird.”

As he bent over to get her a blanket, she couldn’t help herself from staring at his ass. It wasn’t quite a Christopher Meloni, but it wasn’t far off. Her pussy’s wetness was starting to become a problem. She could almost feel it running down her leg. She had to have him.

Excusing herself to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and talked herself through the plan. Gotta be quick so they don’t think you’re doing anything other than peeing!

Okay, I’ll get him to sit next to me on the couch, under the blanket. Oh! Or maybe we’ll go outside, I think I saw a fire pit. That’s perfect. So we go outside and then what? I’ll ask him something about work, and then I’ll move in closer and closer. I’ll tell him he smells good and that he looks great in his jeans. Oh my god those jeans. Ask him about my outfit and tell him I’m not wearing panties because I wanted to show off my assets outside of work, but I don’t know if I’m doing a good job because I’m still a virgin. Ask if that was too far and stand up to show him how short the skirt is. That’s a good start.

It went exactly according to plan. As she stood up to show him just how short her skirt was, a breeze blew through the outside. Her skirt lifted and the 15 or so people also outside saw her entire ass, and since she was pushing her ass out a bit for effect, some lucky people saw her pussy lips, wet and ready.

Brad licked his lips. He knew she had a crush on him, it was obvious. But he didn’t know she was a virgin. She always pushed her ass out as she bent down to grab something instead of squatting down, her shirts were always showing off her big, perfect titties, her lips were always made up in a perfect pout and she was always laughing at all the sex jokes we told in the kitchen. A virgin? He thought to himself. Fuck. That’s hot.

Suddenly Brad started imagining showing Brittany the ropes. “This rope,” he laughed to himself. He could reach up and finger bang her right here, standing in front of all of his friends. It wouldn’t be the first time something sexy like that went down at a party like this. She wanted it too.

She saw Brad bite his lip slightly and lick his lips as she turned over her shoulder to show him her skirt. As that breeze blew, she felt her pussy get even wetter “how is that even possible?!” and she imagined Brad reaching up and finger banging her in front of all of these people.

They locked eyes, finally. She could see his hunger, he could see hers. Hers, obviously with an added hint of fear and intrigue. He reached up and grabbed her ass, giving it a little smack. “Wow, that is a short skirt. And the lack of panties? Definitely a good choice. I think that deserves a reward. You did a good job, Brittany.” Brad said as he pulled her down onto his lap, skirt flaring behind her so her bare pussy sat on his jeans.

He felt her wetness on his jeans, and his dick started to harden. He loved a wet pussy, but a virgin one? Forget it. He couldn’t wait to shove his dick into her and show her what it was like to be thoroughly fucked. He had plans for her Kadıköy Escort – threeways, gangbangs, anal, rimming, kink play, and more – but he was going to take it slow. Make her earn it. He could tell she needed the approval and he was more than happy to give it to her.

“FUCK it’s happening,” she thought to herself. “He’s going to fuck me he’s going to fuck me he’s going to fuck me! Or at least finger me!”

His hands felt so good on her hips as he dragged her down. Big, strong chefs hands gripping her hips and forcefully pulling her down onto his lap. She didn’t even have time to protest, but she didn’t want to, even for show. She giggled.

“A reward?” she asked innocently.

“Absolutely. Do you want to know what I have in mind?” Brad asked, whispering seductively in her ear, from behind. He pushed some hair behind her ear and continued to whisper, his grip on her hips tightening slightly and the bulge in his pants growing.

“I want to show you what it’s like to be thoroughly fucked. So spent and sore you couldn’t have another orgasm, but then you do. I want to do everything to you, and I want to feel those beautiful lips on my cock, make you lick my ass, and I want to hear you moan as you take my cock, your first cock, for the first time. But first, I need to feel you.”

He shoved two fingers into her dripping wet cunt, and grabbed her neck with his other hand. “Grab the blanket and stay quiet, but not too quiet,” Brad demanded.

She obliged, her pussy twitching.

His big fingers filled her up. It felt so good, despite being a little bit painful. “Maybe taking my first dick won’t be so bad after all. Maybe I really am a slut.” She smiled to herself. She loved the way he took charge. It made her feel safe enough to be so dirty and depraved. She was ready to do whatever he wanted, and he knew it.

His fingers started to move in and out of her, getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. She moaned, feeling full and loving every second of his hands inside her. He moved his other hand from her throat and groped her tits roughly, finding her hard nipple through the thin fabric. “I love your tits,” he growled into her ear. “I always have. I’m going to have them whenever I want, wherever I want them, understand?”

“Yes” she moaned.

“Good. Good girl Brittany.”

She nearly came right there. The combination of his fingers thusting in and out of her, his growling into her ear, the groping, and his raw power AND calling her a good girl? She barely contained herself and he noticed.

“Not…yet Brittany. Not yet.”


“After you make me cum. We’re under a blanket and I don’t want to cause more attention, so a handjob will have to do. Use your wetness and give me a handjob under this blanket. But look like we’re having a normal conversation. Do a good job and I’ll reward you again.”

She reached down and shoved her own fingers into her sadly empty pussy. It felt good and she so wanted to rub her clit to let herself explode. She was so close, it would barely take anything at all. But she knew she wanted to obey him. Sure, he was hot, but this power was something else. She wanted to be his good girl and earn rewards and have him teach her all about sex. She got her fingers as wet as she could and started grabbing his hard dick that he pulled out when she wasn’t looking. She nearly gasped. It was girthy, she could barely get her hand alll the way around it, but it was also long. It looked like the toys she had seen in movies she wasn’t supposed to watch.

She ran her wet fingers up and down his cock, covering it in her pussy juices. She got more and wrapped her hand around his cock and started to pump, all while making small talk with Brad. Other people had gathered around. They probably had an idea of what was going on under those blankets, but nobody let on. She thought she was doing such a great job. And she was.

But she didn’t know that this wasn’t just a party with an offensive theme where she was starting to hook up with the man of her dreams. Nope. He and his friends were adventurous and open with each other and these parties were fuck parties. Not always orgies, but there was always a central atraction – kinky sex displays, a tied up slut ready to be used as guests please throughout the evening — and tonight, it would be a deflowering.

Brad knew it was his turn to provide the central attraction for the night and he knew Brittany wouldn’t disappoint. But when he found out she was a virgin, he knew his attraction would be talked about for years. A deflowering and a gangbang? They’d never forget.

He continued making small talk with Brittany as she pumped his dick. It felt so good. He wanted to cum so he could fuck her for a long time later. “Faster,” Brad demanded. İstanbul Escort Brittany complied, breathing heavily into his ear, tits jiggling with every stroke.

He roughly grabbed one of her tits as he came into her hand and the blanket.

“Let’s go into a bedroom,” Brad whispered into her ear.

Brittany eagerly followed Brad into a back bedroom. The room was clean but sparse. A few movie posters on the walls (Boondock Saints and Scarface, of course, she rolled her eyes) and a big bed right in the center.

“Lay down.”


“Yes,” he corrected.

“Yes.” she replied, demure.

He began to undress her. Starting first with her shoes, he undid the straps and tossed them to the side, one by one. He slid his hands up her thighs until he got to the top of her skirt. He ran his fingers across the waistband. She gasped sharply. He unbuttoned and began to slowly pull it down, pausing as she lifted her pussy towards his face to bring the skirt over her perfect ass. He breathed in her scent and his cock twinges back to life, ready to go after that necessary first cum.

Her ass hit the bed and her legs parted, showing him her pussy, wettest he’s ever seen and puffy from his fingers earlier. It looked beautiful. He got closer and licked from her clit to her asshole, flicking his tongue across her ass gently, a hint of what was to come.

He took off his pants as his cock sprang to life out of his tight jeans. As he pulled his shirt over his head she started to do the same, he stopped her.

“I’ll tell you when.”

She nods.

Brad fully naked, his full 6′ 5″ frame towered over her petite yoga body. She was powerless and that thrilled her. His cock looked even bigger in this position, like it would tear her in two. She couldn’t wait to feel it, even though she was a little nervous, her breath more ragged by the minute.

“Show me how you get yourself off” Brad demanded.

She nodded. Legs parted to the sides, she licked her ring and forefingers and traced them down her body, slowly, until they reached her clit. She began to rub in small circles, like always, until he stopped her. “Slower,” he says. She nods.

She masturbated excruciatingly slowly, but the more powerless she felt, the hotter it was. He watched her, his bright green eyes fixed on her face, watching as she moved her fingers intentionally. Almost overwhelmed, she closed her eyes to focus.

“Look at me.”

She complied, the demand enough to keep her mind focused on the task at hand.

Despite moving slowly, she felt her orgasm build. He saw it too.

“Not yet.”

She slowed down.

“Deep breath”

He watched her breasts heave, her chest swell.



Finally. She rubbed her clit faster and faster. It felt so good. She loved making herself cum and coming in front of Brad was so fucking hot. His intense gaze sent shivers down her spine. Her body shook in response, moaning loudly right as she starts to come.

Mid-orgasm, Brad shoved his cock, ready for round 2, into her quivering pussy.

“Oh yeah, cum on my cock. You’re such a slut, you know exactly what you’re doing. You just love the attention. Well you’re going to get a lot of it tonight.”

She barely heard him, just moaned yes as she let world-shattering pleasure course through her. Her whole body tingled. She had never felt so wanted, so sexy, so…full. His cock stretched her pussy and it felt absolutely amazing. She had never felt so good. Her body began to tense again and her hands wandered up to her tits, still in her t-shirt.

“No. I’ll tell you when. Hands to your sides.”

She complied.

He kneaded her tits and lowered his chest down, thrusting all the way into her as he whispered roughly into her hear: “you’re going to get fucked by everyone at this party tonight. Do you realize that?”

She barely comprehended. How many people were at this party? It was getting late, how many people were even left? “You’re going to feel over 15 cocks and lick at least that many pussies tonight. But not until I fuck you in all of your holes first. Your virginity is mine. Take your shirt off.”

Her perfect tits bounced all over as he thrusts his giant cock into her.

She shuddered and her pussy clenched as she let out the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth made noises she hadn’t ever heard before, and her pussy spasmed all over Brad’s giant cock. She felt him quicken his pace and go deeper, thrusting as far into her as he could go. She continued to cum all over his cock as he fucked her faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

He grabbed the headboard above her, his body towering over hers. They locked eyes as he rocked his whole length into her pussy and held it there, his cock spasming and filling her with his cum.

Her eyes go wide. “How many cocks?”

“At least 15. And you’re going to love it. I can tell. He smiled as he rolled off of her, pulling her into his arms.”

She nuzzled in, preparing excitedly for what was coming next.

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