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Well, it was finally here. The big day. I was actually turning 18! As a bonus, my parents were going out of town for the weekend and, as a birthday present to me, had agreed to me having my first no-adult party. My brother Bobby was left as a pseudo-supervisor, but it was cool. He had just recently turned 21 himself and had promised to go snag me some drinks for the party.

I went to school as usual that Friday, not only to make sure that all my friends were going to show up that night, but also because there were cheerleader try-outs last period that I couldn’t miss!

As soon as try-outs were over I rushed out of the gym and headed home to prepare for the party. I was so excited I didn’t bother to change out of my “barely there” uniform and ran most of the way to the house.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Texas in May, you know just how hot and humid it gets. By the time I got home my white t-shirt and cotton panties were soaked through and I couldn’t wait to get that damn wool skirt off!

I walked in the door, dropped the skirt on the entry-way floor on the way in and headed to the kitchen for a drink.

As I bent over to grab a bottle of water, I felt a slap on my ass!

“Hey sis! You know, you should watch out. When you bend over like that you can tell you’re legal now. Is that what you’re wearing to the party? Hahahaha.”

“Oh you jerk,” I yelled, and hit Bobby in the shoulder. “You should be nice to me you know. It’s my birthday.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Damn sis, you look hot,” he replied.

“I am. It’s like 100 degrees out there,” I said.

“No, I mean you look HOT,” Bobby stressed.

Huh? I looked down at myself and got a little embarrassed. My 5’9, 130 pound frame was barely covered by my nearly see-through t-shirt and white cotton panties. You could see my 36 D’s clearly outlined through my shirt and the dark crevice of my cunt was visible through my panties.

I blushed and looked up at him, only to realize my brother was checking me out!

“Oh you perv,” I cried and punched him again in the shoulder. “Quit looking at me like I’m your damn present to open Bobby!”

He laughed and danced back a few steps grabbing his shoulder. “Alright, alright! But I DO have a present for you.”

“What is it?! Give it here,” I eagerly cried.

“No way,” he responded. “Not until later.”

“Whatever. You suck. I’m going to go get ready,” I said and walked away, never imagining what he had in mind for that “present.”

The party went great. A bunch of my friends from school came over and we all got a little tipsy. I made out with Steven Holmes out by the pool and let him play with my tits a little. He tried to play with my pussy, but all I would allow was a little rubbing through my cotton panties. It was enough to get me really hot though.

When I came back in from telling Steven bye, nearly everyone had left. I was walking a little wobbly and everything was a little blurry, but I could see Bobby talking to a girl in the corner. She was up against the wall and his 6’3 200 pound body was pressed close to her. He was looking down in her face and whispering while he rubbed one of her arms with a free hand. That bothered me for some reason. I quickly stumbled over.

“Bobby! Come on,” I laughingly yelled, grabbing his arm and dragging him away. “We have got to get the rest of these people out of here so we can clean. Mom and Dad are going to kill us if they come home and the house looks like this.”

Unfortunately, I fell down just then. Too much Crown and Coke I guess. I just laid back and laughed.

Bobby got rid of the few stragglers remaining and came and laid by me on the floor.

“Happy birthday Brit,” he said, leaning up on one arm to look down at me. “I can’t believe you’re 18 already. That’s a trip.”

“What? Come on,” I said. “I don’t feel much different from 13. Hahahaha.”

“Well, you definitely look different from 13,” he said.

Just the way he was talking I looked up at him and he was staring down my body, his eyes raking over my tight t-shirt and short cotton skirt. I was pretty drunk, so I thought I must be mistaken. My brother wasn’t looking at me the way that Steven did earlier, was he? No way. But if he was… It was making me a little hot.

I giggled nervously and kind of put my arm over my chest.

Bobby sighed and put his hand on my arm and lifted it. “Don’t tell me you’re getting shy with me? I’m your brother for goodness sakes. I’ve seen you run around butt naked for years.”

He put my arm down by my side and then placed his hand on my stomach. He was staring me in the eyes and I was blearily looking back. I knew my nipples were getting hard and I knew that you could see them through my shirt, but I couldn’t do anything but stare back at him.

His gaze was so piercing it was making my mouth dry, so I flicked my tongue out to wet my lips and his eyes moved to my mouth.

“Oh, Brit,” he breathed, as his Fındıkzade Escort head lowered, “watching you these past few years has been torture.”

Then his mouth captured mine. I was shocked, but it was so erotic I couldn’t help but move my lips against his. His tongue dipped into my mouth and rolled around mine and I raised my hand to his hair and pulled him further into me.

He raised his head enough to suck on my lower lip as his hand slid up my body to my breasts. He began softly kneading one through my shirt till my nipple was standing taught against the fabric. He then pinched it and rolled it between his fingers.

I moaned into his mouth and gasped his name. He growled and rolled over fully on top of me and started ravaging my mouth. Plunging his tongue in and out and licking my lips. His hips ground softly into me as he pushed my legs open with his knees. He raised himself enough to tear off first his own shirt and then to pull mine over my head.

I was left shivering with desire, eyes dilated with pleasure and alcohol, in my lacy pink bra.

He began kissing and licking the flesh of breasts above the bra. Soon his hands were running up my sides to undo the front clasp of the bra. Before I knew it there was a soft “click” and my tits spilled out into the cold air. Bobby just groaned and dipped his head to catch one of my tight nipples in his lips. I gasped as his tongue rolled over it and he then sucked it into his hot wet mouth.

I had never experienced anything like this. Not with Steven, not with any of the other boys who I had played around with. I just lay there panting with my fingers dug into his hair as he continued to bathe and suck my nipples with his mouth and tongue. All the while, his hips slowly ground into mine until I could feel my pussy swelling and throbbing against the bulge in his jeans.

He licked back up my neck until his lips were on mine again and kissed me deeply. I shivered to think of what his tongue had just done. He slowly raised his head and looked down at me. I couldn’t even speak to him. I lay there half-naked, nipples tight, lips kiss-swollen and pleaded through half-open eyes for him not to stop.

He got up and bent to pick me up with him. He carried me to his bed and gently laid me on it. He unzipped his pants and soon both they and his boxers were on the floor and he stood beside me in all his rock hard glory looking down at me.

I couldn’t believe his cock was so big! Thick, with just a brushing of hair at the base, it stood a full 8 inches from his body. I gazed at it with my mouth open before I felt his hand on mine. Looking up at him, he placed my hand on his cock and began moving it. Showing me what to do. I began to stroke him, rubbing down the length of his glorious shaft with my small hot little hand before coming back up and squeezing his head. He moaned and leaned his head back.

As I stroked his cock he reached down and placed his hand between my legs. I spread them willingly for him and soon his fingers rubbed against my clit through my wet cotton panties. I gasped and squeezed his dick.

“Please Brit. Suck it. Oh god, please put my cock in your mouth.”

Could I? Could I really? I’d never done it before. Never imagined having my brother’s thick cock fill my mouth.

“I… I can’t. I don’t know what to do,” I whispered, ashamed.

“Shhh… It’s o.k. Yes you do. I’ll show you,” he assured me.

He pulled my hand gently until I was sitting up on the bed with him standing before me. With his guidance I continued to stroke his cock before slowly placing my lips around the base of the head of his dick. My hand continued to pump up and down his shaft as my hot wet little tongue glided over, flicked and licked the head. I slowly sucked my way down farther on his dick, continuing to jack him off at the same time. My tongue continued to swirl and soon I was sucking and pumping his cock, my head moving up and down faster.

He grabbed my ponytail and guided me. Shoving me down on his dick and pulling me up. Speeding me up and slowing me down. His little sister sucking his cock just like he had wanted. Like he liked it.

“Fuck yes Brit. Oh god…Yes. Suck my dick. I’ve wanted you to do this for so long. Oh shit, your fucking mouth is so hot,” he groaned and started fucking my face back.

Faster and faster my head went down on him and my hand pumped until he screamed, “Fuck!” He pulled my head up roughly by my ponytail and shoved me back on the bed. Then he was on top of me, kissing me hard, fucking my mouth with his tongue.

His fingers were in my panties. On top of my clit. Rubbing. Pinching. I moaned into his eager mouth and pumped my hips into his searching fingers. Then they were sliding, down… He plunged them into my cunt and I tore my mouth away from his to scream.

“Bobby! Oh shit Bobby! Ughhh….”

He was raping me with his fingers. Fucking them in and out of me fast, digging Fındıkzade Escort Bayan them down into the cream of me and covering them with my cum. I’d never felt anything like it. I didn’t know what to do. I was fucking them back. Pushing my hips into them, wanting them deeper, harder.

Then they were gone. I whimpered and opened my eyes. Bobby was on the bed above me, looking down at me.

“Taste yourself,” he said, holding his fingers up to my mouth. I looked at him questioningly. “Taste how sweet you are Brit,” he encouraged me.

Still looking up at him I opened my mouth and sucked my brother’s fingers into it. I swirled my tongue around them, licking my own pussy off of them. Bobby’s eyes closed and his head tipped back. I sucked his fingers further into my mouth and greedily licked the last bit of my cum off of them.

Gently pulling his fingers out of my mouth, he slid down the bed. He grasped my panties on either side and slowly pulled them down the length of my legs. I was still wearing my cotton skirt, but he simply pushed it up. Slipping between my legs he spread my thighs wider with his hands. Looking up at me he asked, “Did you taste good? Did you like the way your pussy tastes?”

With glazed eyes I nodded my head yes.

“Good. Let me taste then,” he said right before his head descended.

He licked the outside of my swollen lips and I stiffened slightly.

“Shhhh…. It’s o.k. It’s going to feel wonderful,” he assured me.

With his fingers he gently parted my hairless pussy lips so that he could slip his tongue into my hot wet crevice. He very softly licked the full length of my slit once, making me cry out.

“Hmmmm… Fuck Brit. You taste so fucking good,” he moaned into my crotch.

Then his tongue was on my clit. Circling it, licking it, sliding up and down. I was shocked, I was amazed. I began panting and moaning and swiveling my hips.

Bobby placed either hand on my hips and gently held me down while holding my lips open with his thumbs. His tongue continued to bathe my clit, flicking faster and harder, grinding down into it. I was gasping and tangling my hands in his hair. I was building, the pressure was getting stronger as he continued to lick my pussy. I was nearly crying, squeezing my eyes closed and whispering to him, “Oh yes Bobby… Please oh god please. Lick it. Suck my clit. Please don’t fucking stop.” Then I was cumming, screaming his name, rising off the bed and shoving my hips into his face!

He suddenly dipped down to shove his tongue deep into my cunt.

“Bobby! Argh! Fuck yes Bobby!”

Then he was on top of me, kissing me. His tongue deep in my mouth and I could taste myself. My cum thick on his tongue. I grabbed his head and kissed him deeper, pushing my hips into his. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my mound. Feel it push against my still sensitive throbbing clit.

“Fuck me Bobby. Please. Oh god please. Finish it Bobby. Fill me with your cock,” I whispered into his mouth.

With his knees, he gently spread my legs and then his cock was against my cunt. Pushing gently. First his head slid in and we moaned into each other. It was so hot, and hard and wet. My cum was everywhere and his dick continued to slip into my warmth. Tight hot cunt surrounded rock hard cock and we both panted. He pushed into my virginity and then, pulling my mouth into a deep kiss, he broke through.

I screamed into his mouth, but he didn’t stop. It hurt! It was too big! But… he kept going. Slowly sliding in until all 8 inches of his cock was buried in my wet throbbing little virgin pussy. He raised his head and kissed me gently on the lips. I moaned back.

Then he was moving. Slow at first, sliding in and hot. My wet cunt gripping him and moving with him. My cum coating his cock and his balls slapping against my ass as he started fucking me faster. Harder and harder he began slamming into me.

I moaned and started fucking him back. Lifting my hips into his thrusts. Shoving my cunt on his cock. Wanting it. Wanting to be filled with my brother’s hard dick.

He raised himself and placed my ankles on his shoulders then he was pounding into my pussy. Going deep and plunging his cock into the hot wet center of me. I was screaming and moaning and tugging on my nipples. Amazed. Wanting to be fucked. Wanting his dick inside my tight little cunt, raping me.

Harder and harder he fucked me, his cock pounding into my pussy, until I felt the building again. I felt my orgasm rising in the center of my cunt. I was screaming, telling him not to fucking stop and to fuck me, fuck me please!

Then I went over the edge. My orgasm ripping through me. Bobby spread my legs and came down hard on top of me, still plunging into me as I came. I wrapped my legs around him as my cunt pulsated and gripped around his cock. My nails dug into him and I bit his shoulder. Screaming into his flesh. Cumming hard. Everything went black Escort Fındıkzade and there was nothing but throbbing and waves of pleasure.

Bobby untangled from me and I whimpered, the last waves of my orgasm still washing over me. Then he was in my cunt. Licking me, lapping up my cum. I screamed and slammed my pussy into his mouth. Not believing the feeling of his hot tongue on my still cumming cunt. He had my legs spread wide and was raping me with his tongue, fucking into me and flicking around my clit. And I was building again!

But then his tongue went lower and I stiffened. He “shhh’d” me and continued regardless. His tongue was at my ass, gently licking. He spread me open farther and slid his tongue around my hole. Licking and flicking before slowly guiding the tip into me. I groaned and my hips pulled back, but Bobby wouldn’t let me go. He had my hips in his hands and was pushing his tongue into my ass. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. How could he? He was fucking his tongue in and out of my ass and it was starting to feel good!

He pulled his head back and plunged one of his fingers into my dripping cunt. I moaned and then his finger was at my ass. Rubbing it. Coating it with my cum. And it was pushing, burrowing into me in slow stages. My tight ass gripping it as he fucked his finger deeper into me. He had it in to the knuckle and I was panting in pain and pleasure. He began moving it, fucking me with it. As he finger fucked my tight ass his tongue was on my clit again, flicking. He sucked my clit into his mouth and rolled it between his lips. Sucking on my cunt as his finger raped my ass.

He sat up and rolled me gently over onto my stomach. Pulling me onto my knees, he stuck his tongue to my ass again. Shoving it deep into me. Tongue fucking me and rubbing my clit with his thumb at the same time.

“Ugh… Bobby, what are you doing? Oh fuck Bobby…,” I kept saying.

He was on his knees behind me. Stroking his cock. First he slid it into my dripping pussy. Deep and slow, moving it back and forth slowly, but not taking it out. I put my head down and moaned into the pillow.

“Play with your pussy Brit. Rub your clit with your fingers,” he told me.

I obediently put my hand between my legs and began rubbing my clit in fast deep circles.

His cock was out of my cunt, gone. Then it was at my ass. I tried to pull away, but he had my hips. Coated wet and sticky with my cum his cock began to push into my ass. I cried out and stiffened.

“Brit, don’t stop rubbing your pussy. Play with your clit. It’s going to feel good Brit. You’re going to love it when you’re big brother fucks your ass. I promise.”

I made myself relax and went back to rubbing my clit. Bobby’s cock pushed deeper and deeper into my tight virgin asshole and I cried into the pillow. Oh it hurt! Slower wider and wider his big dick spread my ass until he was buried in me.

He leaned over me and kissed my back. Slipping his hands around me he pinched my nipples before putting his hand on top of mine on my cunt. He played with me, using my hand, rubbing my clit.

“Don’t fucking stop rubbing that pussy Brit. You just keep rubbing that wet little cunt of yours,” he whispered into my back.

And he started fucking me. Slow at first, pulling his cock gently back and forth.

“Ughh… God damn Brit. Your ass is so tight and hot.”

I just panted into my pillow concentrating on my clit while my big brother fucked my ass.

Soon he was fucking me deeper. Faster and faster he was pulling his cock in and out of my tight ass. He grabbed my hips in his hands and began raping my asshole. Shoving his big dick in and pulling it out before slamming back into me.

Oh it hurt so bad! His massive cock raping and tearing my tight virgin asshole. Then amazingly, it started to feel good. Deep and full. I began rubbing my clit faster and faster. My fingers flying over it in tight little circles while my other hand was on my nipple pulling and tugging.

I began fucking my brother back. Slamming my hips into his cock as he fucked me. I was moaning and talking to him.

“Fuck me Bobby! Oh please Bobby! Fuck your little sister’s ass. Fuck me hard!”

He was panting and pulling my hair. Yanking it as he slammed his cock into my ass.

“You like that? You like it when your big brother fucks you in the ass, don’t you?”

My fingers were all over my cunt, pulling on my nipples and I was cumming! I was exploding and screaming!

“Oh fuck yes Bobby! Fuck me! Don’t fucking stop! Fuck my ass!”

Bobby groaned and leaned over, shoving me stomach first on the bed. His hips pumped into me and his balls slapped wetly against my cunt as his cock rapidly fucked in and out of my ass.

“Ughhh… Fuck yes Brit. I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum in your tight little ass!”

He was laying on top of me and his dick slammed into my ass hard, making me scream. And then he was cumming. I could feel it shooting up into my ass in burning wet squirts.

He groaned and went limp on top of me. Panting into my hair, his cock still inside of me, wet and sticky, growing limp.

He gently pushed the hair out of my face and kissed my cheek.

“Happy birthday sis. Hope you liked the present.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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