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“Bad news,” Rachel said, putting down the phone. It was about nine at night, the movie we were watching was on pause, and we were all sitting in my living room.

I’d been on one end of the couch, Danny and Rachel cuddled on the other end, one of his hands occasionally resting on one of her breasts (except when it sounded as if my mother might be nearby).

Over the past week or so, without actually discussing it, we’d worked out an understanding: during the day, Rachel would be Danny’s girlfriend, with all the rights and privileges thereof — but after my mother left for the store in the morning, I’d crawl into Danny’s bed.

(Mom was letting me slide on my morning chores because we had a house guest; she probably wouldn’t have been as generous if she’d known I was spending the time being defiled by him)

When we went to the lake, everybody wore proper suits. Danny’s occasional touch of Rachel’s clothed breast was the most blatant show of impropriety I’d actually witnessed since we’d worked out the “rules,” and of course Rachel had never watched Danny and me having sex.

It all sounds weird, I know, but everybody was happy and, since Danny was only going to be here another week and a half or so anyway, there was no reason for anybody to be jealous. All was fine; until Rachel put down the phone and said “Bad news.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“My sister happened. She’s home.”

I translated for Danny: “Hope is Rachel’s step-sister. She’s 19, actually a few months older than Rachel, but acts like a spoiled little brat. She was supposed to be staying with her father in Bakersfield for the month.”

“But apparently he flaked out,” Rachel explained, “so she’s coming back. He actually put her on a bus, an overnight bus, and she’ll be here in the morning.”

“That sucks,” he said.

“Sucks for me too,” Rachel said, “because my dad says I have to hang out with her. Which means I can’t hang out with you guys.”

“Why can’t we all just hang out together?” Danny asked. “Is she going to freak out that you have, um, a boyfriend?” He was still getting used to the word, and of course they didn’t have your standard boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Rachel and I exchanged glances. Then I said “Danny, Hope is what you’d call, how can I put this nicely, a fucking bitch.”

But I do have to admit… there was a part of me that was happy I’d have Danny all to myself for a while.

So maybe I’m a bit of a bitch myself.


The following morning Danny and I were in bed, slowly exploring on another’s bodies. He was just about to get up and open the hidden compartment in his suitcase where he kept the condoms when he got a text message from Rachel (presumably I got the same one, but my phone was back in my room): Hope’s bus was delayed for some reason, so she and her parents were probably going to be camped Bomonti Escort out at the bus depot for the rest of the morning. What a mess.

“Get dressed,” I told Danny.

“I’d rather stay naked.”

“Danny, we have some unfinished business at the lake from last week, and we might not get another chance.”

He knew just what I meant: we’d been lying naked by the lake, about to fuck for our first time, when the skies opened up and we had to make a dash for home.

I rushed back to my room to dress, and he met me downstairs, also dressed (though without a shirt), less than five minutes later.

We didn’t stay dressed for long: As soon as we hit the clearing by the lake, I was as shirtless as he was. I hadn’t bothered with a bra, and I can’t remember the last time I’d left the house without one.

Was there something about this lake that make me horny lately, or was it only that the past week or so, every time I’d been here, I was with Danny and we were in at least some state of undress?

We both threw off the rest of our clothing, and got right down to business: my first time fucking outdoors, of course, and it was amazing. I was just lucky nobody was close enough to hear me scream.

When it was all over, and we’d rested some, I reminded Danny that he’d never been skinny-dipping, and he might never have the chance again, so we ran in.

And then came out and had sex again.

As I lay in his arms afterward, I realized two things: I might have to seriously consider killing my best friend so I could keep Danny all for myself… and God help me, I think I was seriously falling in love with him.


That evening, Hope was being Hope within minutes of meeting Danny: first complaining that there was nothing to do in this town, and then announcing that there were no guys here worth a damn, and she was going to be miserable for the rest of the summer.

She gave Rachel a death glare as she said this, as if Rachel having a boyfriend (with whom she could look forward to having very little private for the foreseeable future) had been planned out just to ruin her summer.

Summing up Hope: from the time I met her when she was ten, she was always the prettiest girl in her grade. After puberty came in, with all the accompanying curves, even more so.

And with that came a sense of entitlement, because boys didn’t say no to Hope. I’m pretty sure she even led on the occasional girl over the years.

Even her teachers treated her special: no hint of anything improper going on, but she was always the class favorite.


“So,” Hope said, when we were getting ready for bed, “your boyfriend’s cute.”


“Fucked him yet?”

Not that it was any of her business, but “Yes.”

By “getting ready for bed,” by the way, I meant she’d just stripped down to her panties. Bomonti Escort Bayan Other than during the winter, she hasn’t slept with anything on top since she was about 14. “They need to breathe,” she once told me — not that I’d ever asked — in one of her already-frequent references to the fact that she had large breasts and mine were (and still are) barely visible.

“Good for you. The last time I was home, you were still a virgin.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“Hey,” she went on, “you don’t do it in here, do you?”

I thought about something Sandy’s said on occasion: Hope is being Hope again. “You’ve had a long day,” I said. “Don’t you have to get to sleep or something?”

She became quiet, but after a few minutes I heard ragged breathing coming from her bed. Another thing she began doing around the time she started sleeping in only her panties: masturbating before falling asleep, not caring that anybody was in the room with her.

And since I couldn’t bring myself to do that, this meant now that she was here, probably no sex with Danny and no sex with, you know, myself.


The following day, it rained. That seemed to be the pattern this summer: uncomfortably hot, alternating with heavy rains. We drove over to Sandy’s but just running in from the car, we got pretty wet. After we took off our shoes, Hope said “I think that rain went right through my coat. Sandy, do you have something I can change into?”

I was a little surprised, since we were wearing similar wind breakers and I didn’t seem to have suffered anything worse than wet hair sodden sneakers and wet hair. Hope gave me a wink. “It might take me a while to find something that fits,” she said.

Nobody was really fooled, but she and Sandy went up to her room, and a minute later I followed Danny upstairs to his and took off every stitch of my clothing to make sure it was all still okay to wear.


When we got downstairs, Hope was in the living room with Sandy, wearing one of Sandy’s t-shirt dresses. The fact that it was a little small on her made it very clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, but I pretended not to notice.

I was also thankful that Rachel didn’t seem bothered by the fact that my bed hadn’t been made since I’d been in it with Sandy just a few hours earlier.

This whole arrangement of ours relied on everybody — especially the girls — being in denial over what everybody else was doing.

That said… when we settled in to stream a movie, Rachel and me cuddled together, my hand might have strayed to her breast on occasion. I’d have been a lot more careful if Aunt Jo had been around, of course.

Midway through, we put the movie on pause and Sandy got up to fix sandwiches. Rachel went with her to help.

With all the free space on the couch, Hope stretched out, knowing Escort Bomonti I could see up her dress. Nothing terrible, I don’t think I could even see her panties, but she wagged her finger at me, laughed, and mouthed “Naughty boy.”

Just before the movie ended, the sun came out. “We were talking…” Rachel said.

“That sounds dangerous,” Hope said.

“A few years ago, we found a lake, just past the forest behind Sandy’s house.”

Rachel and Hope must really not have been close growing up, I thought, if Rachel’s never even told her.

‘Sounds great,” Hope said.

“We can change and be back here in 15, 20 minutes,” Rachel said, digging her car keys out of her shorts pocket.

It did occur to me that a couple of weeks ago, the three of us would have just gone to the lake and stripped down to our underwear. Then again we’d never seen one another without our underwear, so I guess we’re better off this way.

As soon as they were gone, Sandy placed her had on my crotch. “Two questions,” she said.


“How much of this was from feeling up Rachel, and how much from peeking at Hope bursting out of my dress?

Busted. “Um, maybe 60-40?”

“And second question: how quickly can you run upstairs and get back here with a condom?”

“Time me,” I said.

“Good. I’ve always wanted to fuck on this couch,” she said, but I could barely hear the end of the sentence.

When I got back, she was already naked and lying on the couch, her t-shirt spread out under her, to protect the couch from tell-tale stains.

This was shaping up to be a good day: sex with Sandy in my room, then sex with Rachel in my room, and then sex with Sandy again in the den.

However… I was having no trouble staying hard, but having had sex twice already today, I just wasn’t cumming. That worked out well for Sandy, she was coming all over the place, and that was fine, but I also knew Rachel and Hope were going to be back soon.

And no sooner had I thought that than I heard Rachel’s car — which fortunately isn’t quiet — pull up in front of the house.

We both froze. Then Sandy slipped out from under me, scooped up all our clothing from the floor, said “Come on,” and rushed up to my room. I ran after her, my condom-encased dick sticking straight out. We made it into her room just as we heard them coming in from the garage.

She knelt down in front of me, pulled off my condom, and took as much of my dick as she could into her mouth and started sucking hard. This was only my third-ever blow job, my second from her. At the same time she shoved two fingers into her pussy, something I’d never seen before.

That was it: groaning, I came into her mouth, more cum than I had any idea I’d had left in me. Then she pulled on her shorts (first shoving the condom into a pocket for later disposal), then my t-shirt, ignoring her underwear, opened my door to make sure the coast was clear, and made a dash to her own room. Five minutes later we were downstairs in our swimsuits, nobody the wiser.


Holy shit, the way Sandy’s t-shirt is laid out on the couch. Danny’s fucking his own cousin too???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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